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For the Downfall of My Belove Chapter 35

Updated: Mar 11

The princess of a nation has died. 


Moreover, she was murdered in a foreign land and has returned to her homeland. 


Princess Gayang, slashed by a sword, became a cold corpse. 


In the empire she ruled over, nothing but moans and sorrow existed. 


The dead had no words, and those who mourned her also remained silent. 


They simply bowed their heads, occupying a spot within the noble procession. 


Contrary to the solemn atmosphere, the funeral procession was more splendid than anything. 


The ground of the capital city where the procession passed was entirely covered with expensive carpets. 


Countless soldiers lined up, escorting the coffin containing Princess Gayang's body. 


Although it had been over a fortnight since the body of Gayang returned to Gayeon Country, the memorial procession was held every day without fail. 


The heavy sound of horseshoes resonated dully, in sync with the drumbeats of the traditional orchestra playing the memorial music. 


People of all ages stopped their daily lives as if frozen in time and joined the mourning procession. 


It was a repetitive procession every day, yet no one expressed any complaints. 


Street vendors, markets, schools, pawnshops… 


Everything except the procession seemed to be frozen in an eternal moment. 




The bell of Gayeon Castle rang every minute, and cannons were fired within the castle's precincts. 


Gayeon Castle was devoid of any vitality. 


In front of the altar adorned with expensive jewels, the king was praying, dressed in pure white mourning clothes. 


As if understanding the silent mourning of the king, everyone within the castle maintained their reverence by his side. 




And in that solemn atmosphere. 


A single woman, dressed in a stark black mourning gown, took a step forward. 


Her mourning attire, made of smooth black silk, and the black veil covering her face, concealed her appearance. 


But everyone present knew the identity of this woman. 


"What is this place..." 


A whisper so faint that even she herself might not realize she had uttered it broke the silence. 




But the woman gracefully continued her steps. 


"Even the heavens are indifferent... Because of her status as a princess, even in death, she has to face those she wished not to see..." 


"Was that person on the list?" 


Among the murmuring crowd, the woman stood behind the king. 




The king, despite his haggard complexion, maintained his solemn demeanor and stood up. 


As if waiting for this moment, the woman knelt in front of the incense burner and picked up a stick of incense. 


The tip of the incense slowly caught fire from the candle, and white smoke gently wafted. 




The woman lowered her black veil and draped it over her shoulder. 

Her neatly tied white hair, contrasting with her black attire, shone brilliantly. 


It was Rohwa. 


"How dare you show your face here?" 


A faint voice, coming from somewhere, caused everyone to frown and start murmuring. 


"If the princess had been in her own country, shouldn't she have been properly protected?" 


"What protection? You never know. Maybe the princess of the White Flower Kingdom had something to do with Princess Gayang's harm-" 


"Shh! Keep your voice down, or you might lose your head. Be careful with your words." 


"Did I say something wrong? Everyone knows that there was bad blood between them." 


Jealousy, resentment, conspiracy, denial. 


Amidst the multitude of emotions and scrutinizing gazes, Rohwa quietly continued her prayer. 


As if she were alone in the space, she peacefully closed her eyes and prayed, making people feel an unknown chill. 




After finishing her prayer, Rohwa stood in front of the king. 


She did not silence the murmuring crowd. 


This meant that the king himself was not pleased with Rohwa's presence, a direct expression of his feelings. 


The king of Gayeon, who never showed his emotions. 


If he was acting like this, it meant the hostility was piercing the sky. 


“You must be deeply saddened.” 


Rohwa's words made the king's eyebrows twitch. 


“That person…” 


Those around sighed. 


‘You must be deeply saddened,’ indeed. 


Are those words to say to a father who lost his daughter, to a king who lost his successor? 


Moreover, wasn't it in Rohwa's country, the White Flower Kingdom, where Princess Gayang died? 


“To stand so upright here…!” 


Finally, a minister couldn't hold back his emotions and burst out. 




But that was the last of it. 


The minister glancing at Rohwa's gaze seemed indifferent, but those who saw it instinctively felt a murderous intent. 


