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Tower of Myriad Immortals


Chapter 3: Learning Alchemy




Joo-won strolled through the stunning landscape. Suddenly, he stumbled upon a beautiful lotus plant shimmering in the sunlight.


"Is this the Bewitching Mandragora?" he wondered aloud, amazed that he is seeing it in actuality.


The Dokkaebi chuckled, "That? Just a weed, lad. We were about to get rid of it. Despite its looks, it's considered a nuisance around here."


Joo-won was taken aback. How could something he could just read on legends be deemed unwanted? A single Mandragora stalk could elevate his clan from ruin. Just by that alone made him wonder if he was dreaming


Come to think of it, he has yet to learn the name of this cute creature. Contrary to the majestic beings he encountered outside, this one is rather underwhelming. Taking a deep breath, he asked the dokkaebi for its name.


"You can call me Hanjjokkom," the dokkaebi replied.


Joo-won nodded, sensing that Hanjjokkom held more than meets the eye—a creature of power and wisdom, despite its vulnerable appearance.


"What do I need to learn?" Joo-won inquired.


"Well," Hanjjokkom's voice replied, "I'll teach you how to cultivate the seed. It's not too complicated. You'll need to activate it with your blood and plant it in a place full of poison. Every tenth month, you must drip your blood on the plants—it's like imprinting, to show them you're their master. Remember, never consume the fruit yourself, or face dire consequences."


As Hanjjokkom guided Joo-won through the steps to cultivate the Victory Lotus Tree's seed, Joo-won became completely engrossed in the process.


However, he couldn't shake the uneasy feeling that time was slipping away. His heart was heavy with worry.


\"What if my father is searching for me? I don't want to burden my clan any further."


Hanjjokkom sensed his distress and spoke reassuringly,


"Don't worry, Joo-won. Time flows differently here. Your family won't realize any time has passed."


"Really?" Joo-won sighed with relief. "This place is truly magical. Thank you, Hanjjokkom."


Hanjjokkom chuckled softly. "I understand your concern, Joo-won. Have faith. The knowledge here is invaluable, and it's an honor you've been chosen to learn it. Use it wisely for your clan's benefit. The Tower of Myriad Immortals has more to offer than just the Victory Lotus Tree."


Hanjjokkom then explained that mastering the basics of cultivating these plants would require Joo-won to remain at the Tower for several years. If he needs to learn some basic alchemy, then the time needed would add a couple of more years.



Over the years, Joo-won explored the world of spiritual plants, from the rare Vessel of Spiritual Energy Lotus to the legendary Soul Flower and Thousand-Year Dragon Root.


Under Hanjjokkom's guidance at the Tower of Myriad Immortals, he discovered the complexities of cultivating these plants. He learned techniques like adjusting soil types, sunlight exposure, and harnessing spiritual energies to stimulate growth. Even the arrangement of plants can actually help in boosting the energy it harnesses.


Beyond plants, Joo-won grasped the crucial role of environmental factors—air quality, water purity, and soil conditions—all vital for plant development.


He also studied spiritual beasts like the Heaven-devouring Serpent, Illusion Fox Spirit, and Crimson-Eyed Wolf, learning their roles in cultivation. Mythical insects such as the Golden Cicada, Jade Butterfly, and Seven-Colored Light Beetle and how they are crucial on pollination of spiritual plants.


As the years passed swiftly, a decade slipped by.


Despite the time, Joo-won remained unchanged. It seems that time has been frozen. He did not grow an inch tall, nor did his appearance change. But a different transformation happened within him. Compared to the lad, hopeless and just waiting for his end, this one is full of vitality.


With confidence in the Tower's resources, Joo-won aimed to purify his clan's land and secure their future prosperity.


After a decade of learning from Hanjjokkom at the Tower of Myriad Immortals, Joo-won felt ready to depart.


"Joo-won, before you leave, remember the importance of secrecy," Hanjjokkom cautioned. "The knowledge you've gained here is coveted by many, even the divine cosmos and the beyond."


"I will guard the Tower's secrets with my life."


"Good," Hanjjokkom affirmed. "You're not just protecting the tower; you're safeguarding the future of our universe. A slight mistake will cost the universe’s prosperity and peace."


"I understand. Thank you for everything. Your lessons will stay with me always."


"We will meet again soon. Go now, Joo-won," Hanjjokkom encouraged. "May the knowledge guide you to greatness."


With a solemn nod, Joo-won departed, fully aware of the gravity of his duty. He vowed to protect the Tower's secrets at all costs, knowing their potential danger if they fell into the wrong hands.


Upon completing his studies at the Tower of Myriad Immortals, Joo-won received a pouch containing ten special seeds: SkyBlossom, Shadowflower, Essence Seed, Harmony Fruit, Rebirth Ginseng, Moonlight Flower, Copperleaf, Eternal Berry, Indomitable Root, and Immortal Ghost Flower.


In addition to the seeds, he was entrusted with a bucket of water from the legendary Eternal Star Spring, believed to hold miraculous powers. As he held these treasures, Hanjjokkom's voice echoed in his mind, emphasizing their significance.


"The Eternal Star Spring, created by the gods, holds the essence of stars. It can revive plants and enhance alchemical substances,"


"I will use it wisely, Hanjjokkom," Joo-won affirmed, clutching the bucket with determination. "It will serve only to benefit my clan."


Joo-won unleashed a deep breath. He knew the weight of his duty. But for now, it’s time to deal with the immediate concerns.

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