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A Thousand Faces Chapter 63

Updated: Mar 19

In the meeting room of W Broadcasting Station's production team. 


The final shooting of Actor Kingdom had ended. 


As always, a meeting of the officials was in progress. 


"Because Kang Hyeok didn't say a word during his remarks. Should we shoot that part separately?" 


"It's fine. I think it's quite good in its own way. It's the first time we've seen Kang Hyeok with that expression. It's rather refreshing." 


"But the problem is... I expect everyone to be more curious about Han Jun Woo. We were planning to shoot a follow-up interview or something." 


"Would he even participate in such a thing...?" 


"He's gone off somewhere again. I heard he's already cleared out his lodging." 


The voices were somewhat subdued for a meeting following a successful conclusion. 


Junwoo's lingering presence was still among them. 


No one felt refreshed or excited. 


Even the usual courtesies of acknowledging each other's hard work were absent. 


An unusual silence fell several times during the meeting today. 


"How can he leave without any attachment? After stirring things up each time." 


"Exactly. I thought maybe he had his own purpose we didn't know about. Maybe he'd use the prize money for something." 


"What was he thinking, really... it's still a mystery." 


It wasn't just the participants who put their lives on the line. 


There wasn't a single person among the production crew who hadn't given their all. 


The officials had no choice but to feel confused. A child who swept through each episode without any attachment to victory or popularity and then disappeared. That's why all their motivation and energy faded away just by thinking of the name Han Junwoo. 


They felt petty and disillusioned, still gathered here talking about ratings. 


He was the one who caused them trouble, forcing them to rewrite and fix the twisted broadcast scenarios, working through the nights and wracking their brains. 


Strangely, even after being freed from such a troublesome and cumbersome presence, they didn't feel relieved or liberated. 


At a restaurant near the broadcasting station, some of the main participants and part of the production team were having a wrap-up party for the Actor Kingdom. 


"We should go too. Everyone's gathered there." 


"Yeah. What about Han Junwoo?" 


"He's not here. Not today either." 




The production team members nodded silently, arms crossed. 


It seemed they would no longer see that person up close. 


That fact hit them vividly today. 


The long journey had ended. The impact and achievements of the broadcast were beyond what was expected. 


But it was odd that everyone's mood was not particularly good. 


Even Park Jun-gil, who was always thirsty for ratings, was not saying much at this moment. He was just packing his things with a slightly bitter expression. 


"Let's go. On a day like this, we should at least pop some champagne." 




La Plaisir de Cheongdam. 


A high-end restaurant located on the upper floors of a department store. Moon Kangwoo was sitting at a table on one side. 


People who came to eat with lovers or families and the employees covered their mouths when they spotted Moon Kangwoo's table. 


The sound of conversation that filled the restaurant dropped a notch. Probably, most Korean citizens would not easily forget his face. 




Moon Kangwoo quietly looked down at the night view spread out through the large window. 


He no longer felt much from the reactions of those who talked about him. 


Even after reaching the top, he was someone who was more sincere about movies and acting than anyone else. He never did anything half-heartedly or chased after something else. But this lifestyle had already been going on for over a decade. He felt he might not find anything that would strike his mind with strong interest anymore. 


He felt empty. For the past few years, he had been forcing himself to look for something interesting. 


The moment he first reviewed Junwoo's script, he was captivated by its intensity and decided to go for it, and that was a big reason. 


"Aren't you hungry?" 


"No, I'm fine." 


The woman sitting in front of Moon Kangwoo was Seo Ye In. 


She was recognized as one of the top beauties in the domestic film industry. She was currently the woman Moon Kang Woo was seeing. 


Fellow actors envied Moon Kang Woo for dating Seo Ye In. However, his face was currently shrouded in boredom. It had already been over two weeks since he had started seeing her. 


Seo Ye In was not unaware of this. That's why she was being cautious, but today, seeing Moon Kangwoo's face a bit more relaxed than usual, she was slightly elated. 


Two managers, playing the role of attendants for the two, were sitting behind them. 


People were once again reminded of his status as a top actor by watching the managers, who were quick to respond to every gesture and word. 


"I heard you've joined a movie recently. The director is quite young, I've heard." 


Seo Ye In asked, her tone slightly sarcastic. 


"Honestly, I think it's a bit risky. You know how this industry is. Once things go wrong, it's all over." 


After finishing her words, Seo Ye In sneakily observed Moon Kang Woo's reaction. 


In fact, she was not pleased with Moon Kang Woo filming that movie. 


She was thrilled by the fact that she was dating an actor admired by the entire nation. If his status fell even slightly, it would be a disappointment for her. 


"Ah, the movie. Right. Are you curious?" 


Suddenly, Moon Kangwoo's gaze, which had been outside the window, sharply turned towards her. 


Contrary to her intentions, there was not a hint of discomfort on Moon Kangwoo's face. 


The moment he heard her words, it seemed like Moon Kangwoo remembered something he had momentarily forgotten, appearing somewhat excited. 


"I finished the reading last week. It was really something." 


"You haven't started filming yet?" 


"Not yet." 


A hint of regret flashed across Moon Kangwoo's face. 


To Seo Ye In, his expression seemed to convey a bit of regret for rushing into things. 


"He's young, and it's your first time working with an inexperienced director." 


"That's right. I still can't believe it myself." 


But he felt nothing but pride about filming a movie with Junwoo. His emotions had only grown stronger since yesterday. 


Those who hadn't witnessed his stage firsthand wouldn't understand. 


Moon Kangwoo was suddenly filled with the urge to film in the space directed by that kid as soon as possible. 


"How about it? Will it really be okay?" 


The final stage from yesterday occupied a corner of his mind. 


