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A Thousand Faces Chapter 67

Updated: Mar 25

When Kim Yujun posed a question, the surrounding staff and actors perked up their ears, likely sharing the same curiosity but having not asked themselves. 


"Actually, I haven't given it much thought during this film," Junwoo answered vaguely. 


Kim Yoo-jun continued, 


"Oh, don't misunderstand. I was just curious. Even judging by your acting alone, you have the talent to go international right now. The show has just ended, and it's time for you to expand your acting career, right? You might want to explore a variety of roles beyond the program. I was just wondering if there was a particular reason you started directing at such a young age." 


"There is a reason,"  


Junwoo replied without hesitation. 


"What might that reason be...?"  


Kim Yoo-jun leaned forward unknowingly, eager for the answer, and so did the others. 


Suddenly, all the noise vanished, and the set fell silent. Everyone held their breath, captivated by their conversation. However, 


"I had a great meal,"  


Junwoo simply said, standing up from his spot. 


"But wait, I mean, what I want to know is what kind of help you're looking for..." 


Kim Yujun hastily stood up, tossing aside his lunch box. 


But it was too late to say anything more to Junwoo.  


As if they had been waiting, the actors and staff crowded around Junwoo, and Kim Yujun was left behind, pushed far away. 




A few days later, various filming equipment was being unloaded from a transport truck in front of the filming set.  


The equipment bore a different logo, not that of Fantasia Productions. 


Shin Haksu, a renowned domestic director who had been working overseas for a long time, got out of the car that followed. 


Jeon Gwang-in and a few staff members simultaneously bowed their heads toward him as he waited in front of the set. 


The next person to get out of the car was Park Jun-gil. 


Bending his waist, Park Jun-gil offered a handshake to Shin Haksu. 


"Please take good care of us, Director Sin." 


"Don't worry. I didn't expect to start shooting immediately upon my return to Korea. It's been a long time since I've felt this excited." 


In the midst of active filming, Shin Haksu's eyes sparkled as he looked towards the set. 


Park Jun-gil sensed a slight change in the atmosphere. It had been some time since the two had discussed a new project. 


Park Jun-gil thought to himself that there must be a reason why such a reputable director readily accepted his proposal. It couldn't be due to trust in him; it must be simply because of Han Junwoo. 


As expected, Shin Haksu was well aware of Junwoo's presence,  

a fact well-known among master directors both domestically and internationally. 


Park Jun-gil subtly approached Jeon Gwang-in. 


"We did the right thing discussing the documentary with Junwoo, right?" 




Jeon Gwang-in avoided answering with an uncomfortable expression. Park Jun-gil frowned. 


"Don't tell me you haven't spoken to him yet?" 


"...Strictly speaking, no." 


"What were you thinking? I told you, his opinion is the most important." 


Park Jun-gil was about to lose his temper when, 


"You don't understand the atmosphere here, do you? Or maybe you should know, having worked in broadcasting. Do you realize how tense the director has been these past few days because of the filming?" 


Park Jun-gil flinched at the words, too natural in referring to Junwoo as the director. Hearing it directly made it feel strangely unfamiliar. 


"If bringing this up disrupts the filming even slightly, you'll be cut off without mercy. Documentaries or whatever are not important to the director." 


Knowing what kind of person Junwoo was, Park Jun-gil simply nodded. 


Memories of Junwoo during the filming of Actor Kingdom flashed through his mind. 


"If it's him... that would be the case." 


"Don't worry too much. I'll speak to him properly." 


After a brief pause, Jeon Gwang-in looked straight at Park Jun-gil. 


"But Team Leader," 


Park Jun-gil lifted his head. 


"Why did you entrust everything to Director Sin? W Broadcasting Station used to handle documentaries like this, right?" 


"Right, that's true." 


"Don't you feel envious? Directing a documentary about such a genius. I would be very eager if I were you." 


Jeon Gwang-in looked genuinely puzzled, unable to comprehend. 


