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A Thousand Faces Chapter 58

Updated: Mar 12

A few days ago, the main theater resumed operations. 


In front of it now, instead of the audience, there were reporters with cameras bustling and murmuring. 


Soon after, the theater's door creaked open, and it was when Mansik appeared. 


The reporters adjusted their cameras and rushed towards the door. 


- Mr. Joo, please give us a statement! 


- The whole truth has been revealed in the news. What are your thoughts on this incident! 


Mansik, with a face showing neither confusion nor difficulty, stood there and responded. 



"What emotions should I have? These were things that never existed in the first place." 


Reporters' questions overlapped chaotically. Simultaneously, the camera shutters were pressed continuously without a break. 


Even under the barrage of flashing lights, Mansik didn't blink. 


His face was somewhat more solemn than when he had met Junwoo a while ago. 


All the events surrounding Mansik over the past three weeks had come to a conclusion. 


Starting with the information unraveled by Hwang Dojin, every controversy related to Mansik was revealed to be fabricated without exception. 


Mansik looked around at the reporters with a face showing serious and solemn determination. 


And starting with one of the reporters, questions began to burst forth. There was a particular reason why so many reporters had gathered here. 


- Are you aware of the current situation where Han Junwoo is becoming a huge topic? 


- What exactly is your relationship with Han Junwoo? 


- Are you aware that the internet is buzzing with talks about Han Junwoo and you? 


Although there were occasional questions about his relationship with Hwang Dojin, who contributed significantly to resolving the case, most mentioned Junwoo's name. 


It was because Junwoo played a significant role in Mansik's swift escape from the crisis, more than expected. 


The public opinion about Mansik, who took in Junwoo, who lived alone in the countryside without parents and acted as a father to him, had reversed as Junwoo's popularity soared and the public followed his genius abilities. 


Moreover, an image was cast over him as the person who allowed such a genius's talent to shine. 


The reason Daemyoung made it this way was to have Junwoo. As Junwoo's issue exploded and Mansik's image improved, they quietly backed off without anyone knowing. 


- There's a rumor that this incident occurred because of Han Junwoo. Is that true? 


One of the reporters asked. 




But Mansik didn't even look in that direction. He didn't respond at all to questions related to Junwoo and this incident. 


Then, the reporters started asking about Junwoo's future plans after the program ended. 


Amidst the pouring questions, Mansik, with a sly smile, spoke. 


"Well, I guess it's probably already in progress. That guy is always one step ahead and beyond what anyone can imagine." 




"But Director, what happened between you and Director Hong earlier?" 


Jin Do-ryeon asked Jeon Gwang-in, who was walking in front of her. 


Jeon Gwang-in stopped abruptly in front of the meeting room. 


When he turned around, not only she but also the other actors were looking at him with faces full of curiosity. 


Jeon Gwang-in glanced at the firmly closed meeting room and said. 


"It's just that guy being unreasonable. Don't worry about it." 


"...Hmm. But everyone's here now, right? The director, the writer, and the other production staff?" 


Jeon Gwang-in hesitated for a moment, then, avoiding eye contact, said. 


"...Well, that's the case, but. I'll tell you once we're inside." 


While Jin Do-ryeon nodded without much thought, worry was evident on Jeon Gwang-in's face. 


And it was when he opened the meeting room door. 




The actors looked at each other with bewildered faces. 


The large table, which should have been filled with executives related to the movie production, had empty chairs all around. 


And then, a boy who was sitting alone at the head of the table lifted his head. 


It was the same boy who had passed by in the hallway earlier. 


It was when Jin Do-ryeon, at the forefront, made eye contact with Junwoo. 


She inhaled without realizing it. She had met countless people in this field, but this was a first impression like no other. 


For a few seconds, time seemed to stand still. 


Despite knowing who they were, he sat there without standing up or greeting, as if his place was there by right. Yet, oddly, it didn't feel arrogant. Jin Do-ryeon narrowed her eyes. 


'He looks like a high school student at most.' 


She tilted her head while intently observing Junwoo. 


She hadn't noticed when she passed by him earlier. But now, looking at him directly, she realized. 


