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A Thousand Faces Chapter 65

Updated: Mar 21

Junwoo was in one corner of the set, simultaneously fiddling with the camera and other equipment. 


The equipment was not limited to what is commonly used on set. 


He was busy with unidentified devices, whose origin was unclear, doing something incomprehensible. 


Moon Kangwoo approached Junwoo. 


"What are you doing at this hour?" 


Moon Kangwoo whispered, suddenly appearing next to him. 


Questions now seemed to burst out before he even realized it. 


Moon Kangwoo was looking at a completely different side of Junwoo, unlike when he was with other actors on set. 


It was the face of an artist, deeply engrossed and lost in his own world. 


Junwoo replied without any movement. 


"I'm filming things to add to today's scene." 


"Today's scene?" 




Junwoo immediately focused back on the camera. 


Moon Kangwoo quietly turned his head in the direction of the camera to see what Junwoo was capturing. 


"You can only shoot it at this time. Look there. Soon, the light will come in, and the shadows will overlap." 


Junwoo pointed to a certain spot while still focusing on the camera. 


Moon Kangwoo blinked. His mind went blank for a moment. It was the first time Junwoo initiated a conversation while concentrating on something. Usually, he would either give a curt reply or not listen and ignore it altogether. 


Moon Kangwoo quickly regained his senses and hurriedly looked in the direction Junwoo was pointing. 


"Where, exactly?" 




He honestly didn't understand what was happening. He had been following Junwoo all day but still couldn't comprehend even a single thing about him. Moon Kangwoo stared at the spot Junwoo was pointing to for a long while. 


From then on, throughout the dawn, Moon Kangwoo busily moved around the set, providing whatever Junwoo needed. 


"Is this it?" 


Moving equipment, the nature of which he didn't understand, and 

"Here's your water, Director." 


Handing over water and continuing such tasks. 


If the actors and staff hadn't been asleep, they would probably have been shocked to see Moon Kangwoo looking no different from a servant. 


But Moon Kangwoo continued to tidy up after Junwoo. 


Trying to ensure that Junwoo's concentration wasn't broken even a bit, to be even of slight help. 


In fact, he didn't gain much from the process. 


Maybe understanding that kid is an impossible task for a lifetime. 


But he didn't feel powerless. Instead, he was captivated by a greater intensity. 


His motivation surged wildly. Like the first day of shooting when he was a rookie, knowing nothing and not having anything given to him. 


If he couldn't reach Junwoo's realm, just being able to see the same thing next to him seemed enough. 


Finally, when Junwoo finished all the settings and turned all the cameras, 


Moon Kangwoo involuntarily opened his mouth wide at the scene he saw with his own eyes. 


Normally, actors can somewhat predict how the scene will turn out while filming and monitoring. Hence, they become the first audience of the film while shooting. 


Moon Kangwoo had a hunch. 


The outcome will be completely different from the scene they had imagined in their minds. 


The other actors who are not watching this now probably wouldn't know. 


When the film is released, the most shocked might not be the audience but the actors who actually shot the film. 




A luxury bar in a party room at the corner. 


Here, a regular meeting takes place once every two months. It's a gathering centered around notable figures in the film industry. 


Under the soft sound of music, eight people surround a large table loaded with various champagnes and liquors. 


Several top actors in South Korea, agency CEOs, industry investors, and other related personnel, 


Given the secretive nature of the party, quite confidential conversations were taking place among them. 


"I'm going to be in Director Jung's movie this time. Do you want to do it?" 


"Ah, the one you mentioned before?" 


"Yes. I've roughly set the stage. How about it? If you join, I'm thinking of giving it a real shot." 


Among them was Seo Ye In. She silently sipped her champagne among them. 


She had been troubled for the past few days because of a particular individual. 


Moon Kangwoo had been completely unreachable since that day. 


That kid he ran off to in a daze turned out to be Han Junwoo. The teenage director who rose to fame from that audition program is now causing a buzz across South Korea. 


She wasn't oblivious to the talks, but she hadn't expected him to become such an irritant to her. 


Seo Ye In's brow furrowed involuntarily. 


"Do you guys also know about Han Junwoo?" 


She asked abruptly, halting the conversations filling the party room. 

The question was completely unrelated to the ongoing negotiations and dealings. 


Starting with one actor, the talk about Junwoo began. 


"Han Junwoo? ActorKingdom's Han Junwoo? Who doesn't know him?" 


"Of course, we know. The situation is more than just a buzz right now." 


A presence currently causing a stir nationwide. 


Unlike the actors, who continued discussing Junwoo with laughter, the investors' and officials' eyes suddenly shifted. 


"I was curious and watched it. His acting, or should I say, directing. What was the name of that movie? I thought I had read it wrong when I first saw the article." 


The actors, oblivious to the subtly changing atmosphere, continued their excited chatter. 


The officials silently began scanning each other's faces as if waiting to see who would start the conversation about Junwoo or what card would be played first. 


