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For the Downfall of My Beloved Chapter 26

Updated: Feb 27

It's pure white. 


The light that flickered in Gion's eyes was so bright that it was impossible to see a speck of dust. 


Already in chaos due to the collapsing castle, the presence of the dazzling white qi fluttering before their eyes left them momentarily dazed. 


"Is this the end?" 


Gion dryly asked, looking at the demons pouring out like vomit. 


The man was covered in blood; he emitted a light that was both brilliant and refined. 


Enveloped in the pure white light, he seemed almost angelic, but to the beings witnessing this scene, he was undoubtedly more malevolent than any demon. 




The sound of flexible wings fluttering broke the silence dominating the space. 


The demons shuddered at the ticklishly soft noise, snapping back to reality. 


"Why? Is it too few?" 




The Second Chime elegantly folded his wings, confronting Gion. 


"Shall I call more?" 


"Do it." 


The corners of the Second Chime's lips, which had been forced into a smile, quivered rapidly. 


"Call them now." 




"I would prefer to finish this all at once, if possible." 


Saying so, Gion began scanning the surroundings as if really checking for other demons. 


As he faced countless demons, he spoke with ease, without a hint of fear. 


It was as peaceful as someone looking for stray cats during a stroll. 


"Insolent human, acting so arrogant just because you got your hands on a white qi…" 


The Second Chimes's expression hardened in an instant. 


A rat that walked into a trap and cornered itself. 


Wasn't that Gion's position? 


Did he think he could fight alone against the onslaught of demons? 


It looked no different than a rat pretending to be a cat. 


Looking at that haughty arrogance... no, precisely, looking at that insignificant human ignoring him. 


"No. The ones here should be enough to kill you." 


His anger surged. 


"This castle's courtyard will be your grave." 




"I'll even erect a tombstone for you." 




In an instant, the Second Chime soared up and looked down at Gion from the sky. 


"Whoever kills that guy will be granted the position of the castle lord." 


At those words, all the demons looked up. 


The position of the castle lord that the Second Chime offered was not only close to the Second Chime but also a position that not even the other demons under the Second Chime could disregard. A position that allowed one to have numerous demons under their command. 


And it all depended on one human. 


"I will personally speak to my father so you can become the castle lord right away—" 




The Second Chime began to rebuild the collapsed castle walls with massive black energy. 


Effortlessly moving the colossal debris that could crush hundreds of humans at once, he smirked. 


"Kill him." 


The demons, initially frozen by the fact that a single human had destroyed the castle, began to approach Gion with a sneer. 


"A castle lord position for one human…" 

"Seriously, what kind of human are we talking about?"


The atmosphere among the demons instantly turned murderous. Yet, they seemed relaxed without a hint of tension, exuding a sense of confidence. 


"...What are you doing?" 


Gion took a step back and sat down. 


He even bowed his head and started rummaging through his bag. 


"Hahaha! What is that guy even doing?!" 


The largest of the demons, towering over the others, stepped forward. 


"Move aside." 


The demons were swiftly pushed aside by the hand of the massive demon. 


Some clicked their tongues in the background, and others waited for their opportunity, but... 




As each step caused the ground to tremble, none of the demons dared to step forward. 


"Hey. You're the one who destroyed the castle, right?" 




As the giant shadow loomed over him, Gion lifted his head. 


The expression on the demon's face seemed excited, as if it was a foregone conclusion that he would become the castle lord. 


"Don't resent me since you came here to die yourself." 




The moment the demon raised its huge fist... 


"Do you know what your problem is?" 




A massive cannonball touched the demon's solar plexus. 


"You're so focused on bluffing that you can't see what you really need to see."




A deafening explosion swept through the surroundings. 


The ground upheaved instantly, and fragments of the destroyed castle walls scattered into the air. 


The demons screamed. 


"What, what is this!" 




Those who were at the impact site of the cannonball were perhaps fortunate. 


They would have died instantly without feeling any pain. 


However, those around the area were left gasping for breath, neither dead nor alive. 




"Someone, water, water..." 


Fractures spread across the ground, and flames whipped up by the power of the cannonball roared. 


The fierce flames that caught onto the bodies of the demons spread left and right. 


Many emotions flickered red in the eyes of the demons. 


