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For the Downfall of My Beloved

General Gion, fierce, smart, and above all, loyal, dedicates his life to serving the White Flower Kingdom.

But upon his return as the sole survivor from a fatal, almost impossible mission, Gion discovers his loved ones have been massacred by the person he vowed to serve, the King himself.

This unfounded betrayal drives General Gion to seek revenge and commit regicide. However, without the King, the White Qi, the essence that protects the kingdom from the demons, needs a new heir. Through the royal bloodline, the White Qi transfers to Princess Rohwa, who was also, unexpectedly, General Gion's paramour.

A deadly confrontation with Princess Rohwa seemingly ends Gion's life. Yet, a century later, he awakens to find the White Flower Kingdom in ruins and the White Qi in his possession.

Korean Web Novel
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