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For the Downfall of My Beloved Chapter 33

Updated: Mar 7

Gasping, panting... 


When was the last time she ran out of breath like this? 


She doesn't even feel pain while running with injured bare feet. Her heart was racing so fast it felt like it might stop. 


Maybe because of the running, the sweet taste in her dry throat has long turned bitter and metallic. 


Rohwa, covered in blood, ran towards the castle of Xuan Kingdom, where Gu resided, and the Western Capital Castle, where Gion said the Demon King was. 


"Capture her!" 




Rohwa instantly slashed the approaching demon. 


The wound on her thigh widened. 


Blood flowed against her will, seeping into her clothes and hindering her steps. 




Roha cut off the hem of her clothes, dragging on the ground up to her thigh, and threw it behind. 




A demon, sprinting at full speed, stumbled and fell back as its view was blocked.  


On the steep mountain path, the demons in front tumbled down, sweeping those behind them along. 




A branch grazed Rohwa's bare leg, and the wound opened immediately. 


The more she ran, the more blood she lost, but Rohwa couldn't even feel the pain. 


If she couldn't meet the Demon King now, all her plans would crumble. 


A hundred years of planning would collapse like a sandcastle in an instant. 


Rohwa gritted her teeth and began to run madly. 


She could move faster in the shadows, but that would reveal her position to the guards. 


So running like this was the only way... 


At that moment. 


Thud thud thud thud. 


A vibration resonated in her head. 




Rohwa turned around, slashing the demons, and looked beyond the mountain. 


A presence was rapidly approaching. 


No, to be precise... 


It was too fast to be anything but a guard. 




Rohwa thrust her blade into the countless attacking demons, looking towards the Western Capital Castle. 


How long would it take to run from this point? 


At least ten miles away. Even for Rohwa, it would take at least half an hour on this steep mountain path. 


But how long would it take for the approaching being to reach Rohwa? 


Her legs were already wobbly from running such an unimaginably long distance. 


Since meeting Gu at the White Dragon Castle, she hadn't rested, and her body was battered. 


It felt like a miracle that her legs, which seemed to barely cling to her body, were still standing. 




It's not even worth calculating. 


While she was thinking this, the approaching being had already crossed a hill. 


Thud thud thud thud. 


The demons she was slashing couldn't compare to the heavily armed demons approaching her. 


With such speed and force, there could only be one being. 


The being closest to the Demon King, and the one Rohwa would almost certainly lose against if she confronted him. 


It was the First Chime. 




It's not even three o'clock in the morning, yet it's already dawn. 


Roha sighed with her shoulders drooping and let out a hollow laugh. 


Is this the end? 


Was it all for nothing? 


Is everything she's built over a hundred years crumbling down in an instant? 


The sharp hook of the question mark ruthlessly and mercilessly stabbed Rohwa. 


The strength drained from the hand holding the sword. 


The wrist, once bound by iron chains, now throbbed with a fresh, blue bruise. 


- Eat. We need to move quickly. 






Rohwa, leaving behind the shadows that seemed to engulf her, started to run. 


The one who turns the impossible into possible. 


That person wasn't just anyone. 


The first to surrender the white qi to someone who wasn't a royal descendant, the one who brought the dead back to life. 


That was Rohwa. 




Rohwa slipped her sword back into the shadow. 




The demons seized the moment Rohwa was unarmed. They started to close the distance and attack. 


Even as her skin was torn and blood flowed, Rohwa avoided any fatal blows. Her pace not slowing down. 


'By now...' 


Miraculously, when her legs finally responded to her desperate command, Rohwa was confronted by a steep slope. 


"If I tumble down this incline, it's certain at least one leg will shatter; perhaps even a shoulder will be pulverized," she mused grimly. 


Despite such thoughts flashing through her mind, Rohwa leaped. 




As Roha's figure surged, a massive dark energy undulated, creating a wind. 




The wind forcefully pushed Rohwa's back. 




Rohwa curled up as much as possible while rolling down the slope. 


Groans escaped her lips involuntarily from the rocks and thorns piercing her skin, but she kept her weight forward to not lose momentum. 


Once I get down this slope, the mountain entrance will appear. 


A straight path from there leads to the Western Capital City, so it's not entirely hopeless. 


'I can do thi-' 




Before Rohwa could finish her thought, a chilling shadow snatched her away. 




Her ears rang with a heartbeat. 


It was a fleeting moment, but as her heart seemed to stop, Rohwa began to exert the remaining strength to manifest her dark energy. 




Just as the dark energy was about to touch the man's neck, Rohwa's body was suddenly lifted into the air. 


