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The King of Detectives


The Contents of the Forensic Report


Five minutes later, Yu Miaomiao came to the desk with a stack of materials. After putting them down, she brought a chair and sat next to Han Yun, asking, "These are all the materials related to the Dong Xing and Bai Jing cases. What would you like to see first?"

"The forensic reports on the two bodies," Han Yun replied.

Yu Miaomiao searched through the stack of materials, then took out the forensic autopsy reports and handed them to Han Yun. Han Yun took them and looked them over. 

In Dong Xing's case, the forensic pathologist's conclusion was that the victim had been paralyzed with a small amount of anesthetic, and then, while semi-conscious, his stomach had been sliced open layer by layer with a scalpel. 

The autopsy report was similar to Han Yun's previous speculation, except he hadn't expected the killer to slice open the abdomen layer by layer, rather than just inserting the scalpel and cutting it open.

"The killer in these two cases is really twisted," Yu Miaomiao whispered beside Han Yun. "It feels like the killer didn't just want to kill the victims, but to make them completely despair."

Han Yun turned to look at Yu Miaomiao. She was right. There were many ways to kill someone, and most killers would choose the most direct method, the more direct the better, preferably a single fatal blow. But the killer in this case chose the most painful and desperate method for the victim, which proved that killing was not the purpose, but the result. The purpose was to make the victim experience the despair before death.

"Did I... say something wrong?" Yu Miaomiao felt a little uneasy when Han Yun looked at her.

"No... nothing wrong." Han Yun realized he was being a bit rude, looked away, and turned his attention back to the autopsy report. The time of death for Dong Xing on the report was April 4, 2021. "When did the informant report the case and when did the police find the body?"

"The morning of April 6, 2021," Yu Miaomiao replied confidently.

Death occurred on the evening of April 4th, and for the entire day of the 5th, neither Dong Xing's wife nor the hospital took any action. The body was discovered on the morning of the 6th. The scene of the crime was dark, and the blood wouldn't have coagulated that quickly. It was the person guarding the scene who opened the door for ventilation, accelerating the coagulation of the blood on the floor.

Han Yun noticed that the autopsy report stated that Dong Xing's large intestine had been cut, and a card with the number '0' written on it had been rolled up and stuffed inside. The autopsy report for the second case, Bai Jing's, stated that the time of death was the last day of April 2021, the 30th. "In Bai Jing's case, it was a sanitation worker who reported it, right?"

"Yes, the sanitation worker was mainly responsible for the middle section of Tanggu Street, and the time of the report was May 2nd." Yu Miaomiao replied.

"There was also a full day's gap in between." The killer must have dumped the body in the early morning of May 1st. The medical examiner also found traces of anesthetic in the body, and both wrists had been cut through layer by layer, but not with a scalpel or similar tool, but with something like an electric saw, as there were obvious serrated marks on the surface of the wounds. The autopsy report showed that Bai Jing's wrist injuries had been bandaged, and there were ligature marks on his elbows, suggesting that his arteries had been constricted with a rope or similar object to slow down the blood flow.

The killer didn't want Bai Jing to bleed to death? The autopsy report also indicated that the victim's feet were cut off layer by layer with an electric saw using the same method, but the thighs, entire arms, and head were not. 

Instead, they were directly sawed off. The killer sawed off the victim's wrists, but the victim did not die, so the killer used the same method to saw off the feet until the victim finally died, and then the killer resorted to a more direct method.

"Did Li Tieyun and the others find the primary crime scene for the second victim, Bai Jing?" Han Yun asked while reading the autopsy report.

"The body was dumped next to a trash can in the middle section of Tanggu Street. After receiving the report and arriving at the scene, Serious Crimes Unit One checked the road surveillance cameras near the dumping site and conducted door-to-door investigations in the surrounding residential areas. But the results were minimal." Yu Miaomiao answered seriously, "Yesterday, they found the house where Bai Jing was renting, but the crime scene wasn't there either."

Han Yun put down the autopsy report, rummaged through the stack of materials, and found photos taken at the body dumping site. He took them out and looked them over. The black suitcase used to hold the body had obvious drag marks on the bottom wheels, indicating that the crime scene was not close to the dumping site. Also, there was dirt on the bottom of the suitcase, mixed with a few weeds.

After looking through photos of the suitcase from different angles, Han Yun noticed that in addition to being dragged, the surface of the suitcase had also been squeezed. The other side of the suitcase had the words "Henglong Real Estate" on it. Han Yun frowned slightly, "This suitcase belonged to Bai Jing?"

"It did belong to the victim. Team Leader Li sent someone to Henglong Real Estate, the company where the victim Bai Jing worked. They learned that this suitcase was prepared two years ago for the company's annual meeting lucky draw, as a fourth prize. There were ten in total, and each suitcase was printed with these words." Yu Miaomiao found a USB drive under the pile of materials, inserted it into the computer, and found a surveillance video stored on the USB drive. She continued, "We then went to the house where Bai Jing was renting and retrieved the surveillance footage. Look, this is the surveillance video from the residential complex at 6 pm on April 30, 2021. Bai Jing was pulling the suitcase as he left the complex. He was killed that night."

"Did you find out where he was going with the suitcase?" Han Yun asked, staring at the surveillance footage.

"On a business trip. That's why his colleagues at Henglong Real Estate didn't take any action for a whole day after Bai Jing disappeared. They thought he was on a business trip. Bai Jing did buy a train ticket for 10 pm on April 30th, with Nanjing as the destination, but he didn't show up at the train station that night, nor did he board the train." Yu Miaomiao said, "Team Leader Li thinks something must have happened on the way to the train station that made Bai Jing change his plans. He got on a bus from the residential complex that passed by the train station. This morning, Team Leader Li sent someone to the bus company to investigate, and they haven't returned yet."

"Changing his plans suddenly must mean something significant happened to Bai Jing; otherwise, why would he delay a scheduled business trip? Does he have any family in Beidu?" Han Yun continued to inquire.

"No, his family is all back in the countryside. Bai Jing didn't attend university in Beidu; he chose to come here on his own after graduation. Besides colleagues, he has very few friends here," Yu Miaomiao responded. She glanced around cautiously before leaning closer to Han Yun and lowering her voice, "During the meeting this morning, I overheard while taking notes that someone found out Bai Jing was once kept by a wealthy woman. The rumor is from two years ago. This woman apparently introduced many clients to Bai Jing, leading them to buy a lot of properties from him. That's how he became a manager. Team Leader Li has already assigned someone to follow this lead, but we still don't know if it's true or who the wealthy woman is."

"Have you checked the properties owned by Dong Xing? Were any of them handled by Hang Lung Properties?" Han Yun asked thoughtfully.

"We checked, and there weren't any." Yu Miaomiao paused and said, "Team Leader Li initially suspected there might be a connection between Dong Xing and Bai Jing, but based on the evidence we've found so far, there's no connection between them at all."

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