Just a look, yet everyone bowed their heads and coughed awkwardly. 


“I regret that such a disgraceful incident occurred in the White Flower Kingdom.” 






“Regret is not expressed that way, is it?” 


“I think the same. That's why I have something else I want to tell you.” 


“No. Speak here.” 


It was clear that letting Rohwa, who might have harmed the princess of Gayeon, be alone with the king was more than just words. 


Rohwa looked around and asked. 


“May I speak here?” 


“I will not repeat myself.” 


The king, feeling the limits of his patience, glared, but Rohwa, far from being flustered, rather showed a faint smile. 


“I have found the culprit who harmed Princess Gayang.” 




The king's eyes, which seemed unshakable, shook violently. 


The room instantly turned chaotic. 




When the king subtly raised his left hand, everyone silenced as if nothing had happened. 


“Who is the one who harmed the princess?” 


The king was speaking formally, but it felt like he would cut a throat at any moment. 


In this place, the moment anyone's name came from Rohwa's mouth, not only their life but the lives of their descendants were doomed. 


But Rohwa spoke as peacefully as if discussing what she had for breakfast that morning. 


“It's Gion.” 




What is control? 


It implies that the one controlling is stronger than the one being controlled. 


Whether it's through force or something else. 


Then, can Rohwa control the Demon King? 




Even if she held the heart of the Demon King, she was not stronger than him. 


In this situation, there were only two options. 


Either move according to the Demon King's control or disrupt the board he's trying to control. 


For Rohwa, the choice was too easy. 


“Gion is in the Xuan Kingdom.” 


Rohwa murmured softly, sipping tea inside the Gayeon Castle. 


The king looked at Rohwa, tilting his head. 


“Isn't Gion from the White Flower Kingdom? Then why is he in the Xuan Kingdom…” 


The king, mid-sentence, suddenly flinched and frowned as if he had realized something. 


Disrupting the board is, in fact, easier than one might think. 


Just casting a very small doubt is enough. 


And that was all Rohwa had to do. 


“I don’t fully understand the situation either, but there’s one thing I’m sure of.” 


The White Flower Kingdom, Gayeon, and Xuan Kingdom. 


These three countries were allies. 


Bordering each other, these three nations had formed an alliance to keep in check the smaller tribes and minor states surrounding them. 

This alliance was a treaty formed from the moment the second king of the White Flower Kingdom passed away, a treaty that had lasted for hundreds of years. 


An alliance that shouldn’t be broken, couldn't be broken, and wouldn’t be broken. 


That was the relationship between these three countries. 


And now, Rohwa was about to break this alliance. 


“The king of Xuan Kingdom is also aware that Gion is responsible for Princess Gayang's death.” 




No sooner had Rohwa finished speaking than the king slammed his teacup down onto the ground. 


The teacup shattered, breaking into pieces in an instant. 


The scattered fragments seemed to symbolize something that could never be put back together. 


Rohwa silently observed the pieces without a word. 


“My apologies.” 


The king, as if he had never been agitated, wiped the tea off his hands with a cloth and sat down. 


“It's alright.” 


There was only one situation when the king of Gayeon couldn’t control his emotions properly. 


When his pride was challenged. 


The king of Gayeon only showed anger in such situations. 


“But why is Xuan Kingdom holding onto Gion instead of handing him over to Gayeon?” 


How could this be the behavior of a father who lost his daughter? 


Instead of showing rage at the murderer of his princess, he was more upset about being disrespected. 




Rohwa picked up the teacup and sipped the tea. 


Or, more precisely, pretended to sip. 


It was to hide any emotion that might show on her face, even if very slightly. 


It’s easy to handle someone who only knows how to love themselves. 


Their weakness is themselves, after all. 


It was indeed fortunate that the king of Gayeon was such a person… 


Rohwa paused for a moment, halting her thoughts. 


The tea with honey in it tasted bitter. 




Rohwa downed the tea in one gulp and quickly continued speaking. 


“I don’t know the exact details, but it seems Gion has also caused trouble in Xuan Kingdom. The king of the Xuan Kingdom is desperate to catch him. He might be hiding Gion, but still, a princess of a nation has died. What could be a bigger incident than that?” 