"It's been a while." 


Barely managing to stand, Rohwa looked up at the source of the voice. 


The Demon King, enveloping Rohwa's blood-soaked shoulders and waist, was looking down at her. 




Rohwa, with her crushed hand, forcefully grabbed and pulled at the Demon King's collar. 


"Move now." 


Normally, Rohwa would have frowned or kept her distance if someone touched her body. 


But right now, she's rather pulling the Demon King closer, speaking with her lips bleeding. 


"It's not the time to leisurely ask how someone is doing. We don't have time for this." 




"Gion is still within the borders of Xuan Kingdom. I heard that the two of you have already agreed, so hurry up-" 




The Demon King sighed and tilted his head. 


"Yeah, that's right, that's what we agreed on." 


Suddenly, Rohwa felt the blood trickling down feeling cold. 


"But I changed my mind." 


The sensation of the blood circulating inside her body suddenly stopped, choking her breath. 


Rohwa knows exactly what this sensation foretells. 


"Should I really save that guy?" 




Rohwa's nails dug into the Demon King's tough skin. 




Rohwa's blood, mixed with black qi, enveloped the surroundings, tearing through the air. 


But the Demon King didn't stop talking. 


"That guy is too dangerous. Everything about this incident has gone just as he predicted." 




"No, even though Gu started it, the game was already planned by him," 


The Demon King spoke with a stern face, not showing a hint of a smile. 


"He knew that once I stepped into Xuan Kingdom, all attention would turn to me. He was sure I couldn't refuse the offer, and not only did he demand it, he took you out of the inn while I was distracted..." 


The Demon King continued in a rare serious tone. 


"Plus, do you know what he said? He said Gu would sneak you into the Western Capital City." 




"That's exactly what happened. He probably pinpointed your location then." 


That would be the case. 


Gion would do that and more. 


Although it was already known information, a brutally confirmed fact remained. 


To save Rohwa, a prisoner in Xuan Kingdom, Gion had risked his life. 


In the dangerous situation where Gion's life is at stake, Rohwa is helpless. 


Because of Rohwa, Gion could die. 


"Why should I save such a dangerous person?" 


Her own words and the Demon King's words intermingle in her mind, making sentences that don't fit together. 


Confused yet numb, quiet yet noisy. 


Twisting and twisting until... 


"It seems better for him to die here." 


Suddenly, a snapping sound is heard, and her mind clears. 


A sensation as if all time has stopped. 


No sound, no smell, no warmth, no touch, a state of absolute nothingness. 


Rohwa, with her bloodshot eyes, raised her head, which she didn't even realize she had bowed. 


"Yeah... I was stupid to trust you..." 


Those who were desperate to grasp at straws would understand. 


They know best that what my reaching hand is trying to grasp is merely a straw. 


Yet, they still reach out, hoping it's not just a straw. 


But there's one thing most of those who reached out don't know. 


"Aren't you following?" 


The real issue is what happens after grabbing the straw. 


Whether you'll be unable to reach out to anything else because you're holding onto the straw. 


Or if your hands tremble, will you let go of the straw and grab onto something new. 


Even that was the decision of the one who reached out. 




Rohwa unknowingly followed behind the Demon King, who was walking ahead. 


The crisp, distinct footsteps made the Demon King turn around. 


"Why are you following my orders for once?" 


"Let's hurry." 


Rohwa, with swollen feet, blood-stained, and a cracking voice,  

still looked steadfastly towards the White Flower Kingdom, taking firm steps. 


The moment Rohwa took a step forward. 




That moment. 




As the Demon King looked behind Rohwa, a loud explosion echoed at the spot where his gaze landed. 


All the birds in the mountain simultaneously took flight, disappearing over the horizon. 




The sound of stepping on the thinly covered snow path was heard. 




Gu was staring at Rohwa with eyes colder than any snowflake. 


The Demon King approached Gu with a bitter smile. 


"I thought I wouldn't see my son before leaving, but this turned out well." 


"It would be better for you to leave for today." 


The demon King and Rohwa had finally met. For Gu to confront Demon King in this situation was akin to a suicide attempt. 


"I have a gift from you, and it would be a pity to leave without giving anything in return." 


"You might kill me." 




Gu took a step towards Rohwa. 


"But do you think I wouldn't be able to kill a princess before that?" 




With a brief silence, the air twisted, filling the mountains with a strange sound. 




The Demon King briefly stared at Gu and then smirked. 


"Seeing my son grown up like this makes me feel good." 