For him, it was incomprehensible. Even though the nature of a variety show producer and a film director is different, both occupy the same domain when it comes to creating their own work. He knew the burning desire and passion to accomplish something when the urge to create strikes. Moreover, Park Jun-gil was known in the industry for his strong ambitions. 


Park Jun-gil fell into thought for a moment, then responded. 


"That's exactly what I'm saying. I never thought I'd see the day I'd make such a sacrifice." 


Park Jun-gil let out a short, resigned sigh. 


"It's because I'm serious about it. This time, for sure." 


Jeon Gwang-in flinched. He had known Park Jun-gil for a while but had never seen him so seriously resolute. 


Following Jeon Gwang-in's strict instructions, the equipment began to be moved quietly into the shooting location. 


Inside, filming was in full swing. There could be no disturbances. 


It was then, behind the set, unrelated camera equipment started pouring in. 


The staff, unaware of the situation, began to panic. 


"What's happening, Director?" 


"Why are these cameras suddenly here..." 


They asked Jeon Gwang-in. However, his anxious face was turned elsewhere. 


Junwoo was still entirely focused on the filming, unaware of anything. Jeon Gwang-in swallowed hard. 


Then, Shin Haksu, who had just entered the set, stopped in his tracks at the door. 


The quality of the set, which seemed impossible to have been achieved alone, was astonishing. 


He had heard that the director was young, but being confronted with the reality was shocking. 


Even from the back, it was instantly recognizable who the director was. 


Actors gathered around a single person, not wanting to miss a single word, squinting their eyes as that person directed the actors, demonstrated acting, captured angles from the audience's perspective, and explained things meticulously. 


The staff marveled at the scene with dazed expressions. 


From that young individual, an overwhelming presence emanated throughout the entire set. 


Although the actors were the ones filming the movie, it felt like they were watching a one-man show by that young director. 


Shin Haksu had to resist the urge to start rolling his camera immediately. 


That's when it happened. 


With a loud crash, all eyes were drawn backward. Someone had accidentally dropped a piece of equipment. 




Junwoo's head turned sharply. 


Jeon Gwang-in clenched his eyes shut for a moment. 


After a brief silence, 


It was when he opened his eyes slowly, with a sense of unease. 




Even from a distance, it was apparent. Junwoo's expression was gradually distorting. 


Instantly, the atmosphere on the set turned icy. 


It was unprecedented for the director to stop filming like this. 


Staff and actors alike began to look at Junwoo with tensed faces. 


Belatedly, Junwoo checked behind him and slightly tilted his head. 


His face had suddenly become extremely sensitive upon noticing the unfamiliar intrusion into his space. 


Jeon Gwang-in, sweating profusely, hurriedly approached Junwoo. 


"What's all this?" 


It was a chilling question. 


"Director, let me explain. This is how it happened..." 


Ironically, the actors were more shocked by Junwoo's reaction. 


They had been briefed about the documentary they were going to shoot beforehand. 


"What? Director Jeon, didn't you tell him?" 


"I thought it was already agreed upon..." 


In the midst of the situation, everyone started sweating together. 


Junwoo didn't even glance at the actors' chatter. He just stared at Jeon Gwang-in, silently demanding an explanation. 


Even amidst this, the filming was being delayed. Junwoo's face became increasingly sensitive and contorted. 


Knowing this, Jeon Gwang-in hurriedly continued speaking. 


"In short, we're trying to shoot a documentary about the director's filming process. Having personally witnessed the unfolding of events at this site over the past few days, I, along with others, have come to a unanimous realization. Truthfully, the experience we've encountered here is far too precious to be merely confined as a behind-the-scenes footnote of the movie, experienced solely by us." 


Jeon Gwangil rambled on, trying to explain the intention to capture Junwoo's efforts on the set and the transformation of the actors in a documentary. 


"This will definitely bring about a change when it gets out. We've explained this to the actors, and they also wish to preserve this process. There won't be anything that requires the director to do something extra, disrupts the shooting, or leaks the plot of the movie, absolutely nothing like that." 


