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For the Downfall of My Beloved Chapter 38

Updated: Mar 14

A feast grander than the annual harvest festival was held. 


“Bring more wine!” 


“Don’t stumble around!” 


“Can’t you use your black energy to do that? Like, extend it and carry heavy barrels or something.” 


The soldiers of the Xuan Kingdom and Gayeon Country gathered together, enjoying the banquet. 


In the midst of the noisy atmosphere, the two factions that seemed impossible to mix began to gradually lose their hostility. 


“Is it really okay to drink this much?” 


“We must enjoy it if the king commands! We’ve been starving for days just to catch that guy, Gion.” 


An extravagant table filled with delicacies from land and sea was spread out. 


In Xuan Kingdom, where it doesn’t stop snowing, fruits that are hard to come by even once a year were nicely sliced and served. 


The table was laden with sweet grass leaves, seasoned meat, seafood hard to find in the mountainous Xuan Kingdom, red sausages, numerous grains in steamed dishes, and fish and turkeys roasted whole, each as big as a human torso... 


The wine in each soldier’s hand was enough to lighten the heightened atmosphere. 


The clamor of the Xuan Kingdom was filled not with the clash of weapons but with voices. 


It was hard to tell whether they were drinking the wine or the wine was consuming them, as they kept urging each other to drink more and more. 


“Isn’t it pointless to have conflicts and checks when we share the same goal?” 


The King of Gayeon watched them and said to Gu, sitting beside him. 


Gu smiled faintly and nodded. 


“That’s right. It eases my mind that you seek to strengthen the alliance first.” 


The King of Gayeon leaned back on the soft chair prepared by the King of Xuan. 




What a fool. 


To talk about strengthening the alliance. 


It’s all the same, isn’t it?’ 


An alliance. 


Alliances between nations ultimately serve their own interests. 


Yet, Gyeon provided the Xuan Kingdom with an opportunity to invade. 


‘Not that it’s particularly welcome...’ 


But what does it matter? 


The King’s dignity won’t be compromised if they invade the Xuan Kingdom, expand their territory, and return to their homeland. 


He was aware that he was being manipulated by the murderer of his daughter, but it didn’t matter. 


Neither the princess’s death nor the current situation. 


After all, it was beneficial for the King of Gayeon. 


“Does it not suit your taste?” 


Gu asked, and the King of Gayeon shook his head. 


“No, it’s not that. I’m just a bit tired.” 


He was already full, not from food, but with thoughts of the Gayeon Country expanding its territory by invading the Xuan Kingdom. 


“Someone, bring some warm water.” 


At Gu’s command, a maid promptly brought water. 


“Have some of this at least.” 


The King of Gayeon took the water offered by the maid. 


‘The full moon will shine too.’ 


The clear, untainted water was poured into a fancy glass. 




“I’m fine.” 


The moment to strike the Xuan Royal Palace was approaching. 


He had spent a lot of money, even giving the soldiers herbs that kept them alert no matter how much they drank. It wasn’t the time to relax and just drink water... 


“Why do you say that?” 


Gu brushed his chin with a displeased expression. 


“It’s so stiff... I wonder if our trust is really solidifying...” 


Without finishing his sentence, Gu stared intently at the King of Gayeon. 


Indeed, not eating anything here would be more suspicious. 


The King of Gayeon smiled kindly. 


“The sight of the soldiers eating is filling enough for me. Please, go ahead and drink.” 


A sip of water wouldn’t hurt. 




The King of Gayeon gulped down the water. 


“Has your doubt disappeared now?” 


The King of Gayeon asked leisurely. 


At this, Gu’s lips curled into a smile that seemed to reach his ears. 




At that moment. 




The King of Gayeon reflexively grasped his throat. 


Blood, dark as crimson, mixed with his cough and scattered on the luxurious carpet. 


“...Cough... Huff...” 


Trying to speak but choking, finding it hard to even keep his eyes open. 


His waist buckled, and his insides twisted, his consciousness fading. 


It was supposed to be colorless, odorless water. 


The cup was made of silver, which should have changed color if there was poison. 


Despite the maid handing over the water, it was clear that someone had been involved... 


Poison was circulating in his body. 




Gu crouched down, tilting his head and looking at the King of Gayeon. 


“Human vision is so narrow.” 




“You drink so easily without even knowing what demon poison is like.” 


The King of Gayeon looked around desperately as if searching for a savior. 




But soon, he had no choice but to let his strength drain away. 


And for a good reason. 


The soldiers who had been drinking had suddenly fallen asleep, sprawled everywhere. 


Every single one of the soldiers from Gayeon Nation. 


The demons, standing unaffected behind Gu, looked down at the incapacitated soldiers. 


“Did you enjoy it?” 


Gu moved aside to let the King of Gayeon have a proper view of the scene within the palace. 


The King of Gayeon’s eyes trembled violently. Gu, watching this, smiled, seemingly thrilled. 


“You may have entered here with your petty tricks, but what can you do now?” 


The King of Gayeon bit his lip hard enough to bleed, trying to form words. 


“... What are you... planning... to start a war, cough...?” 


“It’s me who should be asking.” 


Gu’s expression hardened instantly as he retorted. 


“You weren’t planning to capture the Third Chime and strike at me?” 


Darkness fell over the King of Gayeon’s eyes, which were red and bloodshot with anger. 


“How did you... know...” 




It’s splendid. 


The beautiful garden was full of winter flowers in full bloom, and the frost-covered castle sparkled in the light. 


The castle gates and walls were adorned with countless jewels, and the multi-tiered towers and sculptures added to the elegance. 


“Gurk... Guk...” 


On the thick layer of white snow. 


