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A Thousand Faces Chapter 64

Updated: Mar 20

The movie set was ready for shooting. 


Today was the first day of filming here. 


The crew and staff were busy setting up lights, cameras, sound, and other equipment. 


In one corner of the bustling set, Jeon Gwang-In watched with his arms crossed. 




His expression was somewhat blank. 


Although there was still an hour left before the start of shooting, 

all the main and supporting actors of the movie, except for Moon Kangwoo, had arrived early and gathered together. 


"Does anyone have the video of the director's stage? I can't wait till it airs." 


"The show's over, so I guess the shooting schedule will get tighter." 


"He probably planned that stage just like he designed this set, right?" 


Normally, on the first day of shooting, there's a power struggle between the director and actors, with late arrivals as a common tactic. It was a battle over who would have the upper hand during the shoot. 


But to them, such matters didn't seem important anymore.  




"He did all this while doing that program?" 


"The detail... can you do that just by studying, or is it pure instinct?" 


"It's talent, what else. Why else would they follow that young kid as a director?" 


"Later on, we'll need to be really on our toes." 


Not just the actors, but the staff as well were all talking about Junwoo. 


Even those not well-versed in the film could intuitively sense that the set created by Junwoo wasn't just thrown together. 


Even though the director hadn't arrived yet, the set was already buzzing with anticipation. 


Without bossing the staff around or engaging in pointless mind games, everyone was busy admiring and trying to understand the intentions of the director from the sets placed around. 


Even these top actors were in awe of the debut work of a teenage director. 


As a veteran director who had earned a place of respect in the industry, it was both astonishing and disheartening. Was this really possible? 


"The director has arrived!" 


Some time later, Junwoo entered the set. 


The bustling set quieted down momentarily. 


Actors sitting behind the camera got up in succession. 




Following Junwoo was Moon Kangwoo, close behind. 


"What, why are they together?" 


Jin Do-ryeon's face was filled with suspicious curiosity. 


"Where are you guys coming from?" 


"The director was buying something, and I needed something too, so I stopped by with him." 


Moon Kangwoo answered. 


Both were holding shopping bags. 


But something about Moon Kangwoo's face seemed different. Even his tone seemed calmer than usual. 


Struck by an inexplicable feeling, Jin Do-ryeon didn't ask any further. 


Junwoo and Moon Kangwoo passed by the actors and walked into the set, with everyone's heads turning to follow them. 


For a moment, Jin Do-ryeon felt a peculiar sense of jealousy. 


It was a bit awkward, the way Moon Kangwoo matched his steps with Junwoo. 


Had the two spent some time together separately? 


But it didn't feel like they had become particularly close. 


Hmm. What's this? 


As she watched the two, Jin Do-ryeon's strange feeling continued. 


She was familiar with how Moon Kangwoo behaved on set from past projects. 


Upon arrival, he would often make excessive demands on the staff for his comfort, becoming extremely sensitive and exerting unnecessary pressure, causing distress among others. 


Junwoo took an empty notebook out of the shopping bag. 


Seeing that, Moon Kangwoo also took out his own. It was a notebook filled only with grid patterns. 


One of the staff hurriedly ran over. 


"Ah, should I bring you a pen?" 


Junwoo glanced back. 




Moon Kangwoo also turned his head. 


"I'm fine, too." 


It seemed more like he was acting the role of Junwoo rather than just calming down. 


Rather than actions to impress, it felt like he was closely observing the director and meticulously imitating him. 


Not just him, but other actors and staff also cast puzzled glances at Moon Kangwoo. 


No one knew what change had occurred in him during that brief moment. 




Suddenly, questions from a past interview came to mind. 


-Do you think one movie can change the world? 


-Um... no. Because it can't be proven. 


After going through all sorts of trials and errors and gaining experience in this industry, his world had solidified. 


-If you were to give advice to juniors dreaming of becoming actors, about acting? 


-Acting is something each person does. What do I have to teach? Eventually, after making many movies, you'll naturally find your own color. Meeting someone, gaining something, that's not really important. Because an actor has to forge their own path. 


Beliefs he had built over time and the image ingrained in the public's mind. That's what had brought Moon Kangwoo this far. 


He thought that was everything. He was certain there was nothing more. 


But being by Junwoo's side, he naturally came to realize something. 

The things he heard on the meeting day. The final stage of the program. It was nothing. 


Having been an actor for over 20 years, taking on countless roles, and studying films. 


But since Junwoo's arrival, each day had been flowing differently than before. 


'Movies are this interesting.' 


A new world he had never dared to imagine was unfolding before Moon Kangwoo. 


And he wanted to dip his toes into Junwoo's world even a little. He wanted to feel what Junwoo felt, enjoy what Junwoo enjoyed. 


Gait, tone of voice, even the smallest habits like hand gestures. 


Moon Kangwoo made a serious effort to learn everything about Junwoo. The method was all he knew. 


What he had always done. And what he could do better than anyone. Like studying the character in the script and immersing himself in that role, Moon Kangwoo was striving to become Junwoo. 


He carefully observed Junwoo's eye movements, the timing when his expression crumpled, and the intervals of getting lost in thought. 


What he was looking at, where he felt sensitivity, how much time he used to make a judgment. He wanted to know it all. 