Despite the different vibe, that boy was undoubtedly Han Junwoo, the participant of the program that's recently become a nationwide sensation. 


Jin Do-ryeon thought the intense feeling she just had must have been a misperception stemming from déjà vu. 




She stood in front of the door, lost in thought for a moment. 




She raised the corners of her mouth awkwardly and continued. 


"This kid is also in the cast, right? He's been the talk of the town lately as an acting prodigy." 


"Well… please take a seat first." 


Jeon Gwang-in raised his hand to guide her to her seat. The other actors also started to sit down with similarly uncomfortable expressions. 


Jin Do-ryeon leaned towards Jeon Gwang-in and said in a cool tone. 


"No matter how popular he is, that's still too much. He's still an aspiring actor without even a title yet. This isn't right, Director." 


The other actors seemed to share the sentiment, their faces mixed with discomfort and disbelief. 


Moreover, the audacity of such a young kid to sit in the seat of honor in front of them was especially infuriating. 


The atmosphere in the meeting room became tensely uncomfortable. 


After a brief silence, Moon Kangwoo looked around the meeting room as if something more important was at hand and asked. 


"But where are the others?" 


Jeon Gwang-in glanced at the actors. It was the scene he had anticipated, the moment he had been bracing for. 


Certainly, it wasn't a situation these top-notch actors would easily accept. 


But discussing this in the absence of this boy would have only resulted in laughter or refusal to even attend this meeting. Even he hadn't thought all this would be possible until he heard what Junwoo had to say. 


Jeon Gwang-in felt the weight of responsibility and pressure, knowing that what he says now could change the course of what's to come. 


"Everyone. What I'm about to say might be hard to accept. But I believe you know that I wouldn't do this without thought. So, I ask you to stay and listen until the end." 


Jeon Gwang-in spoke cautiously yet with a certain conviction. 


The actors furrowed their brows, puzzled. 


"What exactly are you trying to say?" 


"...This movie will be overseen by Han Junwoo, who is sitting here." 


Jeon Gwang-in pointed to Junwoo, who was sitting at the head of the table. 


The actors' gaze naturally followed. 


Junwoo stared back at them, unflustered. 


His attitude made the actors doubt if they had heard correctly. 


"What do you mean?" 




"He'll be in charge of directing, scripting, production, and everything else overall. I've already confirmed," 


As Jeon Gwang-in continued, Jin Do-ryeon's eyebrows creased rapidly. 


"Director Jeon, this is too much. Shouldn't you have told us in advance?" 




"How could you think of gathering us all here like this?" 


"Ms. Do-ryeon, please let me explain," 


"Did you really think we would accept a casting offer like this? I'm just so flabbergasted…" 


It was when the barrage of questions was about to continue. 


"That's my decision." 


Someone interjected. 


All eyes instantly turned forward. It was Junwoo, who had been quietly listening until now, who spoke up. 


The actors looked taken aback, their expressions contorted. 


"The script in front of you can only be done by the people here." 




"If not for this, the movie would be meaningless. I wouldn't even consider starting it." 


Only then did the actors glance at the neatly placed scripts in front of them. 


The title' Hannibal' was in the center of the clean and simple cover. 


"So I will definitely be doing this with all of you," 


Junwoo stated firmly. It wasn't a plea or persuasion but rather a declaration. 


Moon Kangwoo shook his head in disbelief. How could a mere seventeen-year-old be so audacious in front of them? 


"Is that so? But what if I don't even want to review this right now?" 


Junwoo replied without a hint of perturbation. 


"If you listen to everything, you won't be able to say that." 


"Listen? To what?" 


As if challenging him to go ahead, Moon Kangwoo leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms. 


And then, Junwoo began to recite the entire process of the screenplay. 


"Starting from the conclusion of the pre-production stage, the filming period will be a total of 67 days, 8 hours. Finishing post-editing will take up to 75 days and 5 hours. Based on the release, it will attract five million in the first week, and after 17 days, the audience count will exceed 920,000. From that point on, your titles will change. It will be simultaneously screened in roughly 1500 theaters worldwide, including the overseas market." 


Junwoo shifted his gaze to Jin Do-ryeon and continued. 


