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For the Downfall of My Beloved Chapter 29

Updated: Mar 1

"Huff, puff…" 


The chase that began at dawn did not end even after the moon had risen. 


His vision began to twist in an eerie way. 


It was difficult to discern at a glance whether what he saw was a living creature, a landscape, or a mirage. 


The temperature dropped sharply, and he kept running. 


He hadn't slept for days. 


No sleep, no water, no proper food. 


And amidst all this, having to flee rather than fight only made his body feel heavier. 


"This way! The footprints lead over there!" 


There's an end even to a bloody battle. 


But escape is different. 


In a situation with no end in sight, one must maintain a state of constant tension. 




Gion took deep breaths to steady himself and kept moving forward without stopping. 


If I kill the demons, my location is exposed, and if I don't, there's no telling when my strength will run out. 




"It's a hunt order! If we don't catch him, we'll be the ones dying!" 


All the demons in the White Flower Kingdom were targeting Gion. 


As time passed, the situation became increasingly unfavorable. 




Who could be behind such a deed? 


I don't know where Rohwa is, but surely this wouldn't be happening to Rohwa, who harbors the heart of the Demon King. 


"Over here!" 




Gion quickly hid in the bushes. 


The demons, with fiery eyes, charging towards Gion, surely had a definite motive. 


Someone who can give the demons what they want. 


Someone who benefits from Gion's death. 


If it's not the Demon King... 


'Could it be someone opposing the Demon King.' 


The Demon King intends to use Gion as a sacrifice. 


If what the First Chime said is true, the Demon King's reason for wanting Gyeon is to become stronger. 


Then, it must be someone who dislikes the idea of the Demon King gaining strength. 


'It might even be an internal rebellion.' 


"Spread out and search!!" 


The demons scoured the mountains, holding torches, searching every nook and cranny. 




Gion quickly darted between the trees. 


'Lack of information.' 


There's nothing definitive. 


It could be internal strife among the demons or someone unknown to Gion. 


But what's important now is that I can't keep running like this. 


Continuing to flee in this state would just mean being a puppet to that person. 




Gion turned around and started walking towards the demons chasing him. 


"Don't huddle together in fear! Spread out and search!" 


A demon, who seemed to be the leader of the group, bellowed loudly. 


"Ah… Understood!" 


The remaining demons scattered in a flurry. 


"None of them are ever to my liking..." 


At that moment. 




The demon was dragged lifelessly, following a dull pull. 


"Uh, ugh!" 




Trembling with fear, the demon gasped for air. 


It was natural, given that its mouth was sealed by the man it had been chasing. 


"You will only nod." 


Gion muttered lowly, firmly sealing the demon's mouth. 


Its eyes were dull, and its lips parched, but the demon instinctively knew. 


If it misspoke, it would die. 


The demon nodded vigorously. 


Unable to meet the gaze of the black eyes, imbued with the abyss, it clenched its teeth tight. 


"If you answer correctly, I will spare your life." 




The long sword, bathed in moonlight, shimmered ominously. 


"The hunt order wasn't the work of the Demon King, was it?" 


If there's no immediate way to be certain, the best approach is to distinguish truth from lies in deduction and get closer to the facts. 


Gasping for air, the demon nodded. 


"Then, is it the deed of someone targeting the Demon King?" 


What does Gion need most right now? 


Gion's top priority is to know what he needs to do. 


Understand the current situation, identify who created this predicament, and ascertain Rohwa's whereabouts. 


Knowing these three things was crucial. 


Solving these three mysteries would guide him on how to proceed. 


And there was one being holding the clues to all these mysteries. 


“Uh… uh, ugh…” 


The demon hesitated momentarily. 


Rolling its eyes as if seeking a savior, it finally nodded. 




That's enough. 


Asking this demon who its master was would be futile, as there's no way to verify the truth of its words. 


After all, this demon is likely an ally of that person. 


But what's important is... 


"So, it's not the Demon King after all." 


