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A Thousand Faces Chapter 72 (Preview)

Updated: Apr 3

-But after watching the video, didn't you feel goosebumps during the final stage of the competition?

Those who saw the video all brought up the finals.

In the last episode of Actor Kingdom, watching the final stage brought an indescribable, mysterious discomfort. It was similar to the feeling described by an anonymous video that was uploaded.

-Then it must be Han Junwoo who uploaded this video.

And public opinion flipped.

-I don't know what exactly, but it seems like Han Junwoo did something bizarre to Kang Hyeok.

-He never cared about winning in the first place...

-Could this have been his real intention? To mock the production team and the participants.

-What is he really?

Following this video, the controversies surrounding Kang Hyeok gradually subsided.

In such a situation, people began to pity Kang Hyeok, questioning the point of winning in that program.

However, these conversations vanished as if they never happened.

The public's attention shifted to a new topic because Han Junwoo's movie, 'Hannibal,' was released.. 


This is just a preview. For the full chapter, head over to our Patreon, search for Toodatfiction and join us. Thanks for your support!

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