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The Lucky Fan


The Only Man


FINO is such an assh*le! Ever since I woke up this morning, I couldn't shake off that ridiculous suggestion he made to me yesterday.


Yeah, I'm really strapped for cash. I'll do whatever it takes just to pay him off and get him off my back. But that's not the only solution. His offer of becoming a porn star isn't the answer. Somehow, I still have some pride left. And besides, I love my boyfriend. I can't screw him over. He's the only guy who can touch me. Only him, and no one else.


"Where are you off to again, huh?" my sister Beatrice placed her hands on her hips as she stepped out of the bathroom.


"I have a date with your Kuya Enrique."


It's my day off today. And on my days off, we go on dates. But most of the time, we just hang out at his house to save money. We're both broke, you know. No choice.


Bea jokingly rolled her eyes and said, “I wish everyone in this home has a partner.”


Upon hearing that, I put down my small mirror and even the makeup brush I was using.


“Hey, prioritize studying over having a partner,” I retorted, giving her a stern look. 'I'll really pull all your hair if you keep that up.'


She burst into laughter. 'I'm just kidding! Come on!'


She hugged me, which caused me to squirm away from her. 'Beatrice, if I ever see you holding hands with someone on the corner, I'll really make you bald. I'm not joking.'


I refocused on applying my makeup. “Also, don't get too close to those guy friends of yours. Times have changed.”


She waved her hand dismissively. “Sis, I got that covered. They're good guys. They won't do anything bad to me--"


"In today's times, it's hard to trust anyone. Even if they're your friends, once they're hit by their dirty thoughts--you're in trouble."


I set aside my makeup and shifted my full attention to my outspoken sister. "Yes, you're not to blame if they do something disrespectful to you. You shouldn't be held accountable if that happens. But,"


I put on my t-shirt. "Isn't the saying 'prevention is better than cure' a good one? In a world filled with evil, it's wise to choose being safe. There's nothing wrong with befriending guys, but you should know your limits--understand the situations that could lead you to danger so you're prepared... to keep yourself safe."


Bea frowned. "You are victim-blaming, Ate."


"Rape exists because there are rapists. It's not because we, as girls, are friendly. And not because we allow guys to get closer to us. It's never our fault if they want to treat us disrespectfully. It's their fault. They have the choice to respect girls, and if they choose to act differently, we're not the ones in the wrong there. They should be solely responsible, and it's not our choice of socializing that's at fault."


I was left speechless by the lines she threw at me. My younger sister is really smart when angry, even when speaking in English. "And besides, sis, not all guys are the same. Not everyone thinks with lust in mind. There are many decent ones out there. Many others who don't just have sexual thoughts on their minds. Don't generalize."


I laughed and stood up. Debating with this kid is really tough. After all, she's the first honor in school. I hugged her. "Chill. Why are you so worked up with this?"


"Well, because your mindset is so toxic," she retorted with an eye roll.


I messed up her hair. "I'm sorry, Ate* Bea. It won't happen again." I pinched her cheek until she let out a loud yelp.


*Ate is a respectful title given to older female relatives or non-relatives.


"Ate! Stop playing around!"


I laughed hysterically while slinging my backpack over my shoulder. "By the way, I've cooked your meal and left rice for you until the afternoon. Just focus on your studies in your room, okay? I won't be back until later in the afternoon."


I put on my shoes that I also got from a thrift shop. I lucked out with these because they're original Adidas. "By the way, sis..."


I turned to Beatrice. "Oh?"


"Have you thought about Kuya Fino's offer? Have you considered it seriously?"


I sighed. "I would never do that. Are you seriously suggesting I do it?"


"I just don't want you to worry, sis. It's quick money. You won't have to worry anymore after a few videos, maybe 5 or so?"


"No. End of discussion."


"And besides, your face won't even be seen there--"


"Bye!" I smiled widely at her. Before she could start debating with me again, I quickly stepped outside and closed the door.


IT must have been around ten in the morning when I reached Enrique's house. It's not really far from our place. It's just a single tricycle ride away.


