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Tower of Myriad Immortals


Chapter 9 - 5 Sky Coins!



Tae-yang couldn't believe what he was hearing.


A single Heavenly Clarity Pill could fetch a price of at least 100 million earth coins? That was an unimaginable amount of wealth, and he knew that the price could potentially go even higher during the auction.


But before he could fully process the information, Young Master Ryu assured him that the matter would be kept completely confidential.


Tae-yang nodded. He knew that the Heavenly Clarity Pill was a rare and valuable item, but he had no idea just how valuable it truly was.


taeyang left the store with a mix of excitement and nervousness. He had never dealt with such high stakes before, and he knew that the auction would be a risky endeavor. But the potential reward was too alluring to ignore.


Again, he quickly made his way to a secluded alley and changed back into his normal clothes.



The news reached not only the four corners of Hwanmongsi, but even some places within the Cheonnyeon Continent.


A pill that could expel all kinds of impurities from the body, and help even those at the General stage achieve breakthroughs.


Everyone wanted to get their hands on it, and the upcoming auction was expected to be the biggest and most cHantic event in recent history.


The news spread like wildfire, ignited by a room attendant's eavesdropping. Overhearing alchemist Ryu's desperate plea to purchase one of the pills, the attendant deduced its significance and promptly sold this revelation to the Jang clan.


The Jang Clan, having heard the news, quickly spread the word to the rest of their clan. They knew this was an opportunity they couldn't miss and were determined to do everything in their power to get their hands on the Heavenly Clarity Pill. Regardless of the cost.


The day of the auction drew closer.


Everyone was talking about it, and it seemed like the entire empire was holding its breath in anticipation of what was sure to be an unforgettable event.


The night of the auction was a grand spectacle, with various clans and families from near and far gathering in the grand hall. The Jang Clan, known for their wealth and influence, arrived in a procession of carriages adorned with golden trim. The Yi Family, renowned for their martial prowess, strode in confidently, their armor clinking as they walked. The Jeon Clan, hailing from the distant continent of Cheonji, arrived with a delegation of alchemists, their robes adorned with intricate patterns and symbols.


Tae-yang sat in the VIP room. He remembered his own clan while watching the delegates arrive. The Han once belonged in these ranks until they were wrongfully accused and their patriarch was beheaded in public.


Now, they were nothing but a shadow of their former selves, struggling to regain their honor and power.


Tae-yang’s mind wandered back to the night when his clan's patriarch had been dragged on the road. He remembered the look of desperation on the old man's face as he begged Tae-yang to remain strong and protect the family. He remembered the searing shame he had felt as he watched the patriarch's beheading.



The auctioneer took to the stage, welcoming the attendees with a grand gesture.


"Good evening, esteemed guests. We have a wide selection of items on auction tonight, ranging from rare artifacts to precious jewels. Let's start with Item Number One."


As the auctioneer called out the first item, a beautiful jade sculpture carved into the shape of a dragon, bids began to pour in from all over the room.


"100,000 earth coins!" called out the head of the Jang clan, a middle-aged man with a stern expression.


"150,000 earth coins!" countered the head of the Yi clan, a young woman with a determined look in her eyes.


"200,000 earth coins!" yelled out a representative from the Yan clan, a wealthy family from a neighboring state.


The bidding continued to rise. Eventually, the jade dragon was sold for a final bid of 250,000 earth coins, to the delight of the winning bidder.


The auctioneer stepped up to the podium again.


"Ladies and gentlemen, we have a truly unique item for you next. A painting imbued with an aura of its own, capable of bringing peace and serenity to anyone who gazes upon it. The starting bid is 250,000 earth coins. Who will make the first move?"


The room fell silent for a moment as the various families and clans weighed their options.


Finally, a hand shot up from the back of the room, and a voice called out, "300,000 earth coins!"


There was a murmur of excitement as the auctioneer nodded and called out, "Do I hear 350,000?"


Another hand shot up, and the bidding continued to escalate. The tension in the room was apparent as the price reached 500,000 earth coins, and two families were locked in a fierce battle for the painting.


Finally, after several minutes of intense bidding, the hammer fell.


