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Tower of Myriad Immortals


Chapter VI- Solving the Immediate Issues




Joo-won sat on his bed; he turned the metallic cube over in his hand and it glinted in the dim light. He knew he needed to return to the Tower of Myriad Immortals to continue his training and improve his cultivation, but the worries swirling in his mind wouldn't let him rest.


The SkyBlossom garden had yet to turn a profit, and the clan's finances were dire.


Although time flows differently inside the Tower, he couldn't leave his family struggling while he was away since it will only hamper his concentration.


Joo-won decided to speak with his father about their situation and see if there was anything they could do to improve their financial standing before he left.


Entering the elder hall, Joo-won saw his father hunched over a stack of ledgers. The sight made his heart ache with concern. He approached quietly, trying not to disturb him.


"Father, how are the finances looking?" Joo-won asked gently


His father sighed and closed the ledger, rubbing his temples.


"Not good, son. Our funds will only last for three months at most."


Joo-won's heart sank. He knew things were bad, but hearing it confirmed felt like a punch to the gut. He knew an immediate solution but hesitated before speaking.


"We still have some of the Heavenly Clarity Pills left. Maybe we could sell them and use the profits to help us get by."


His father looked up, brow furrowed.


"Sell them? Those pills are worth a fortune. If we start selling them, we'll attract all sorts of greedy people."


"I understand that, but we can't just sit here and do nothing," Joo-won countered. "We need to find a way to support the clan, and selling the remaining pills is the only option we have right now."


"I see your point, but we must be careful. We can't afford to make enemies right now."


Joo-won nodded, knowing his father was right. They needed a solution, but they also couldn't risk drawing unwanted attention.


Joo-won and his father continued to discuss the dire financial situation of the clan. Meanwhile, Tae-Yang happened to overhear their conversation.


"Young master, if I may make a suggestion," Tae-Yang interjected. "Perhaps we could sell the remaining Heavenly Clarity Pill at an auction. That way, only the head of the organization will be aware of what we are selling. And with my cultivation as an 8th stage Expert, the owner may think that I am a butler from a renowned clan. It is relatively normal for those big clans to have an errand boy with this cultivation level. No one will dare to touch us."


Joo-won considered Tae-Yang's suggestion, knowing that they needed to find a way to bring in funds quickly.


"But won't it be risky, Tae-Yang? What if the owner of the auction is greedy and tries to take the pills by force?"


"I have years of experience in the war, young master. It won't take much for me to disguise myself and make sure that we are safe. We don't have many other options, and I believe this is the best course of action. Trust me, I will do everything in my power to protect you and the clan."


Han Ji-myeong nodded in agreement.


"You're right, Joo-won. We can't afford to have any enemies right now, especially with our limited resources. Tae-Yang's suggestion to sell the pills at an auction is a good one. We'll just have to trust that the head of the organization will keep it a secret."



Joo-won nodded and went to the abandoned apothecary to find an old pill container. He carefully placed the pills inside and handed it to Tae-Yang. "Be careful," he warned. "And try to get as much as you can for these. We'll need all the funds we can get."


Tae-Yang nodded and bid farewell to his daughter, Han Se-yeon, before setting off on his mission. "Work hard and protect the clan while I'm gone, Se-yeon," he said.


"No one will set foot in our territory with the poison still surrounding the border," Se-yeon replied.


With a final nod to Joo-won and his father, Tae-Yang set off on his journey.


Joo-won couldn't help but worry about Tae-yang’s safety. Despite his confidence in Tae-Yang's abilities, he knew that the dangers of the outside world could never be fully predicted.


However, he also knew that this was a necessary risk if they wanted to secure the future of their clan. He just hoped that everything would go according to plan and that Tae-Yang would return safely with a hefty sum of money in hand.



Joo-won returned to his room and sat on his bed. Somehow, the black metal cube in his hand felt heavier than ever. He had to figure out how to enter the Tower of Myriad Immortals again, but every attempt so far had failed. He tried throwing the cube, but it just clattered to the floor, an insignificant piece of metal.


Panic began to rise in him. If he couldn't return to the tower, his family's future would be in jeopardy. Then, he remembered the ethereal music that had played in his mind when he was inside the tower.


He also recalled the "ding" sound that accompanied the first time he threw the cube.


Could the key to entering the tower lie in the music?


Joo-won closed his eyes and began to hum the tune, focusing all his mentality on the metal cube in his hand. He tried to replicate the sound of the ethereal music that had played in his mind. However, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't seem to get it right.


Frustrated, he grabbed the black metallic cube and threw it against the wall, hoping it would somehow transport him back into the Tower of Myriad Immortals.


He repeated this action over and over, throwing the cube against the wall and listening for the familiar "ding" sound that indicated his success.


After what felt like hundreds of attempts, Joo-won finally managed to replicate the sound. The music began to play in his head once more, and as he opened his eyes, he found himself back in the magical world of the tower.


Relief washed over him as he saw the familiar surroundings and heard the voice of the Tower of Myriad Immortals. "Greetings, Hanjjokkom," he said.


"Greetings, Joo-won. What brings you back to the Tower?"


"I want to improve my cultivation and learn martial arts," Joo-won replied.


"Let me scan your body to determine the most suitable martial art for you."


Joo-won sighed as he listened to Hanjjokkom deliver the results of his scan.


