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For the Downfall of My Beloved Chapter 36

Updated: Mar 12

It’s a night where not a single point of moonlight lingers. 


A pitch-black night where neither a cluster of stars nor anything else can be seen. 


In a space beyond stillness, into silence, a heavy sound resonated. 


Thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud. 


Soldiers clad in armor and helmets led the forefront, mounted on horses. 


Hundreds of soldiers, donned in black breastplates, followed the cavalry, armed with pole weapons. 


The sound of horse hooves and the clashing of iron shoes filled the central mountain range. 




Aligned with the sound of the trumpet, the national flag of Gayeon Country fluttered. 


The red flag flapped in the darkness, casting a blood-red afterimage. 


Soldiers, steadfastly advancing, surrounded the person holding the massive flag. 


They followed the King of Gayeon Country with stern expressions. 




As the King of Gayeon Country slowly raised his fist, everyone came to a halt. 


The scene became instantly silent as if no single person had moved. 


Before them stood Gu, leading an army, just like Gayeon Country. 


“What brings you to lead your army here?” 


Gu glanced at the soldiers, whose expressions were colder than the blade of a pole weapon. 




Stepping over the deeply divided national borderline, the King of Gayeon Country spoke. 


“You didn’t come to visit even after hearing the news of Princess Gayang’s demise.” 


The king, seated on his horse, looked down at Gu with his characteristic arrogant gaze. 




Gu sighed softly. 


Whether the princess lives or dies… 


Such matters couldn’t possibly be of importance to Gu at the moment. 


“Be it here or there... it’s always the princesses causing trouble.” 


“King of the West!” 


A deep, weighty shout resounded thunderously. 




As the King of Gayeon Country shouted, the soldiers behind him simultaneously drew their weapons. 


Only the cold, blue blades stood out distinctly in the dark space. 




Without a word, the demons facing Gayeon Country widened their eyes. 


As the demon’s dark aura flickered, the wind began to whirl around the snow-covered mountain foothills. 




It was like the quiet moment before a storm. 


In the brief silence, only murderous intent filled the air. 


Though blades weren’t clashing, the faces of the soldiers facing each other were contorted as if they were engaged in a fierce bloodbath. 




Gu took a step forward, entering inside the national border line where the King of Gayeon Country had stepped. 


“Have you forgotten where this place is?” 


For Gayeon Country, invading the Xuan Kingdom head-on was like deliberately creating a disadvantageous situation for themselves. 


Standing in front of the border and calling out the name of Gu was tantamount to suicide. 




In the darkness, where the front was already unseen, Gu’s dark aura began to envelop. 


A darkness blacker than pitch-black undulated, tightening around Gayeon Country’s army. 


“Return. I’m a bit busy at the moment.” 


Gu is not here to confront the king of Gayeon Country. 


It’s Gion. 


He must be captured. 


The demons behind Gu shouldn’t even be here. 


The net of heaven and earth is a trap. 


It’s about trapping the target in a tight net that not even an ant can escape. 


But what if there’s even a small hole? 


It becomes an opportunity for Gion to escape. 


It hasn’t even been half an hour since the order to block the path Gion could use to reveal himself was given. 


Even if other demons block that path, it’s uncertain if the demons behind Gu could capture him. 


“I know that bastard Gion is here.” 




How did this man know his name? 


Could it be... 


Gu’s expression twisted. 


“That man killed Princess Gayang. Hand him over to me.” 




Gu swept his hair back. 


He might find the answer if he thinks about it... 


“Why would I?” 


There’s no time for that. 


“Ah, that’s the response of Xuan Kingdom.” 


The soldier sprang into action. 


The soldiers behind the king quickly mobilized and arranged themselves in formation. 


As if they were ready for war at any moment, they looked like a massive storm. 


Bu woo 


A loud roar echoed as the naga’s voice rang out. The infantry’s swords and arrows were aimed at the soldiers of Gayeon. 






A blizzard began to swirl. 


Everyone braced themselves to not get swept away by the wind, but only Gu’s eyes flashed. 


“Invite the king of Gayeon Country.” 




The snowflakes crossed the border and began to turn into frost. 


“Are you saying you’ll break the alliance?” 


“If necessary.” 




Gu couldn’t hold back his laughter anymore and swept his hair back. 


Step by step. 


Gu approached the king of Gayeon Country, who was on a huge horse, without any hesitation. 


“Let’s assume that’s the case.” 


The two kings within the border faced each other directly. 


Gu looked beyond the mountains and said to the king of Gayeon Country. 


“Do you think the surrounding small countries and tribes will just stay still?” 




There’s always a priority in every situation. 


Especially after expanding the scope of the issue. 


Rohwa broke the alliance of three countries. 


It was an alliance that lasted not just a generation but over a century. 


Focus and choose. 


At this time, these two things were the most important. 




“What are you doing?” 


Doa had no choice but to ask this.  


And rightly so because 




Rohwa was sitting at the desk, slowly grinding the ink stick. 


Rohwa was dressed with her sleeves rolled up to avoid staining them with ink, tightly tied with a string, her hair braided up. 


She knelt down, gently leaning forward, moving only her hands slowly. 


She poured water into the inkstone and dissolved the solid, pitch-black ink stick by grinding it slowly. 


As the ink was ground, the clear water, enough to reflect the full moon, began to turn black. 


The jet-black ink devoured the clear water, spreading a faint scent of grass throughout the room. 


Rohwa ground the ink meticulously and precisely at a constant speed, ensuring no fragments were left. 


Her figure resembled a soldier preparing his weaponry before heading to the battlefield. 




Without caring about the white hair stained with ink, Rohwa picked up a brush. 


The ink seeped into the previously spotless white brush. 




