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Tower of Myriad Immortals


Chapter 10: More than the Necessary Attention



After the auction, Tae-yang sat in the VIP room, deep in thought, as he tried to figure out the identity of the mysterious buyer. The Heavenly Clarity Pill had garnered far more attention than he had expected.


With such a large sum of money for a single pill he knew this person is far from being ordinary. He couldn't shake off the feeling of unease.


He turned to Ryu Byeol-ha, who was sitting across from him.


"Do you have any idea who that person was?" he asked.


Ryu Byeol-ha shook his head.


"I'm sorry, esteemed guest. We checked all of the guests and delegates who attended the auction, but there was no one who matched the description of the buyer. It's almost as if he appeared out of nowhere."


Tae-yang sighed.


"This is not good. If that person finds out where the Heavenly Clarity Pill came from, it could be dangerous for us," he thought to himself.


As Tae-yang sat in the VIP room, Alchemist Ryu approached him and handed him a metallic wristband. It looked like an ordinary accessory, but Tae-yang knew that it was anything but ordinary.


“This is a small token of appreciation from the Ryu clan,”


The space wristband was a special device capable of holding a vast amount of money and other items.


In exchange for the massive sum the Ryu had earned from auctioning the Heavenly Clarity Pills, they had given him the wristband for free.


Tae-yang accepted it gratefully, knowing that it would be a valuable asset in his future endeavors.


After leaving the Ryu's store, Tae-yang carefully scanned the alley, making sure that there was no one in sight before he slipped into a secluded corner.


He quickly undid the disguising spell, letting his true appearance return. Once he was satisfied that he was alone, he let out a sigh of relief. With the funds from the auction, he now had the means to purchase what his clan needed.


He made a mental list of all the necessary supplies and set off towards the market.


Tae-yang walked through the bustling streets, looking for a shop that sold plants and seeds. He knew that with the funds they had earned from the auction, they could finally afford to buy the trees and seeds they needed.


He had seen his young master's amazing ability to grow trees in just a few days, and he knew that having a steady supply of tree trunks would be crucial for the rebuilding of their clan's houses.


He wandered through the crowded market then he spotted a small shop tucked away in a corner. The sign above the door read "Wu's Nursery and Seeds," and Tae-yang knew he had found what he was looking for.


He pushed open the door and stepped inside.


"Can I help you?" A voice called out from the back of the shop. Tae-yang turned to see a middle-aged woman approaching him, a friendly smile on her face.


"Yes, I'm looking for some plants and seeds. Do you have any trees for sale?"


"Of course," the woman replied.


She lead Tae-yang over to a section of the shop filled with pots of various sizes, each containing a small sapling.


"We have all kinds of trees here. Which one are you interested in?"


Tae-yang browsed the selection, finally settling on a few saplings of the strongest and hardiest species he could find.


He knew they would be perfect for the rebuilding efforts of his clan.


As he paid for his purchases, he noticed a dark, unassuming seed. He asked the middle-aged woman behind the counter about the seed, but she told him that she didn't know much about it.


She explained that her son had brought it home one day and tried planting it, but it never sprouted. Now, she was just keeping it for luck.


Intrigued by the seed, Tae-yang decided to purchase it, knowing that his young master, Han Joo-won, had secret arts that could potentially revive it.


He paid the woman and left the market


Tae-yang spent hours navigating the bustling stalls, carefully selecting tools and supplies he knew would benefit their clan. Sets of sturdy hand tools—hammers, saws, and chisels—found their way into his space wrist band, alongside essential supplies like nails, screws, and bolts. Rolls of strong rope and canvases for tents soon followed, filling the band nearly to its limit. Tae-yang knew these provisions would be invaluable for their clan's future. He also purchased enough grains and meat; gone are the days that they would even hesitate to eat a slice of meat knowing fully well that they can’t afford to buy it next time.


Amidst the busy streets, Tae-yang noticed a familiar face—a man missing a leg, now reduced to begging for alms.


Recognition dawned slowly, and Tae-yang stopped in his tracks.


"Old friend?" Tae-yang's voice trembled. "What happened? How did you end up here?"


Tears welled in the man's eyes as he looked up.


"Injured in the war," he choked out. "Sent home, unable to work. I've been surviving like this ever since."


Tae-yang's heart sank. Here was Yu Han-eol, once a renowned blacksmith crafting the empire's finest weapons, now weathered by hardship and time.


Refusing to accept this fate for his friend, Tae-yang extended a lifeline. "Come with me to the Hao clan. We need your skill. You can forge again, restore your legacy."


Yu Han-eol was incredulous at the offer, having resigned himself to anonymity on the streets. "With missing limbs?" he whispered. "I thought I was forgotten."


Tae-yang reassured him, "You're not forgotten. You'll have purpose again with us."



As Tae-yang and Yu Han-eol strolled beyond the city gates, Yu Han-eol suddenly broke the silence.


"Do you sense someone following us?" he whispered, glancing over his shoulder.


Tae-yang scanned their surroundings but saw nothing unusual. "I don't see anyone," he replied.


Yu Han-eol persisted, his voice tense. "I can feel it, though. We're being watched," he insisted.


Trusting his friend's instincts, Tae-yang nodded decisively.


"Let's take a detour. Maybe we can lose them," he suggested, leading Yu Han-eol off the main road and into a dense thicket of trees.


They moved cautiously, Tae-yang alert for any signs of pursuit, but the forest seemed deserted. Finally emerging onto a quiet stretch of road, Tae-yang let out a relieved sigh. "Looks like we gave them the slip," he remarked.


Yu Han-eol remained on edge. "I'm not so sure. I still sense something," he muttered, eyes darting nervously around.


Tae-yang placed a reassuring hand on his friend's shoulder. "I won't let anything happen to you," he vowed, his gaze scanning the area vigilantly.


Together, they continued toward the port, their senses heightened and wary of potential threats.


Days passed with the unsettling sensation persisting, until finally, as they neared the dock where Tae-yang's boat awaited, he spotted a figure shadowing them.


Halting abruptly, Tae-yang turned to face the approaching man, poised to defend himself and Yu Han-eol if needed.


The stranger moved confidently, his presence commanding attention. Tall and muscular, with striking silver hair cascading like liquid metal, he exuded an aura of mystery and latent danger.


As the man drew nearer, he raised one of his hands in a gesture of peace and spoke calmly.


Tae-yang narrowed his eyes, noting the man's concealed left arm. "Who are you?" he demanded, hand subtly reaching for his sword.


The man, introducing himself as Do Joon-soo, lowered his hands slowly. "I mean no harm. I've come seeking your aid about the Heavenly Clarity Pill," he explained.


"How do you know about the Heavenly Clarity Pill?" he questioned cautiously.


Do Joon-soo's lips quirked in a wry smile. "I possess a unique ability—a heightened sense of smell. The scent of that rare medicine led me to you," he revealed. "But even its legendary properties couldn't cure my curse. This arm remains as it is."


Tae-yang regarded him with a mix of empathy and intrigue.


"What curse afflicts you?" he inquired.


"It's a long and troubled history. Perhaps, with your help, I can finally find a remedy and be free from this curse," he implored.

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