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A Thousand Faces Chapter 66

Updated: Mar 22

"My head hurts." 


After leaving the party room and returning to his car, Kim Yujun seemed momentarily lost in thought. 


His secretary was seated in the driver's seat. 


"Should I get you a hangover drink?" 


"No. It's fine." 


He was known as one of the biggest investors in the Korean film industry. 


Kim Yujun saw films not just as pure art but as a means to exercise power and influence. Although the industry perceived him as someone who just lavishly invests in his favorite movies, he harbored an intense desire to ascend to an absolute position within the film industry. 


Beyond accumulating wealth, his aim was to establish a position in the international cultural and art scene. He thought he was climbing up gradually, but suddenly, a presence emerged, shaking everything up. 


The child's potential was beyond any prediction, more than just being assured of a bright future. 


Kim Yujun pressed his temples as if his head was throbbing. 


"Do you know how much economic power the film industry holds?" 


"Of course. You always mention it, sir." 


"I feel like I have the key to that power in my hand." 




"But I'm also anxious. It feels like I have a firm grip, but it might disappear if I open my hand." 


Kim Yujun looked down at his palm for a moment. 


"It's the first time for me. I always operate based on thorough calculations and data. I don't know much yet, but I feel like betting my entire fortune on it. Just because of that kid who has just made his debut." 


"Do you have that much confidence?" 


"Yes. Funny, isn't it?" 


"So... what are you planning to do now?" 


Despite the headache, Kim Yujun smiled as if he was enjoying the situation. 


"I'm going to make him mine. Not just a business partner. As much as I trust that kid's potential, I need to make him trust me. The first thing in everything is building a relationship. That kid also needs strong support, doesn't he?" 


However, Kim Yujun couldn't hide his unease. The regular bi-monthly meeting. He had some expectations but didn't anticipate the level of interest. The moment Han Junwoo's name was mentioned, the burning desire of the other officials. Kim Yujun was engulfed in both excitement and anxiety. 


He heard that the film shooting had been going on for almost two months. Probably, the kid would move on to another film as soon as this one was done. He heard that he already had quite a number of scripts in hand. 


At times like this, he knew he had to move quickly. It wasn't the time to lie back and relax.  


It had been dark outside for a while. 


"What time is it now?" 


"It's just past 9 PM." 


"Hmm. They must still be shooting." 


Kim Yujun decided to change his destination. 


"Let's go." 


Just then, the car door swung open abruptly. It was Seo Ye In who popped her head in. 



"You're going to the set now, right?" 


Kim Yujun quickly composed his expression. 




"I'm coming with you." 


Without waiting for an answer, she got into the car. 


"Which set are you talking about?" 


"Where else? The place where Kangwoo is." 


"What? Weren't you rejected by Moon Kangwoo?" 


"It's not like that." 


Seo Ye In didn't mention Moon Kangwoo any further and just looked ahead. 


"Well, do whatever you want. Just don't cause trouble." 


Kim Yujun looked at her with a slightly puzzled expression. Considering Seo Ye In's pride, she wouldn't normally go to a set because of a man, so he wondered why she was doing this. 


She remained quiet for the entire journey to the location. 


It was when the two arrived at the set. 


"What kind of set is this..." 


Seo Ye In opened her mouth in astonishment. 


The shooting was continuing into the night. Everyone was moving energetically and busily, without a hint of tiredness. Observing the scene quietly, Kim Yujun narrowed his eyes. 


'What's happening now?' 


First off, nobody was welcoming him. That itself was nonsensical. 


Wherever he went, paths were supposed to clear for him. The picture that matched his entrance was one where everyone rushed to him at a single step. That was his status in this industry. Hence, he had a subtle expectation as he stepped into the set. 


Frankly, he thought the director would recognize him and approach him first.  


But he was taken aback by such treatment, a first for him. 


Everyone seemed to be preoccupied with something else. 


However, that feeling was soon overshadowed by a sense of bewilderment. 


Like every movie set, it was a bustling scene filled with passion, sweat, and voices. But something was off. 


Kim Yujun spotted Junwoo in the middle of the set. 


"Director, how should we handle this?" 


"Everyone, move quickly to keep up with the schedule. The director's equipment check is in two hours!" 


"You should ask the director first. Don't touch anything without permission." 




A scene where everyone was bowing and offering blind loyalty to just one person. 


At a glance, it was almost like a cult. Their attitude was almost akin to worship. Kim Yujun found it hard to believe that what he was seeing was real. 


"Director, this line. I'd like to check the part you mentioned earlier. It won't take long." 


"Uh, I'm in the next scene. Could you check mine first?" 


Not just the officials, but even the top actors of South Korea, everyone. 


The rumors were true. But even saying that felt insufficient. The rumor about Moon Kangwoo following the director like a disciple. It wasn't just Moon Kangwoo trailing behind Junwoo. Everyone here was doing the same. 


Everyone was eagerly waiting for an opportunity to ask Junwoo something or strike up a conversation. 


It was like kindergartners following their teacher, nobody acting independently. 


Veterans in this field, all bowing and jockeying for the attention of a seventeen-year-old director, a bizarre scene unfolding. 


'Is this really a movie set..?' 


He walked through them, feeling out of place, lingering around Junwoo. 


Kim Yujun was the sole investor in this movie production. Every element of this set, he knew, would have been impossible without his investment. 


But the atmosphere was such that it didn't seem right to casually call Junwoo over or strike up a conversation. 


