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The King of Detectives


The Fearless Killer


The officer guarding the crime scene took the badge, scanned it, and said, "You don't need to show your badge, your face is enough for us to recognize you. Everyone in the police station knows the famous Detective Han."

Putting the badge away, Han Yun turned to Su Mo and said, "This is the crime scene. It's against the rules to bring you in."

As a legal journalist, Su Mo naturally knew this, so she peeked inside and said, "I'll wait for you here.”

Han Yun nodded and stepped inside.

The policemen following behind him closed the door and stood behind Han Yun, whispering, "Excuse me... can I take a picture with you first?"

Han Yun looked at the policeman and nodded slightly in agreement. The policeman next to him took out his phone, switched to selfie mode, and reached out to take a picture with Han Yun.

In front of them was the crime scene. In the middle of the living room was an operating table, stained with blood. On the table next to the operating table were surgical knives, various types of forceps, tweezers, and other surgical instruments.

The blood on the floor had coagulated into a large pool, suggesting that it had seeped through the tiles and been noticed by the old man downstairs, prompting him to call the police. Since blood takes time to penetrate floor tiles, Su Mo's estimation of Dong Xing's time of death might be inaccurate.

Han Yun's eyes returned to the table of surgical instruments beside the operating table. "Have these been arranged like this all along?" he inquired.

"This is a crime scene," the accompanying officer responded. "I wouldn't dare to alter anything. They've been like this since I arrived."

Dong Xing had been eviscerated, indicating that the perpetrator had undoubtedly employed the surgical instruments. However, after using them, the killer meticulously restored them to their original positions.

"Either the killer is extremely meticulous," the accompanying officer suggested, "even going so far as to arrange the tools properly even in the midst of committing a murder, or they have a severe case of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Han Yun is more inclined to believe the latter.

Two surgical instruments were missing from the table. They must have been taken by the Major Crimes Unit for analysis.

Han Yun turned and glanced at the bedroom door. Taking a deep breath, he addressed the officer beside him, "Can I get a pair of shoe covers?" He gestured towards the bedroom door. "I want to take a look inside."

The police officer beside him took out a pair of disposable shoe covers from his pocket and handed them to Han Yun. Han Yun put the shoe covers on his shoes, straightened up again, and walked around the bloodstains towards the bedroom.

The bedroom door was closed, and Han Yun pushed it open and looked inside. The bedroom was designed as a ward, with two iron beds inside, on which the bedding was neatly laid out. There were iron rods hanging above the beds for drips.

The air was filled with the smell of disinfectant. There was a small wooden cabinet between the two single iron beds, on which there was a thermos and a water cup. Han Yun walked over, squatted down and opened the cabinet door. There were a few pairs of disposable slippers on the lower layer and a few test sheets on the upper layer, which seemed to have been there for a long time.

Han Yun reached out and took out a test sheet and looked at it. The name written in the lower corner was: Chen Yi.

It must have been a patient who had undergone surgery here, right? Han Yun thought to himself, folded the test sheet and put it in his pocket, then closed the cabinet, straightened up, and exited the bedroom and returned to the living room.

Han Yun stood in front of the operating table, took a deep breath, and slowly closed his eyes. He reorganized the layout of the room in his mind.

There were no signs of a fight in the whole room, which means that the murderer Dong Xing faced when he came here should be an acquaintance, or a patient who had once lain on the operating table and had surgery performed by Dong Xing? Since this is an operating room, there must be an anesthetic, but there is none in the room now, either it was taken away by the major case team, or it was taken away by the murderer. 

The anesthetic could serve another purpose for the killer. Bai Jing, the real estate manager, was likely anesthetized first before being dismembered while semi-conscious, assuming Han Yun's guess was correct.

The blood on the floor tiles had seeped downstairs, indicating a significant time had passed. Therefore, Dong Xing's death should have occurred the day before the elderly neighbor alerted the police. If so, why had Dong Xing been missing for an entire day without the hospital or even his wife noticing anything amiss?

"Does Dong Xing own this house?" Han Yun asked the police officers in the room without opening his eyes.

"Yes, the late Dong Xing purchased this house five years ago, but none of the residents have seen him live here. The police contacted the residents who lived across from this room two years ago, and they said that they occasionally heard someone coming upstairs to enter the house late at night. Once, they even saw three or four people carrying someone into the house through the peephole," the police officer who was still standing by the door replied truthfully.

Major surgeries cannot be performed by one person alone, so there must have been someone assisting Dong Xing. There must have been someone who shared Dong Xing's ideals and supported his private surgeries to help the poor.

Han Yun opened his eyes, his brow furrowed slightly. He took another look around the living room before walking to the door and taking off his shoe covers. The police officer beside him opened the door and walked out.

Su Mo had been standing in the corridor the whole time. When the door opened, she came up to greet them, but did not ask any questions. It was not until they went downstairs and got back into the car that Su Mo asked, "How did it go?"

"There are no signs of forced entry on the room, no signs of a struggle in the living room, and the bedding in the ward is neatly arranged. The entire murder process was carried out in extreme silence. It can be confirmed that the murderer must have known Dong Xing, and the murderer also has some medical knowledge." Han Yun leaned on the chair, closed his eyes and continued, "The murderer seems to have no fear of killing."

"No fear?" Su Mo asked in confusion.

"The methods used in the two cases are very cruel, one is disembowelment and the other is dismemberment. The murderer was not flustered at all when doing this, and everything was orderly. Even a perverted killer couldn't do this. The person lying in front of him is a living person." Han Yun still closed his eyes, his face expressionless: "So the murderer is either a seasoned killer or has rehearsed the entire process over and over again in advance."

"The only way to overcome fear is to face it. I once interviewed a prisoner who had killed a family of three. He said that in the year before he decided to kill the family, he raised ten cats, raised them, and then killed one of them every once in a while. Until the cat he had spent the most time with and had the deepest feelings for was killed, and he felt nothing. He knew he was ready." Su Mo took a deep breath and said, "It seems that the killer we are facing may have also trained in this way."

"The criminal you interviewed was training the courage to kill, while the killer in these two cases was rehearsing the killing process." Han Yun sat up and opened his eyes.

"Where to next?" Su Mo asked.

"To the hospital where Dong Xing was," Han Yun said lightly.

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