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For the Downfall of My Beloved Chapter 25

Updated: Feb 26

"How are you planning to deal with Gayang?" Gion asked Rohwa. 


In the western mountain swept by the Demon King and his generals, a chill lingered like the thick ice that wouldn't easily melt, engulfing the place in a cold, eerie silence.  


Rohwa glared at Gion, rolling her eyes. 


"Shouldn't you be more worried about your own situation?" 


Rohwa retorted with a hollow laugh. 


Due to the Demon King manifesting his dark energy, Gion's eardrums were torn, blood trickling from his ears. 


Yet, Gion appeared numb, seemingly unaffected by the pain. 


"Matters concerning Gayang are none of your concern." 




Even as they walked side by side, it felt as if they were walking separately. 


"Do you think I can't handle even a girl as small as that?" 




"I've lived a hundred years. I might not have been the frail princess known as the 'Lady of Spring,' but I am capable now." 


Rohwa glared at Gion as if to say, 'What do you take me for?' 


He knew that expression. 


When Rohwa got agitated, she had a habit of frowning her right eye. This habit was often seen when people referred to her as the 'Lady of Spring.' 


The expression she showed to those who underestimated her, thinking the princess locked in the White Dragon Castle and only experiencing spring would be frail. That expression was akin to saying, don't teach me if you know nothing. 


The slight difference now was that a hundred years ago, the expression was full of defiance, but now, it seemed to be just a habit, a motion carried out almost inertly. 


Despite the frown, it felt as if only the shell moved, devoid of any substance. 




Gion stopped in his tracks. 


If Gayang had died, it wouldn't be this silent. 


Certainly, Gayang is alive. Whether Rohwa threatened, persuaded, or enticed her… 


She's alive. 


As long as Gayang draws breath, she's not the type to just watch things unfold. 


"Sometimes it's not about settling things, but about handling them." 


Gion simply voiced his thoughts. His words were neither coercive nor instructive, just numb. 


As Rohwa, who was walking ahead, turned around, Gion resumed his steps. 


"You handle the rest." 


Though spoken indifferently, the chilling words made Rohwa feel a surge of heat in her core. 


As Gion walked away, Rohwa clenched her teeth and then her fist. 


She looked like she was about to retort, but then she opened her eyes, unfocused and lifeless. 


"I'll handle it." 


Rohwa stood still for a moment, then turned around and began walking in the opposite direction of Gion. 




“Rohwa killed Sihwan...” 


A gaunt woman muttered sadly. 


Her hair, which she had dyed white from black, was uneven and ragged. 


Her eyes were swollen red, possibly from continuous rubbing, and she was barefoot. 


Her clothes were haphazardly put on, reminiscent of Rohwa. 




The woman, her eyes brimming with tears, suddenly burst into laughter, covering her mouth with her hands. 




As she couldn't contain her laughter, the servants attending her trembled. 


"It seems my time has finally come!" 


"Ga, Gayang... if you act now-" 




"Call me princess." 


The head of a servant the size of a human body was severed by Gayang's thin strand of dark energy. Another attendant nearby just kept his mouth tightly shut. 


Gayang, with a bright smile, then addressed the living attendant. 


"Kid. Rohwa killed Sihwan. Wouldn't she fall out of favor with the Demon King? Then, for this operation, wouldn't we need someone else to harbor the Demon King's heart? If I become that person, I can enjoy infinite time by the side of the most supreme being. Right?" 




Gayang, who was spewing words like a madwoman, clapped her hands and stood up. 


"Ah, no. It's not 'if I become that person.' It's definitely going to happen. Do you not know what I've done to make the Demon King's plan a success? I abandoned my princess status, deserted my country, and in the White Flower Kingdom, I had to meet that detestable woman every time, every single time..." 


She alternated between laughing, raging, and grieving, making the attendants shiver as they replied. 




"Now I won't have to see her always hanging around the Demon King!" 


Gayang, seemingly elated again, lightly lifted her toes and twirled around. 


The lantern light reflected beautifully off her swaying silk clothes, but no one dared lift their heads. 


"Yes. Given the circumstances, wouldn't it be my role to ensure she remains out of the Demon King's sight? Isn't that right?" 




