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For the Downfall of My Beloved Chapter 34

Updated: Mar 8



As Rohwa entered the White Dragon Castle, Doa ran towards the castle gate in a hurry. 


"The people." 


While treating Rohwa with clean cloth and herbs, Doa calmly replied. 


"They're okay." 


Only then did Rohwa relax her shoulders. 


She had lost so much blood that her vision was blurry, but inside the castle gates, everything was distinctly visible. 


Everyone inside was peacefully living their lives. 




Rohwa looked at them with empty eyes. 


"... Princess?" 


Rohwa did not push away nor reject Doa's touch. 


She just stepped through the castle gate and walked towards the front yard of the castle. 




Rohwa stopped her steps where Gion's footprints were most deeply imprinted. 


Yes, she had drawn her sword here to protect them. 


She had willingly become a prisoner, following the enemy's orders. 


What happened next? 


To save Rohwa, Gion willingly headed to Xuan Kingdom. 


To kill Gion, they aimed their swords at him with their own hands. 


The very people Rohwa tried to protect had tried to harm the one who wanted to protect her. 




Rohwa brushed off the dried, stinging blood from her face. 


Yes, in this era, it would be stranger if that weren't the case. 


Reality is not an ideal realm. 


A society where evil prevails, yet good triumphs. 


A society that, despite its difficulties, knows how to embrace and tolerate each other. 


Such an ideal state, a perfect society, meant it was a place that did not exist anywhere. 


That's the era Rohwa is living in as a princess. 


Accepting the cruel reality is a matter of course. 


It was no longer a difficult thing for her. 


"Doa. Give me the cloth." 


Rohwa received the wet cloth from Doa and wiped off the scabs sticking to her. 


Doa did not say anything to Rohwa, who looked lifeless yet composed. 


She just quietly asked. "Where is Gion?" 


"He couldn't come with me." 


Doa's eyelids trembled. 


"Gion is in the Xuan Kingdom." 




A brief silence passed, and in that gap, the footsteps of people living their lives peacefully interjected. 


Only the sound of their footsteps resounded in the White Dragon Castle. 


"Then, then..." 


As Doa stammered, Rohwa opened her mouth. 


"Pull yourself together. Doa." 


Rohwa handed the blood-stained cloth back to Doa. 


"We have things to do." 




Rowha was torn all over. 


Her voice cracked, and her body trembled so much that it was surprising she could still stand. 


Yet, there was still work to be done. 


Despite reading such an expression on Doa's face, Rowha took a step forward. 


"Prepare to go to Gayeon Country." 


Doa's eyes, trembling frailly, suddenly distorted. 


"Are you saying we are going to our deaths?" 




With a dry laugh, Rowha scoffed. 


Life and death. 


What meaning do they hold? 


In this situation, Rowha's life was not of importance. After all… 


"Haven't I been dead since that day, a hundred years ago?" 


There was no emotion in the way Rowha spoke. 


It was calm and composed as if stating an obvious fact. 




Doa, wordlessly, bowed her head. 


"I will prepare for the journey to Gayeon Country." 




The Net of Heaven and Earth. 


An inescapable net, akin to grabbing onto the opponent. 


This place was the Xuan Kingdom. 


It was like being in the palm of Gu's hand. 


Since Gu commanded the net of heaven and earth, all the demons in the Xuan Kingdom were desperate to find Gion. 


"Surely he's here, search every cave!" 


The last place Gion was seen was at the stone bridge. 


This mountain was the central mountain of the Xuan Kingdom. 


With demons guarding the center, there was no way to expand the range of movement. 


In the end, Gu's expression was the same as when he was in Central Mountain. 




The demons firmly sealed the central mountain with dark energy. 






The demons began to mercilessly kill the animals living in the mountain. 


It was because of Gu's command to remove anything that could hinder the search. 


Every animal that suddenly appeared, every creature that made a sound, everything that could become food for Gion had to be eliminated. 


The animals that couldn't escape before the barrier of dark energy was erected met their deaths without understanding why. 


And, as they had anticipated, Gion was indeed in the central fortress. 


Precisely, inside a tunnel. 


The moment Gion judged that the Demon King had not executed the plan, he began digging a tunnel. 


He was erasing his tracks, as using the energy of Hwaran, the spirit king of spring, at any moment could expose his location. 


With Hwaran's help and without any white energy, he had to dig the tunnel. 


It was an impossible task for an ordinary person to complete in time but… 


Gion was the only person who had survived five years in Biryu and one year in Snow Valley. 


The central fortress was a mountain itself frozen over. 


Gion moistened the ground with water from the waterfall and dug a pit. 


After spending half a day, he collected fruits and leaves not on the trees but fallen ones, and threw them into the pit. 




There, Gion quietly lay down in the space he created and closed his eyes. 


He had to hide his body for now. 


The dark energy enveloping the central fortress was stronger than ever before. 


It was as if all the demons in the Xuan Kingdom had gathered here. 


The extent of First Chime's involvement indicated that venturing out now would surely lead to immediate death. 


It's a choice between challenging a predetermined outcome or waiting for an opportunity. 


If you are going to choose between the two 


The answer seems obvious, doesn't it? 


To wait. 


That's the answer for now. 


Extend time as much as possible, and move only when the probability of escaping the Xuan Kingdom even slightly increases. 


For that to happen, what Gion needed to do was clear. 


He needed to conserve as much energy as possible. 


Gion is, after all, human. 


As time passes, hunger will set in, thirst will arise, and chills will come. 


Not knowing how long he would have to stay in this tunnel, or even if an opportunity would arise. 


Everything was uncertain, but there was no other answer in this situation. 


However, Gion was a general who had taught soldiers the art of concealment. 




Gion quietly began to recalibrate his body. 