“An alliance is fundamentally based on respect… It’s truly a regrettable situation.” 


The king of Gayeon quietly observed Rohwa. 


The words were going around in circles. 


Moreover, it's Gion who was saved by Rohwa, the princess of the Kingdom of White Flower Kingdom. 


And yet, he dared to come to Gayeon Country on his own and leak such information... 


"What is your intention?" 


It was clear that revealing the name of Gion in front of so many people was intentional. 


This cunning princess must have realized that he did not want a private audience, and the king had to act the moment the culprit was mentioned on the spot. 


"Is that important?" 


Before the king could organize his thoughts, Rohwa spoke up. 


"...So you're not denying it." 


"Even if I had another intention, what matters is that Xuan Kingdom is insulting Gayeon Country." 




Rohwa wiped the bitter aftertaste from her lips with a sly smile. 


"The king of Gayeon Country wouldn't tolerate such a humiliation, would he?" 




"I've never seen anyone as crazy as you in my life…" 


Hwaran stepped out of his sword's range and muttered blankly. 


And for a good reason. 


"Don't even bother a dog when it's eating." 


Because Gion was eating wild boar meat in the empty street. 


"Do you even realize your situation?" 


This is the central mountain of the Xuan Kingdom. 


Moreover, it was the central mountain with a path leading to the White Flower Kingdom. 


It was clear that the path was made to lure Gion out, as he never showed himself. 


And Gion must have been aware of this too. 


"What are you thinking?" 


Time was of the essence. 


Who knows when the monsters and king of Xuan Kingdom will attack? 


But Gion just kept eating the wild boar meat without saying a word. 


He diligently blew on the steaming surface to cool it down. 


And that wasn't all. 


He cut down trees and weaved grass into a support to properly cook the wild boar meat. 


He tirelessly turned the meat over the fire, roasting the wild boar meat. 


He scraped the bone, skinned the tough parts, and discarded them. 


Not content with just eating the tender parts for easy digestion, he even fetched water from a stream to drink heartily. 


It looked as if he was hosting a feast in his own backyard, so relaxed... 


In contrast, Hwaran was on high alert, guarding the surroundings like a sentry on watch. 


Gion was focused solely on chewing the wild boar meat. 


"Do you want some?" 


Gion offered the fully cooked foreleg to Hwaran, who was glaring down at him with narrowed eyes. 




Hwaran felt a throbbing in the back of his head. 


"Do you think I would eat such crude food? I am the Spring Spirit King who can live without eating if need be-" 


"Got it." 


Gion immediately tore off the foreleg and put it in his mouth. 


"He's chewing very thoroughly, isn't he?" 


He didn't seem hurried at all. 


In fact, he was eating so leisurely that it looked as if he was forcing himself to eat something he didn't like. 


But Gion finished every piece of meat he had placed on the large leaf. 


"...He ate it all." 


Hwaran looked at the remains, only bones and chunks of fat left. 


There were so many bones it was hard to count them all. 


Gion single-handedly devoured an amount of food sufficient for five adult men. 


Shaking off the clumps of dirt and grease that clung to his clothes, Gion rose from his place. 


"It's time to leave." 




"He has appeared!" 


A retainer, who had rushed to the throne where Gu sat, exclaimed urgently. 




These three words came to mind. 


Gu displayed a smile filled with exhilaration. 


"I'm heading there immediately." 


"You mean to go there yourself?" 




Gu immediately headed towards the city gates, his eyes wide open. 


"Is this the time for such questions? He is fleeing even now, and we won't be able to catch up." 


It's a race against time. 


If they move faster than Gion's escape, they can catch him. 


The demons are lying in wait in the Central Mountains of the Xuan Kingdom. 


It's a battle they cannot lose. 




Gu mounted a horse he had prepared in advance. 


Trot trot trot! 


Everyone followed Gu as planned. 


The sound of the pursuing hooves was so numerous, it was like the beating of drums. 