Gayang, who was laughing hysterically, suddenly stiffened her face and muttered blankly. 


"How dare she deceive the Demon King..." 




"How troubled must the Demon King have been, huh?" 


All the attendants and servants could do was nod in agreement to Gayang's words. 


In the midst of their terror, Gayang showed them a gentle smile and crouched down. 


"Don't worry too much. Just one hit is all it takes. Just one, and killing her will be a piece of cake." 


"Yes, yes..." 


"So, you agree? Right?" 


"... Yeah. Right." 


Gayang paused at the eerie voice coming from behind. 




The sound of light footsteps, small but carrying immense fear, approached. 


"You're right..." 


Rohwa, with her red eyes unfocused, muttered as she gazed at Gayang. Her posture, slumped as if struck by lightning, was chillingly resolute. 




Gayang began to stutter and sweat profusely at the sight of Rohwa. 




As Rohwa sat before Gayang, her glossy white hair cascaded down to the floor. 


-Sometimes, it's not about settling things but about handling them. 




Gion was right. 


Again, Gion was right. 


Gayang, holding onto the speechless Rohwa, started to ramble desperately. 


"No! I misspoke just now. I can't die like this! All the time I've spent... I mean..." 


It's all meaningless. Muttering something, but who cares. 


Rohwa wasn't concerned about Gayang at that moment. 


-You handle the rest. 


Even as Gayang trembled in fear and begged, she was not to be taken lightly. 


Princess Gayang of Gayeon Country had brought the entire army of Gayeon Country when she set foot in the White Flower Kingdom. That army, blessed by the generals, had turned into demons. Had it been slightly delayed, Rohwa might have had to wage a war alone. 

It certainly would have been perilous. 




Rohwa stood up and looked down at Gayang. 


Her frail figure in disheveled clothes and barefooted – a pitiful sight. 


'Did he see me like this too.' 


She had said she would handle it herself. 


How pitiful must she have looked? It was infuriating that Gion was right, but what was even more demeaning was the fact that she had to rely on his words. 




Rohwa let out a hollow laugh, tilting her head back. 






A chilly wind blew through the western mountain. 


"Only three days left." 


The wooden demons of the western mountain, busy with their movements, halted at the words of the Fourth Chime. 




The ground vibrated, and a strange noise echoed through the mountain whenever the rooted wooden demons moved. 


Numerous wooden demons gathered before the Fourth Chime, filling the western mountain so densely that the end was not in sight. 


The Fourth Chime gazed at the massive shadow stretching out before him. 




Irritated, the Fourth Chime unleashed his dark energy, and the healthy branches shattered, disintegrating into dust. 


It took hundreds of years for the Fourth Chime to ascend here. He couldn't afford to die in this duel. 


"Father might take action if we fail to capture him this time. Risk your lives to bring me his head." 


The Fourth Chime's eyes sparkled as he commanded the wooden demons. 


"If you fail to kill him, you will die by my hands." 


The wooden demons trembled and moved hastily upon the Fourth Chimes's menacing warning. 


"What about the traps?" 


The Fourth Chime asked the largest wooden demon beside him. 


"We've laid them all around this area-" 


"Didn't I order to lay them throughout the entire western mountain! The moment that human steps into the western mountain, he should be dismembered by the traps!" 


"...Ah, but that would mean the number of wooden demons for direct combat would-" 


The Fourth Chime asked coldly. 


"Are the humans in the capital there just for show? You can take them hostage, turn them into demons, and use them for traps. Plow the land if you have to, but make sure everything is set up." 


The wooden demon immediately bowed and left the scene. 


"What am I to do with these inept fools." 


The Fourth Chime kicked the ground irritably and entered through the vines. 


As the Fourth Chime entered, the shadow instantly thickened, sealing the entrance. 


Complete darkness. 


Entering a space where not even a sliver of light penetrated, there was a sense of liberation. 


'Not too bad.' 


There were still three days left. All the demons of the western mountain and even the Second Chime were joining the battle against Gion. There was no problem with the traps and the involvement of the civilians; victory was almost certain.  

A smirk formed involuntarily. 


"Heh, heh…" 


I wonder what expression he'll wear when he dies. The expressions of those devoured by the demons in the western mountain were quite a sight… 


At that moment. 


