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For the Downfall of My Beloved Chapter 37

Updated: Mar 13

“Send out a request for reinforcements and reposition the soldiers at the forward base to the Central Mountains,” ordered the king of Gayeon Nation.  


Upon his command, a general at the base headed out. 


The king gazed silently at the blazing campfire. 


“Whoever catches him first decides his fate. Breaking the alliance is mutually disadvantageous, given our shared objective,” Gu stated arrogantly, casting a dismissive glance at the human soldiers. 


Gu spoke those words. 


He glanced at the human soldiers with disdain, his arrogance evident in his tone. 




The King gripped the armrest of his makeshift throne tightly. 


What kind of life had he lived since the moment he was given the title of Gayeon’s king, the King of the House? 


He had always taken what he wanted, and what he didn’t want was something he had never possessed in the first place. 


And yet, now he was being told that whoever finds Gion first is the owner. 


The more he thought about the situation, the redder his eyes became. 


He clenched his jaw, but the heat in his throat swirled, and he felt like he had to say something. 


But he would be at Gu’s mercy the moment he spoke here. 


At that moment, the King took a deep breath. 




The tent of the base was violently flung open. 


“Your Majesty...!” 


The king frowned and knitted his brows. 


“What’s the matter?” 


“That... it’s...” 


The general, who had left quietly just moments ago, was now panting and pale as a ghost. 


Seemingly oblivious to his own impertinence, he hurriedly continued. 


“The minor nations and tribes around us have launched an attack on our homeland!” 




The intense heat that surged up to his jawline suddenly turned ice-cold. 


His body felt heavy, as if soaked in water. 


Far from feeling any strength in his muscles, they seemed to have drained away, causing his shoulders to slump and an unpleasant throb in his core. 


“Our homeland has requested immediate support. Shouldn’t we return at once?” 


The general urgently handed the king a letter. 




After reading the letter, the King of Gayeon crumpled it forcefully. 


As the general stated, the situation was dire. 


Though not all forces were deployed here, sustaining the defense was feasible, but… 


Assuring victory was far from certain. 


“How dare they...” 


The King of Gayeon clenched his teeth, and his veins bulged in anger. 


The general could only bow his head, unable to hide his impatience, as the king’s face contorted with rage. 


The King of Gayeon faced a choice: return to defend Gayeon Country or stay to capture Gion. 


But would returning truly protect Gayeon Country? 


Or, more precisely, 


Would it uphold the dignity of the king? 


They mobilized the army and invaded the Xuan Kingdom. 


If he returned empty-handed after stirring such a commotion, Gayeon Country might remain intact, but the royal dignity would be shaken. 


But not returning is also a problem. 


Countless casualties will occur before the troops currently in Xuan Kingdom can return. 


Even with the forces in Gayeon Country, it’s possible to hold them off, but holding off and defeating them are two different things. 


In war, being told to hold a defensive position and wait is no different from being told to risk your life and wait. 


Between the two choices, there’s nothing that won’t lead to loss. 


“How dare such a trivial nation challenge me...!” 




The King of Gayeon violently tore up the letter and threw it towards the campfire. 


Despite being in front of the campfire, the King of Gayeon’s complexion began to turn pale. 


He felt a chill down his spine, cold sweat running down, and his head throbbing. 


Trying to make a rational decision, he attempted to catch his breath, but the cold air seemed to tear through his body as it entered. 




As the letter burned, the flames grew fiercer. 


“Huff, huff...” 


The General shuddered at the King of Gayeon’s breaths, which showed no sign of calming down. 


Soon, he glared at the General with eyes red from burst blood vessels. 


“Has this information reached the King of the West as well?” 


The alliance was far from being simple. 


Joining forces meant sharing necessary information. 


It was unlikely that Gu was unaware of the news that the surrounding small nations and tribes had invaded Gayeon Nation. 


Meanwhile, Gu tapped his chin and idly swung his feet. 




As soon as Gu opened his mouth, the demons in front of him, as if waiting, started pouring out words. 


“Isn’t this an opportunity for us as well?” 


“Yes! If we seize this chance to capture Gion and take Gayeon Nation too!” 


“I agree. If we succeed in invading Gayeon Nation, we can expand our power and even attack The White Flower Kingdom.” 


Just as everyone started to get excited with anticipation. 




A thin, whistle-like melody sounded, and the room fell silent. 


“King of the West.” 


Buhwan manifested his black qi and walked out among the demons. 


Unlike his left face, twisted without an eye, the expression on the right side of his face appeared peaceful. 


The demons all fell silent, and Buhwan continued. 


“Please give your command.” 




Gu leaned back on his throne, seemingly lost in thought. 




Can individuals with a common goal unite as one? 