Fear seemed to be the predominant one, but was that all? 


The demons at the forefront were torn to shreds. 


The greedy ones who most desired the position of the castle lord. 

Having been easily killed, this might be an opportunity. 


A paradoxical spark of life flickered in the eyes that were once gripped by fear. 


The smoky air and limited visibility made the situation challenging. 


This was a distinctly disadvantageous condition for Gion. 


Moreover, the cannon was now destroyed and couldn't be reused. 


It's an opportunity. 




The demons began manifesting their dark energy, filled with tension and excitement. 


Having become alert, they didn't seem to hold back even a bit of their strength. 


Thump, thump, thump, thump. 


The demons started to rush towards Gion. 






Gion calmly set the cannonball aside. 




As soon as Gion ducked, a demon, brandishing a sword, lunged at him. 


At that moment... 




Gion caught the demon by the throat. 




Having lost its target, the massive sword floated in the air before helplessly crashing to the ground. 






Gion wrenched the demon's mouth open as if he would tear it apart at any moment. 




After a while, Gion started to strike the demon's face. 


The nose broke. 


The eyeballs burst. 


The skin got crushed. 


Teeth fell out. 


The jaw twisted. 

Until their face was completely disfigured. 


He continued to swing his fist relentlessly. 




The demon, dangling from Gion's hand, went limp, but Gion only tightened his grip. 


No one dared to approach, watching the blood spurting from his fist and their fellow demon being pulverized. 


Although they knew they could win if they all attacked at once, they were sure at least one would be caught in that madness. 


These demons didn't wish to become crippled; they wanted to become the castle lord. 


It was only natural for them to hope not to be the one caught in that grasp. 


This unfolding situation was only to be expected. 


"Aren't you paying attention?!" 


A frustrated voice echoed above the hesitant demons. 


The Second Chime was grinding his teeth, looking down at them. 


"Kill him!" 


Only then did the demons snap out of it and start to rush in. 




Without even looking at them, Gion tore apart the demon's mouth. 


He stuffed something into the huge mouth. 


Like pressing objects into a squishy bag. 


He kept pushing something in relentlessly, putting his weight behind it. 




Gion threw the demon's corpse at the incoming demons. 


"...What is this?" 


It was grotesque... 


But that wasn't what mattered. 


"Could it be..." 


The countless black pellets visible inside the mouth were too numerous to count. 


"...Move away!" 


The demons tried to distance themselves from the corpse immediately, but it was already too late. 




The bomb hidden inside the corpse detonated endlessly. 


With the explosion, sharp fragments scattered like hail. 




"My, my leg... my leg...!" 


The demons writhed on the ground, pierced all over by the flying fragments. 




A demon, battered and bruised, mustered all its strength to swing its sword. 






The blade of the demon precisely sliced Gion's side. 


It was a clean cut. 


Such a wound would normally cause the intestines to spill out, bending the victim in pain and surely induce coughing up blood. 


A flicker of hope appeared on the demon's face at that moment. 


"...What is this-" 


Between the torn fabric of Gion's clothes, the armor of a silver hue was visible, unscratched. 


"You cowardly bastard...!" 


"How many times do I have to say it." 




One of the demon's arms flew through the air. 


"Did you come here to play?" 


Before the demon could even writhe in the pain of losing its arm... 




Gion began to strike the demon's forehead with the blunt side of the sword sheath. 


The demon was engulfed in the horrific pain of its head being gruesomely torn apart. 


It was not a fatal wound, so it couldn't die instantly nor lose consciousness. 




The demon's upper body was twisted so badly that it couldn't even scream. 


Gion then turned around after crushing the demon's spine. 


Whether the demon was still alive or affected by the remaining impact, it was unclear, but it writhed grotesquely in pain. 


"Are you not coming?" 


Gion spoke to the demons without even wiping the blood dripping down his face. 




No one responded to the question. 


Only the sound of the demons stepping back hesitantly echoed. 


Not a single voice dared to break the stillness, yet their silence spoke volumes. 


"Shall I come?" 


It was Gion's voice that broke the silence. 


His slow approaching footsteps and his softly posed question  

were enough to make the demons' complexions turn deathly pale. 




Gion kept sprinkling something as he approached the demons. 


