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A Thousand Faces Chapter 56

Updated: Mar 8

'Film Korea.' 


A film production company established in the mid-1990s when the Korean film industry began its journey into commercialism. 


It was one of the leading production companies in the country. 


Having produced over 50 films to date, this company is known for its philosophy of emphasizing artistry and originality, having won awards at various film festivals. 


In a meeting room where a film production meeting was about to take place, key figures such as the producer, screenwriter, lead actor, director, and other major staff were seated. 


A heated production meeting was underway in this room. 


It was almost akin to a battleground rather than a meeting. 


"Let's just eliminate that part then, like I mentioned before. If we just kill off that character, then." 


"Are you kidding me? You want to mess with my script now? You think you can just redo the entire ending scenes at this stage?" 


"Writer Kim, that's exactly my point. Why did you bring such a crappy project in the first place?" 


"What? Are you saying my script is crappy?" 


"Isn't it?" 


The script was subpar, but the scale was grand. Although general production preparations were completed, the investors who had initially agreed started to back out. 


"If we cut the budget, it'll end up being mediocre. Might as well switch to a different project!" 


Amidst this chaos, there sat a man in silence. 


Director Hong Chang-soo. 


He was a key figure in bringing Film Korea to its current status. 

With his arms crossed, he stared blankly, seemingly unhearing of the current discussion. 


A young child who had visited a while ago. 


He was troubled by the scripts he had reviewed back then, which kept coming to his mind. 


"Everyone, calm down. So are we scrapping this project or what?" 


"Now you're saying we should scrap it? I've turned down variety shows and documentaries to be in this movie." 


The director narrowed his eyes. He had expected this. He knew it would come to this from the beginning. 


But the movie had to be made, and this was the only script that ensured some level of quality. 


He didn't expect it to become this twisted from the start. But why was he just staring blankly in this complicated and frustrating situation? It was strange. 


That kid was a contestant on a currently airing acting audition program. 


A mere acting aspirant, not yet an actor. A kid who seemed even further from being a writer or director. The eight scripts he had casually shown, or rather, they were hardly scripts in the traditional sense. Ever since that day, those scripts hadn't left his mind. 


Lead actor Park Tae-joon, who had been silent in the discussion so far, looked at the director. 


"Why aren't you saying anything, Director? It's making me anxious." 


The director glanced at Park Tae-joon expressionlessly. 


"Do you know about Actor King... what's it called? The show." 


"You mean Actor Kingdom?" 


"Yeah, that." 


Park Tae-joon frowned. What did that have to do with the current situation... 


"I know. It's the show with the newbies. It's really hot these days. But why bring that up all of a sudden..." 


Just then, someone knocked on the door loudly. 


The sound was forceful enough to make everyone in the meeting room turn their heads. 




The director quickly straightened up. How did time fly so fast... He looked at the clock and saw it was two minutes past the scheduled time. 


"Who could it be at this hour..." 


When the staff opened the door, a young boy was standing there with a frown. 




In the meeting room, only the director and Junwoo remained. 


Everyone else had been almost chased out just moments before. 


"Isn't that the kid...?" 


Park Tae-joon squinted in confusion. 


It was definitely Han Junwoo, who was currently the talk of the town on the broadcast. 


The kid, aspiring to be an actor, didn't even greet the industry people. He was just like his rude character on the show. 


Meeting a real actor wasn't the purpose, but why suddenly bring an audition program participant here? The curiosity of those who couldn't leave the room lingered. 


Junwoo had brought only a few sheets of paper laid out on the table. 


"Take a look." 


"But is this it? According to our last conversation, there should have been much more to prepare." 


"Yes, it's all here." 


"I was really curious, you know. What exactly you would bring. Did you do this in your spare time during the broadcast?" 


The director smiled, his eyes sparkling. 


Junwoo narrowed his eyes and picked up the papers. 


"Look, let me explain." 


The director was momentarily taken aback. 


He had tried to lighten the mood with conversation but now felt embarrassed for wasting time on unnecessary talk. 


The director recalled his first meeting with Junwoo a few days ago. 


"I want to produce a movie." 


A few scripts, seemingly written by him. He had brought them, talking about production and such, and the director didn't know where to start or how to respond. 


'It must be his love for movies,' he thought. 


It was both ridiculous and admirable. 


He had planned to gently turn him away, but after going through all the scripts, the director felt like he was dreaming. 


"Did you really write all this? By yourself? All of it?" 




He impulsively proposed to buy all the scripts for the production company. Even as he spoke, he doubted whether it was the right decision, but Junwoo firmly shook his head. 


"I told you, I plan to produce them." 


He hadn't imagined that Junwoo was serious about handling everything himself. 


It seemed ludicrous, enough to make him laugh out loud. 


Director Hong Chang-soo has been in the industry for 15 years, climbing up from the bottom. He knew the effort and collaboration required to produce a movie involving dozens of people. 


He thought it was mere bravado and naivety of a youngster who didn't understand how the world, let alone the industry, works. 


"It's not that easy. To put it bluntly, it's unrealistic." 




"Regardless of age... It's not something one person can decide. There are countless variables in production, even with an excellent script..." 


He intended to let Junwoo down gently, not wanting to hurt him. 


He had no intention of letting go of this talent once he saw those scripts.  


The desire to own them surged within him. 


But then, Junwoo said, 


"Then I'll just have to show you it's possible." 


Leaving those intriguing words, the youngster turned and left. 


