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Demonic Blade Return


Rebirth of the Fallen Star


The night was suffocating, with dark clouds obscuring the moon, plunging the forest into an inky blackness.

In a secluded glade, the remnants of a violent clash lay scattered. The stench of blood hung heavy in the air, attracting scavengers from the depths of the forest.


A faint groan broke through the unsettling silence. The rustling of the underbrush ceased as curious predators turned towards the sound.


A pair of corpses tumbled aside, revealing a blood-soaked figure struggling to free himself from the pile. The animals, startled, retreated momentarily but quickly advanced again, driven by hunger.

The youth, oblivious to the approaching danger, sat dazed. "Is this... me?" he muttered, examining his bloodied hands.

A guttural howl pierced the night, signaling a predator's charge.

He turned, eyes glinting with a murderous light. His gaze, sharp as a blade, locked onto the advancing wolf, causing it to falter.

The wolf halted, trembling, then retreated with its tail between its legs. The other animals, sensing the youth's latent power, fled into the shadows.

The forest fell silent once more. The youth took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

His name was Liang Feng, fifteen years old, once a humble servant of the Bai clan at Cloud Manor. His life had been simple and joyous until, three days ago, Blackwind Mountain bandits razed the manor. He had helped the young master and young miss escape, only to meet his end in this forsaken forest at the hands of their pursuers.

In his final moments, an intense obsession had consumed him. This obsession attracted the vengeful spirit of Shen Liang, the Fallen Star Emperor, allowing the demonic cultivator to possess him.

Liang Feng’s eyes gleamed with a newfound malevolence. "Ha-ha-ha, Sword Master Liu, Meng Hao, you could never have imagined that the Fallen Star Manual had a method for possession beyond the need for a soul. Wait for me. I will return to the Sacred Domain and sever your heads myself."

His manic laughter echoed through the dark forest, causing the remaining scavengers to scatter in fear.


A sudden cough interrupted his laughter. He turned sharply, eyes narrowing like a predator's.

"Help... me!"

Liang Feng approached the source of the voice and saw a Bai clan guard buried beneath bodies, blood streaming from his mouth.

“Humph, the affairs of mortals are no concern of mine,” Liang Feng muttered, turning away.

“Please…,” the guard gasped, his voice frail but desperate.

Liang Feng hesitated, memories of betrayal flickering in his mind. He had saved someone once, only to be betrayed. 

Liang Feng’s eyes narrowed as he glanced back at the wounded guard. The old Liang Feng might have helped, but now, with the soul of Shen Liang, the Fallen Star Emperor, in control, he felt no obligation. The Bai clan was insignificant to him.

Why waste energy saving a life that held no value?

He took a few steps before pausing, a thought nagging at the back of his mind. He dropped to a cross-legged position and began to inspect his new body.

Moments later, his eyes lit up with a mix of realization and excitement. "This boy is fifteen and has never cultivated. His body is pure."

On the Martial Continent, most began cultivating from a young age. Finding someone of Liang Feng's age with an untouched body was a rarity. This was a blessing for Shen Liang, who knew the immense value of such a vessel.

The Art of Demonic Ascencion from the Fallen Star Manual, the most potent technique Shen Liang possessed, allowed the user to absorb others' cultivation and enhance their own power exponentially. It required a pure body to unlock its full potential.

The Fallen Star Emperor had only comprehended this technique after reaching the Emperor stage. He had considered restarting his cultivation from scratch but had been interrupted by his enemies. Now, in this new body, he had the perfect opportunity.

Rising from his inspection, Liang Feng returned to the guard, pulling him free from the pile of corpses.

The guard’s eyes flickered with a glimmer of hope as he recognized Liang Feng. "Thank you, Liang Feng. I'll repay you when we get back."

Liang Feng's mouth twisted into a cold, calculating smile. "No need to wait. You can repay me now."

The guard froze, a chill running down his spine. Although he knew Liang Feng, he had never seen such a sinister expression.

"What are you planning to do?" the guard asked, his voice trembling with fear.

Liang Feng ignored the question, studying the guard intently. "Your cultivation is at the 2nd layer of Qi Condensation. Perfect material."

While other cultivation methods absorbed spiritual energy from the surroundings to refine the host’s body, the Art of Demonic Ascencion absorbed cultivation from others, transferring their power directly into the user.

Shen Liang had hesitated to abolish his own cultivation in his past life because it required finding the right circumstances to regain power quickly. Now, with a new body and a perfect target, he had that opportunity.

"You're not Liang Feng!" the guard gasped, horror dawning on his face.

"You’re right," Liang Feng replied coldly. "I am Shen Liang, the Fallen Star Emperor."

Placing his hands on the guard's chest, he summoned a dark, pulsating aura. The guard convulsed, his eyes wide with terror as his life force was drained away.

"Thank you for your sacrifice," Liang Feng murmured, feeling the surge of power as the guard's energy flowed into him. "Your cultivation will serve me well."

As the last of the guard’s energy was absorbed, Liang Feng felt a rush of power. This was just the beginning. To reclaim his place in the Sacred Domain and exact his revenge, he needed much more strength.

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