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The Idol System's Chosen One by Chairman Meow

The Idol System's Chosen One


Chapter 1: The Unlikely Stars



"Lee Hye-jin."


A girl with a short bob cut stood up, her round face framed by the edges of her dark hair. Petite and soft-spoken.

At 19 years old, Hye-jin was deceptively childlike, but that wasn't all there was to her.

Jung Min-joon, the head producer of Starline Entertainment, glanced at her profile and couldn't help but do a double-take.

A rapper?

"Give me a sample of your rap, Hye-jin,"

Hye-jin stepped forward. Her walk, though small and almost timid, was surprisingly resolute. She adjusted the microphone, and as the first beat dropped, her transformation was instantaneous.

"Oh, my name is Lee Hye-jin, remember it well! You think I'm cute, but I got stories to tell..."


Min-joon cut in, eyebrows furrowing as he tried to reconcile the sight before him. Her rap was good, technically sound, but her delivery felt more like a recitation from a poetry slam.

"You’ve got the rhythm, but we need more fire. Next, please."

"Kim Soo-jin."

Soo-jin, 20 years old, stepped up. Her traditional Korean beauty was almost ethereal, a stark contrast to the modern vibes that dominated the room. She was tall and poised and moved with the grace of a classical dancer.

Her resume boasted of her expertise in traditional Korean dance, which seemed at odds with her role in an idol group.

"Hello, Producer Jung. I'm the main dancer of the group. Would you like to see a contemporary dance piece or a traditional Korean dance?"

"How about a mix? Let's see some traditional moves, but give them a modern twist."

Soo-jin didn’t miss a beat. Her dance was a seamless blend of old and new, the grace of traditional Korean movements harmonized with the energy of contemporary dance.

Min-joon and the other girls in the room were entranced. He clapped enthusiastically as she finished.

"Amazing! That was exactly what I was looking for. Next up, please."

"Park Ji-eun."

At 18, Ji-eun was the youngest of the group but carried herself with a maturity that belied her age. She has a straight black hair and an intense gaze, she exuded an aura of quiet strength. She was here as the group's lead vocalist, but her file mentioned her unusual hobby—martial arts.

"Good afternoon, Producer Jung. I'm Ji-eun. I'll sing a ballad for you today."

"Wait…Before you sing, show us some of your martial arts skills. Just a brief demonstration."

Ji-eun’s eyes widened slightly. She took a deep breath, then launched into a series of fluid, powerful moves. Her strikes and kicks were precise, controlled, yet infused with a raw energy.

"Fantastic. Now, let's hear you sing."

The room fell silent as Ji-eun began. Her voice was rich and full.

When she finished, the applause was instant and heartfelt.

"You're exactly what we need. Welcome aboard. Next, please."

"Kang Min-seo."

Producer Jung Min-joon’s voice echoed through the spacious training room.

The last candidate stepped forward.

Min-seo, 20, had spent a brief six months as a trainee at another agency before joining Starline Entertainment.

Min-seo’s long black hair shimmered as she shook her head slightly and gripped on the microphone. Her gaze swept over the room, momentarily meeting Min-joon's eyes before she began to sing.

The first notes was rich and soulful. It was as if she had poured her heart into each word, leaving the audience spellbound.

"Not bad at all,"

As Min-seo stepped back, Lee Hye-jin, who had previously introduced herself as the rapper, approached Min-joon with a determined look.

"I can sing too," she declared.

Min-joon raised an eyebrow but didn't stop her. He leaned back in his chai. There was a sense of anticipation. It was like watching a drama unfold right before his eyes. If only he had some snacks, he thought absently.

"Would you like some chips, Producer Jung?"

Startled, Min-joon looked up to see a girl with strikingly white hair holding out a bag of cucumber-flavored potato chips. Her eyes were heavy-lidded, and she seemed to exist in a state of half-dream, half-reality. There was an ethereal quality to her.

Min-joon blinked, taken aback. "For me?"

"Yeah. I’m Su-jin. I can’t really do much, but I thought you might be hungry."

Su-jin, 19 years old, was the final member of the group. Her resume was unusually sparse, listing only her hobbies: eating and sleeping. Yet her presence made her unforgettable. She had been chosen not for her talents but for her extraordinary looks.

In the idol industry, every group needed a "visual," and Su-jin fit that role perfectly.

"Well, we’ll see about that. Every member of a girl group needs to contribute in some way."

"I did some research. Every successful group has a 'visual,' someone who represents the face of the group. That’s me."

"Confident, aren't you? Let’s see how that works out."

Before Su-jin could respond, Hye-jin began to sing. Her voice, unexpectedly sweet and clear, was a stark contrast to her earlier rap performance. She hit the high notes effortlessly, drawing surprised looks from her fellow trainees.

Min-joon nodded in approval. Hye-jin was clearly more versatile than he had initially thought.

Three days had passed since Min-joon had mysteriously arrived in this alternate version of Seoul. He had awoken in the body of a man with the same name and face, but in a world that was almost, but not quite, like his own.

In his previous life, Jung Min-joon was an ordinary college student in Seoul, living a life devoid of excitement until a car accident shifted his reality. He awoke in the body of this world's Jung Min-joon, a wealthy young man who had just lost everything.

This Min-joon had been a pampered second-generation heir with little ambition. When his parents’ company went bankrupt, they tragically ended their lives, and their son, unable to cope, followed suit.

Upon inheriting this body, Min-joon had also been endowed with a peculiar benefit:

[Idol Mastery Program]

First task: Get to know the members of the girl group.

Reward: Basic dance routine for the group

Failure: Death.

Min-joon had initially resisted. How could he, with no experience in the entertainment industry, run a girl group?

But the program was clear: if the group disbanded, he would lose his grip on this reality. With no money and no other options, Min-joon had to take on all roles: the boss, the manager, and the assistant.

Today was his first real foray into this new world.

Min-joon cleared his throat, trying to project an air of confidence. "Alright, now that I've met all of you, I want to understand your dreams and what brought you here."

Hye-jin spoke first. "To make money. I didn’t finish high school. If I’m not here, I’ll end up washing dishes in some restaurant."

Her honesty and directness were refreshing, even if she wasn’t the most sociable.

Soo-jin was next. "I came here with my best friend. We auditioned together for fun, but only I got selected. I want to prove that I can make it, for both of us."

Despite her delicate appearance, there was a quiet strength to her that he hadn’t noticed before.

Ji-eun stepped forward. "My dream is to become a star. I want our group to be the best in Korea."

Clap, clap, clap!

Min-joon applauded, breaking the tension. "That’s the kind of spirit we need."

All eyes turned to Su-jin, who was still munching on her chips. She seemed completely unbothered by the serious tone of the conversation.

"I was just buying milk tea at the mall when I got scouted. The lady who recruited me promised endless snacks if I joined. Obviously, I was tricked."

Min-joon chuckled at her nonchalance.

"Well, we’ll see about those snacks, but I’m sure we can find a role for you beyond just being our visual."

A notification pinged in his mind from the program, signaling that he had completed the task. 

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