The actors interjected with a look of injustice. 


"Wait a moment. We naturally thought it was something the director had agreed upon. If the director doesn't want it, we have no intention of insisting. You shouldn't say it like that." 


"Me too. I naturally thought that way. Of course, I did think it was a good thing..." 


The actors began to voice their clarification hurriedly, one after another. 


Everyone bit their lips nervously, only looking at Junwoo's reaction. 


Quietly listening, Junwoo then shifted his gaze to the back. 


Behind the cameras and equipment set up for the movie, new equipment was tightly pushed against the wall. 


As Junwoo's gaze landed there, Park Jun-gil waved his hand awkwardly. 


"So, there won't be any disruption to the filming." 


Junwoo said 


"That's right, there won't be any. I'll make sure of that. Don't worry. I'll arrange a meeting with Director Sin myself. It's been hectic with the filming lately... It was a bit tricky to schedule." 


Compared to the anxious Jeon Gwang-in, Junwoo seemed unbothered. 


His expression had returned to its usual calmness. 


"Then proceed that way." 


With that brief reply, everyone at the site exhaled a sigh of relief. 


"But keep the crew to a minimum. If it's too chaotic and disturbs the actors' concentration or gets noisy, I'll have you removed immediately." 


"Of course. Aside from the main director and three cinematographers, we'll send everyone else back after setting up the equipment. Don't worry." 




"And, Director... It's the same for me. The documentary is one thing, but my top priority is your movie shooting. I hope you understand that." 


Jeon Gwang-in's words were met with a nod from Junwoo. 


"Let's go back in." 


Before anyone could say more, Junwoo turned around as if nothing had happened. 


Jeon Gwang-in involuntarily stepped back. 


It wasn't exactly an agreement or disagreement from Junwoo. 


It seemed that only the potential disruption to his shooting mattered to him. 


Though they had caught a break, Jeon Gwang-in's head still ached, unable to discern what Junwoo was thinking. 


'If only I could understand a bit, I'd be able to tune in with him more comfortably...' 




Rumors about the set quickly heated up the industry. 


The rumor that started from Moon Kangwoo's mentor had now spread far and wide, becoming a tale about a teenage prodigy director ruling the roost. 


There were even whispers that the movie set was too luxurious and extravagant to merely be called a filming set. 


Thanks to Kim Yujun's over-the-top support, photos of the set began circulating on the internet. 


But such rumors weren't all that important to Junwoo's team. 


The staff looked anxious and perplexed. Today, by the director's order, the number of people on the set was minimized. Junwoo hadn't arrived yet, but the atmosphere was unusually tense. 


For some reason, Moon Kangwoo and Jin Do-ryeon sitting in the waiting room chairs seemed too quiet compared to usual. The atmosphere was strangely calm, almost as if they were out of their minds. 


And it was when Junwoo arrived at the set. 






Suddenly, silence fell. 


A suffocating silence, as if the air itself had stopped moving. 


As Junwoo stepped into the set, a suffocating silence engulfed the space, weighing heavily on everyone present. 


Staff members who were whispering until a moment ago froze, sealing their lips tight. 


With his usual impassive face, Junwoo silently proceeded with the shooting preparations. 


Around that time, Moon Kangwoo and Jin Do-ryeon stood up from their seats. 


It felt like walking on thin ice. 


Neither of the actors spoke a word. 


There were no light jokes or casual conversations as usual. They didn't even greet the director. 


They just stood in front of the camera. 


Junwoo placed his hand on the camera. 


With each movement, the tension escalated. 


The staff, Jeon Gwang-in, Shin Haksu, and everyone except the two lead actors and the director felt an urge to escape from this place. They just stood still, rolling their eyes around. Suddenly, being in this space felt torturous. 


And then, as if orchestrated, without any signal, the shooting began. 


Today was the day for filming one of the most crucial main scenes of the movie.

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