"Well, let's see here," Hanjjokkom said. "Your bloodline is extinct, your bone framework is normal, your body constitution is just average, and your mana core level is...let's just say, it's not exactly top-notch."


Joo-won groaned, feeling a wave of disappointment wash over him. "Great, just great," he muttered.


Hanjjokkom chuckled. "Now, now, don't be too hard on yourself. At least you've got above-average mental acuity, right?"


Joo-won rolled his eyes. "That's supposed to make me feel better?"


Hanjjokkom shrugged. "Well, it's better than nothing."


Joo-won couldn't help but laugh. "I suppose so. But seriously, what am I supposed to do now? I can't exactly be the next great martial artist with these stats."


Hanjjokkom chuckled again. "Well, you could always try becoming a scholar or a diplomat. You've got the brains for it, after all."


Joo-won raised an eyebrow. "A scholar? A diplomat? Me? That's not exactly my cup of tea."


Joo-won knew that he was physically weak, but he didn't expect to be considered trash in terms of his mana core level.


Nevertheless, Joo-won stood confidently. He needed to find a way to improve himself, to become stronger.


"I seek your guidance. I need a cultivation technique that will be suitable for this body of mine," Joo-won said.


Hanjjokkom responded, "Joo-won, I have the perfect technique for you. It's called the Emancipation of the Forgotten Realm technique. It will help you tap into the vast energy reserves of the forgotten realm and boost your cultivation. It is a cultivation technique created by an Ancient divine being during the Missing Era"


To practice the Emancipation of the Forgotten Realm technique, one must take slow, deep breaths and concentrate on their breathing, imagining the air they inhale as being charged with the energy of the forgotten realm. As they inhaled, they should imagine the energy entering their body, filling their limbs and organs, and flowing into their mana core.


After several breaths, the practitioner should visualize their mana core as a reservoir for the energy of the forgotten realm. They should then exhale slowly and imagine the energy flowing out from their mana core and spreading throughout their body, filling their muscles and bones with strength.


With each inhalation and exhalation, the practitioner should visualize the energy of the forgotten realm flowing into their body, strengthening and enhancing their mana core. The more the practitioner practices this breathing technique, the more skilled they will become at tapping into the energy of the forgotten realm, and the faster their cultivation will progress.


Joo-won did not waste a moment. He eagerly began cultivating the Emancipation of the Forgotten Realm, dedicating himself to his practice day and night with little rest. Despite his best efforts, he found himself struggling to make progress.


Joo-won couldn't help but feel disappointed as he sat in the cultivation chamber of the Tower of Myriad Immortals. Despite months of hard work and dedication, he still hadn't made much progress in his cultivation. He had been hoping to reach the first stage of the Human class, but it seemed like it was never going to happen.


"Why isn't it working?" Joo-won muttered to himself. "I've been working so hard, but I still can't seem to make any progress."


Hanjjokkom offered him some advice, "Joo-won, the reason for your slow progress lies within your core and body constitution. These factors are hindering your ability to cultivate and tap into the vast energy reserves of the forgotten realm."


"What can I do to improve my situation?" he asked, hoping for some guidance.


"You will have to work even harder and push yourself beyond your limits. The Emancipation of the Forgotten Realm will help you overcome these obstacles to some extent," Hanjjokkom replied.


Finally, after five long years, there was an improvement in his cultivation.


Joo-won approached Hanjjokkom. "I have spent five years cultivating and training inside this tower, and I have finally reached the 4th stage of the Human class," he said, feeling frustrated since this was a feat that Se-yeon had achieved in the blink of an eye. "Now, I would like to choose a martial art that is appropriate for me."


Hanjjokkom scrutinized Joo-won with a nod.


"Your body's still catching up, but your mind's sharp. I'd suggest the Hollylock Blade Technique since this is meant for mental finesse, not just muscles."


"Thank you, Hanjjokkom. But I have a favor to ask. Could you recommend martial arts for my family? My sister Se-yeon, my father Han Ji-myeong, and my uncle Tae-Yang? I want to learn them to share when I return."


"Sure thing," Hanjjokkom replied, his eyes thoughtful. "I've got a few in mind, each unique in its own way."


He began listing them off with an air of reverence.


"First up, 'Sky-Piercing Palm,' a powerhouse move that lets you unleash energy like Liu Bei did in the War of the Beasts."


"Then there's 'Heavenly Dragon Strike,' swift and precise, like Zhang Mei's style in the Battle of the Heavens."


"'Thunderous Roar' harnesses sound waves for offense and defense, a favorite of Zhang Fei during the Calamity period."


"'Divine Blossom,' elegant and deadly, as Diaochan mastered during the Dynasty of the God of Sun."


"'Infinite Void' bends reality with space-time tricks, straight from Daotian in the Calimba Realm."


"'Celestial Lightning,' crackling power like Zhuge Liang's lightning strikes in the Immortal planes."


"'Ethereal Blade,' sharp as a demigod's sword, wielded by Lu Bu in the battle of light and darkness."


"And lastly, 'Frostfire Aura,' icy fury mixed with flame, just like Xiahou Yuan in the Lost era."


Joo-won listened in awe. These weren't just techniques; they were legacies of heroes. It was a pity he couldn't wield them himself with his poor constitution.

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