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You Ate My Dead Boyfriend-Jujutsu Kaisen Fanfic




Gojo’s fingers tightened around the collar of Geto’s shirt, the force of his grip enough to leave red marks on the skin beneath. As Geto struggled to free himself, Gojo’s mind was transported to a memory.




Gojo could still remember the warmth of his boyfriend's hand, the way their fingers intertwined as if they were meant to fit together forever. The two of them had stood on the rooftop of their school, the sun setting behind them, casting a golden hue over everything. Up here, it felt like it was them against the whole world and no one could stop them. Gojo's voice had been choked with emotion as he pleaded, "Please stay with me forever."


His boyfriend had smiled, a weak smile that made Gojo's heart skip a beat, and said in a deep, reassuring voice, "Yes, I'll be with you forever."




The memory hit him like a tidal wave, drowning him in sorrow and rage. Gojo’s eyes burned with tears as he tightened his hold on Geto's collar.


“What did you do to my cursed spirit?” Gojo’s voice was a snarl, his blue eyes flashing dangerously.


“I exorcised it, okay? I did you a favor,” Geto replied, struggling against Gojo’s grip.


The next moment, Gojo's fist connected with Geto's face, the impact sending Geto sprawling to the ground. "How dare you!" Gojo screamed, his voice echoing through the station. He raised his fist again, ready to strike, but a group of bystanders rushed forward, pulling him back.


It took three men to hold Gojo, and even then, he seemed capable of overpowering them all. Tears streamed down his face as he struggled to break free. Geto, wiping the blood from his nose, stared in bewilderment. “Does he have a contract with that cursed spirit?” Geto wondered, trying to understand Gojo’s fury. “That can’t be. If they had a contract, I wouldn’t be able to eat it, unless…”


“Let go of me!” Gojo’s voice was raw with emotion. He desperately wanted to pummel Geto, to make him pay for what he had done. “What right do you have?” he screamed. “What right do you have to do that to me?”


A bystander called out, “Someone call the police!”


Geto flinched at the word. Trouble was the last thing he wanted. All he had wanted was to help. As he tried to slip away, a girl with orange hair blocked his path, an annoying smirk on her face.


“Where do you think you’re going?” she asked


“Ah, I, um…” Geto stammered.


Before he could say more, a policeman arrived, pushing through the crowd. “What’s going on here?” he asked, surveying the scene.


“We don’t know, they just started fighting,” someone from the crowd replied.


“This fucker, he…” Gojo, realizing he couldn’t explain the real reason for the fight, quickly thought of a lie. “He’s my boyfriend, and I caught him cheating!”


“What???” Geto exclaimed.


“Oh, so it’s a lovers’ quarrel,” the policeman said, sighing. “Tsk! Kids these days. So, do you want to settle this at the station, or can you work it out privately?”


“Privately,” Gojo said, his voice calmer but his eyes still cold as ice. He stared at Geto, his gaze piercing. Geto felt a chill run down his spine.


“Do you agree to settle this privately?” the policeman asked Geto.


Geto hesitated, knowing that going with Gojo might endanger him. But he also wanted to understand why Gojo was so angry. He needed to know the truth. Despite his instincts screaming at him to refuse, he nodded. “Yes, privately.”


The crowd began to disperse, and Gojo immediately put his arm around Geto’s shoulders, his grip tight and unyielding. “We need to talk,” he whispered, his voice low and serious.


Geto swallowed hard, the tension in the air palpable. Was it really just going to be a talk?




Gojo dragged Geto through the winding streets until they reached a secluded alleyway. The noise of the city seemed to fade, leaving only the distant hum of traffic. With a swift motion, Gojo slammed Geto against the wall, pinning him there with an almost primal fury.


Geto winced at the impact, but before he could react, Gojo's face was inches from his neck. The warmth of Gojo’s breath sent shivers down Geto’s spine, and he could feel his heart pounding in his chest.


“What is he doing?” Geto thought, his mind racing.


“Now, tell me, what have you done to my cursed spirit. Tell me or I’m going to rip you to shreds,” Gojo whispered, his voice dripping with menace.


“I told you, I exorcised it,” Geto replied, his voice strained.


Gojo’s fingers wrapped around Geto’s neck, squeezing tightly. “Him. You exorcised him! Not it!”


Geto’s vision blurred as he struggled to breathe, his face turning beet red from the lack of oxygen. “Why?” Gojo demanded, his grip unyielding. “Why did you do it?”


“Because I thought you needed help,” Geto barely managed to say. He remembered how Gojo had looked on the train, with the cursed spirit latched upon him, how tired and depressed he had seemed.


Gojo’s grip loosened slightly, allowing Geto to gasp for air. “He… he was weighing down on you, and I thought you needed help,” Geto continued, his voice hoarse.


Gojo shoved him again, but this time with less force. He turned his face away, tears threatening to spill from his eyes. “I didn’t ask for help! I never asked for help.”


“I’m sorry,” Geto mumbled, his voice filled with genuine regret.


“Your sorry couldn’t bring him back,” Gojo said.


An idea popped into Geto’s head, but he hesitated, unsure if it was worth sharing. “If I may ask, who is he?” Geto ventured cautiously.


“He’s Toji. He was my… boyfriend. My ex, I guess. He was my best friend. My partner. Before he died, I cursed him to stay with me forever…”


Geto's mind raced, weighing the potential consequences of his next words. But when he saw the sadness brimming in Gojo’s eyes, his worries vanished and he blurted out his absurd idea. “I can…” he began hesitantly. “I think I can manifest him.”


Gojo’s head snapped back, his eyes wide “You can do that?”

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