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The King of Detectives


Conversation with Dong Xing's Assistant


"Why are we going to the hospital?" Su Mo asked in confusion.

"Dong Xing couldn't have performed the surgery alone, so there must have been an assistant," Han Yun explained.

Su Mo didn't ask any more questions and drove to Beidu First People's Hospital as Han Yun had instructed. Upon reaching the hospital, Han Yun asked Su Mo to wait in the car and went directly to the personnel department to inquire about any doctors or nurses who had left the hospital or requested a transfer from their original positions in the past half month.

The incident involving Dr. Dong means that his activities outside the hospital have been exposed. Even if he was acting to save someone, his actions violated hospital regulations. The police will inevitably investigate the matter, so Dr. Dong's accomplice will definitely cut ties with the hospital before the investigation reaches them. If the murder case is also related to this assistant, then he may have already fled.

An HR colleague at the hospital checked the records on the computer and found that, just as Han Yun had expected, a nurse named Wang Mengxian from the surgery department had submitted a resignation letter the day after Dr. Dong's body was discovered.

Wang Mengxian was both a nurse and a surgical assistant. She was Dr. Dong's assistant and student at the hospital. She had been trained by Dr. Dong since she started her internship at the hospital.

Han Yun obtained Wang Mengxian's home address and contact information from the HR department.

After leaving the hospital and returning to the car, Han Yun handed the address he had obtained to Su Mo and said, "If I'm guessing correctly, this person is Dr. Dong's assistant when he performs surgery outside the hospital. Let's go find her."

After looking at the address, Su Mo searched for directions on the navigation system and then drove away from the hospital. On the way, Su Mo asked thoughtfully, "Are you sure we shouldn't inform the Major Crimes Unit before we start our own investigation?"

"We will inform them, but it's not the right time yet," Han Yun said, taking out his phone to check the time and then stretching. "The Major Crimes Unit's Captain Li Tiyun is a seasoned investigator who is also quite arrogant. If I just go over there and try to get involved in the case, I'm sure I'll get a cold shoulder. The title of 'case consultant' is useless with him."

"I know Li Tiyun too. The Beidu Legal Daily tried to interview him several times before, but he turned them all down." Su Mo said with a sudden realization, "So you went to the crime scene first and then found this Wang Mengxian to find clues to negotiate with Li Tiyun?"

"I wouldn't go so far as to say negotiate, but I need to have something in hand to make Li Tiyun unable to refuse my involvement in the investigation," Han Yun said, spreading his hands.

Su Mo didn't say anything else and continued to drive carefully. After arriving at the apartment complex where Wang Mengxian lived, the two of them registered at the security guard's office and went straight upstairs to the address.

Arriving at Wang Mengxian's door, Su Mo stepped forward and knocked, then retreated to Han Yun and waited. Five seconds later, the door opened. Han Yun looked at the woman in the house, then took off his mask and asked, "Excuse me, are you Wang Mengxian?"

"Yes, I am," Wang Mengxian replied, also looking at the two people outside. "Who are you?"

"Hello, I'm Su Mo, a reporter from the Beidu Legal Daily," Su Mo said first. After that, he took out his ID and showed it to Wang Mengxian. "The person next to me is a case consultant from the police bureau, his name is Han Yun."

It was obvious that Wang Mengxian didn't recognize Han Yun. After looking at Su Mo's ID, she said thoughtfully, "Case consultant... what do you do?"

"This is a bit complicated to explain, but we are definitely not bad people." Su Mo put away her ID and said, "We came here this time to learn about your master, Dong Xing."

Wang Mengxian hesitated for a moment, but still opened the door and let the two in. They walked in, came to the sofa, and after the three of them sat down, Wang Mengxian spoke first: "I knew the police would come to the door, but I didn't expect it to be you."

From Wang Mengxian's words, it can be analyzed that the police have not yet come to Wang Mengxian to find out the situation, and they have not yet found this clue. Since Wang Mengxian knew that the police would come to her, but she did not choose to run away, it proves that Dong Xing's death has nothing to do with her. Thinking like this, Han Yun took a deep breath and asked, "You knew that the things you did with Dong Xing outside would be exposed, so you chose to resign, right?"

"This incident was a severe violation of hospital policy. Even if I hadn't resigned of my own accord, the hospital would have certainly terminated my employment once they became aware of the situation. Therefore, I simply submitted my resignation letter," Wang Mengxian confessed, lowering her head. "Even though we were acting with good intentions."

"Did Dong Xing make any contact with you before his accident?" Han Yun surveyed the living room, his gaze returning to Wang Mengxian as he inquired.

Wang Mengxian shook her head and responded, "My superior would always notify me beforehand to make preparations whenever there was a surgery scheduled. I did not receive any such notification prior to his accident."

"Were you the only assistant of Dong Xing?" Su Mo inquired from the side.

"Yes, I was the only one. It wasn't exactly something to be proud of, so the fewer people who knew about it, the better. I've been working under Doctor Dong since my internship, so he trusted me a lot and knew I could keep this secret." Wang Mengxian paused for a moment and continued, "However, in the period before the Doctor's accident, he seemed to be preoccupied and had canceled several surgeries scheduled by the hospital. As you know, if a surgeon is not in a good state of mind, there is a high chance of problems during surgery. They must stay focused and cannot be distracted."

"Do you know what's causing his distraction?" Han Yun noticed a scar on Wang Mengxian's wrist, like the kind left by a suicide attempt where one cuts their own artery.

"From the time I started with Doctor Dong to later becoming his assistant in the operating room, I've never seen him like this, so I've asked him before, but Doctor Dong didn't say anything." Wang Mengxian looked up at Han Yun and said, "I guess anything that could worry him is no small matter."

"Were you involved in every surgery that Dong Xing performed privately?" Han Yun inquired.

"I've been involved for the past two years. Before that, Doctor Dong had another assistant. I don't know who it was, and he never mentioned it," Wang Mengxian replied, frowning in thought. "He just told me that the previous assistant was afraid of being exposed and affecting his promotion, so he stopped working with Doctor Dong. But I think there must be another reason. I don't know what it is, but I can confirm that his previous assistant was not from our hospital."

“Why are you so sure?” Han Yun probed further.

“I know all the surgeons in our hospital,” Wang Mengxian replied. “And the most crucial hint came from my mentor. He once mentioned, in passing, that he hadn’t planned on finding an assistant from our own hospital. But aside from me, he had no other choice. That’s why I deduced that the previous assistant must have been from a different hospital.”

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