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The King of Detectives


A Minor Incident at the Press Conference


The temporary assistant slipped out from backstage and into the hall, but they avoided any interaction with the security guards. They merely made a cursory circuit of the room, pretending to have completed the task Han Yun had assigned them.

Before the temporary assistant could return, the host stepped onto the stage and asked the reporters to be quiet.

After a few brief opening remarks, the host invited the director Lin Zhi, the female lead Li Simo, and the male lead Han Yun to the stage. After the three and the host took their seats, the reporters in the room began to stand up and ask their prepared questions.

The questions had been prepared in advance and submitted to the organizers, who then screened them. As a result, the three guests had already prepared their responses, and the atmosphere on stage was harmonious.

While the reporters in the room took turns asking questions to the director and the female lead, Han Yun's eyes were constantly on the suspicious girl.

At first, the girl didn't look up and didn't seem to care about the questions being asked by the others or how the people on stage were answering them.

She seemed to be waiting for a specific moment to do something...

This press conference was scheduled to last an hour, and all the reporters present were aware of that. The girl must have known as well. It wasn't until about twenty minutes into the Q&A session that she raised her head for the first time and looked at the stage.

Her gaze met directly with Han Yun's, who was seated on stage. After a brief moment of eye contact, she lowered her head again.

Twenty minutes into the press conference, she raised her head for the first time to look at the stage. She wasn't looking at the female lead who was currently speaking, nor was she looking at the host. Instead, she directed her gaze straight at him.

Could the girl's intentions be related to him? Han Yun wondered.

"My question is for the male lead, Han Yun," a reporter sitting near the suspicious girl stood up and said, taking the microphone from someone else. "As everyone knows, your popularity has skyrocketed since 'The King of Detectives' premiered. You gained a million fans overnight, and netizens have even dug up videos of you on previous shows, revealing that you have a high IQ in real life. So, my question is, have you always displayed exceptional intelligence since childhood?"

Han Yun straightened up, took the microphone from the host, and shifted his gaze away from the suspicious girl. He replied, "It's not as exaggerated as what's being said online. Some netizens have idolized me after watching the drama. The character I play is indeed highly intelligent and emotionally intelligent, but in real life, I'm just an ordinary person like everyone else."

"You're no ordinary person. Ordinary people wouldn't have your kind of luck, becoming widely recognized after starring in just one drama," another reporter stood up and said. "In the eyes of ordinary people, you're someone blessed by the goddess of luck. With the drama's airing, you've also become a true 'lucky charm.' Today's trending topics even include 'Retweet the Lucky Charm Han Yun.' So, my question is, how do you feel about this sudden rise to fame?"

"Well, I didn't plan on entering the entertainment industry or becoming a professional actor, so fame... doesn't seem to have much significance to me," Han Yun replied with a slight smile. "I hope you'll pay more attention to the director of this drama, and to the female lead next to me, Li Simo. She's the real professional actor."

Han Yun's response seemed to have dampened the enthusiasm of the entertainment reporters present, and the next few questions were directed at the director and the female lead.

The press conference was nearing its end after more than 40 minutes, and the reporters had asked most of their questions. When the suspicious girl finally raised her head and raised her hand again, everyone's attention was drawn to her.

Seeing the girl stand up, the staff in the venue handed her a microphone.

The girl's gaze then turned unabashedly to Han Yun on stage and she asked loudly, "I would like to direct this question to Han Yun. Do you think you are very popular now?"

Before Han Yun on stage could take the microphone to respond, the girl asked another question, "Since the Beidu Police Bureau has hired you as a 'case consultant', you have an inescapable responsibility for the safety of the people of Beidu. But I ask you, do you know how many murders have happened in Beidu recently?"

The girl's two consecutive questions left the entertainment reporters present looking at each other in confusion.

The security guards around the venue did not make any move to stop her. Han Yun on stage refused the microphone handed to him by the host. He knew that the girl who was asking the questions did not want him to answer them.

"You probably don't know, do you? While you're enjoying your fame and being adored by everyone, two precious lives in Beidu City have been brutally murdered, and the killer is still at large," the girl said aggressively. "Do you think you're living up to the trust of the Beidu Police Bureau? Do you think you're worthy of the title of 'case consultant'? Do you think you're worthy of the abilities that the goddess of luck has bestowed upon you?"

The host on stage, seemingly realizing what the girl's words meant, hurriedly stepped off the stage from the side and called over the security guards to have a whispered conversation. Then, two security guards walked over and forcibly dragged her towards the exit of the venue.

As the girl, who had lost her microphone, was being dragged away by the two security guards, she continued to shout, "You should be ashamed! You should be ashamed!"

The girl was pulled out of the venue. Fearing that the reporters in the audience would continue asking questions based on the girl's remarks, the host went straight to the closing remarks before the press conference completely got out of control. Amidst the disgruntled shouts of the reporters in the audience, the host stepped off the stage with the director, the female lead, and Han Yun, and left the hall under the escort of security guards to the arranged lounge.

As he entered the lounge, the organizer of the press conference apologized profusely.

Han Yun ignored them and went straight into the dressing room, taking off his suit and changing back into his own clothes. He only greeted the temporary assistant before leaving.

Fearing that there would be a lot of paparazzi gathered at the hotel's main entrance after the scene just now, planning to dig up more information, Han Yun did not go through the main entrance but left through the side door and went straight to the parking lot to get his car.

However, he did not leave immediately, but instead drove back to the main entrance of the hotel to look for the girl who had just caused a scene at the press conference.

As he had expected, there was a large crowd of reporters and fans gathered at the main entrance of the hotel. However, the girl he was looking for was nowhere to be seen.

It seemed that after being chased out by the security guards, the girl had already left.

Han Yun was not worried about not seeing the girl. Since the girl had been so well-prepared to disguise herself as a reporter and crash the press conference, she must have another trick up her sleeve.

In his estimation, the girl's actions had two goals: first, to make a lasting impression on Han Yun; and second, to provide the assembled reporters with a juicy piece of gossip to exploit.

He could imagine that by now, there were already reports about the incident circulating on short-form video platforms, public WeChat accounts, and Weibo.

Han Yun was indifferent to how the media would spin the story. He was far more curious about what the girl who had disrupted the press conference would do next.

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