Even as he lingered nearby, Junwoo didn't even glance his way. 


'Could it be… he doesn't remember who I am?' 


He felt embarrassed, as if his previous worries about holding the key to something were now trivial, feeling like an unwelcome guest. Seo Ye In, who came with him, seemed just as out of place, standing blankly in a corner of the set. 


'At this rate…' 


Kim Yujun made a phone call. 


Following that, many things started arriving at the set. 


Meal trucks, premium catering services, beverages, blankets, individual waiting rooms, transportation, and more. 


Although the set was already not lacking, being filled with top actors of the country, what was being added was overly extravagant for a mere movie set. 


But Kim Yujun's mood started to sour. Even though everyone expressed their gratitude, the lavish support didn't seem to meet their satisfaction. Convenience and support like this seemed insignificant, as everyone's attention was still solely on the director. 


Then, when the premium packed meals Kim Yujun ordered arrived late at night. 


Junwoo was still fiddling with the camera. 


The officials, staff, and actors, with packed meals in hand, started cautiously hovering around Junwoo, waiting for an opportunity. 


Finally, when Junwoo finished his work and sat at the table, 

Kim Yujun picked up two packed meals. 


As he approached, seemingly with a natural stride, as if he had been waiting for this moment. 








Jin Do-ryeon abruptly pulled out a chair and sat down. 


"You mentioned something earlier. I wanted to talk more about it." 


Kim Yujun felt embarrassed as she stood next to the two of them, holding a lunchbox. 


She was not the only one. Kim Yujun looked around at the people who had gathered around Junwoo. They all seemed eager to spend even a little time with him. 


Kim Yujun felt a surge of anger. After all the support and effort he had made here. He couldn't even share a meal with the packed lunches he ordered. The frustration made him feel childish, even at his age. 


Junwoo responded indifferently. 


"What is it?" 


"About my scene earlier…" 


Amidst all this, the young director didn't seem to be reveling in or enjoying the special treatment he was receiving. This indifference somehow made Kim Yujun feel even smaller. 


Jin Do-ryeon looked as if she was trying to resolve an unresolved issue that had been bothering her all day. 


But Kim Yujun couldn't just leave things this way. 


"Ms. Jin Do-ryeon." 


She looked up at his call. 


"Oh… isn't that Chairman Kim? When did you arrive?" 




She looked genuinely surprised. 


Kim Yujun, suppressing his anger, continued. 


"I have something crucial to discuss with the director today. That's why I'm here." 




"It can't wait until another day. Could you please make room?" 


The atmosphere around them suddenly turned frosty. 


Only then did people seem to become aware of Kim Yujun's presence as murmurs started spreading. 


Jin Do-ryeon awkwardly got up from her seat, and Kim Yujun finally took her place. 


Strangely, the anger he had felt earlier was replaced by a peculiar sense of victory, albeit a childish one. He knew he would regret his actions today for a long time. But at that moment, it didn't seem to matter. 


In this anxious atmosphere, only Junwoo was calmly finishing his meal. 


Kim Yujun became impatient but tried to remain calm. 


Before the meal was finished, he needed to gain something. 


"Does it suit your taste? I ordered wholesome food since the shooting continues through the night." 


"Yes. It's delicious. Thank you." 


He swallowed hard. No matter how much of a prodigy he is, he's still young. Perhaps if he conversed at the young director's level, he might lower his guard. 


Kim Yujun put his spoon down with a clink. 


"What do your friends do these days? It must be tough and awkward shooting movies with adults at your age." 


"It's fine. I like it this way." 


"What do you do at home? Don't you play games? I like games." 


"No, I don't." 


"Ah… I see. Then what do you do?" 


"Just watching movies and trying out different things." 


"Oh, which movies? I like talking about movies, too." 


"Well, I've been dividing them into genres, watching dozens of them. I'm currently combining mise-en-scènes by color." 


The conversation was difficult to navigate. 


He suddenly resented his own lack of profound knowledge about movies. 


"...Why do you watch them?" 


"For the colors. They are the first thing we visually perceive, so they're crucial in conveying intentions. I'm considering how to combine and contrast the sets you ordered with other elements." 


Junwoo said this while slightly furrowing his brows. 


The conversation continued in a similar vein. Kim Yujun felt the discussion becoming increasingly disjointed. 


It seemed their ways of thinking about movies were fundamentally different. 


The typical conversations he expected among movie professionals seemed far removed from this. 


He couldn't fathom what happened in the young director's mind, only receiving elusive responses. 


Kim Yujun quickly racked his brains. Although he didn't fully grasp what was being said, the director seemed to hint at a clash between his creative vision and practical limitations. 


"Anyway, you're saying something's lacking, right? Just tell me what the problem is, and I'll do my best to address it. If the quality of domestic resources doesn't satisfy you, I'll bring in whatever's needed from abroad, be it sets or equipment." 


"It's okay. It was mostly resolved yesterday. Just a few adjustments in the lighting and some post-editing should do it." 


"…I see." 


The young director seemed nothing like kids his age. 


Despite the officials and actors hovering around, he didn't show any sign of noticing them. 


Realizing that further persuasion seemed futile, Kim Yujun decided to ask what he was most curious about. 


"But Director, the show is about to end soon, right? ActorKingdom, I mean." 




"Everyone is watching the broadcast and expecting a significant move from you." 


Junwoo nodded thoughtfully. 


"Are you planning to quit acting now?" 


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