"He wrote the screenplay and directed it, right? Seventeen, just seventeen. I thought the seniors had gone mad when I saw the cast. Has the world changed, or what?" 


"Rumor has it that senior Moon Kangwoo is following that Han Junwoo around like his mentor." 


"Nah, that's a bit too much. Anyway, people here sure love to make stories." 


"Even so, it's his directorial debut. Will it really go well? Who's investing in it?" 


Then, Kim Yujun, who had been quietly listening, raised his eyebrows. 


"I invested in that movie." 




The actors turned to him, surprised. 




"Was it you, Representative?" 


He was well-known in the movie industry for his significant investments in production costs. 


"Yes. And I plan to continue. Of course, it's just my personal thought. I like that kid. I'm planning to watch him for a long time." 


Seo Ye In looked frustrated and slighted. He had flatly rejected her previous subtle requests for investment in her movie. 


Kim Yujun was not addressing the actors but the other investors and officials. 


"It seems it's not just Representative Kim's thought." 


"Oh, do you have some plans or thoughts?" 


"Well, I've heard a lot here and there. There must be many. Probably, we were the first to get information about that kid." 


The officials subtly began probing each other. 


The actors, perplexed, fell silent. 


A slightly subdued atmosphere with a strange tension. It was both intriguing and awkward. 


They began to exchange glances, wondering if all this conversation was really about that kid, Han Junwoo. 


It was understandable. The actors only knew about Junwoo from what was available on the internet or in articles. 


They had no idea which figures in the industry had been watching him since before the broadcast and for how long. 


Junwoo's influence was tremendous even before the program aired. Industry figures waiting for the right moment began to show interest after hearing about Junwoo making a movie. 


Rumors had been circulating since the preliminary shooting from Gil Junho, and these people had already been keeping an eye on Junwoo for a long time. 


"What are you talking about? Let us know, too." 


Seo Ye In suddenly chimed in. 


Kim Yujun's gaze finally shifted to her. 


She couldn't possibly understand the extent of Junwoo's influence. To these actors, it was just another audition program for hopefuls. They had no idea how the rumors about Junwoo before the broadcast had spread from judges and officials to them. 


"It's understandable that you don't know. The situation is more serious than you think. It's my first time seeing such a kid." 


Kim Yujun let out a hollow laugh as if finding his own situation curious. 


"I wonder if you guys would even understand what I'm about to say." 


The officials silently agreed with him while the actors still looked bewildered. 


Some of them were thinking the same thing: 


South Korea's top actors are already under the wing of this kid. They knew that the rumors about Moon Kangwoo were not just rumors. Probably, there were more stories about him yet to surface. They needed to think ten, twenty years ahead. If the scale is this big already, who could predict how the film industry, not just in South Korea but globally, might turn upside down? 


But it wasn't as easy as they thought to track down that kid's whereabouts. At this point, when everyone wanted to establish a connection with Junwoo, Kim Yujun had seized his opportunity. 


"Then you must have visited the set a few times?" 


One of the officials asked. 


The noises filling the party room noticeably subsided. 


Kim Yujun raised his eyebrows. 


Although everyone pretended to be engaged in other conversations, they were all ears, waiting for his response. 


He remembered his recent visit to the set. A young kid directing several top actors, a sight he had never seen before. He remembered how he couldn't close his mouth for a while after witnessing it. 


That day, Kim Yujun had completely erased his last bit of doubt about Jun-woo, whom he had only heard about by word of mouth.  


"No, not yet. It seems they are quite busy in the initial stage. I plan to visit the set later to take a look." 


He deliberately kept his words measured. 


Even the smallest detail he shared about Han Junwoo could become significant information for them. He knew there was no benefit in showing off or talking too much. 


"But you must have seen the script. Please tell us a bit about it. We are curious. What kind of movie is a teenage director making?" 


"Yeah, at least tell us a bit about the story. What are you filming with such top actors?" 


The officials bombarded him with questions, their eyes gleaming. 

Kim Yujun calmly continued. 


"Hmm. I did get the impression that it's something remarkable. But I don't have the skill to explain it. After all, I'm always just investing, not really knowledgeable about movies." 


The actors were a bit confused. 


Suddenly, the party room was filled with conversations they couldn't understand. 


'What's this...?' 

Seo Ye In was puzzled. 


'What's so special about him?' 


He was just a kid who had recently entered the film industry. 


She knew about his absurd talent sweeping through everywhere he went. And how entertainment agencies and production companies nationwide were paying attention to him. 


But she couldn't believe that the industry's big players, who usually don't budge easily, were almost jockeying over someone not even present. 


Especially at such an important gathering that happens only once every two months. 


Seo Ye In suddenly felt an intense urge to visit the set and look for Moon Kangwoo. 


It seemed there was no need to wait any longer. 


The restlessness that had been bothering her these past few days suddenly gave way to an unexplainable excitement. 

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