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For the Downfall of My Beloved Chapter 30

Updated: Mar 4

The First Chime, known as Gu, has a clear objective. 


To isolate Gion. 


By issuing a hunt order, he caused numerous demons to chase after Gion. 


During this period, the Buksan, home to the Baekho tribe, also faced the invasion of demons. 


As the tribal leader, Hoyeong set out to protect the tribe and head to Buksan, so it was natural for Hoyeong and Gion to part ways. 


Moreover, Haram is nowhere to be seen. 


Even the news from Haram, who said he would look for Rohwa to deliver the piece of light, has been cut off. 


It was evident that Gu had taken measures against Haram too. 




Gion gazed at the mountain drenched in red. 


It was a vivid sensation, like seeing a mirage, even though the forms were blurred. 


It was indistinguishable whether he was standing or lying down. 


His fingernails had long been broken, but he felt no pain; his whole body was numb. 


Could he cross the border and find the First Chime in Xuan Kingdom in this condition? 




Entering alone in his current state would only fulfill Gu's desire to isolate him, like willingly walking into a pit of fire. 


Then, is there anyone who would move together with him? 


Gu has laid hands even on Hoyeong and Haram. 


There's not a single thing he can trust. 






Is that what's important now? 

There was never anything that could be completely trusted to begin with. 


In that case, one should utilize the truth. 




Gion stopped walking. 


"One week." 


At Gion's words, the Demon King raised his eyebrows in interest. 


Gion turned around to face the Demon King. 


"Buy me time for one week." 


The Demon King pondered for a moment, then brushed back his hair. 


"That's not how you ask for a favor." 




"Beg for it." 


The Demon King smirked. 


"You need my power now, so beg me for help." 


"Why should I do that?" 


Gion looked at the Demon King, who hadn't moved a single step from the rotten leaves. 


"You need me too." 


Gion doesn't need to find someone to move for him. 


He needs to find someone with the same objective as him. 


Not cooperation based on trust but an alliance formed with a shared goal. 


That's what Gion needs. 


"To retrieve Rohwa, you need me, don't you?" 


This was the situation from the beginning. 


Gion 'exposed' his position; he didn't forcibly drag the Demon King here. 


The Demon King came to Gion on his own volition. 


That meant the Demon King also felt the necessity to meet with Gion. 


The Demon King gazed into Gion's unwavering eyes. 


Soon, he showed a smile filled with anticipation, like a boy receiving a gift. 


"Right, that's how it should be." 




"You're a smart kid. I might have been disappointed if you hadn't stopped in your tracks." 




The Demon King flexed his wrist, and a sound like the echo of a roaring beast resounded through the mountains. 


"So, what are you going to do while I buy you this time?" 


"I'll erase my tracks so the First Chime can't follow me." 


"If you move recklessly, won't Gu harm Rohwa?" 


"He can't touch the princess. His goal is to buy time." 


The Demon King quietly observed Gion. 


With a gaze as if trying to fathom the depths of an abyss. 


"How can you be so sure?" 


"Keeping the princess hostage is evidence of that. And-" 


Gion faced the Demon King and replied. 


"You, too, are certain that he's doing all this to buy time." 


"Ha! Hahaha!" 


The Demon King laughed so hard that tears trickled down his face. 


"Hah... heh... Fine. I'll buy you a week." 


He answered, still unable to stop laughing, wiping the corners of his eyes. 




Gion turned and vanished into the woods. 




What is a border? 


It's supposed to signify the boundary between two nations, playing a crucial role in a country protecting its territory and establishing limits. 


However, the border drawn between the White Flower Kingdom and the Xuan Kingdom failed to serve its purpose. 


On the outskirts of Xuan Kingdom. 


After the White Flower Kingdom became the territory of demons, the border adjacent to the kingdom turned into a lawless zone. 


The people of the Xuan Kingdom and demons freely crossed this border without the White Flower Kingdom making any effort to stop them. 


Or, more precisely, there was no need to. 


The king of the White Flower Kingdom was the Demon King. 