He used abdominal breathing to supply air to his abdomen, reducing the sound of his breathing. 


Breathing slowly yet rhythmically, he sealed his mouth and breathed only through his nose, carefully controlling his breath to prevent even the slightest sound from escaping. 


Next, he relaxed the parts of his body where muscles were most concentrated, starting with his face. 


Eyes, ears, even the tongue, he relaxed everything as if drunk, letting all tension slip away. 


The sensation of burying deeper into the ground enveloped Gion. 


He focused on each part of his body, one by one, and relaxed. 


Arms, calves, thighs… 


Starting from the parts furthest from the heart, he slowly relaxed every muscle, not missing a single one. 


The white energy that had always been whirling around began to wane and then started to be gathered. 


He concentrated the white qi at the dantian, firmly fixing it so that not a bit of it would leak. 


He even killed the comfortable sensation coming to his body. 


Closing his eyes, sealing his ears, excluding all senses, he remained motionless in the darkness. 


Either the demons would tire in their search, handing the opportunity to Gion, or Gion would end up a corpse in the tunnel. 


It was going to be one or the other. 


As everything became clear in the uncertain situation, Gion stopped thinking. 


If he had killed all sensations in his body, he had to stop the subconscious thoughts running in his mind as well. 


Even thinking consumed energy, so it was a natural course to take. 


The field of vision darkened, and the mind became clearer. 


Thoughts, plans, even the subconscious, everything started to vanish. 


So clean it was almost nothingness. 


Gion appeared more like a hibernating animal, or even a corpse. 




"Are you sure he's within the search range?" Seo Gyeong-seong's declared 


A general asked Gu, who was sitting on the throne, resting his chin on his hand. 




Gu simply flicked his toes, not saying a word. 


Ten days. 


A full ten days. 


Under the net of heaven and earth, all the demons in the Xuan Kingdom were mobilized to search for Gion. 


Inside the central mountain, or rather, within the search range specified by Gu, there was no sign of progress in finding Gion. 


Not only was there no sign of finding Gion, but there wasn't even a trace of him. 


It was impossible unless he soared to the sky. 


"He is only human, so he must be hungry. That's why we released boars and rabbits, but... not a single one has died." 


When a general spoke, other demons nodded in agreement. 


Gion is human. 


Yet, he showed no signs of eating. 


Central Mountain is a place where it's winter at every moment. It would not be an exaggeration to say that fruits do not bear. 


Even if there are fruits that bear in winter, most of them are poisonous and thus not edible. Hunting was the only way for Gion to stave off hunger. 


But among the animals released in Central Mountain, not a single one lost its life. 


It was natural for the generals to lose faith in their search range. 


"Is he really in Central Mountain to begin with?" 




His mood is twisted. 


Everywhere he looks... 


All this trouble is because of one man named Gion. 




Black energy swept through the Western Capital. 


The generals, each adding a word, shivered. 


"King of the West." 


Then, Buhwan took a step forward. 


Even wearing an eyepatch, his gaze was steadfast. 


"I know." 


Gu chuckled and rose from his seat. 


Killing even one demon in this situation would be a loss for Gu. 


The more people searching for Gion, the better the odds. 


"Clear the path." 


At Gu's words, everyone except Buhwan widened their eyes. 


"What do you mean-" 


"Don't make me repeat myself." 




The generals started to glance at each other. 


Gu descended from the throne and approached them. 


"Gion is definitely in the Central Mountain. If we misjudged, where else would Gion be?" 




"If he were, he'd normally go to the White Flower Kingdom. But there's been no news." 


It's certain. 


Gion is still in the Central Mountain. 


Otherwise, Xuan Kingdom couldn't have been this quiet. 


The fact that nothing has changed means that Gion isn't doing anything either. 


"He too needs a way out to come out." 


"Ha, but if we leave him like this, he might die-" 




Gu sighed, and a brief silence lingered. 


Gu, who had tilted his head back, frowned and tilted his head. 


"Do I look like I'm doing this just to find a corpse?" 


He's not interested in a corpse. 


It has to be alive. 


The satisfaction comes from killing the living one himself. 


It's a situation where the king of a country is swayed by just one man who hasn't even brought an army. 


Furthermore, long-standing plans have gone awry. 


I need to see him suffer alive. 


I'll torture him until he begs for mercy, then kill him after giving him a glimmer of hope. 


That's the appropriate retribution for this matter. 


Gu spoke to the generals who were just looking around. 


"If you don't catch him, it'll be your heads that will fly." 




It's silent. 


So still, one might think it's dead. 




He survived ten days in a tunnel with just a hole for breathing,  

without food or water, with nothing. 


Hwaran looked at Gion lying there like a corpse. 


She couldn't talk to Gion, who was suppressing all his senses, nor could she leave him there for fear he might actually die. 


'How long can he go on?' 


At that moment. 




Gion slowly opened his eyes. 


[Are you awake?!] 


Hwaran urgently voiced her thoughts in Gion's mind. 


"...Let's go out." 


[You're moving?] 


"Yes. There's a way to survive now." 


He could sense it instinctively, but there was also evidence. 


Only Gion, who possessed the white qi, could feel this sensation even more sharply. 


The path leading to the White Flower Kingdom was completely devoid of black energy. 


It was so clean that it was chilling. 


And Hwaran knew this too. 


[Isn't it a trap?] 


At her words, Gion turned his stiff head and said, 

"Of course, it probably is." 


If they were hiding their bodies so they couldn't be found, they'd make him come out on his own. 


That must be the First Chime's intention. 


Whether Gion flees or the First Chime catches Gion first. 


They opened the path to set up this game of tag. 


"Since they've made their decision, I should move too." 


Gion slowly got up and stepped out of the tunnel. 


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