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The King of Detectives


The Troubled Marriage


Before Dong Xing was with Wang Mengxian, he had another mysterious assistant? Han Yun asked thoughtfully, "Is there any way to find out the identity of the previous assistant?"

"My mentor destroyed all the information related to the previous assistant before I left, and even the receipts for the previous surgeries were eliminated, so I'm afraid there's no way to find out," Wang Mengxian replied.

Did Dong Xing destroy all records of the previous assistant? Was it to protect them, or was there another reason? As Han Yun pondered this, Su Mo, who was beside him, asked, “Do you think Dong Xing’s wife might know about this?”

"I wouldn't have known if it wasn't for that night," Wang Mengxian said thoughtfully. "When Doctor Dong initially decided to do this, he kept it from his wife, so she had no idea about it at first. And I suspect there's something wrong with their marriage, otherwise, how could she not have any suspicions when he goes out for surgery every night? His spouse found out about it after I agreed to be his assistant. One night, Doctor Dong was operating on a patient when there was a sudden knock on the door. I looked through the peephole and saw his wife standing outside. Doctor Dong asked me to open the door. His wife came in and saw him operating, so she didn't say anything until the operation was over. Doctod Dong and his wife left, and I had to stay in the room to monitor the patient's post-operative condition and give them an IV, so I don't know what happened after they left, but they definitely argued and even got physical. The next day I went back to the hospital and saw scratch marks on Doctor Dong's arm. Only then did he tell me that his wife had never known about his private surgeries."

Wang Mengxian's suspicion about Dong Xing's troubled marriage holds merit. Otherwise, how could his wife have remained oblivious for years if he was conducting unauthorized surgeries deep into the night? Moreover, the secrecy extended beyond the surgeries themselves. Dong Xing also concealed his purchase of the old building and the subsequent investment in equipment, both of which required significant financial and logistical efforts.

How could Dong Xing's wife remain entirely unaware of these activities?

Han Yun's gaze drifted towards the photograph on the TV cabinet. It was a picture of Wang Mengxian and Doctor Dong posing together at the hospital. He rose from his seat, approached the photograph, and held it in his hands, examining it closely. Wang Mengxian, seated on the sofa, offered an explanation, "This picture was taken when I was an intern at the hospital and was assigned to work with my master. It holds special significance for me."

"I too took a similar photograph with the senior reporter who mentored me during my first day as an intern at Beidu Legal Daily," Su Mo said with a smile. "That photograph holds immense meaning for me, serving as a constant reminder of my initial aspirations and unwavering commitment to Beidu Legal Daily."

Han Yun turned his head to glance at Su Mo, then at Wang Mengxian, and he too curled his lips into a smile. He took out his phone, switched to camera mode, snapped a picture of Wang Mengxian and Dong Xing, and then placed the picture back where it was. Addressing Wang Mengxian, he said, "We've pretty much asked all our questions, so we won't bother you any longer."

Hearing Han Yun's words, Su Mo also hurriedly stood up, "Thank you for your cooperation."

"You're welcome," Wang Mengxian replied with a faint smile.

As Su Mo and Han Yun left Wang Mengxian's house, Su Mo couldn't help but sigh. She had hoped to learn more about the situation from Wang Mengxian, but it seemed the young woman didn't know much. Su Mo felt sorry for Wang Mengxian, who had not only lost her job but was also facing an uncertain future in terms of her career as a doctor.

Han Yun, however, disagreed with Su Mo's assessment of the situation. He stopped walking and turned to face her, saying, "Don't worry so much about other people. And besides, Wang Mengxian is not as pitiful as you think she is."

Su Mo was taken aback by Han Yun's words. "What do you mean?" she asked, confused.

Han Yun scoffed and put on his mask, cutting Su Mo off before she could ask any more questions. He waved his hand dismissively and said, "I don't need your company anymore."

"Where are you going?" Su Mo called out after him.

"It's lunchtime, of course I'm going to eat," Han Yun replied without turning around. He continued walking towards the exit of the complex. "You can't solve a case on an empty stomach."

Exiting the residential complex, Han Yun immediately flagged down a taxi by the curb. As he opened the car door to get in, he thoughtfully turned to Su Mo and said, "Rest assured, since I've committed to assisting with this case's investigation, I won't abandon it midway." With that, he settled into the backseat of the taxi and instructed the driver, "To the North Capital Police Bureau." Then, he retrieved his phone, located the photo he had earlier captured of Wang Mengxian and Dong Xing, and a sly grin spread across his face.

The North Capital Police Bureau was well-known to Han Yun. During the initial period following his designation as a 'case consultant,' he had participated in multiple cases, necessitating frequent visits to the police station. However, he had never collaborated with the First Serious Crimes Unit to solve a crime.

Upon reaching the police station, Han Yun checked the time and instead of heading to the First Serious Crimes Unit's office, he made his way to the cafeteria. He glanced around at the people eating inside. While Han Yun had never worked with the First Serious Crimes Unit or met Li Tieyun personally, he had seen his photo on the honor roll hanging in the police station hallway. It didn't take long for Han Yun to spot Li Tieyun eating alone among the crowd.

Fetching his meal from the counter, Han Yun sat down directly across from Li Tieyun and removed his mask. Li Tieyun looked up, a hint of sarcasm in his voice, and said, "Is being a celebrity not profitable enough? What brings you to the police station cafeteria to mooch off our meals...?"

"Since you seem to recognize me, I'll skip the introductions," Han Yun stated, putting his mask back on to avoid being recognized by other officers. "I'm here to express my interest in assisting with the investigation of Dong Xing and Bai Jing's case."

Li Tieyun, picking up his chopsticks and taking a large bite of rice, responded, "I'm afraid we don't need outsiders' help with our First Serious Crimes Unit cases."

Unfazed by Li Tieyun's dismissive remark, Han Yun persisted, "Don't rush to reject my offer. I have something to show you." He retrieved his phone, located the photo, and placed it on the table, sliding it towards Li Tieyun.

Li Tieyun's eyes fell upon the photo, recognizing the deceased Dong Xing. He set down his chopsticks once more and leaned forward to face Han Yun. "Is the woman in the photo Dong Xing's assistant?" he inquired.

"Not bad. It seems you've also discovered that Dong Xing had an assistant. But I found her before you did," Han Yun stated, meeting Li Tieyun's gaze directly. "This woman's name is Wang Mengxian. She was both Dong Xing's student and his assistant. Before coming here, I met with Wang Mengxian and learned some pretty interesting things."

"Stop, I don't want to hear any more," Li Tieyun interjected, raising his hand to silence Han Yun. "And I don't want you involved in our First Serious Crimes Unit's case. Don't think that just because you're a bit clever, you can interfere in any case you want. I need to warn you that if you investigate a case I'm working on without my permission, the consequences will be severe."

"Is that a threat?" Han Yun inquired, his voice lowered as Li Tieyun's stance remained unwavering. He leaned forward slightly and continued in a hushed tone, "Why won't you allow me to participate in the investigation? Are you concerned that I'll crack the case before you do, tarnishing your reputation as the head of the First Serious Crimes Unit?"

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