"Ms Jin Do-ryeon, you will be involved for 35 days and 5 hours. There's a possibility of an exception in Scene 24. It's the only uncertainty as of now, but even so, you should be able to reach the Grand Bell and Blue Dragon awards. And when you go to the Asian Film Awards with that role..." 


Junwoo continued in a calm tone. 


Grand Bell? Blue Dragon? Jin Do-ryeon was dumbstruck, unable to comprehend what she was hearing. 


Next was Moon Kangwoo. Information about the journey and experiences that would come during the filming of this movie poured in without a break. The changes that would take place after the filming. 


"A lot will change. For me and for all of you." 


A movie like none before, roles in the drama, even the position as actors. 


And then, Moon Kangwoo's pupils dilated in a moment. 


'What was that just now?' 


A scene flashed in his mind for 0.1 seconds. 


For a brief moment, he saw himself, dressed in a suit at the Academy Awards, holding an award. Even his face seemed somewhat different from his current one. 


He shook his head, wondering if he was losing his mind. 


Moon Kangwoo asked with a trembling mouth. 


"Are you writing a novel? Did you come from the future? There's a limit to arrogance. You might be smart, but that's not something you can calculate." 


"It's not about calculation. It's just the predetermined result." 




"This movie was designed from the moment it was conceived." 




Moon Kangwoo couldn't take his eyes off Junwoo's resolute face. 


Designed from the moment the movie was conceived? It was hard to understand, as the shooting hadn't even started yet. But it seemed like everything was already a natural sequence of events in this kid's mind. 


"That's why I have to do it. Everything." 


Moon Kangwoo found himself unable to speak further. 


The assertion was confident, without a hint of doubt. These weren't just plausible words spoken to gain trust. He wasn't dumb enough not to notice that. 


The other actors felt the same. During the twenty-odd minutes, except for Junwoo, who methodically articulated everything, no one else could interrupt or contradict. And then, 






After Junwoo finished speaking, the actors wore completely different, perplexed expressions than before. 


But the feelings of absurdity and disbelief they had at the start of the meeting had vanished. 


Instead, they were astounded that everything they had just heard seemed plausible. 


With their level of data and field experience, it was impossible not to accept it. 


No one sitting there had reached their position easily.  


They intuitively understood what Junwoo's words meant, and if everything proceeded exactly as he said, the result would be beyond ordinary comprehension. 


While the actors were still trying to gather their thoughts, Junwoo looked around as if indicating that the preliminary stage was over. 


On the large table, eight scripts were neatly placed at each seat. 


Even though they hadn't noticed the presence of these scripts before, their significance suddenly felt different. 


"Shall we start the discussion now?" 




Tap, tap, tap, tap. 


In the corridors of UNN Broadcasting Station. 


A reporter was sprinting through, weaving between the staff. 


Hair fluttering in the wind, the reporter dashed towards the newsroom, eyes wide with incredulity. 


Clutching a file, the reporter whizzed past, making everyone in the vicinity presume it was just another scoop. 


But they didn't realize it wasn't just any scoop. 


It was an exclusive so implausible, so staggering, that it defied belief. 


Initially dismissed as a mere tabloid rumor, the reality of the news struck home once its truth was confirmed, leaving no time to waste. 


One singular thought dominated the reporter's mind: missing out on this opportunity was not an option. 


Bursting with excitement, the reporter entered the newsroom and exclaimed: 


"Chief! It's an exclusive!" 


The next day, UNN Broadcasting station broke the exclusive story. 


And with that single article, the recent buzz around the program 'Actor Kingdom' was buried under this explosive new headline. 


And it deserved the spotlight. The names headlining the article suggested a project so audacious that its scale was unparalleled. 


[Fantasia confirms production of 'Hannibal' movie. Moon Kangwoo, Jin Do-ryeon, Nam Juwan, Choi Cheolsu, Lee Younglan… Stellar cast lineup. Anticipated to be an epic blockbuster.] 


But what truly turned heads wasn't the title but the last line of the article. 


The script, direction, and overall management were all undertaken by a teenager who had only recently made a name for himself. 


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