"Sold, for 750,000 earth coins to the Jang clan!"


The auctioneer returned to the podium.


"Our next item is a rare martial art journal. This journal contains ancient techniques and teachings passed down through the generations. It is said that those who study from this journal will greatly improve their skills and abilities in combat. The starting bid for this journal is 500,000 earth coins. Who will make the first bid?"


A member of the Jang clan raised his hand, "550,000 earth coins."


Ryu clan countered, "600,000 earth coins."


The bidding continued until it reached 900,000 earth coins, where it was finally won by the Wang clan.


Then, the Ice Qilin sword was brought out, the crowd couldn't help but be amazed by its beauty. The surrounding area was covered in a cold fog, giving off a powerful and intimidating aura.


The bids for the sword quickly began to rise, with clans bidding anywhere from 10,000,000 to 30,000,000 earth coins.


"15,000,000 earth coins from the Chen clan," called out one bidder.


"20,000,000 earth coins from the Wang clan," countered another.


"30,000,000 earth coins from the Jang clan," shouted a third.


The bidding war for the Ice Qilin sword was fierce, with each clan determined to win the coveted weapon. As the bids continued to climb, the tension in the room rise. Until the Zhuge Clan won it for 45 million earth coins.


Now time for the main event.


As the auctioneer lifted the jade box, a noticeable medicinal aroma filled the air and the blue glow of the pill inside dimmed the light in the hall.


The crowd, already on edge due to the high stakes of the evening, grew even more tense as the auctioneer began to speak.


"Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the final item of the evening. A pill that is said to have miraculous properties, capable of expelling impurities from the body and even helping those in the general class to break through to the next stage. Without further ado, I present to you, the Heavenly Clarity Pill."


As the auctioneer placed the jade box on the podium, a commotion broke out among the families.


Some gasped in surprise, others whispered urgently to each other, trying to gauge the value of this rare item. The bidding began almost immediately, with the clans vying for the chance to own this precious pill.


The numbers quickly climbed, reaching into the tens of millions of earth coins.


There was tension in the air, as everyone held their breath, waiting to see who would emerge as the winner.


"80,000,000 earth coins!" shouted one of the clan heads.


"90,000,000 earth coins!" countered another.


The bids continued to rise, reaching 100,000,000, 120,000,000, 150,000,000, and eventually reaching a staggering 180,000,000 earth coins.


The room was filled with the sound of shouting and the clashing of coins as the clans fought to secure the miraculous pill.


In the end, it was the Jang Clan who emerged victorious, having outbid all the other families for the Heavenly Clarity Pill.


Just when it seemed like the bidding was coming to a close, the auctioneer surprised everyone by bringing out another jade box.


“Hold your houses everyone, I present to you a second Heavenly Clarity Pill”


The clans went wild, staking everything they had in an attempt to secure the coveted medicine. The bid reached an astounding 250 million earth coins, and in the end, it was the Ryu Clan who emerged victorious, securing both pills for an exorbitant sum.


The auctioneer stepped up to the stage once more, his voice echoing through the hall as he presented the last Heavenly Clarity Pill.


"This is your last chance to get the mythical Heavenly Clarity Pill," he announced.


As soon as the starting price was announced, the room was filled with a flurry of bids from the various clans and families in attendance. "210,000,000 earth coins!" called out the Jang Clan.


"220,000,000 earth coins!" shouted the Wang Clan.


The bids continued to rise as the clans and families fought to secure the Heavenly Clarity Pill for themselves. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the bid was announced. "280,000,000 earth coins, going once, going twice—"


Suddenly, a voice from the back of the room called out,


"Five sky coins."


The crowd gasped in shock at the enormous sum.


Sky coins were the currency of the wealthier continent and were worth significantly more than earth coins.


The auctioneer hesitated for a moment, clearly taken aback by the sudden bid.


"Do I have any other bids?" he called out.


It seemed that no one was willing to match the mysterious bidder's offer. "Going once, going twice, sold for five sky coins," the auctioneer declared with a low voice, he couldn’t hide his shock. That was sky coins and 5 at that.

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