Accompanied by a vast number of soldiers enough to stir up a sandstorm, Gu headed towards Central Mountain. 


"What was the last reported condition of that guy?" 


"That… it's…" 


As Gu spoke, a general riding beside him said, 


"He was eating a wild boar." 




"He had lit a fire... and was just eating." 


A laugh of disbelief escaped involuntarily. 


How close to death must one be to catch and eat meat even in this situation? 




Even as he responded, laughter leaked out. 


It was obvious they would catch him. 


Seeing a wild boar and losing his mind over it to the extent of catching and eating it indicated he was on the brink of death from hunger. 


No matter how much he tries to flee, he won't get far. 


"Ride at full speed!" 


The demons blocked the path, even manifesting dark energy. 


Reaching the destination, 


As soon as Gu arrived, he couldn't help but contort his face. 


"This, this is... I mean..." 


Gu didn't say anything, but the soldier who had reported Gion's location swallowed his saliva. 


And for good reason. 


Only traces of eaten meat were left. 


Precisely, there weren't even signs of movement after eating the meat. 


"... Find him." 


Gu, with a contorted expression, shouted. 


"Search the entire vicinity immediately." 




The sleet began to whirl, quickly piling up snow on the ground. 


"Yes, yes!" 


The soldiers scattered like herbivores fleeing from predators. 


At that moment. 


"Your Majesty, the King of the West!" 


A soldier came running breathlessly from afar. 


"What is it?" 


His head was already throbbing. 


And with that soldier running towards him looking so pale, something must have gone wrong. 


But could there be anything worse than not finding Gion right now? 


With a heavy sigh, the King pressed his temples and closed his eyes. 


"At the border...! Gayeon Country is invading our territory!" 




It's said that when you're too stunned, you can't find any words to say. 


That's exactly how the King felt right now. 


Amidst the chaos everywhere. 


He felt disillusioned by the madness of the current situation. 


'It had to be me, of all people...' 


To be so helpless among these petty conflicts. 


Fury surged within him. 


"Has that old king gone senile?" 




The sleet quickly turned into heavy snowflakes swirling around. 


The King gritted his teeth so hard that his veins bulged on his face. 


The soldier, trembling, bowed his head. 


"You must go there yourself. Otherwise, it'll immediately turn into a war-" 




A small sigh silenced everything as if all life had ceased. 


The King, his robe fluttering, turned around. 


"Head to the border immediately." 




Hwaran was genuinely perplexed. 


Was it really right for the White Qi to be in this person's hands? 


Or more precisely, was it not that the White Qi chose Gion, but Gion chose the White Qi? 


In all his eternal life, he had never encountered a being so incomprehensible. 


"Weren't you trying to escape?" 




Now Gion, having eaten meat and regained some vitality... 


Lay down as before. 


Like an animal hibernating in a burrow, or maybe even more lifeless, like a corpse preparing to sleep again. 


Gion slowly relaxed his body and closed his eyes. 


[I only gave you more time to endure.] 


Gion seemed to be saving even the energy to speak, echoing his voice in Hwaran's mind. 


The reason for eating the wild boar and returning to the cave was simple. 


[I can't flee to the White Flower Kingdom now.] 


In such a situation, gambling was not an option. 


Gion, too, had only one life to live. 


Eventually, he would be drained of all his energy by the demons lying in ambush before even reaching the White Flower Kingdom, and it was a given that he would die upon finally encountering the First Chime. 




"You're planning to buy time, aren't you?" 


Hwaran chuckled bitterly while looking at Gion. 




They, after all, are beings with a sense of self. 


Beings who can feel the passage of time and think. 


As time continues to pass, and pass, and pass... 


Will they be able to maintain the same level of tension as now? 


Returning to White Flower Kingdom is the moment when they let their guard down. 


"You're truly insane." 


Even as Hwaran said this, she entered her sword without speaking to Gion. 


It was as if the proud Spring Spirit King acknowledged Gion's decision. 


At that moment. 


Thud, thud, thud, thud. 


The ground vibrated faintly, and dirt fell onto Gion's face. 




Gion slowly opened his eyes. 


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