When I got inside, Uncle and Aunt were not there--which wasn't surprising. They were busy selling various things at the market just to support Enrique's education. He's their only child, so they said they would do everything to fulfill his dreams, the dreams they had when they were young--to become a Nurse. It's fortunate that's also the course his boyfriend wants.


I headed towards Enrique's room. When I opened the door, I was genuinely surprised when a hand suddenly grabbed me.


"You're in for it again." Enrique gave me a mischievous smile, which I found endearing.


I was about to speak when he suddenly silenced me with a kiss. I couldn't help but respond. He knew exactly how to ignite my passion. As if completely memorized, he knew the parts of my body he needed to touch to make me feel that warmth.


I felt like I was drowning; I was breathless as he ended our kiss. And then I saw how flushed his cheeks were from what we did. I really enjoyed this view.


I didn't resist when he pulled me towards the bed. And everything happened so quickly. In a matter of seconds, we were both without clothes.


I flinched when I felt his palms on my chest. “You're quite well-endowed,” he said, biting his lip.


And all I could do was close my eyes as he suddenly buried his head in my bosom. He licked the tips of them. He played with them repeatedly using his tongue. Circling around them. Up and down. Until it was as if he were a hungry infant, so eager to suckle.


I could only let out a moan while grabbing onto his hair. I could feel the sudden rush of warmth in my center. Something that seemed to make his smile even wider as he touched it using his index and middle fingers.


"Are you ready for me, love?" he teasingly said before kneeling at my feet.


I involuntarily tensed as he spread my thighs apart again. Until he was hovering over me. And then, he entered inside of me. It didn't matter that he didn't have a condom on yet; I was on pills.


I gasped as I felt the head of his manhood against my entrance. I dug my fingernails on his back while it felt like I could tear my lower lip apart from how hard I bit it.


"Enrique..." My moans intensified as I felt his slow thrusts inside me. We've done this many times, but why does the pleasure feel as exhilarating as the first time? He's addictive. Incredibly addictive.


“Feels good?” he asked while planting kisses on my face.


I couldn't bring myself to answer. With every push he made, I could only moan in response. I just nodded while closing my eyes, overwhelmed by pleasure.


“Good, enjoy yourself,” he whispered, his sweaty back pressing against me. I could also feel his warm breath on my neck.


“Damn it... I can't hold on anymore,” he added after a while.


“Oh-- ah, shit! Enrique! F*ck…” were the only words I managed as he suddenly increased the speed of his thrusts.


He didn't let up.


My eyes closed in pleasure. as the loud sound of our skin slapping together filled the room.


Continuing to move rapidly, he remained silent while observing my reactions. His eyes fixed on me until I reached my climax. Not long after, he let out a loud moan and I could feel his warm essence within me.


I lay there, gasping for breath as he pressed against me.


"I love you so much, Lara..." he uttered before kissing my cheek. "I love you so much..."


"I love you too," I replied before closing my eyes. Those were the last words I said before exhaustion from what we did overcame me.


I QUICKLY bid goodbye to Enrique when I woke up. It was already five in the afternoon, and I was sure Bea was fuming with anger. She didn't like it when I stayed out late. Between the two of us, she's the more mature thinker.


Enrique even offered me food before I left, but I declined. I'm not used to eating without my sister by my side. It's just the two of us now, should I deny her the joy of having a companion at the dining table?


It was getting dark by the time I reached our house. I quickly opened the door because I was sticky with sweat. I had sweated earlier and due to tiredness, I had simply let my stickiness be.


When I entered, the lights were off. My eyes squinted.


Where's Beatrice?


I placed my bag on the wooden sofa. Suddenly, I felt uneasy.


Was she still not done studying?


I knew that girl. She doesn't like the dark. She wouldn't let the lights be turned off.


But I quickly turned my head when I heard a movement from her room. A sense of anxiety gripped my chest for no apparent reason. I walked towards her room and then quickly opened it.


I didn't expect the first thing that greeted me inside...


Beatrice. Her eyes widened as they focused on my face. She was only wearing a bra and panties. There was a camera in front of her.


"Ate..." was all she managed to say. I involuntarily swallowed my own saliva. I fixed my gaze on the guy leaning against the wall.


It’s Fino.


He had a grin on his face as if he was still enjoying the foolishness he had her doing.

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