The king of the Xuan Kingdom was Gu, also known as the First Chime. 


Though the countries were separate, ultimately, Gu was a vassal to the Demon King. 


Thus, demons freely crossed the border as if it were the threshold of their own home. 


Without proper management of the border, minor and major incidents were rampant. 


A playground for demons, a resting place for demons. 


That was the border between the Xuan Kingdom and the White Flower Kingdom. 


That was until the Demon King arrived. 


"It's been a while since I've seen my son. Does anyone know where he is?" 


"...Why would the king of the White Flower Kingdom come here..." 


The guards at the border blinked in disbelief. 


Even though this place had become a playground, there were unspoken rules. 


"My son came to the White Flower Kingdom but didn't see me before leaving. So, I decided to come here." 


The Demon King in the Xuan Kingdom, and Gu in the White Flower Kingdom. 


They don't intrude uninvited. 


"Is there a problem?" 


The guards instinctively sensed a crisis. 


"That, that statement... You mean the king of the west..." 


The king of the Xuan Kingdom set foot in the White Flower Kingdom without paying homage to the Demon King, the king of the White Flower Kingdom. 


This statement implied an invasion. 




The Demon King leisurely crossed the border and moved forward. 


"Wait, just a moment…!" 




The Demon King didn't stop but continued walking forward, asking without looking back. 


"Do you intend to grab onto my hem?" 


The Demon King asked in a jesting tone, but all the soldiers turned pale. 


They couldn't possibly detain him. 


Even as guards of the border, how could they detain a king of a nation? 


Moreover, there were no orders from the higher-ups. Any rash action could lead to dire consequences. 




The Demon King stepped onto the winding mountain path. 


"Didn't I ask where Gu is?" 


Though there was a playful tone, the weight in his words didn't diminish. 


The guards, unable to speak or remain silent, just trembled. 




The Demon King chuckled and continued walking. 


"My son seems to have many loyal subjects." 




"Well… I don't mind finding him myself." 




The Demon King gently stepped forward. 


Without turning sideways or following the winding path. 


Just looking straight ahead and moving forward. 


"Wait, just a moment…" 


The soldiers, unable to hold or let the Demon King go, followed him closely. 


"We will send a message to the king of the west; please wait just a moment-" 




The trees creating the winding path were instantly cut down. 


A clear path unfolded before the Demon King. 


"It would take five days…" 




A rock in the path of the Demon King's advance shattered instantly. 


At that moment. 


"... There, there's...!" 


A soldier screamed in alarm. 


A cliff was shrouded in mist, looking bottomless. 


"Five days is too long…" 


The Demon King muttered, stepping forward as if he were a homeowner casually strolling in his front yard. 




As the cold wind blew, the mist cleared. 




A massive black energy gathered at the cliff, forming a bridge that looked sturdier than any other, spanning the empty space. 




The Demon King closed his eyes and smiled as the cool breeze blew. 


"Xuan Kingdom does have nice weather, doesn't it?" 




The Demon King continued walking, just like a homeowner strolling in his front yard. 


"Uh, uh…" 


The soldiers awkwardly crawled, following the Demon King. 


Dependent on the unpredictable dark energy, they trembled in fear. 


"Please stop…!" 


One soldier, having crossed the bridge, called out in terror. 


"This, this place is not the White Flower Kingdom but the Xuan Kingdom… this could lead to a crisis between the two nations-" 


"Do you have a problem with me coming to see my son?" 


At the soldier's words, those holding weapons lost their morale at the single sentence from the Demon King. 


It was just a casual phrase, not showing any killing intent or harboring malice. 


But it was clear to them. 


In the eyes of the Demon King, they were no different from the trees he had just cut down. 


There was no need for killing intent or malice. 




With each step, the Demon King took the life of the green forest, turned black, and disintegrated. 


The lush forest quickly became desolate. 


The soldiers swallowed their saliva, watching the nature of their homeland turn to ash. 


The Demon King didn't follow the path. 


He removed the obstacles in his way and moved straight forward. 


