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The King of Detectives


The Girl Disguised as an Entertainment Reporter


Han Yun stared at the face in the mirror, both familiar and strange, his expression becoming somewhat dazed.

He didn't look like this before. Yes, he was now wearing someone else's face, and this face was handsome, chiseled, and deep-set eyes. It was perfect from every angle.

It was this face that made Han Yun the object of admiration for countless young men and women. He was merely gilding this face, making it look even more noble.

No, he was Han Yun now.

He raised his arm, touched his reflection in the mirror, and came back to his senses.

At this moment, the makeup artist beside him placed her hands on Han Yun's face, looked at him in the mirror, and said the word "perfect."

With the makeup complete, Han Yun's face was indeed even more flawless, yet also more alien to him.

For three years, he had lived with this face day and night, yet he still couldn't fully accept it. Another face, another identity, always popped up unexpectedly, reminding him that he didn't belong to the owner of this face.

Han Yun deliberately averted his gaze from the mirror, no longer looking at himself, no longer thinking about the other face.

"I've been following your show 'The King of Detectives' too lately. Can you tell me who killed that female college student?" the makeup artist asked while styling Han Yun's hair.

"That would spoil the surprise if I told you," Han Yun replied with a faint smile.

"But the next two episodes don't air until next week, and this suspense is killing me!" The makeup artist picked up a hairspray and sprayed it on Han Yun's head, then said, "Actually, I think Xu Bao in the last case died a horrible death. He loved Li Zhenzhen so much, but Li Zhenzhen was just using his love for her. I cried my eyes out when Xu Bao died. I haven't cried like that in a long time."

A year ago, the director of "The King of Detectives" approached Han Yun, saying that the male lead in the drama resembled Han Yun in appearance. Han Yun, seeking a new experience and intrigued by the prospect of life on a film set, decided to take on the role.

At the time, he never imagined that the drama would become such a huge success. After all, it was a low-budget, niche suspense thriller. However, to everyone's surprise, the drama garnered over a hundred million views and millions of discussions on the website within just one day of its release. 

On the night of its premiere, Han Yun's Weibo followers surged by five million.

Reportedly, the last time such a sudden explosion in popularity occurred was for Benedict Cumberbatch, the actor who played Sherlock Holmes in the new adaptation of "Sherlock." Within twenty minutes of the show's premiere, his name was trending on Twitter.

Han Yun's rise to Twitter stardom came just two hours after the drama's release. The trending topic, titled "China's 'King of Detectives' Han Yun: Even More Amazing in Real Life!", unearthed clips from his appearance on the Bei Du Satellite TV show "Ultimate Brain Power" two years prior. Fueled by media hype and online chatter, Han Yun's public image transformed into that of a perfect idol: handsome, aloof, and possessing both high IQ and EQ.

"So... any thoughts on this makeup?" the makeup artist asked after finishing up.

Gazing at the mirror once more, at the face that grew increasingly unfamiliar, Han Yun rose from his seat, stepped away from the vanity table, and uttered nonchalantly, "It's good."

Once Han Yun's makeup was complete, the temporary assistant, who had been scrolling through videos on the couch, hurriedly rose to his feet and approached him with a suit in hand, saying, "This is the outfit prepared by the organizers. Please change into it."

Han Yun took the suit and stepped into the dressing room. After putting on the suit, he emerged once again. The makeup artist who had been assisting him earlier had already left.

The temporary assistant came forward and helped him adjust the details of his suit.

Han Yun checked his phone. It was exactly 8:00 PM. The press conference was scheduled for 8:08 PM, so there were eight minutes left. After tidying up Han Yun's clothes, the temporary assistant handed him a bottle of water and said, "Drink some water to clear your throat. Try not to drink water once you're on stage. We'll head backstage in two minutes. The director and the female lead will be there too."

Taking a sip from the water bottle, the temporary assistant continued, "Don't worry, the questions from the reporters at the press conference have all been screened by the organizers. There won't be any tricky ones, and they'll all be related to the drama. I've been an assistant to many celebrities, especially those who became unexpectedly popular because of a particular work or event. They all get nervous the first time they attend a press conference like this. Just relax."

"Do I look like I'm nervous?" Han Yun snapped at the temporary assistant.

Sensing the awkwardness, the temporary assistant wisely refrained from further comment. Two minutes later, under the temporary assistant's guidance, Han Yun emerged from the lounge, walked through the corridor, and arrived backstage at the press conference room.

The director of "The King of Detectives," Lin Zhi, and the female lead, Li Simo, were also waiting backstage. After exchanging brief greetings, the trio settled in to await the host's invitation to take the stage.

The filming of this drama took about three months, during which time Han Yun lived with the director and the female lead. However, in the six months since filming ended, they had not seen each other again.

It was only after the drama's explosive popularity upon its online release that the trio was once again brought together for promotional events.

This so-called press conference was actually just a formal introduction to the media, an opportunity to answer questions, share some fun anecdotes from the filming process, and offer insights into why the drama had become such a huge hit.

Before Han Yun's makeup, the organizers had already provided him with a list of questions the reporters were likely to ask, so he had a general idea of what to expect.

However, Han Yun was not expecting such a large turnout for the press conference.

Peeking out, he saw that the entire hall was packed with people. He roughly estimated that there must have been over 200 attendees. There were simply not that many media outlets or entertainment reporters in the entire city of Bei Du, so it was likely that some had come from neighboring cities after hearing about the event.

Among the two hundred or so people waiting for the press conference to begin in the hall, Han Yun quickly spotted a "suspicious person" from the crowd of entertainment reporters.

Among the many reporters, there was a young woman, probably between the ages of twenty and twenty-five, with her hair in a ponytail. While her attire and appearance were similar to those of the other reporters around her, she had no interaction with her seatmate and had a slightly furrowed brow and a tense expression, as if she was afraid of being discovered and kicked out of the hall by security.

If she were not a reporter but someone with no connection to the media industry, it would have been difficult for her to slip past the security guards and her fellow reporters.

However, she was not a reporter, and her purpose for being there was different from that of the other reporters around her.

She had infiltrated the event with her own agenda, but... Han Yun took a deep breath. But she was too frail, didn't pose any danger, and wouldn't harm those around her. 

However, since she had disguised herself as a reporter to get in, she must have had a motive, and there was a good chance that she might disrupt the press conference.

With that in mind, Han Yun called over the temporary assistant and asked them to relay a message to the security guards in charge of the venue, telling them to keep an eye on the girl, just in case.

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