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The King of Detectives


A Mentor and Student with a Complicated Relationship


Li Tieyun was taken aback for a moment after hearing Han Yun's words. He then curled his lip and said disdainfully, "When I was involved in investigating cases and fighting wits with murderers, you were still a baby drinking milk in your mother's arms. Young man, I advise you not to take yourself too seriously, just go do whatever you're supposed to do."

Han Yun seemed to have ruined Li Tieyun's mood for the meal. After finishing his words, he pushed the lunch box to the middle of the table, put on his mask, and prepared to leave.

"Solving cases has nothing to do with age, it's about this." Han Yun raised his hand and tapped his temple with a finger, then continued, "The relationship between Wang Mengxian and Dong Xing is definitely not just that of mentor and student. Look at this photo, there's no cut on Wang Mengxian's wrist, but when I went to see her just now, there was a deep scar on her left wrist. This proves that the scar appeared after she came to the hospital. Also, look at the watch on Dong Xing's wrist."

Li Tieyun, who was about to get up, turned his attention back to the photo. The watch on Dong Xing's wrist in the photo was very exquisite and looked luxurious. Li Tieyun stared at the watch for a long time, then said, "This watch must be quite expensive. The pattern on the dial is a fairy with a magic wand, right?"

"This watch is from Van Cleef & Arpels. They have a Poetic Complications Lady Arpels theme, and the one Dong Xing is wearing is one of them. It features a fairy in elegant attire, sitting on a cloud, with a magic wand that slowly rotates with the passage of time, creating a dreamlike romantic atmosphere." Han Yun explained the meaning of the watch on Dong Xing's wrist.

Li Tieyun seemed to understand: "Fairy, dreamlike romantic atmosphere... Mengxian?"

"If I'm not mistaken, Wang Mengxian chose this watch for its symbolism and bought it specifically for Dong Xing, perhaps... ostensibly as a gift for becoming his student. I believe that when this photo was taken, Dong Xing and Wang Mengxian didn't have a special relationship, but Wang Mengxian definitely admired Dong Xing and likely had other motives." Han Yun put away his phone and continued, "Moreover, this watch isn't cheap; the genuine article is nearly a million yuan. How could a recent graduate in an internship casually spend over a million yuan on a watch? So, I suspect it's a high-quality replica, but the symbolism behind the watch has nothing to do with whether it's real or not. Besides, even replicas aren't cheap..."

"To deduce so much from a single photo, you do have some skills." Li Tieyun snorted softly, then continued, "Thank you for this lead, but I still won't agree to you joining the Major Crimes Unit and investigating with us. Having an outsider around would not only make me uncomfortable, but my team members would also feel awkward."

"As long as you agree to let me participate in the case, that's enough. But I hope you can assign a team member to assist me. And we should share leads and evidence. Don't worry, the credit for solving the case will still be yours. I won't try to steal your thunder." Han Yun stared resolutely at Li Tieyun as he spoke.

"I won't force my team members to do things they don't want to do. It depends on whether anyone is willing to assist you." After saying this, Li Tieyun pointed at the food in front of Han Yun: "If you don't eat it soon, it'll get cold." Li Tieyun stood up, walked towards the exit of the cafeteria, and said, "Come to the Major Crimes Unit office after you finish eating."

At this time, there were almost no people left in the cafeteria. Han Yun took off his mask, finished the food he had ordered, and left the police cafeteria for the Major Crimes Unit. As soon as he entered the office, Li Tieyun saw Han Yun coming in and immediately stood up, clapped his hands to gather the team members, and said loudly, "Our great detective Han has recently set his sights on the Dong Xing and Bai Jing case and hopes to find someone among you to cooperate with him in the investigation. If anyone is willing, please step forward."

Inside the Major Crimes Unit office, more than twenty people lowered their heads. Standing in the middle, Li Tieyun continued, "It's okay, whoever wants to go can go. This isn't betraying the team, and I won't hold it against anyone."

Seeing no one step forward, Li Tieyun wore a smug look.

It seemed that after returning from the cafeteria, he had already spoken to his team members. Li Tieyun glanced around, then looked at Han Yun and shrugged, "Since no one is willing to help you, then I also don't have..."

Li Tieyun hadn't finished speaking when someone at the back of the team raised their hand and stepped forward, interrupting him, "Team leader, I'm willing to assist Han Yun." The speaker was a young woman dressed in casual clothes, looking to be between twenty and twenty-five years old.

Originally, it was thought that no one would be willing to stand by Han Yun, thus preventing him from getting involved in the cases handled by the Serious Crimes Unit. Hearing that someone was willing, Li Tieyun's expression immediately changed. He turned to look at the girl, stammered for a few seconds before adjusting his demeanor, and then forced a couple of laughs, saying, "This comrade just transferred to the Serious Crimes Unit last year. She's an internal staff member who usually just organizes documents and has never been on the front lines." As he spoke, Li Tieyun walked up to the girl, turning his back to Han Yun, and asked again, "Are you sure you're willing to go over?"

"I..." the girl lowered her head and replied in a barely audible voice, "I do."

"Since someone is willing to help me, Team Leader Li, you must keep your word. Any leads I find will be shared with you through her, and I hope you will also share any leads from Serious Crimes Unit One with me through her." Han Yun walked over, stood in front of Li Tieyun, and looked at the girl inquiringly, "May I ask your name?"

The girl straightened her back, gave a military salute, and replied, "Yu Miaomiao, clerical assistant of Serious Crimes Unit One."

"She also has another nickname, Liu Shuimei, which has six characters for 'water' in it, and also sounds like 'flowing water'." A colleague behind Yu Miaomiao quipped, "The nickname 'Liu Shuimei' comes from the fact that she gets transferred to different departments every so often, never staying in one place. As the saying goes, 'Men are made of iron, but Miao is like flowing water'."

Yu Miaomiao wasn't offended by this teasing. Instead, she raised her chin and retorted, "A revolutionary soldier is like a brick, to be moved wherever needed. This proves that everyone needs me."

"I'll just call you Miaomiao," Han Yun said with a faint smile, then asked, "Where's your desk?"

"There." Yu Miaomiao pointed to a desk in the corner of the office.

"I'll borrow it for now." Han Yun turned and walked towards the desk, saying, "I need all the materials on the Dong Xing and Bai Jing cases, including the autopsy reports, and all the leads and evidence that Serious Crimes Unit One currently has. Bring them to me in five minutes."

"Alright, alright, everyone get back to work." Li Tieyun dismissed the others to their tasks, then came to Yu Miaomiao and whispered, "Keep an eye on him for me. Report everything he does, except for eating, drinking, and using the bathroom. You need to know who's on our side and who's not." He then looked at Han Yun and raised his voice, "Detective Han, I must remind you that you can look at the materials, but if any of this confidential information is leaked and affects the investigation, you will be held fully responsible."

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