A vast shadow that seemed to cover the western mountains disappeared flatly at the Demon King's words. 


"See you next time." 


Leaving those words behind, the Demon King disappeared with Rohwa. 


Gu, stepping on the lingering warmth of the shadow, murmured quietly. 


"... Buhwan." 


A shadow flickered from behind, and a man with an artificial eye appeared. 


"Did you call for me?" 


Buhwan, who had been standing in front of Hoyoung, knelt down in front of Gu. 


"There's still work to be done." 


This is all because of that man, Gion. 


An unexpected variable in a plan that was perfect. 


Even if the plan crumbled, Gu had no intention of leaving that variable alone. 


Not only did the Demon King audaciously invade the Xuan Kingdom, but Gion, carrying a white qi, also infiltrated easily. 


If Gu doesn't handle this situation properly, what will become of him? 


Even if the plan has gone awry, there's something he cannot lose. 


Gu is both a marvel and a king of a nation. 


The dignity and authority of being a king. 


The moment these two things fall apart, it is only a matter of time before danger strikes the Xuan Kingdom, which was already struggling to maintain its independence. It doesn't matter if it comes from within or from without.  


Gu opened his mouth.  


"Tell all the demons to bring me a guy named Gion." 


"What do you mean..."  


Gu said with a cold expression.  


"Spread the net of heaven and earth."  






Gion ran through the forest. 


Running and thinking. 


It was when he was talking to Hoyeong after killing the Second Chime. 


"Take this." 


He gave Hoyeong a bundle of wood tied together with gunpowder from the bombs.  


Hoyeong looked at him in confusion.  


"What's this for?" he asked.  


Gu suppressed his urgency and looked at him.  


Hoyeong's feet were still, but his face looked like he was already in Seosan. Even so, he didn't press Gu and listened attentively.  


Encouraged by his demeanor, Gion quickly continued. 


"Once things in Seosan settle, let me know your location." 


The situation was strange. 


Rohwa had disappeared, and suddenly, demons stormed into Seosan. 


It was highly likely that someone had taken Rohwa. It would have been a force countering the Demon King, and they would surely try to isolate Gion. 


So, he needed a mediator to meet Hoyeong again. 


"If you want to find me, come to where it's noisy. If you set off the firecracker, I'll find out where you are." 


That's what he had said. 


But even as he said it, he hoped Hoyoung wouldn't set off the firecracker. 


If Hoyeong set off the firecracker, it meant he had betrayed Gion. 


Those who became Chimes were the envy of the demons. 


The fact that demons swarmed into Seosan meant the Chimes had acted, leaving no room to spare Hoyeong. 


But what about Hoyeong? 


He entered Xuan Kingdom alone and set off the firecracker. 


At that moment, when the brilliant light burst into the dark night sky, he knew. 


Hoyeong had betrayed Gion. 


But could Gion really blame Hoyeong? 


Gion had no such intention. 


Hoyeong's betrayal was no different from what Gion had led him to do. 


There was also a way for Gion to go with him to Seosan, but Gion chose to head towards the White Dragon Castle. 


However, Gion needed to know. 


Who were allies, and who were enemies. 


-I'm glad you're not the enemy. 


As he heard the triumphant news from Biryu, Hoyeong's casually uttered words came to mind. 




Gion turned around at the fleeting afterimage. 


It felt like leaving behind a part of a severed body. 


A sensation of a chilly wind entering an empty space that should have been filled, however awkward and hollow it felt, his feet were involuntarily bound. 




But Gion ran again. 


He keeps breathing in and out. 


Even if his arms were severed and his legs burst open, there was a place Gion had to reach. 




Gion went down the slope, lowering his body. 


The meeting point he had arranged with Rohwa. 


A tree, grown curved as if flowing along a waterfall, firmly held its place. 


Now, if he meets Rohwa here, this plan would come to an end. 


He just needs to hide his tracks and quietly wait for Rohwa to come. 


One day. 


He erased the traces in the mountains so that other demons couldn't find Gion. 


Two days. 


Crouched down, not even breathing, he leaned against a tree to conserve energy. 


And so, on the third day, the fourth day… 


The murmuring sounds began, and the dark energy fluttering in the mountain grew stronger. 


It wasn't the Demon King's forces. The demons of Xuan Kingdom were on the move. 




It was the moment when the probability reached a hundred. 


The Demon King did not complete the plan. 


[What are you going to do now?] 


Even Hwaran, who had been silent in the Chunhwa Sword, sensed the enormous crisis and spoke up. 


Gion remained seated, motionless. 


"I have to survive. For Hoyeong, too." 


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