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The King of Detectives


The Corpse on the Operating Table


Bang! A gunshot rang out.

The Qin Xiang in the dream was so shocked that his ears were ringing.

Han Yun, who was sleeping in the space between the bed and the wall, twitched and raised his hands to cover his face.

He didn't wake up, the dream continued.

The wild dog that was trying to bite Qin Xiang's neck was shot in the head by a bullet, and blood splattered from its side, hitting his cheek.

The sound of the gunshot also scattered the wild dogs that were surrounding him.

Qin Xiang fearfully pushed away the wild dog that had fallen on him, stood up with his legs kicking, wiped the blood from his cheek with his hands, and then looked at the person who had shot from a distance.

Under a tree with dense branches, a dark figure stood holding a shotgun, his face obscured from view.

Qin Xiang in the dream didn't dare to move. The dark figure held the shotgun in an aiming position for about a minute before slowly lowering it.

The dense forest, where moonlight couldn't penetrate, Qin Xiang panted and stared at the dark figure. The wild dog with its head blown off lay beside him. There was about ten meters of distance between him and the dark figure.

Qin Xiang couldn't tell if the other person was good or bad, and he didn't dare to make a move.

The two stood facing each other for a while, then the dark figure moved. He walked towards Qin Xiang with the shotgun in his hand. Qin Xiang was so scared that he backed away repeatedly and tripped over the weeds under his feet. The dark figure walked over to the wild dog, bent down, grabbed the wild dog's hind leg, and turned his head to look at Qin Xiang.

The face was rough, with firm and fierce eyes and a deep scar on the cheek. Just looking at the face made one shudder.

But Qin Xiang in the dream could only put away his fear. He was in the forest and very weak. Without the help of the dark figure, he might not even be able to get out tonight, or he might even be besieged by wild dogs. Thinking of this, Qin Xiang stood up.

The dark figure sneered. The smile was very ferocious. Then the dark figure straightened up, dragged the wild dog's hind leg with one hand and the shotgun with the other, and walked towards the depths of the forest.

Qin Xiang followed cautiously behind the dark figure, staring at the wild dog being dragged in the weeds. The dead dog had lost its previous arrogance and became a lamb to be slaughtered.

As the sky gradually brightened, Qin Xiang in the dream disappeared. Han Yun slowly opened his eyes, sat up wearily, and raised his hand to rub his temples.

Although he had rested for a whole night, the fatigue in his body seemed not to have eased, but rather intensified. He propped himself up on the bed and stood up, folded the quilt, put it back on the bedside table, left the bedroom, went to the bathroom, filled the bathtub with water, took off his pajamas, and lay down in it, recalling the dream just now.

Dreams involving Qin Xiang had always been depressing, but he had never had the kind of dream he had just had before. Were the forest, the wild dogs, and the hunter with the shotgun in the dream all made up? This was the first time he had seen someone other than himself in Qin Xiang's dream.

Han Yun turned his head, reached out and picked up the tablet computer placed next to the bathtub, found CSP (drawing software) on it, and used the stylus to draw the face of the hunter in the dream on it.

Rough, scarred, thick eyebrows, sharp eyes. After finishing the drawing, Han Yun raised his arm, held up the tablet and looked at it for a while, then saved it. Then, based on his memory, he drew a general picture of the forest where Qin Xiang was in, and the scene where he was surrounded and bitten by wild dogs.

After finishing all the drawings, he saved them in a folder named "Qin Xiang, Dreams". There were already hundreds of drawings in it, all recording Qin Xiang's dreams.

After taking a bath, Han Yun put the tablet aside, got up, changed his clothes, and went to the living room to check the time on his phone. 7:25.

He still remembered that he had made an appointment with Su Mo, the reporter who had made a scene at the press conference, to meet at a cafe today. So, after drying his hair, he went out directly. Opposite the apartment where Han Yun rented, there was a small square. He ran a few laps around the edge of the square, and at about 8 o'clock, he crossed the square and went to the cafe.

There weren't many people drinking coffee at this time. After Han Yun walked in, he looked around at the customers in the store and finally saw Su Mo at a seat by the window.

There were photos of Su Mo in the Weibo account that Han Yun had looked at last night. Obviously, Su Mo also recognized Han Yun, and they smiled at each other.

Han Yun walked straight over and sat down opposite Su Mo, saying, "You're quite cool to be able to find this place from just a single incomplete photo without any information."

"Thank you for the compliment, but I didn't find this place from the photo you sent. It's just that there's only one decent coffee shop near your apartment," Su Mo said with a professional smile. "On the other hand, you were able to find out my identity, find my Weibo, and take the initiative to meet me so quickly. I was worried before that you wouldn't come to me, but it seems that was unnecessary."

"All the information about the press conference was fake, except for your real name. It wasn't difficult to find out your real identity," Han Yun said, straightening up and raising his hand as if to call over the waiter. 

Su Mo interrupted him, "I've already ordered for you. An espresso, right?"

"It seems you've done some research on me," Han Yun said, putting his hand down and looking at Su Mo.

"You're a public figure, so your information is readily available online. Besides, I'm your fan," Su Mo said indifferently.

"Let's cut the flattery. What exactly is it that you want by going to such great lengths to get my attention?" Han Yun asked directly.

As soon as Han Yun finished speaking, the waiter brought over two cups of coffee and put them down. Su Mo picked up her coffee, took a sip, and then put the cup down and said, "If you took what I said at the press conference to heart, you should have learned about the two murders that happened recently, right?"

"I have some understanding. I only know that there have been two murders in Beidu recently. The first victim to be discovered was a doctor, and the other victim was discovered two days ago. The case is being handled by the Serious Crimes Unit, and they are said to have found key evidence proving that the two cases were committed by the same person," Han Yun recalled what he had learned from Jiang Chun the night before, and said, "But if you want to learn about the details of the case from me, I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed. I'm not involved in the investigation."

"You should know that our Beidu Legal Daily has a close cooperative relationship with the police bureau, so if I want to get details about this case, I can just contact the department in charge directly. There's no need to come to you," Su Mo said, shifting her gaze to the window and contemplating for a few seconds before continuing, "The doctor who was discovered earlier in the case is surnamed Dong, his name is Dong Xing. He was an orthopedic surgeon at Beidu First People's Hospital, and he was also a star doctor at the hospital. He had solid skills and superb techniques, and many patients would specifically request him to be their surgeon. A week ago, someone reported that blood was seeping down from their ceiling, staining a large area of the wall. The police arrived at the scene, pried open the door of the house upstairs from the reporter, and saw a corpse lying on the operating table with its intestines open. The corpse was later identified as Dong Xing."

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