Doa silently watched Rohwa, who started writing something on the paper. 


But the eyes watching Rohwa were trembling anxiously. 


This was not the time for this. 


By now, Gayeon Country would have attacked the Xuan Kingdom. 


‘It was good to use Gayeo Nation, but…’ 


The situation should not be left as it is. 


It was urgent to meet the king of the Xuan Kingdom or devise a plan to negotiate with the First Chime. 


Yet, here they were, writing in the bedroom. 




Doa called Rohwa with impatience, but Rohwa said nothing. 




Rohwa filled a large piece of paper with writing. 


Then she carefully wiped her hands on a clean cloth and folded it neatly. 


But that wasn’t the end. 


Rohwa took out another piece of paper and continued to write. 


Except for the arm writing, Rohwa did not move any part of her body. 


It was hard to tell if she was even breathing, as there was no movement, not even in her shoulders. 


Rohwa kept writing, folding, and repeating, looking down at the paper. 







How much time had passed? 


At least twenty pieces of paper were neatly folded. 


Only then did Rohwa put down the brush. 




Rohwa, as if nothing had happened, wiped her hands on a clean cloth. 


“Bring the seal.” 


The seal. 


From the moment Rohwa became the king of the White Flower Kingdom, there was only one situation where the seal was needed. 

Doa’s face went white as a sheet. 


“It can’t be-” 


Doa’s voice trailed off. 


Roha slowly lifted her head and met Doa’s gaze. 




Could she be aware that her eyes are bloodshot from writing so much? 


Did she feel the weight of the black ink that seeped into her white hair, making it clump together? 


Contrary to Doa’s thoughts, Rohwa calmly started putting the papers into envelopes. 


Doa took the seal out from the shadows and handed it to Rohwa. 


“Here it is.” 


Rohwa pressed the seal she received from Doa onto the letter. 


Rohwa’s name was stamped in red on the letter. 


“I’ve written down all the addresses; just make sure they are delivered properly.” 


“What’s in the letters?” 


Rohwa pulled up her sleeves. 


Her arms, full of wounds, were as if they never existed, covered by the smooth silk clothes. 


“You know.” 




Doa bit her lip, about to say something, but stopped. 


Rohwa looked at Doa and then slowly stood up and spoke. 


“Now that the Gayeon Country is empty, isn’t this the perfect opportunity for them to strike Gayeon Nation?” 




Gion was waiting for a variable. 


More precisely, it is something that would be a variable for the First Chime but an opportunity for Gion. 


For example, the current situation. 


Gayeon Country had invaded Xuan Kingdom. 


The vibrations felt from the ground were clearly from soldiers clad in iron. 


The number of infantry and cavalry, the formation, and the tactics of following and protecting the leader were the most significant characteristics of Gayeon Nation’s army. 


Then, who could be the one to create such a variable? 


The Demon King had disrupted the plan with Gion. 


Juya would be restoring the western mountains of White Flower Kingdom, and Hoyeong... 




There was only one person who could be the variable. 




It was clear that Rohwa had interfered. 


There must be an apparent reason why Rohwa did it, but... 


It wasn’t the time to think about that. 


Gion knew Rohwa well. 


If it were Rohwa, she would definitely use Gayeon Country to turn the tables. 


Rohwa was someone who knew exactly how to create the greatest chaos. 


-Then what happens if someone breaks the alliance of the three nations? 


Rohwa, attending a history class, asked this after hearing about the alliance of the three nations. 


The teacher shook his head and said. 


-That won’t happen. I can assure you it shouldn’t. 


Rohwa tilted her head and pursed her lips, a gesture she made when her curiosity was not fully satisfied. 


-But it could happen, so I want to know. You never know. 


-The alliance of the three nations exists to keep in check the various tribes and nations surrounding each of the three countries. If they all join forces, even the three powerful nations could be endangered. 


It was an alliance of necessity to maintain peace, a means to protect the nation from numerous other nations without attacking each other. 


Then, at last, Rohwa nodded and asked again. 


-But even if we know all this, what if someone still breaks the alliance? What then? 


-Every nation would plunge into chaos. Not just one but all three nations and the surrounding tribes and nations. 


Rohwa, seemingly lost in thought, twirled the brush in her hands and bit her lip. 


She extended her ink-stained hand to Gion, asking him to clean it, all while her mind was still racing. 


Gion wiped Rohwa’s hand with a clean cloth, then carefully removed the ink from her snow-white hair, saying, 


-Everyone knows that breaking the alliance would plunge them all into sorrow and chaos. Who would break it? 


Watching this, the teacher smiled kindly. 


-Gion is right. Nobody wants to ruin the peace. The alliance will surely not be broken. 


Rohwa did not nod in the end, but she kept a faint smile while pretending to ponder until Gion finished cleaning the ink. 




Right. Gion knows Rohwa well. 


And just as much. 


Rohwa also knows Giyon well. 


That if Rohwa used Gayeon Country to shake up the board, Gion would seize the opportunity. 


Rohwa must have been sure of this. 


So then… 


Gion stakes his life on it. 




Giyon emerged from the tunnel. 


The blindingly white snow-covered path unfolded, out of place in the pitch darkness. 


[You… Are you insane?] 


Hwaran asked in a dumbfounded voice. 




Two nations, or precisely, two kings wanting to capture Gion, are showing their ferocity with their armies in tow. Yet, here he is, revealing himself. 


Moreover, in the situation created by Rohwa. 


To stake his life on the belief that Rohwa would have turned the tables like this. 


It’s madness. 


But then, what of it? 


Gion shook off the dirt from his body and slowly loosened his stiff muscles. 


“After all, it’s a life given to me by the princess.” 


With that, Gion stepped onto the white snow path. 


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