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Tower of Myriad Immortals


Chapter 5: Heavenly Clarity Pill

Joo-won felt a surge of pride as he walked through the rows of Skyblossom plants. The vibrant blue petals glowed softly under the moonlight. The hard work had paid off, and the once-barren land was now bursting with life.


Han Se-yeon and Tae-yang joined him.


"This is amazing, Joo-won!" Se-yeon exclaimed


Joo-won hesitated, then smiled. "I learned it from our ancestors. They passed down the knowledge through generations."


Tae-yang added, "I never knew our ancestors had such green thumbs. Why haven’t we heard about this before?"


"Maybe it was a family secret," Joo-won replied with a shrug. "I stumbled upon the knowledge by chance. Let’s hope it brings us prosperity."


"Agreed," Tae-yang said, nodding.


The garden had quickly become a favorite spot for Tae-yang and Se-yeon, and Joo-won understood why. The glow of the Skyblossoms against the night sky was breathtaking. But more than that it has the healing property that calms their soul and neutralizes the poisons seeping into their veins.


With that, Joo-won’s mind shifted to the next task: creating the cure.


He needed a few key ingredients: serpent grass, fiery ambrosia, and the sap of the ent root. Thankfully, these were not hard to find.


The old, abandoned apothecary still had a few jars left with what he needed. Carefully, Joo-won collected the ingredients and returned to the garden. He worked methodically, mixing and preparing the components for the decoction.


Joo-won carefully selected the ingredients, it needs to at least be decent to produce the desired result. If this pill worked, it would mean a new start for his family and the ability to finally rid themselves of the poison that had plagued them for so long.


"Father, do we have a cauldron big enough to hold all of these ingredients?" Joo-won asked.


His father, who was sitting nearby watching him work, nodded. "We have the old cauldron that was left behind by the former alchemist of the family. It's still in good condition and should be enough for your needs. But are you sure that you know alchemy?"


"Tonight, I will bring you the cure for your poison," he proudly exclaimed.




The abandoned alchemy room was filled with cobwebs and dust, as it had not been used in many years. The walls were lined with shelves containing various ingredients, some of which were already expired or had turned to dust. In the center of the room was a large cauldron, which had been left behind by the former alchemist of the family. Despite its age, the cauldron was still in good condition and would be suitable for Joo-won's needs.


Joo-won carefully measured out the ingredients, making sure to follow the precise ratios and proportions that he had learned during his studies at the Tower of the Myriad Immortals. He added the serpent grass, fiery ambrosia, and ent root sap to the old cauldron that had been left by the former alchemist of their family.


As he worked, Tae-yang watched with interest and skepticism at the same time.


Joo-won carefully placed the cauldron over the low fire, adjusting the heat as needed to ensure that the ingredients were cooked to perfection. He stirred the mixture constantly, making sure that it didn't stick to the bottom of the cauldron.


As the hours passed, the room filled with the pungent smell of the concoction.


"It's almost like he's just playing," Tae-yang thought to himself. "If alchemy is this easy, maybe I could try my hand at it as well."


As the ingredients began to sizzle and steam in the old cauldron, Joo-won added a handful of blue petals from the Skyblossom plants. He then reached for the bucket of Eternal Transformation Spring water, carefully adding a single drop to the mixture.


The cauldron erupted in a burst of sizzling steam and a surge of energy that seemed to reach for the sky. Even Joo-won was surprised by the power of the concoction, and he couldn't help but wonder what the advanced alchemical pills were capable of.


In alchemy, pills and spirit hers are classified according to their power and effectiveness. The basic classifications are Earth Class, Sky Class, Heaven Class, Cosmic Class, Divine Class, Ultra Class, and Eternal Class. Within each of these main classes, there are also smaller subclasses.


The Skyblossom, for example, belongs to the second grade of the Sky Class, which is a rare ingredient that is not commonly found on the continent where Joo-won lives.


During his time at the Temple of Myriad Immortals, Joo-won learned that many of the alchemical pills produced in the kingdom do not even meet the standards for Earth Class due to incorrect alchemical processes, poor ingredients, and high levels of impurities used.


After sometime, a loud crack echoed through the abandoned alchemy room. Tae-yang watched in shock as the cauldron broke apart, revealing seven perfectly formed blue pills inside. They shone like marbles, without a single trace of impurities. These are the Heavenly Clarity Pills.


Joo-won grabbed one of the pills and offered it to Tae-yang.


"Eat this," he said.


Tae-yang hesitated, knowing that he needed to be in the best condition possible to take an alchemical pill. But he trusted the young master implicitly, and so he swallowed the pill. Almost immediately, he felt a surge of energy coursing through his body.


He sat down and entered a meditative state, feeling the poison being purged from his system.


Black, pungent liquid seeped out of Tae-yang's pores; he knew that the pill had worked. The poison was so strong that it had even turned the soil black beneath Tae-yang's feet.


Tae-yang, meanwhile, was amazed by the transformation he was undergoing. He had felt the gush of energy coursing through his veins as soon as he had swallowed the pill, and now he could feel his cultivation breaking through to the next two small stages.


In the world of cultivation, the earth stage, or what most people call the Mortal realm, is divided into several sub-stages.


Starting with the Human class divided into six stages, followed by the Soldier stage, and progressing to the Expert class, which is divided into eight stages.


The next stage, known as the General class, is divided into six stages. The Master Swordsman stage consists of nine stages, and the highest, the Emperor class, is divided into eight.


Tae-yang, who was originally in the sixth stage of the Expert class, managed to break through two stages and is now in the eighth stage of the Expert class, just one step away from the General class.


In this empire, the highest level of cultivation is the Emperor of the kingdom, who is in the second stage of the Emperor class. Joo-won's father, on the other hand, is currently in the first stage of the General class.


After a while, Tae-yang’s life energy was renewed, and he looked stronger than ever, as if he had become 20 years younger. Now, it was time for his father and Se-yeon to get rid of the poison.


Joo-won watched as his father and Han Se-yeon went through the same process of expelling the poison from their bodies. Se-yeon’s transformation was particularly shocking, as she skipped three cultivation stages and reached the fourth stage of the Human class. Her face was radiant with health and vitality, and she exuded a powerful aura far beyond her years.


As for Joo-won's father, he reached the second stage of the General class, which was an admirable feat in itself. Once someone reached the General class, it took years of hard work and cultivation to improve further.



Joo-won sat quietly, his brow furrowed in thought as he considered his options. He knew that consuming the Heavenly Clarity Pill would finally allow him to enter the cultivation ranks, but without a proper foundation in martial arts, it could be dangerous. He had heard stories of people who had taken cultivation pills without proper training and ended up suffering severe consequences.


After much contemplation, Joo-won made the decision to visit the Tower of Myriad Immortals. He knew that Hanjjokkom would be able to guide him in the right direction and help him build a strong foundation in martial arts.


Besides, the tower had already expelled the poison from his veins.


Furthermore, Joo-won knew that he couldn't rely on the water from the Eternal Transformation Spring forever. It was only due to this magical water that he was able to successfully concoct the Heavenly Clarity Pill, which removed the poison from his father, Tae-yang, and Han Se-yeon.


Without the water from the spring, he would not have been able to achieve this feat. He realized that he needed to find a way to boost his own mental acuity and energy if he wanted to continue using alchemy to help his clan.

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