Both Gayeon Country and Xuan Kingdom want to capture Gion. 


Their current goal is the same. 


However, Gion does not believe they can unite. 


The assumption that those with the same goal can become one stems from the belief that they will not attack each other. 


Gion and the Demon King had a clear reason not to harm each other at that time. 


Because they couldn’t save Rohwa otherwise. 


But what about Gayeon Country and Xuan Kingdom? 


They don’t need each other to capture Gion. 


Precisely speaking, one side needs to capture Gion faster than the other. 


If the opposing side collapses, it’s their chance to achieve their goal. 


They will keep each other in check. 


Worrying about when the other might stab them in the back, the energy that should be used to capture Gion will be divided and spent on the opposing side. 


That will lead to an obvious outcome. 


An opportunity will arise. 


And that gap will soon... become an opportunity for Gion. 


For instance, like this: 


“Get lost!” 


The demons, spreading their net, shouted at the soldiers of Gayeon Country. 


“We’re just looking for that guy Gion as well.” 


“What nonsense. You just aimed your spear at us!” 


“Can’t demons even distinguish between living beings?” 


Annoyed by the encroachment into their net, a demon manifested its black qi. 


“Have you forgotten this is Xuan Kingdom? Don’t get in our way.” 


The armies of the Xuan Kingdom and Gayeon Country confronted each other at some point. 


Pouring their strength against each other, not Gion. 


This is the gap. 




Like a predator silently hunting its prey, Gion concealed himself in the bushes behind the army of Gayeon Country. 


And then, 



He snatched a soldier who was off guard in the back row. 


“Uh… Ugh, uh!” 




Seeing the sword aimed at his heart, the young soldier closed his mouth. 


Gion gestured towards the forest. 




Silently, the soldier got up and entered the forest. 


Gion, muffling the soldier’s mouth and suppressing the sound of footsteps, walked slowly. 


Rohwa is not someone to just use Gayeon Country and end it there. 


If she’s shaken the board, she’s planning to overturn it. 


If she’s used Gayeon Country, her next move is predictable. 


How long had they walked in the quiet, eerie silence? 


In the foggy forest, there were only Gion and the soldier. 


“Tell your king, will you just take this lying down?” 




The soldier bit Gion’s hand and immediately turned around. 


“How dare the one who killed the princess speak to the king of Gayeon Country...!” 


The one who killed the princess. 


That makes Rohwa’s plan even clearer. 




Gion walked towards the blade pointed at him. 


“So, is your king just going to return like this?” 




“If someone as young as you is involved in this operation, you must be smart. So, you must have a rough idea of what kind of person your king is.” 




“If he turns back now, the king will lose all face. The aftermath of the invasion will be long-lasting, and there will be no way to make up for the losses.” 


Overwhelmed by the harsh reality, the young soldier just gripped his sword, saying nothing. 


“I’ve caught five Chimes and come this far. If you relay my message, I promise to kill the three Chimes threatening Seo Wang with him.” 


Gion continued, sheathing his sword. 


“If the Xuan Kingdom collapses, it’s good for Gayeon Country too, right?” 


“You expect me to believe the words of the one who killed the princess? You’re ultimately a person from the White Flower Kingdom anyway.” 


“Yes. I am a person from the White Flower Kingdom.” 




Gion took a step forward and looked straight at the young soldier. 


“So, my priority now is to catch the demons.” 


His words were laced with a murderous intent towards the demons. 


The young soldier closed his mouth at the sight of those crazed eyes, which seemed ready to annihilate all the demons at any moment. 


There was no room in Gion’s dark eyes for trivial matters like the kingdom of Gayeon. 


“And what the King of the West needs now is not a soldier blinded by revenge but my proposal.” 


Gion watched the soldier, who still shakily held onto his sword without a word. 


“The fact that the country you are so eager to protect is bleeding is what’s important.” 


Whether the country flourishes or falls. 


There was no time to be arguing at this crossroads. 


The young soldier knew this too. 


“You wouldn’t want to return to Gayeon empty-handed, only to recover the bodies of your fellow soldiers, would you?” 




“If your king agrees to what I say, tell him to do just one thing.” 


What Gion needed was clear. 


To start moving in earnest, to clear the obstacles. 


“Draw the soldiers to the castle of the King of the West.” 


Gion passed by the side of the young soldier. 


“Take that as the signal.” 




Beyond the hazy mist, numerous lights twinkled. 


Soldiers from Gayeon and those from the West, carrying torches, split into two and headed towards the castle of the King of the West. 


Like a long line of heat haze, a solemn procession continued. 


Gion looked at the lights spreading through the mist and moved forward. 


[Chunhwa Sword.] 




Just as it seemed like the wind arose from the sword, pale green lights began to position themselves all over the mountains. 


