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The King of Detectives


The True Identity of the Girl Who Crashed the Press Conference


Han Yun lived alone in an upscale residential area, renting the apartment with the prize money he won two years ago on the TV show "Ultimate Brain."

His parents lived in another neighborhood. His father was a bank manager, and his mother had Alzheimer's disease. They had hired a housekeeper to take care of her. Han Yun felt as estranged from his family and parents as he did from the reflection he saw in the mirror each time he looked.

Thrusted into an unfamiliar environment, surrounded by strangers who claimed to be his parents, and forced to adapt to an alien lifestyle, Han Yun felt trapped and on the verge of losing his sanity.

Amidst this turmoil, he stumbled upon an advertisement for Beidu TV's "Ultimate Brain" show, which sought contestants with extraordinary talents.

The grand prize for the competition was a staggering 300,000 yuan.

Perhaps due to the show's low popularity, the pool of participants was small and their abilities varied widely. Han Yun, with his exceptional skills, effortlessly sailed through the rounds and into the finals.

Escaping the unfamiliar confines of his family and the strangeness of his parents, Han Yun finally felt a sense of liberation and normalcy in his life.

He was aware, however, that this was not a permanent solution. He couldn't keep running away from his parents forever. He had to face them, to accept the unfamiliar version of himself and the unfamiliar family he belonged to.

But all of that would have to happen in due time. There was no rush.

Parking his car in the garage, Han Yun entered the building and took the elevator to the 28th floor. He opened his door and stepped into his rented apartment.

The apartment was not spacious, a typical two-bedroom, one-living room layout. One of the bedrooms had been converted into a study, which later, upon recognizing his potential for assisting in criminal investigations, the Beidu Police Department had transformed into a workspace for him to analyze case details. After being hired as a "case consultant."

He stepped into the study. It was evident that the room had been neglected for months. Since embarking on his acting career, Han Yun had not been involved in any police investigations.

The walls of the study were adorned with various photographs, some depicting lifeless bodies, others showcasing evidence, and the majority featuring people. These were all related to the cases he had previously been involved in. The cases had been solved, and the perpetrators had been brought to justice, but Han Yun simply hadn't had the time to clear out the space.

He approached the wall and began removing the photographs one by one, tossing them into a cardboard box. Once the box was full, he sealed it shut.

These photographs couldn't be discarded carelessly; they needed to be delivered to the police station and stored in the evidence room.

With the task of clearing the walls complete, Han Yun moved to the corner of the room, crossed his legs, and settled onto the floor mat. He retrieved his phone and searched through his contacts. His contact list wasn't extensive, and he quickly located the name "Jiang Chun."

Jiang Chun was a detective in the Criminal Investigation Division of the Beidu Police Department. He had been in charge of the cases that Han Yun had previously assisted in solving, which had led to a familiarity between the two.

The phone rang a few times before being answered. Jiang Chun's voice came through the line, "Consultant Han, what brings you calling?"

"I was wondering if there have been any recent murders in Beidu?" Han Yun asked. He had a hunch that the girl who had disrupted the press conference wasn't just spouting nonsense, so he wanted to call Jiang Chun to get a general idea of the situation.

"Yes, there was one. I think the victim was a doctor. I don't have many details. The Major Crimes Unit is handling the case, I've only heard bits and pieces," Jiang Chun said over the phone. "Your drama has been a huge hit lately. I thought you were going to focus on your idol career and leave crime-solving to the police."

"There was more than one victim, right?" Han Yun ignored Jiang Chun's teasing and continued his questioning.

"As far as I know, there are two victims. The Major Crimes Unit seems to have found evidence linking the two cases to the same perpetrator. The first victim was a doctor, and the second victim was discovered the day before yesterday. I don't have any information on the second victim's identity," Jiang Chun explained. He paused and then added, "If you want to get the details, you'll have to contact the head of the Major Crimes Unit. But I'll warn you, the team leader isn't as easy to get along with as I am. He's a tough nut to crack."

"Thanks for the heads-up. I'll talk to you later," Han Yun said, hanging up the phone and tossing it aside. He got up, walked over to the window, and gazed down at the twinkling lights of Beidu's bustling cityscape.

The girl who had disrupted the press conference had said, "As you bask in your fame and enjoy the adoration of your fans, two innocent lives are being brutally taken in Bei Du, and the killer is still at large." And now, Han Yun had heard from Jiang Chun that two murders had indeed occurred in Bei Du recently.

This made him even more certain that it wouldn't be long before the girl came to him, and her purpose for coming was definitely related to this case.

However, waiting for the girl to come to him was not Han Yun's style.

He opened the window, took a few breaths of fresh air, leaned out the window and took a few more deep breaths to clear his head, then sat back down on the cushion cross-legged and took out his phone to contact the temporary assistant assigned to him by the organizer of today's press conference and asked him to send him the list of media outlets attending the press conference tonight.

Upon receiving the list, Han Yun turned on his computer and opened Baidu, searching one by one for the media companies of the reporters attending the press conference.

With over two hundred reporters, it was indeed a time-consuming task. In the end, only one reporter had listed a fake company affiliation, with no relevant information about the company found in any search results.

Han Yun zoomed in on the name and then took out a pen and paper to write down the name, the only one on the list with a fake company affiliation.

If his guess was correct, Su Mo was the name of the girl who had caused a scene at the press conference.

Han Yun grabbed the paper with the name "Su Mo" written on it and stood up. He pinned it to the wall, then took two steps back, arms crossed over his chest. Staring at the name for a while, he slowly closed his eyes and recalled the girl's words and actions at the press conference.

He had suspected that the girl, while not a reporter, was still in the media.

As an insider of the police bureau, Jiang Chun only had a general understanding of the two murders in Beidu. The matter was not public, and the media had never reported on it. Ordinary people would not have known about it.

However, from Su Mo's words at the press conference, Han Yun could clearly tell that she was aware of the two cases, perhaps even more details than Jiang Chun.

Not a reporter, but a journalist nonetheless, and one well-informed about the murders in Beidu.

Eliminating various entertainment publications and companies, the two largest remaining newspapers in Beidu City were the Beidu Morning Post and the Beidu Legal Daily.

The Beidu Morning Post focused more on social issues, while the Beidu Legal Daily, conversely, specialized in crime reporting.

Crucially, the reporters of the Beidu Legal Daily had close ties with the Beidu Police Bureau, often collaborating on interviews, legal education projects, and the like, making it easier for them to gain insights into cases the police were investigating.

Han Yun opened his eyes and looked at the paper pinned to the wall again, his brow furrowed as he stared at the name "Su Mo" written on it. Softly, he muttered to himself, "Su Mo is a Beidu Legal Daily reporter who sneaked into tonight's press conference?"

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