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The Lucky Fan




"UHH... Shit! This feels so good!" I let out a forced moan as I saw Fino raise the piece of paper. There was something written on it, "Moan louder!"


Since I'm right in front of the camera now, I tried my best not to roll my eyes at him. I tried not to frown, even though honestly, only my body is seen by the camera.


It seriously bugs me when he acts all bossy like he's doing now. It's annoying. Beyond frustrating. Doesn't he get that what he's asking of me is already tough, and he's just making it harder?


After a few seconds, he raised the paper again, "Step it up! I can't feel it!"


Instead of losing my cool, instead of letting my anger burst out, instead of cursing him out, I chose to play along. It won't lead anywhere good if I fight with him. He might even add more to the debt my dad owes him.


I bit down on my lip, and I continued pleasuring myself. My fingers glided down to my slit, and I let out a loud moan. A moan that made Fino smirk. He even gave me a thumbs up.


"Now, cum." Fino raised the paper again. It's probably been like five minutes since we started filming the video. And like usual, he's pushing me to climax. It's a real struggle because to be honest, I'm not finding any pleasure in what I'm doing.


I decided to look up. Closed my eyes, painted a mental picture where the camera wasn't there, and where Fino wasn't observing. It was just me in this dimly lit room... along with my boyfriend.


Using my index finger, I reached for my clitoris. I started to fantasize about my boyfriend right in front of me, his tongue, making me feel good until I reached my peak.


And that's all I had to do to start moaning in pleasure. For real this time. Without faking it. I continued until my legs straightened out, the tension coiled within, all of it building in my core. Until... Until I came right in front of the camera.


"And cut!" Fino’s excitement echoed. He adjusted the camera with a big smile plastered across his face, while I felt disgusted with myself.


"Your fans will definitely love this," he added as he reviewed my video.


I let out a sigh as I picked up my clothes, dressing in silence.


"How many more of these videos do you need until you’ve settled everything Dad owes?"


He grinned as he replied, "Still a good number to go."


"Seriously, Fino. We agreed on just ten, and we've already at that limit." I slung my backpack over my shoulder.


"I just want to remind you that your dad's debt to me is a huge amount, Lara." He shrugged. "Twenty million. Your videos are only making two hundred thousand. It's way less than what you owe me."


I pressed my palm against my forehead. I didn't know if he was telling the truth or not. I've asked him about this before, but he only got mad at me. He even added more to the debt I'm supposed to pay him. After that, I promised myself to just follow his instructions to avoid piling up the problems I'm dealing with everyday.


Without saying anything, I just walked away from him.


Every step felt heavy as I left his place. The pain in my heart and the disgust I felt towards myself continued to gnaw at me as the sunlight touched my skin.


Sadness filled my eyes as I looked up at the sky. When my gaze rested on the slowly moving clouds in the west, I took a deep breath.


I'm tired... I'm really, really tired.


When will this cycle end?


Or maybe a better question is, will this ever end?

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