That meant, 


The moment anyone stood before the Demon King, their death was certain. 


Thump, thump. 


The Demon King sighed at the countless footsteps resounding from behind. 


"I'm just on my way to see my son. Why are they gathering in droves like this?" 


With each step, the number of soldiers increased. 


Suddenly, all the leading demons were standing behind the Demon King. 


So many that even though they were quietly following, the sound of footsteps was enough to drive one mad. 


At that moment, 




A slender man blocked the Demon King's path. 


With a hazy and pale artificial eye, his left face was distorted. 


However, his right face was as calm and serene as anyone else's. 


The soldiers sighed in relief upon seeing the man. 


Without approaching, the man spoke. 


"If you come any closer, we will kill the princess." 


"It seems you've risen in ranks by sticking with Gu." 




The Demon King stepped toward the man. 


"Go ahead and kill." 


For the first time, the man's brow twitched. 


The Demon King smiled warmly, curling up the corners of his mouth. 


"If you want to see Xuan Kingdom disappear, that is." 






Rohwa's body slanted as she leaned against the door. 




She stood up and dusted off her clothes. 


The shackles around her wrists ached up to her elbows. 


"Get up." 


Rohwa looked around. 


... An inn?' 


This isn't where she wants to go. 




"Get up." 


Rohwa glared fiercely at the man gripping her hair. 


Despite gnashing her teeth in anger, not a single tear or moan escaped her. 


"This girl is-" 


Just as the man was about to raise his hand. 


"Hey. Don't raise your hand. If you hit her wrong and she gets a head injury, she'll die." 




"Look at her frail body. One slap and her neck might just twist." 


"I'm already irritated from dragging her around. One hit should be fine. This girl is making us go through so much trouble." 


The man spoke coldly. 


"Why can't we just kill her?" 


"You think we have the authority to decide that? We follow orders until the king of the west makes a decision. Shut up and comply." 


The man clicked his tongue at his colleague's words and harshly dragged Rohwa towards the inn. 




The path had changed unexpectedly, and the lodging was suddenly switched. 


That meant the plan had been disrupted... 


There was only one person who could disrupt their plans. 


'The Demon King has arrived.' 




The men entered the inn and seated Rohwa at the table. 


"We're staying here tonight, so just quietly eat what's given and stay put. Please." 


Rohwa relaxed her shoulders. 


Though she maintained a nonchalant attitude, her expression was impassive. 


The heavy chains bound her, constraining her body, yet she didn't exert any strength. 


The bruises all over her body didn't seem to bother her, regardless of where they were hit. 




A servant came carrying a plate of food. 




Since leaving the White Dragon Castle, Rohwa's eyes, which had not wavered, shook violently as if caught in a storm. 


"What's wrong?" 


The man next to her noticed something odd and asked. 




The servant who delivered the food turned and headed back to the kitchen. 


Thud, tap. 


The sound of footsteps gradually faded away. 


"Why are you glaring like that?" 


The man asked threateningly, but Rohwa just silently stared ahead. 


Thud, thud, thud. 


The footsteps that had faded were now approaching again. 


"Are you ignoring me?" 


The man's face twisted in anger as he gritted his teeth. 


"You're just asking to get hit." 


The man grabbed Rohwa's collar. 


However, Rohwa didn't move an inch, not even looking at the man. 


Thud, thud, thud, thud. 


Footsteps closing in, almost at arm's reach. 


The man turned at the shadow cast over him. 






The kitchen knife plunged into the man's throat. 


As blood spurted out, another man who was packing up in the back quickly turned around. 


"This is insane...!" 




The man's head flew through the air and crashed onto the table. 


Sticky, warm blood trickled down Rohwa's cheek. 


The already dusty silk dress became soaked with blood splatters. 






The servant, who was actually Gion in disguise, cut off the chains binding Rohwa's wrists and sliced off her gag. 




Blood seeped into Rohwa's eyes. 


As her vision tinted red, Gion's figure came into clear focus. 


"Eat. We need to move quickly." 


It was Gion. 

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