That meeting had led to today. Director Hong thought to himself, 

'He must have struggled a lot. But such contemplation is invaluable in this industry. He'll realize its value someday.' 


Junwoo extended the papers towards him.  


The director's face, which had been smiling with satisfaction as he looked at them, gradually turned to stone. 


He was okay with the virtual casting of the actors, each for their respective roles. 


But the more he read, the more he realized. There was not a single thing on this paper that was virtual. 


Everything was there - the actor lineup, camera types, positions, angles, movements, the composition of cuts, sound for each scene, props, and set designs, detailed down to the second, every possible variable. 


Visual storytelling filled just a few pages, incredibly detailed and specific. 


As he read, a film played out in his mind at an incredible speed. 


"How did you...?" 


The director's hand trembled as he turned the pages. 


There was not a single unnecessary word. 


Yet, the level of detail was so comprehensive and specific that it was hard to believe it was just a storyboard. 


It felt as if he was looking at a file summarizing the entire filmmaking process, completed from start to finish. 


Even the shooting schedule was meticulously planned, starting from the moment production was set to begin. 


"One hundred thirty-four, shooting thirteen..., fourteen, eleven… on-site equipment..." 


He murmured as he read the unknown parts. 


"What's this?" 


"Total personnel. One hundred and thirty-four. The people needed for this movie." 


"...What? What about this part here?" 


"This is a breakdown of the tasks assigned." 


"You, a kid, did this? That's unbelievable. How did you do it? Who helped you? No," 


However, Junwoo didn't answer. Instead, with a face that suggested he didn't want to waste any more time, he asked the director a question that left him unable to respond. 


"What do you think? Can you do it?" 




The figures watching from outside. Among them, Park Tae-joon narrowed his eyes. 


"What are they doing?" 


"Hmm. I think I know what they're up to." 


"What? What is it?" 


"Han Junwoo is really the talk of the town right now. They must be considering him for a supporting role in the next project, probably doing some kind of test for it." 


At the staff's words, Park Tae-joon's face gradually contorted. 


"That makes sense. But no matter how messy things are right now, isn't it too early to be thinking about the next project and testing some kid? We should be focusing on what's urgent." 


As soon as he finished speaking, Park Tae-joon flung open the door of the meeting room. 




The director's head turned. 


"Director, whatever it is, leave it for later. We need to resolve today's issue. Hey, are you ignoring me right now?" 


Whether he came in or not, the focus remained solely on the director, eyes still fixed on the paper. 


The pride of the leading actor was briefly wounded, but soon he was enveloped in a strange aura. From the outside, it was imperceptible, but once inside the meeting room, the atmosphere was flowing differently than expected. 


His posture erect and upright. His face stern and unyielding. 


The young child sitting opposite was the one assuming the posture and attitude expected of the director.  


In contrast, the director seemed flustered, trying to catch up with the disrupted flow because of himself. 


Did he do something wrong? It's a strange scene. 


"And regarding your earlier concern, in scene 34," 


"Can I join this discussion?" 




Junwoo's words were cut off by the things that kept coming at him. 


Junwoo slowly raised his head and looked at Park Tae-joon. 


"I mean, I just thought it was curious... but..." 


But his voice gradually trailed off. 


And he couldn't say anything anymore. 


He had come in to say something to that jerk, but for some reason, the words just wouldn't come out. 


It was strange. He was just staring at him. 


The fear that he was stepping into a forbidden realm. He felt the same feeling he had once felt when he was a rookie and accidentally mixed in with the masters. 


The meeting room, which he had been familiar with until just a moment ago, felt like a strange place. 


It felt like something important was going on. 


Then Junwoo spoke up, 


"I don't want to." 


He stated firmly, without a hint of hesitation. 


"It can't be helped." 


With that, Junwoo stood up. 


"I'll look elsewhere." 




The director became anxious. The thought of these scripts going elsewhere was unacceptable. 


"Wait a minute..!" 


He quickly moved around the table and blocked the door, 

inadvertently pushing Park Tae-joon to the side. 


"What are you talking about? Hangang Pictures? Timeless Film? They mainly deal with historical or real-life-based films, which wouldn't suit these scripts. There must be a reason you came to us instead of other production companies. We specialize in artistic and experimental films, right?" 


It was almost like he was demanding an answer. 


Junwoo had no intention of dragging this out. 


"There's something more important." 


"But still..." 


The director felt a surge of annoyance at the thought of another director seeing these scripts. He was determined not to forget the eight scripts he had seen earlier and the plans he had just reviewed. 


"I'll buy them. Don't you know my work? If you've seen my films, you should know. Just sell the scripts to me. I'll pay a good price." 




"Honestly, it's tough right now. We've already started another film production. So, it might be the end of this year before we can start." 


Junwoo frowned as if dismissing the director's concerns. 


"It won't be difficult. I'll be the director." 




'What could it be?' 


Back at home, Hong Chang-soo sat in a daze. 


In his 15 years in the industry, he had met all sorts of geniuses. But today's experience was something he had never encountered. 


'Right. He mentioned being on a TV show.' 


Hong Chang-soo grabbed the remote control in a hurry. 


Today was the airing of the second episode of Actor Kingdom. 


As he watched Junwoo's debut performance being broadcasted to the world, Hong Chang-soo deeply regretted what had happened earlier. 


"What is he… This is crazy." 


An instinctive feeling arose within him. From this moment, he knew that everyone would be scrambling to get hold of this prodigy. Such a monster had willingly come to his production company. 


'What have I done?' 


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