Moon Kangwoo, seeming to recall that moment, looked somewhere into the air, not at Seo Ye In, and replied. 


"It's great. It's the most valuable time I've had in recent years since I started acting and filming movies." 


Moon Kangwoo's face had changed. Seo Ye In momentarily flinched. 


But with Junwoo's presence already intruding into the conversation, he wasn't in the state to notice her reaction. 


The shocking impact of their first meeting. The stories that defied common sense. The final stage. All of the things he experienced with Junwoo in a short time were jumbling his thoughts. 


He still felt a strong aftereffect inside him. The urge to work with Junwoo. He envied the participant Kang Hyeok. 


He envied all the participants and the production team who had been with Junwoo on this show to the point of feeling empty. 


By this time, he was curious about everything Junwoo thought about movies and acting. 


What kind of life he had led, why he became interested in movies, what aspects of movies he saw and what aspects of people he could see to possess such qualities at that age. Every single detail. 


Even now, at the pinnacle of his career, he felt that knowing these things might change something. 


Then, a message came with a buzz. It was from Jin Do-ryeon. 


Though they were fellow actors and knew each other, they had never messaged or called each other privately before. 


- Kangwoo, do you know where the director is right now? 


Moon Kangwoo narrowed his eyes for a moment. He felt inexplicably uncomfortable. 


- Not sure. Why? 


- Just, I have something to ask about the shooting. 


Moon Kangwoo did not reply and closed his phone. 


He knew what kind of actor Jin Do-ryeon was. 


From the moment she received the script, she was not the type to pester the director with every little detail about the interpretation of the character and overall practice. Moreover, they hadn't even started shooting yet. 


It seemed she was thinking something similar to him. He felt impatient. Then, 




"Hm? What is it?" 


Moon Kangwoo stretched his neck to look behind Seo Ye In. 


He blinked a few times, wondering if he had seen wrong for a moment. 


But after confirming several times, he was sure. Moon Kangwoo began to get excited without even realizing it. 


There in the back, walking among the crowd in the corridor, was indeed Junwoo. 


Moon Kangwoo paused all his actions and just watched Junwoo. 


'What's he here for?' 


Junwoo, holding a shopping bag in one hand, was merely looking around. 


He probably wouldn't have had much chance to wander around alone until the broadcast ended and he left the dorm and the practice room. 


While there were a few around who recognized Junwoo's face, he seemed unbothered. 


He appeared even more indifferent than anyone else, which was intriguing in its own right. 


Seo Ye In began to chatter, trying to capture Moon Kangwoo's attention. 


However, Moon Kangwoo's gaze was fixed behind her. 


Finally, Junwoo stopped at Sound Oasis. 


It was an audio installation art experience exhibition. 


There, Junwoo was peering into it, listening or watching something. 


'How could I see him in such a place.' 


Even though Junwoo wasn't doing anything particularly special, just the discovery of him was an enormous event for Moon Kangwoo at this moment. 


His eyes followed Junwoo's movements, rolling around. 


"What are you thinking about?" 


It was the first time he found himself observing someone like this when he should be analyzing scripts and focusing on movies. 


Simultaneously, he felt a childish emotion. He felt a strange sense of triumph over Jin Do-ryeon, who was curious about Junwoo's whereabouts. Moon Kangwoo chuckled at himself, finding it absurd. 


He hadn't expected to be competitive with a fellow actor with whom he was shooting a movie. 


He got up from his seat. 


Without even realizing it, he was moving so he wouldn't lose sight of Junwoo. 


And he spoke to the managers sitting in the back. 


"Go ahead. I'll stay here a bit longer." 


"What? You'll be alone? Until when?" 


"I don't know." 


Moon Kangwoo's lips curled into a smile. 


"But what about the schedule at 8..." 


"Let's talk about that later." 


He made a gesture as if those things didn't matter at all, not even glancing at the manager. 


The manager looked around with a troubled face. People were still whispering and taking pictures secretly. But no one dared to approach hastily. The citizens, overwhelmed by his real-life presence, didn't make requests like asking for an autograph, feeling honored just to encounter him in such a space. 


"We'll stay with you then." 


Seo Ye In agreed. However, 


"You can go too. We're done eating, right?" 


"Huh…? Me too? Suddenly?" 


"Yeah. I got suddenly busy. Take care." 


Leaving only those words to a stunned Seo Ye In, Moon Kangwoo started walking away. 


And pushing through the crowd focused on him, Moon Kangwoo hurriedly followed Junwoo. 


It had been a long time since he had been this agitated by something. 




Junwoo turned around. 


"How come we meet here. What are you doing here?" 


Junwoo blinked and then nodded his head slightly. He didn't seem surprised. 


Compared to Moon Kangwoo's excitement, Junwoo seemed to have no particular thoughts about encountering him in such a place. 


The people around started to show interest in seeing Junwoo and Moon Kangwoo together. The chatter grew louder when Moon Kangwoo had called Junwoo 'Director' just a moment ago. 


"What were you listening to here?" 




He glanced around the interior of Sound Oasis where Junwoo had been looking. 


He was curious what this kid was listening to and for what purpose. 


"I see you've been shopping." 


He was curious about what such a person would buy in a place like this. 


It was a peculiar sight. 


Despite reading articles about them filming a movie together, Moon Kangwoo was still Moon Kangwoo. 


Seeing him hesitating around a much younger director, bending over and pouring out unnecessary questions was an unfamiliar scene. 


"If you're not too busy, could you spare me a moment? Oh, no, no. Can I join you?" 


"Where to?" 




Moon Kangwoo responded. 


Junwoo slightly tilted his head. 


He noticed that Moon Kangwoo's attitude had significantly changed from before. 


In Moon Kangwoo's eyes, there was something about it. It was more than just an actor addressing a director. 


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