“What, what’s that?!” 


“Over there!” 


“No, the sound came from over there!” 


The forces remaining in the Central Mountains became instantly chaotic with the sounds coming from all directions. 


Tap, tap, tap! 


Gion took advantage of the chaos and started to run. 


However, the direction in which Gion was running was not the road leading to the White Flower Kingdom. 


Hwaran, who had been using his powers inside the sword, called out to Gion urgently. 


[Where are you going?!] 


[I can’t just leave them.] 


Hwaran immediately understood the hidden meaning in those brief words. 


[There’s no time. Go faster.] 




A warm wind carrying warmth pushed Gion’s back. 


Gion kept running without stopping on the familiar path that unfolded before him. 


-Hurry up. 


Ignoring those words,  


Gion ran up the path he had taken before. 


The uphill path was filled with gravel. 


The icy slope made the feet continuously slip. 


The thickly piled snow soaked the shoes with every leap. 


But Gion didn’t stop running. 


Hoyeong was still there. 


Though invisible, it was instinctively known. 


They were two who, without any methods of communication from Biryu, managed to find each other’s location and somehow locate each other. 


They had spent five years on the battlefield, oscillating between life and death. 


So this time too… 




Something laid on the bridge was visible. 


Gion slowed his steps down gradually. 


One step. 


Something that was neither purple nor black was visible. 


Two steps. 


Something fragmented was visible. 


Three steps. 


Arms and legs, severed from the torso, were visible. 


Four steps. 


Hoyeong was visible. 




The sound of the stream flowing under the bridge. 


The sound of the wind chillingly blowing through the woods. 


Nothing could be heard. 


All senses were focused solely on the sight of Hoyeong’s corpse. 


The severed arm had lost its pulse, but the sword was still firmly gripped in the hand. 


The legs scattered on the ground seemed to have firmly held their position as if they were not meant to fly away. 


Hoyoung seemed desperate until the end, as his eyes were still open. 




Gion silently gazed at Hoyoung’s last moments and took a step forward. 




He began to pick up each blood-drained fragment, one by one. 


-I couldn’t do it, but you seemed like you could. 


You will make it possible. 


-Please return the White Flower Kingdom to its rightful place. 


No matter what it takes, make it happen. 


And you have to see it for yourself. 


Not in the Xuan Kingdom, but in your homeland, White Flower Kingdom. 


In the arms of those waiting for Hoyeong. 


You have to see that glory. 


Hoyeong should not be buried in a place like this stone bridge but in… 


The White Flower Kingdom, for which he risked his life all his life. 


Gion, as if he intended not to leave even the smallest remnant of Hoyeong, embraced each piece, one by one, into his arms. 


Even as rotten blood dripped into his embrace and the stiff corpse weighed heavy, Gion collected each piece without a change in his expression. 




Hwaran quietly broke a tree branch and whittled it to make a coffin. 


Gion gently laid Hoyeong into that coffin. 


He straightened the twisted body and patched the crushed parts with leaves. 


He filled the gaps with various grasses so the stiff corpse wouldn’t get damaged by hitting the coffin. 




Gion quietly looked into the coffin at Hoyeong. 


Every small wound, every faint bruise. 


He took it all in with his eyes. 


Gion slowly closed Hoyeong’s eyes, which were stiff and couldn’t shut, with the warmth of his hands. 




The blood-stained cloth was listlessly torn by Gion’s hand. 


Gion tightly bound the coffin with the woven fabric and shouldered it. 


I like the mountains. It’s different from the capital; it’s open and not suffocating. 


It might be uncomfortable. 


But it will be quick. 


“Just bear with it a little.” 




Gion turned and headed towards the slope he had climbed up. 


Not to the White Flower Kingdom but to the heart of Xuan Kingdom. 




Hwaran called Gion to a halt. 


[Are you... really not going to the White Flower Kingdom?] 


Gion did not answer Hwaran’s question. 


He just quietly moved his steps to the opposite side of the White Flower Kingdom. 


[Have you really lost your mind?!] 


Gion had collected Hoyeong’s corpse. 


That was something Hwaran couldn’t stop, nor had the right to. 


But to enter the Xuan Kingdom again. 


Carrying the coffin heavy with a stiff, dead body, heading towards those who want to kill Gion. 


What more is left that Gion is returning to the battlefield, risking his life? 


Hwaran shouted at Gion, who was about to walk away in a state no different from a corpse. 


[Please, let’s just go back now...! You’ve done everything you needed to!] 


“What are you talking about.” 




“I have to kill the one who killed Hoyeong before I go.” 


Gion tensed his shoulders so that the coffin wouldn’t shake. 


“That’s what I have to do.” 

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