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The King of Detectives


The Ability That Awakened After Waking Up


Han Yun carefully reviewed the files of both cases, imprinting the details in his mind. After finishing, he stood up and said to Yu Miaomiao, "Come with me to Bai Jing's rented apartment."

"Okay." Yu Miaomiao pointed to the stack of files and asked, "Should I make a copy of these?"

"No need. It's all stored here." Han Yun tapped his temple and walked out of the Major Crimes Unit office. Yu Miaomiao followed closely behind, jogging slightly as she said, "So much information, and you memorized it all after just one read? I heard colleagues in the police station talking about you like you were some kind of legend, but I thought they were exaggerating."

"You memorized everything too. You didn't need to check the files when I asked you questions earlier." Han Yun shrugged.

"That's different. Captain Li usually doesn't let me go to crime scenes with the team. I'm stuck in the office, so I can only learn about the cases by reading the files. And I had to read them over and over again to memorize everything." Yu Miaomiao paused for a moment, then continued, "Actually, I became a police officer because I wanted to investigate cases. But maybe because I'm a woman and look a bit delicate, I've been transferred around and always end up doing desk work. But don't worry, I'm not as weak as I look. During special training, my physical performance was no worse than the guys'."

"Didn't you just say that a revolutionary soldier is like a brick, to be moved wherever needed? Internal affairs is also serving the people," Han Yun said as he walked into the elevator. 

Yu Miaomiao followed and pressed the button for the first floor. "That's just something to comfort myself with. I became a police officer to uphold justice, not to organize files."

The elevator doors closed, and Han Yun didn't continue the topic. After reaching the first floor and exiting the police station, Yu Miaomiao went to get the car. When she returned, Han Yun sat in the passenger seat and said, "You didn't express any opinions on the case back in the office. Can you tell me your thoughts now?"

"I..." Yu Miaomiao hesitated, seemingly afraid of saying the wrong thing.

"Don't worry, just say it," Han Yun encouraged her, then continued, "If you want to go to the front lines to investigate like the rest of the Serious Crimes Unit, you definitely need to have your own analysis and judgment of the case."

"In my criminal psychology class, the teacher once said that every murderer has a dark past hidden deep within them. The deeper it's buried, the more brutal it becomes when it explodes. Judging by how the murderer killed Dong Hang and Bai Jing, this murderer must have had a very tragic past, right?" Yu Miaomiao said while driving.

"Many people have tragic experiences, but that's not a reason to kill," Han Yun said thoughtfully.

"In episode three of 'King of Detectives,' you said something to the murderer during your confrontation," Yu Miaomiao glanced at Han Yun and continued, "That show was really well made, I watched all of it."

"Thank you," Han Yun didn't want to discuss the show, nor the fictional cases in it.

Yu Miaomiao seemed to sense this and changed the topic, saying, "I've never actually investigated a case myself. I hope I can really help you instead of holding you back."

Han Yun didn't say anything more and turned to look out the window.

Since waking up from his coma, Han Yun knew nothing about what had happened in the past seven years, including the latest technology, hot news, and so on. After being picked up from the hospital by his parents, he had shut himself in his room for a full six months to catch up on all of this.

It was also from then that he noticed his differences. He had a photographic memory and seemingly excellent logical reasoning skills.

Han Yun thought these were his innate abilities, but in his parents' eyes, he was not like that. Hardworking and diligent, but not very bright. His grades from elementary school to high school were always average, and in the end, he could only attend an ordinary university by paying a high price. 

The path his parents had planned for him was to graduate from college and then enter his father's bank as a clerk. Although he wouldn't be rich, he would be able to live comfortably.

This is also the main reason why Han Yun was once in a trance, believing that he was not Han Yun, but Qin Xiang from his memories.

Based on the limited memories of Qin Xiang and the analysis of his dreams, he was indeed a genius since childhood, the enviable "child from someone else's family." Later, the doctor explained that it was precisely because of his ordinary life that during the seven years of coma, Han Yun's mind created another self, a genius with a completely different life experience from his own.

That accident disrupted Han Yun's life trajectory. The cause of the accident remains a mystery, as there were no witnesses, and his own memory of the event is limited.

He only vaguely remembers being on a steep, barren mountain, a pair of pale, pale hands pushing his shoulders, and then he rolled down the mountain.

The location where he fell from the mountain was in a place called Changxing Town. He was discovered by villagers who contacted the police, but the conclusion at the time was "accidental fall."

Then came the long seven-year sleep, but only his body slept. His subconscious created Qin Xiang, who lived in a world indistinguishable from reality, yet imagined.

Due to the sudden awakening of his abilities, Han Yun initially even had another theory: that the real Han Yun was trapped in that imagined world, and the one who emerged was Qin Xiang, who had lived in the imagined world for seven years. If not for this, how could he explain the sudden transformation of an ordinary person into someone extraordinary?

Han Yun had researched many related cases, and even psychologists felt that his theory had some basis. If Qin Xiang was considered an alternate personality formed after Han Yun's coma, it was highly possible for the Qin Xiang personality to awaken and replace Han Yun. There were many similar cases both domestically and internationally.

To test the limits of his suddenly awakened abilities, Han Yun participated in a local TV station's competitive program called "Ultimate Brain." Later, when he was granted the title of "Case Consultant" to participate in investigations, he discovered another ability - deductive reasoning. Because of this, he solved several cases in a very short time and gained recognition within the police department.

The nickname "Detective Han" came about during that time.

Behind this nickname, there was admiration, teasing, and even mockery.

But Han Yun didn't care. What he cared about was whether the accident seven years ago was really an "accident." Whose were those pale hands in his memory? Were they trying to pull him up or push him down? If it's pulling him, why didn't they call the police immediately? If pushing, what kind of hatred did he have with the owner of those hands?

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