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A Thousand Faces Chapter 74 (Preview)

"I don't know how to thank you for coming all this way... " 


An art academy located in the European countryside. 


True to its name as an art academy, the surrounding area was enveloped in an exotic natural landscape that was too much to take in at a glance. 


A conversation was taking place in the president's office. 


The president of the academy had invited a guest to teach the students. 


"Recently, it seems like the students have collectively decided to put their hearts into their work, showing a sudden burst of passion I've never seen before... I thought organizing this event would be my role." 


"That's interesting. If not just one or two, but all students are motivated, then I too can feel a sense of fulfillment." 


The principal was nearly bowing, showing immense respect. 


Behind the two, staff members peeked in, curious about the guest sitting before the principal. 


'Maxim Romanov.' 


A name no cinephile could be unaware of.  


He started out as a Russian film actor and then became a director, making a name for himself. He soon became a master and is now a world-renowned film director. 


It was unusual for someone of his caliber to frequent such a remote and mundane place. He had accepted the principal's invitation, perhaps as a service to improve his image following controversies surrounding his latest film. 


Thus, his face bore a slight tedium. 


After all, the level of talent he expected here was predictable, and he thought he could effortlessly draw good results without much energy. 


"So, what exactly am I to do?" 


"Oh, a local short film festival competition is being held this time. We aim to submit entries for experience, so each class is currently making their own film. We would be grateful for any general advice or feedback on acting, directing, and film production."  

"A competition..." 


"Yes. The students are even more motivated to earn your recognition. Please, we're counting on you."


Just a heads-up, this is just a preview. But don't worry, the full story is waiting for you over on Patreon. So, if you're hungry for more and can't wait to see what happens next, head on over to Patreon.

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