This leads to the conclusion that the Demon King is not pleased with the current situation. 


The moment Gion removed his hand from the demon's mouth. 


"Here!!! The demon is here-" 




The demon's words were cut short. 


A blade had plunged into its mouth, now freed. 




Gion shook off the blood and stood up. 




The strong scent of blood faded, and the world spun around him. 


Merely standing up from sitting made his legs tremble as if they would give out. 


Regardless of Gion's will, his eyelids struggled to stay open, and his pulse was erratic. 


A chill swept from the back of his neck to the depths of his brain, but his core was as hot as lava, making it hard to breathe. 


"Found him!!" 


Flickering torches were quickly approaching. 


In the darkness, gleaming white eyes were all fixed on Gion. 


Thud, thud, thud. 


The mountain trembled, and all life was as silent as death. 


Only the echoing footsteps of those exuding murderous intent filled the air. 


But for Gion, that wasn't what mattered. 


Meeting the Demon King would solve all mysteries. 


The problem was that he didn't know where the Demon King was... 


In that case, Gion just needed to make the Demon King aware of his presence here. 




Gion flicked the blood off his sword and calmly watched the approaching demons. 


His black eyes, imbued with the abyss, had no focus, but his intent to kill was clear. 




It seemed endless. 


So many demons had entered the mountain with torches that it was as bright as if a white night had unfolded. 




A dark energy whirled, instantly rotting the branches holding green leaves. 


The demons, seeing Gion staggering, sneered and began to surround him. 






Gion planted his sword into the ground and, leaning on it, calmly closed his eyes. 




He took a deep breath and then murmured in a voice so low that no one else could hear. 


"How brutally must I kill you for the Demon King to know I am here..." 




The merciless sun was hanging mid-mountain. 


"Ah... the sunlight is really something..." 


The Demon King squinted at the sun and clicked his tongue. 


"What's going on here?" 


Even under an umbrella, the heat enveloping Seosan was more intense than a torrential downpour. 




"Uh, uh… that madman…" 


The demons gasped for air, struggling with the intense heat that filled the woods. 




The Demon King approached the group of clustered demons. 




A brief silence fell. 


The Demon King didn't speak, but his presence dominated the air with each step he took. 


The demons, who had been looking elsewhere, all turned to the Demon King at once, trembling under the oppressive aura that he didn't even need to manifest. 


"Does no one greet their father?" 


All the demons turned pale at his gentle smile. 




The demons naturally parted ways. 


A path soaked in blood, as if a red carpet had been laid out, unfolded before the Demon King. 


With a hint of amusement, the Demon King stepped on the warm, bloody ground. 


"It's such a warm welcome; I hardly know what to do with myself." 




The Demon King strolled down the blood-soaked path as if he was walking down a flower path. 




One of the demons clearing the path slipped and fell into the bloody puddle. 




The hem of the demon's garment brushed against the Demon King's toes. 


“Huh… uh, ugh…” 


The demon, unable to even utter an apology, just groaned. 


Hastily pulling its garment tight, it buried its head in submission. 


"Do I look that scary to you?" 


“That… that’s…” 


The demon, seemingly forgetting how to complete a sentence, made sounds akin to a crawling animal. 




The Demon King crouched down to look at the demon. 


"It seems you are afraid." 


"Ah, ah…" 


"And yet, why did you heed the counsel of the enemy?" 


"For… for my sins-" 




In an instant, the demon was disintegrated. 


Not exploded, not crushed, not torn apart. 


Just split apart and vanished. 




The Demon King gracefully rose and proceeded forward. 




He was nearing the source of the screams and shouts. 


"Please… just die!" 


“Uh… ah…” 


The demons, with dull eyes, were bleeding and pointing their swords at the man standing in the center. 


Their hands holding the swords were feeble, and their feet standing on the ground were soaked in blood. 




The sword, adorned with a white qi, sliced through the air, cutting down a demon. 