"Are you insane! What are you doing! Kill him!" 


The Second Chime was screaming endlessly from above. 


But his voice no longer reached the demons. 




The demons slipped into the liquid Gion had spread. 


"O, oil...?" 


In the moment of the demons' confusion. 




Gion tossed a small spark onto the oil. 




An inferno, incomparable to before, swept across the front of the castle. 




Gion walked through the demons' wailing, clutching something in his hand. 




A massive and heavy sword. 


It was larger than Gion himself, capable of slicing through a dozen at once. 




A demon, eyes unfocused and mind lost, charged at him. 


At that moment, as he raised the long sword... 




Without any change in expression, Gion swung the massive sword. 


The black sword cut through the demon like a stalk of sorghum, crushing it. 


Beyond being sliced, the body was mashed as if it were a soft persimmon. 




Not content with merely crushing the demon, when the sword struck the ground, it caused a fracture. 




The remaining demons gasped for air. 


Breathing was difficult, whether due to the acrid smoke or fear; they almost wished their breath would stop. 




Gion dragged the sword slowly, step by step. 




Could such a sound really come from a sword? 


No, such a noise couldn't come from any weapon. 


The demons instinctively shrank back from the eerie sound passing by them, narrowly avoiding the sword strike. 




Gion stepped on the countless corpses of demons beneath him. 

At that moment. 


"...What, what are you doing..." 




Gion poured the white qi over the demons' corpses. 


The sight left the demons completely consumed by terror. 


What was the situation now? 


There were still demons in front of them and even the Second Chime above in the sky. 


Yet he was using power even on the corpses. 


"That madman..." 


The demons muttered, but Gion didn't stop. 




Only after the demon under Gion's feet had completely vanished did Gion lift his head. 


"Not even the fact that you existed in this world will remain." 




Gion's footsteps drew closer to the demons. 


"Not the bodies, not the traces, not even time itself." 




"You will disappear as if you never existed, without leaving any trace." 


Death leaves a trace. 


But the demons sensed they wouldn't even leave that much. 


The primal fear inherent in all living beings enveloped them. 






Gion steadied his breath and managed to push his blood-soaked hair back. 




With a scrunched-up face, the Second Chime landed in front of Gion from above. 




The Second Chime looked at the sword Gion was holding and let out a hollow laugh. 


"Relying on a piece of equipment to act so boldly..." 




"Both the bombs and that sword... If you didn't have them, do you think you could stand before me?" 






Gion didn't swing his sword.  


He simply laid it down in front of the Second Chime. 


Then, the sound of a massive rock falling from the sky was heard. 


Sand and dust whirled, obscuring the view. 


Something immense, either a blast of wind or a wave, swiftly passed between them. 


"Try it." 




"Do you think you can do what I do just by holding this sword?" 


"How dare you..." 




As the Second Chime flapped his wings, the surroundings turned pitch black. 


The landscape descended into a night so dark it was chilling. 


The chilling cold swept in, changing the temperature noticeably. 




Gion just quietly looked up at the Second Chime. 




Though lacking in physical strength, he had the power to turn the environment to his advantage. 


The lack of physical prowess could surely be compensated with the ability to fly. 


If one were to look for a weakness... 


It would be the possibility of capturing him if he were held in hand. 


But a winged Second Chime wouldn't likely be caught by Gion's hand. 


Yet, even so. 


No being is without weakness. 




The sound of distant footsteps echoed in the desolate, blood-stained field. 


A man was dragging a demon along. 


The Second Chime's gaze shifted towards him. 




Hoyeong was holding a man's arm. 


"You... just now..." 


And the Second Chime's eyes instantly filled with rage. 


The raw essence of his being, devoid of rationality, was exposed, and his true face laid bare. 


The lips that cursed then immediately shut, fearing the consequences of the words. 


The eyes showed murderous intent because they could not be totally devoid of cursing. 


Sweat beginning to flow involuntarily... 




The man held by Hoyeong simply stood there, calm and collected. 


He just looked at the Second Chime, not saying a word. 


What's precious becomes a vulnerability. 


This truth was applicable not only to humans but also to demons. 


Gion looked at the Second Chime, biting his lip till it bled. 


"Will you let that man die, or will you die instead?" 

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