"You're too late." 


A low voice echoed in the pitch-black space. 


"What, what is this…" 


Muttering to himself and looking around, the Fourth Chime, who had just seen the light, wasn't accustomed to the darkness yet. But one thing was certain. 


"This cowardly bastard…!" 


The Fourth Chime spun around on the spot, shouting into the void. 


Straining his eyes in the dark until they hurt, trying to get accustomed to it. 




Clang, clang, clang. 


As he was getting used to the darkness, a menacing noise approached, and a massive silhouette became faintly visible. 


The Fourth Chime trembled as he saw a silhouette, not quite human-like, approaching him. 


A monster, seemingly with three heads like himself, was coming closer. 


A round object dragged along the ground emitted the sound of death. 


The sword, larger than a human body, glowed ominously even without any light shining on it. 


The sound of a massive stick piercing through the body scraped the ground, but the approaching figure wielding the sword remained utterly unfazed. 




A pale green light flashed, revealing Gion. 




There was no metaphor to describe the sight of Gion that could engulf one in fear instantly. The only word that brushed past the Fourth Chime's mind was 'death.' 


“Th-three days… only three days…” 




It was nothing but a leak of air. The Fourth Chime halted his speech at the metallic sound devoid of any voice. 


Screech, screech, screech. 


As Gion moved, countless weapons dragged along, clinging to his body. 


Gion chuckled with his head bowed. He hardened his expression and lifted his head. 


"That's why you still remain a mere Fourth Chime." 


The Fourth Chime's three faces instantly clouded with despair and desperation. 




The Fourth Chime lunged desperately, like those fighting for their lives. 




"Is the Second Chime here?" 


Gion tilted his head back, looking up at the sky. 


The high castle, covered in vines, stood solemnly. 


The massive castle gates were reinforced with iron to withstand powerful attacks. Beyond the high walls, the castle's towers appeared sturdy at first glance. 


It seemed like the Second Chime was residing in the abandoned castle in the western mountain like a lord. 


Mujun expressed his concern. 


"What are you planning? Inside, there is the Second Chime. All the demons under his command are there, too." 


"That's enough information. You can go now." 


Gion casually replied, placing down a sack as big as his body. 


At his gesture, Mujun ruffled his hair and disappeared into the shadows. 




Gion took out a pitch-black cannonball that didn't even shimmer with a hint of blue light. 


The round ball was densely studded with rectangular protrusions. 




Gion loaded the cannonball into the cylindrical cannon. 


He could enter the massive castle, kill all the demons inside, and reach the top. 


But was that necessary? 


Especially when such a vast plain was spread out before him. 


There's no need to enter; draw them out instead. 




The cannonball, fired with a burst of flames, obliterated the massive castle gates in an instant. 




But Gion didn't stop there. 


Boom, boom, boom! 


The more durable the target, the more devastating Jowoon's cannonball becomes. 


So, what about the western mountain's castle, famous for its sturdiness? 




It would still crumble like this. 


"Aaaaah! What is this!" 




Numerous demons rushed out from the collapsing castle. 


They poured out lifelessly, like insides spilling out of a burst body. 


Thud, thud, thud, thud. 


So many were spilling out that the ground itself seemed to tremble. 






Amidst the flames, a massive, dark bird soared up. 




Unscathed, enveloped in acrid smoke, it was the second Chime. 


"This lowly creature…" 


His usual sneering smile was twisted. 


The Second Chime exudes murderous intent, with his entire body filled with nothing but rage. 




Facing the demons rushing at him like a pack of starving wolves, Gion approached the Second Chime with dignity. 




As Gion drew closer, the Second Chimes's expression hardened even more. 


Far from showing any vitality, his body was so bruised it hardly showed any flesh color. 


His arms hung loosely as if the twisted bones were haphazardly aligned. 


Not just splattered with blood, his shoes too seemed soaked in it, making a peculiar cracking sound with each step. 


As Gion reached the Second Chime, the latter raised the veins in his neck. 


"Did you dare to—Fourth Chime…" 


But the Second Chime's words were left unfinished. 


Because Gion took something out of his hand. 




Fragments of light seeped into Gion's core, and a pristine, immaculate white light flickered. 


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