When Junwoo momentarily stopped his work and fell into contemplation, Moon Kangwoo also leaned back with a similar expression. 


He found himself obsessing over even things unrelated to movies or shooting. 


At some point, he even held off on going to the bathroom. 


"Director, when do we call 'cut'? Is it just stopping the shooting?" 


"What is this camera used for?" 


Like a baby taking its first steps, he asked things even a rookie wouldn't ask. 


He had to empty everything inside him, everything that had been embedded for 20 years. 


"Do I have to act in scenes that don't appear on the screen?" 


"It depends. Like today's scene, you have to." 


"Is that all?" 




Junwoo answered without any doubt or question. 


And Moon Kangwoo humbly accepted even that attitude. 


Junwoo seemed a bit annoyed. It's natural, being followed around all day and asked this and that. 


Moon Kangwoo couldn't help but notice that. Yet, he persisted without backing down. 


The two were seen around the set, showing different kinds of determination. 


It was impossible not to notice such a scene in the shooting location. 


It was Moon Kangwoo. A great actor whose mere presence overwhelmed the set. Even if he did nothing and just sat there, attention would inevitably follow. 


No one on the set could understand Moon Kangwoo's strange behavior. 


Yet, it wasn't a ridiculous sight. 


Right now, Moon Kangwoo was more sincere than ever before in his life, to the extent that he didn't care about the stares directed at him. 


"Cut. Hold on." 


As Junwoo spoke softly, the actors stopped their actions. 


"Jin Do-ryeon, the angle of your first line doesn't match. Tilt your head slightly to the left." 


The actors were puzzled. 


"Lee Younglan, your timing is a bit early. Enter about 1 second later." 


He remembered everything about each actor without even reviewing the footage. 


"That's it. We'll move on." 


And the shooting proceeded too smoothly and swiftly. 


For the debut work of a teenage director, it seemed almost miraculous. 


Moon Kangwoo was amazed by Junwoo's vigor, which was completely different from what he had seen in the department store the day before. 


To the staff, it seemed possible only through the harmony of a genius and a great actor. 


It felt like they were witnessing an incredibly precious scene. 


However, the actors themselves were in a daze. 


Every scenario and plan had been perfectly prepared before the shooting. 


The equipment was set up just once before the shoot, and that was it. 


No adjustments were made in between; everything fell perfectly into place in a mysterious and peculiar spectacle. 


"Hold on. I need to check something." 


Moon Kangwoo was the only one reviewing the footage step by step. 


He wanted to check immediately before forgetting what Junwoo had mentioned. 


"Is this the part you were talking about earlier? Why, what's wrong with it?" 


While the other actors waited quietly, their managers and staff were by their side, providing water or adjusting their costumes. 


Only Moon Kangwoo roamed around, checking every detail of the director's intentions, leaving his manager scratching his head awkwardly, not knowing where to go. 


Jin Do-ryeon's expression also gradually changed as she watched Moon Kangwoo. 


Feeling awkward and somewhat uneasy just standing still. 


She found herself blankly watching Moon Kangwoo from behind. 


Even though the group scene had ended, Moon Kangwoo didn't leave the set. 


The other actors were the same. As there was no sign of Moon Kangwoo moving, Jin Do-ryeon and the others aimlessly lingered on the set. 


Their managers were flustered, facing a situation they had never encountered before. 


'Why is he acting like a rookie all of a sudden? Could it really be a change caused by that young director? Moon Kangwoo, who hasn't changed in over a decade?' 


The staff asked with a face that they couldn't comprehend. 


"How can he do that? We're talking about actor Moon Kang-woo. Normally, one would refuse to acknowledge it. It could hurt one's pride. He's not just an ordinary person, you know?" 


Jeon Gwang-in answered. 


"It's possible precisely because he's not in an ordinary position. It's not a place you can reach with talent alone." 


Jeon Gwang-in's face was calm. He seemed to somewhat understand the sudden change in Moon Kangwoo. 


As if he himself would have done the same in that position. But it certainly wouldn't have been easy. 


"...I see." 


The staff nodded. Having heard his words, suddenly, Moon Kangwoo started to feel different. 


They had only seen Moon Kangwoo delivering brilliant performances in movies, never such a genuine attitude behind the screen. Lowering his posture and meticulously learning from a kid without much experience or accolades. 


As a human being, not just as South Korea's top actor, he seemed to shine. 




In the early hours, when everyone was exhausted and asleep, 

Moon Kangwoo slowly opened his eyes to the light touching his eyelids. 


Soon, he noticed everyone on the set was sleeping, covered with blankets or coats on sofas or chairs. 




Moon Kangwoo rubbed his eyes. 


Only one person was still awake, doing something. 


It was Junwoo, still working with the lighting on the set. 


With a calm face, showing no sign of fatigue as always, Junwoo stood in front of the lighting, silently working on something. 


Upon discovering Junwoo, Moon Kangwoo unknowingly rose from the sofa. 




Moon Kangwoo couldn't finish his sentence. 


Maybe it was because he was still not fully awake. 


He wondered what he was actually seeing right now. 


'What in the world is that…' 


His eyes shook intensely. 


It was only a few steps away. Moon Kangwoo couldn't take his eyes off the scene unfolding before him. 


In the quiet dawn, while everyone else was peacefully asleep, a different world was unfolding in front of the bright-eyed Junwoo. 


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