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The Lucky Fan


The First Video


When my breaktime came, I headed to the stockroom, and against my better judgment, I grabbed my phone. With heavy fingers, I searched for Fino's name in my contacts. And when I found it, my breath suddenly felt labored. With my eyes half-closed, I pressed the call button and placed my phone against my ear. Every ring of it felt like a collision of my heart against my chest. I felt so nervous. I was so scared. Everything about this was going against my will.


"Oh, you called? What a surprise," Fino greeted with a cheeky tone. His voice was heavily-laced with arrogance.


"I... I accept..." I swallowed. "I accept your offer."


I heard him mutter a soft curse on the other line. In my mind, I could see him jumping with joy. "Good, good. Visit me at home after you're done with your work there."


I let out a sigh. "What time will you be home?"


"Five o'clock," I leaned against the door. I took deep breaths, trying to steady myself.


"I'll just pick you up."


I closed my eyes again. I could feel the heaviness on my face. "Okay..."


"At five o'clock," I leaned against the door. I took a deep breath repeatedly. "I'll just pick you up."


I closed my eyes again. I could feel the heaviness on my face. ""Alright...""


"See you later, Lara," his voice even teased. That just made me scowl.


Clenching my teeth, I pocketed my cell phone again. I exited the stockroom, and to my surprise, Chan suddenly appeared in front of me. He had a wide smile, the kind that a child would have.


"Are you okay?" he asked.


I avoided his gaze before nodding. I really didn't understand this guy. The more I tried to keep myself away from him, the more he seemed determined to get close to me. Was he that dense?


"By the way, I have a question—"


I cut him off. I didn't want our conversation to drag on. "Where's Badette?"


He just scratched his neck while chuckling. I didn't wait for him to respond any further. I immediately headed to the back of the restaurant. I was sure that woman was probably smoking again.


IT was probably around four when I texted Enrique. I told him not to pick me up for now. I made up an excuse that we had someplace to go with Badette. He readily agreed. He wasn't the jealous type of guy. He has a lot of trust in me. That's why I felt immense guilt when I told him I loved him.


I didn't want to do it, but I had to. Because I have no choice. I was cornered. Yes, I love him. But... I couldn't bear to see my sibling go hungry. I would never allow her to suffer because of me. Never.


I was ready to swallow my pride, just as long as my sibling's stomach didn't rumble. I was prepared to accept everything for her. I was more than ready.


Just like now, I was standing in front of the restaurant. I took deep breaths as I waited for Fino. And when I saw his red pickup truck, I bit my lip. I wanted to step back, but I knew I couldn't. I've already agreed, and if I back out now, he'll only make things worse for me. Besides, who was I fooling anymore? I didn't have any money left to give him and I might even lose my job. I have nothing left, and I'll end up with even less. Fuck my life.


His car stopped in front of me. The window rolled down, revealing his face. The jerk was grinning ear to ear.


"Let's go," he jerked his head, motioning for me to get in.


I stood up, trying to stop myself from rolling my eyes at him. I had no other choice but to enter his car. I almost coughed my lungs out due to the suffocating smell inside it.


I really can't stand the smell of cigarettes.


"What made you agree to my offer, huh?" He started to drive. I didn't really want to talk to him. But then I thought, I don't have any pride left anyway. What good would my snarky attitude do? Why not just embrace my lowliness to the fullest?


"I'll be let go from my job next month." I fixated my eyes on the window.


"Good," I heard his soft laugh. "God really loves me, perfect timing."


I looked at him, my expression blank as I said, "Satan. Satan loves you."


He laughed even harder at what I said. "Right, Satan it is."


FINO and I took the road downtown. The place where various condos could be seen. Even though our town was still provincial, businessmen didn't overlook it. Our area is known for its beautiful scenery and climate.The influx of tourists here has been the reason for the rapid rise of condo buildings left and right, catering to those who want to have a staycation in our area.


"Come in," Fino welcomed me to his unit.


Inside, it's clear that a bachelor owns this place. The furnishings here are minimal. But unlike a typical guy, it's surprisingly clean. This jerk seems to have a good side to him too, at least.


"Shall we begin?"


"Right away?" I gulped. I haven't even sat down yet. The nerve.


"Yes, so you can go home early." He scratched the back of his neck. It's as if he's a bit embarrassed and avoiding my gaze. "I don't want you to be out on the road too late."


And he's actually serious about it. I just blinked. It seems like I'm not really ready for this yet.


"How does this work?" I started hesitantly. "What am I supposed to do?"


I really have no idea.


Yes, I'm sexually active, but I've never watched porn before. I mean, really watched it. It's always been casual. I enjoy experiencing things in real life more than just watching.


Fino burst into laughter. Grinning mischievously, he sat back on the sofa. Then he gestured for me to sit beside him, which I did without complaining. I just wanted to cooperate so this could be over quickly.


"You know how to masturbate, right?"


I blushed at his question. What an idiot, of couse I do.


"I mean—like," he seemed to be searching for a less direct term but ultimately failed, "finger yourself. You know how to finger yourself, right?"


I couldn't even look at him. I couldn't answer. I just nodded my head. "Good," he stood up. He faced me with a condescending smile. "That's all you need to do. Just finger yourself in front of the camera. Easy, right?"


"Easy?" I frowned at him before looking away again. "You're disgusting."


He laughed again at what I said. I don't know, but it seems like he finds everything I say amusing. Really, such a jerk.


"Wait here," he said with a wink. When he briefly left, he returned with a tripod in hand. Seeing that, I felt like I wanted to back out. I wanted to retreat. But I didn't. Because, I don't know. Now that I'm here, it's like a big part of me is urging me to continue. Not to back down.


"Oh, what are you waiting for? Strip down already," he said with a big smile.


"You're really enjoying this, aren't you?" I rolled my eyes. It's irritating how he seems to be so entertained by my anxious face.


"Of course, I've imagined you naked for a long time already--"


"You son of a bitch."


He burst into fits of laughter. Everytime he laughs, his nose would scrunch up, making his rough-looking face even more pronounced.


I gulped. I chose to focus on what he asked for instead, hoping to get this over with quickly.


I released a deep sigh before suddenly taking off my clothes. It was as if Fino's eyes gleamed when he saw me in my bra. I tried not to pay attention to him as I proceeded to remove my pants.


I was left with only my panties and bra. The chilling temperature due to the air conditioning exacerbated by nervousness. My body began to tremble slightly.


But I chose to continue.


With a gulp of pride, I reached for the hook of my bra, until my ample chest was released from its confines. And there, I heard Fino's sharp intake of breath.


"Fucking hell, I was not wrong at all with you. You're well-endowed, Lara. Shit..."


I just glared at him. My face continued to flush as I removed my panties. In an instant, I was completely exposed in front of the thoroughly enjoying Fino. I couldn't endure the lecherousness in his gaze. I instinctively covered my chest while squeezing my thighs together.


"You look so hot," the idiot muttered, licking his lips.


"Can you not? Let's just get this over with."


I released a deep breath. "Let's get this over with."


"Okay... Alright." He exhaled audibly, seemingly trying to calm himself down. "Are you ready?" he asked again.


I nodded, my face burning even redder.


"On my count of three, I'll turn on the camera. Okay?"


I nodded again. "One..."


With clenched teeth, I sat properly, facing the camera. "Two..."


I swallowed hard, telling myself that I could do this. "Three."


And that, that was the last word I heard before I parted my thighs in front of the camera.

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