“Huh… huff…” 


The heavy sword that was cleaving through demons slumped lifelessly into the ground after obliterating one. 


"That guy..." 


The Demon King stood still, resting his chin on his hand. 


It seemed like a night-long bloody battle had taken place. 


Blood flowed like a stream on the ground, rolling down the slope. 


Having lost focus in their eyes overnight, the demons barely stood drooling. 


But none of them. 


No one dared approach Gion, standing in the center. 


"Just die already!" 


Gion didn't respond. 


He just silently swung his sword, holding his breath. 


The recoil from swinging the sword made his knees buckle inward. 


Others might have called it fast, but to the Demon King, it was absurdly slow. 


It was so slow he would have believed Gion was swinging the sword in his sleep. 


Though covered in blood, fresh blood kept flowing from his nose. 


Perhaps because he was breathing through his mouth, his lips were parched and swollen, and his eyes were so bloodshot they seemed bruised. 




His hands lacked strength, so he had wedged his fingernails into the sword's handle to keep it in place. 


Even if the wrist and the sword were tied together with a cloth, the cloth was already soaked with blood, undoubtedly making the wrist even heavier. 


In a word, 


"You're on the verge of death." 


At the Demon King's words, all the demons held their breath. They all stopped fighting and stepped back, motionless as if dead. 


"Huff, puff…" 


A man glared at the demon king, his breath coming in ragged gasps. Only Gion can do that. 




The Demon King leisurely withered the leaves beneath his feet as he approached Gion. 


"And what were you planning by stirring up such a scene if I had arrived late?" 


It was a gamble. 


Gion had held on in the worst condition until the Demon King arrived, every moment being close to death until the sunrise. 


The Demon King was quite pleased with the gamble Gion had taken. 


"Perhaps it's time for a heart-to-heart conversation." 


With that one sentence, the demons disappeared swiftly into the shadows. 




Gion tidied himself up, wiping the blood from his nose. 


Then, as if his legs had never wobbled, he confidently approached the Demon King. 


"Is it your inability to control your territory that led to this situation?" 




The Demon King couldn't hold it any longer and burst into laughter. 




The words of someone who had just barely escaped death, hurling insults at someone who could kill him with a flick of a finger. 


How amusing. 


"Yes, you're right. It was my fault." 




"I had no idea that the First Chime was such a resolute fellow. Being a father doesn't mean one knows everything about their child, does it?" 


"Who is the First Chime?" 


"It's the First Chime." 


The Demon King spoke as he approached Gion. 


"And you must be curious if the First Chime has taken Rohwa, right? Yes, Rohwa is in his hands." 


Gion remained expressionless, lost in thought. 


With a face as unbreakable as a rock, tightly sealed as if locked. 


"Shall I tell you an interesting story?" 


It made one want to break through his facade. 


"Rohwa is alive." 


Gion finally looked at the Demon King. 


"The First Chime can't kill Rohwa. He knows that the moment he kills Rohwa, I'll kill him right away." 




"You're smart enough to understand what I'm saying, right?" 


It was clear what he wanted, and it was impossible not to understand. 


"Where is the princess now?" 


The Demon King exhaled as if relieved to hear the question he had been waiting for. 


"She's in Xuan Kingdom. That's where the First Chime has set up his base." 


Xuan Kingdom. 


It was one of the small countries right next to The White Flower Kingdom. 


It was a country that bordered the White Flower Kingdom and was also a nation that Gion had kept in check. 


"I understand." 


Gion smirked lightly. 


The Demon King burst into laughter, seemingly intrigued, while Gion turned around without saying a word. 




"But tell me," 


Still smirking, the Demon King silently appeared right before Gion, tilting his head curiously. 


"Why do you want to save Rohwa? Not only did she betray the White Flower Kingdom, but she also intended to offer you to me as a sacrifice." 




"I seem to have given you quite a bit of information, so you might as well tell me that much." 


Gion quietly walked past the Demon King, taking his steps forward. 


"I need to obtain a piece of light." 


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