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You Ate My Dead Boyfriend-Jujutsu Kaisen Fanfic




The train station buzzed with life. Commuters flowed like a river through the platforms, each person a drop in the tide. Among the crowd, Gojo Satoru stood out, his pristine white hair catching the flickering lights above. He leaned against a pillar, eyes half-closed, the weight of another school day pressing down on his shoulders. His uniform felt stifling, and his usually vibrant blue eyes were dulled with exhaustion. Today had been one of those days—the kind that dragged on and on, leaving him despondent and yearning for something more.


On the other side of the platform, another figure stood out for a different reason. Suguru Geto, dressed in the traditional garb of a student apprentice from a nearby temple, had just finished a grueling day of training. His dark hair was tied back neatly, but a few strands had escaped, framing a face etched with fatigue. His master really gutted him today from all the training they have done. He sighed, rubbing his temples. The hustle and bustle of the station seemed a world away from the serene but demanding environment of the temple. All he wanted to do now was go home and snuggle on his bed. Hopefully, his skin gets merged on the mattress so he can sleep for the rest of his life.


As Geto boarded the train, he couldn't help but wonder how much more work he would have to do in the upcoming days, or years even. Today perhaps was a preview of all of it. The morning had started with a challenging exorcism, a particularly stubborn spirit that had required all his concentration. The afternoon had been no easier, filled with physical and mental exercises designed to push him to his limits. By evening, every muscle in his body ached, and his mind felt like it was wrapped in fog.


His thoughts were abruptly interrupted when he saw it—a curse, lingering ominously near a tall boy with striking white hair. Geto's heart skipped a beat. It wraps itself around the man like a parasite, its stringy arms are tentacles that coil around the man’s chest, legs, and even his groins. Geto irked. The cursed spirit was unlike anything he'd seen before, its form twisted and malevolent, its energy dark and suffocating.


Geto's instincts kicked in, his training taking over as he recognized the immediate danger. He had to warn the man with the white hair, to do something before the curse could harm him. His mind raced through possibilities—should he shout a warning, try to get his attention somehow? But just as he started to move, the train jolted to a stop, the doors sliding open with a mechanical hiss. In an instant, the man with white hair stepped off, his tall figure blending into the bustling crowd.


Panic surged through Geto, a cold sweat breaking out on his forehead. He couldn't let this go, couldn't let that cursed spirit claim another victim. What would his master tell him if he knew he let this cursed spirit slip away from him?


He shoved his way through the crowd of passengers, his heart pounding in his chest. Each step felt like an eternity as he pushed past people, his eyes locked on the spot where the white-haired man had vanished. The station was a maze of bodies and noise, but Geto's determination cut through it all. He had to find him, had to make sure he was safe. Geto's mind raced. What if the curse was too powerful? What if he couldn't exorcise it in time? He chastised himself for being so nervous. This is what he was training for. He had a job to do, and he couldn't afford to let personal doubts interfere.


Geto scanned the crowd frantically, his eyes searching for any sign of the white-haired boy. He focused on the trail of cursed energy the spirit had left behind, its malevolence like a dark thread weaving through the bustling station. The nearer he got, the stronger the presence became a sickly aura that made his skin crawl. His breath quickened as he followed the trail, pushing through the throng of people with growing urgency.


Finally, he spotted the man again, his tall figure and white hair unmistakable as he walked in front of a KFC. Summoning his courage, Geto quickened his pace until he was close enough to call out.


"Hey, sir! Excuse me!"


Gojo turned, his crystalline blue eyes locking onto Geto. There was a moment of silence, filled with the noise of the station around them. "Hmmm? What?" Gojo asked, his tone cocky but curious.


Geto's mind went blank. He couldn't just blurt out that there was a cursed spirit hugging him like a backpack. It would sound insane! In a moment of sheer panic, the first thing that came to mind tumbled out of his mouth.


"Ah... I think you're cute!"


Gojo blinked, his cheeks flushing slightly. He wasn't expecting that. "This man is cute himself, but this is kinda weird," Gojo thought. "See you then!" He turned to walk away, cold sweat dripping on his forehead. A lot of girls had told him that but coming from a good-looking guy somehow hits different! Gojo could feel the heat on his cheeks.


"Wait!" Geto called out, desperation edging his voice. He had to make Gojo stay still, just for a moment. His mind scrambled for another excuse. "C-can we be mutuals on Instagram?" He scratched the back of his neck.


Gojo hesitated, then shrugged. "Sure, why not?” He wondered if he sounded too cold. But he doesn’t want to show how excited he is either. Geto handed him his phone, a small smile playing on his lips. Gojo fumbled with the device and immediately Geto got right into business.


As Gojo scrolled through his own account on Geto's phone, Geto concentrated on the cursed spirit. The air around them seemed to thicken, the dark energy coalescing into a palpable form. With a swift, practiced motion, Geto absorbed the spirit, feeling its malevolence turn into a solid crystal ball in his hand. Without hesitation, he turned away and swallowed the crystal ball, the curse dissipating into nothingness.


"Here's my IG," Gojo said, oblivious to what had just transpired. He handed the phone back to Geto, who was struggling to keep his composure.


Glancing at the screen, Geto's eyes widened. Gojo had millions of followers. He blinked, trying to process the sheer number. "Wow, that's... impressive."


"Yeah, I guess," Gojo replied with a casual shrug. "Thanks for the follow. See you around."


Geto nodded, his mind still reeling from the encounter. As he started to walk away, he felt a sudden shift in the air. Gojo's eyes narrowed, realization dawning on him. He turned back to Geto, his expression sharp.


"Oi! What did you do to my cursed spirit?"


Geto froze and looked back at Gojo with wide eyes. “You could see cursed spirit all along?”

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