The gatekeeper demon, guarding the tile castle, groaned and bled. 




Gion walked along the white path, leaving footprints stained with blood. 


The path covered in thick snow was dyed with blood. 


"Uh… Uh, uh…" 


Not a single demon could stand. 


They lay toppled over in the thick snow, soon to be buried by the falling snow. 




Gion, covered in the blood of the guarding demons, opened the gate. 




The sight of the luxurious white throne was immediately visible. 


The huge throne, where an adult man could lie down with room to spare, shone with a flawlessly clear light. 




Gion walked towards the throne. 


His blood-red footprints began to mark the path laid with a beautiful blue carpet. 


“This crazy bastard, to dare come here...!” 


“Kill him!” 


As Gion entered the inner palace, the remaining demons inside the castle, torches lit, charged at him. 




Without stopping his stride, Gion cut down the demons rushing in from all sides with his sword. 


He didn’t twist his body or shift his gaze. 


He just moved forward towards the pure white throne. 




By the time Gion reached the throne, there were no surviving demons. 




Gion looked down at the throne for a moment, then brushed the cloth laid over it. 




It was cushiony enough to lie down immediately. 


Gion carefully laid down the polearm he was carrying on the throne. 


He slowly wiped off the blood on the polearm with his sleeve. 


He pressed lightly, making sure not to let the blood stain the wood, not putting any weight on it. 


After wiping away all the marks with the cloth... 




He sat cross-legged in front of the polearm. 


With the polearm behind him, he just looked straight ahead. 


Without a single movement, he settled in the inner palace, where the corpses of demons were piled up. 




How much time had passed? 




Snowflakes fluttered on the snowy path ahead, and the ground trembled. 




It was as if the air was splitting and the scenery was breaking. 


A strange, chilling sound began to echo in the castle. 




Gion watched the approaching army from afar. 


An endless procession of demons was approaching. 


But Gion did not look at them. 


A woman leading the procession stood at the forefront, her gaze fixed on the Third Chime. 


Soon enough. 


Crack, crack, crack. 


The sound of thin ice breaking reverberated through the castle, scattering in the air. 




The sound of high heels echoed in the inner palace, and the Third Chime approached Gion, who was sitting quietly in front of the throne. 


“What are you doing here?” 


The Third Chime looked at Gion, sitting quietly before the throne, and frowned. 


Screech, screech, screech. 


The harsh sound of solid metal grinding as if to shatter each other’s bodies pierced the ears. 


“If I made way for you, you should be thinking about going quietly to the White Flower Kingdom. Why are you in my castle?” 




Gion stood up without a word. 




Only then did the Third Chime notice the coffin placed on the throne. 


And then. 




He started laughing, holding his stomach. 


He laughed so hard that he bent over and held his stomach. 


The Third Chime wiped away the tears that came to his eyes, that formed involuntarily. 


“Did you really pack all that torn-up stuff in there?” 


The Third Chime tidied her disheveled hair as she approached Gion. 


“It must have been hard to gather it all... Ah, it’s a shame I couldn’t see that.” 




“So, what do you plan to do by bringing all that here?” 




The sound of her heels stopped abruptly, and the expression of the Third Chime hardened in an instant. 


“This is my castle.” 




At the words of the Third Chime, numerous demons entered the inner palace. 




The demons sealed the entrance of the inner palace with their dark energy. 


Blocking every nook and cranny so not even an ant could escape, darkness descended upon the inner palace. 


Inside the castle filled with demons and dark energy. 


Gion turned the coffin so that the front of the coffin faced forward. Then, 




Gion grabbed the sword of Hoyeong that was tied to the coffin. 


Then, a snicker echoed in the darkness. 


“Is that his sword? Are you planning revenge?” 




“What can a rabbit that has entered a tiger’s den do?” 




Gion, with Hoyeong’s saw-toothed sword gleaming, began to approach the Third Chime. 


“Don’t you still understand?” 


The Third Chime’s eyebrows twitched, but Gion didn’t stop speaking. 


“Didn’t the king you serve tell you anything?” 


“You’re talking nonsense...” 


A sigh escaped involuntarily, and irritation rose. 


Had he lost his mind upon seeing the torn corpse? 


Despite the castle being filled with demons all exuding their dark energy, Gion didn’t even blink an eye. 


Just like Hoyeong in the coffin. 




I should have torn it up more. 


Instead of turning away out of annoyance, I should have sent it down the stream to become fish food. 


After all, it was because of that white tiger clan chief that Gion ended up in front of me. 


And in. 


‘My castle.’ 


The Third Chime began to scowl at Gion’s calm expression. 


“Did you come here wanting to end up like that too?” 




“Why are you barging into someone else’s castle and causing a scene?” 


Gion looked down at the Third Chime, treading heavily on the elaborately embroidered long carpet. 


“Does it bother you?” 




“That’s why you shouldn’t have carelessly entered someone else’s nest.” 


Could he be referring to the time she entered the territory of the white tiger clan? 


To dredge up that past now. 


Whether it’s Hoyeong, who was dying on the clan mountain, or Gion, who carried him in a coffin and barged into the castle... 




And at the same time. 


“You dare enter my castle just because of that?” 


My mood is sour. 




As the Third Chime pulled out her hairpin, her long hair fluttered. 


The hairpin transformed into a silver sword and began to wrap itself with dark energy. 






Gion was not in any battle stance. 


Or rather, he had no intention to attack. 


Just as the Third Chime was about to shoot a sharp retort. 


“I guess you didn’t expect this to happen to you.” 




Gion, with an expressionless face, stared straight at the Third Chime with his pitch-black eyes. 


“Experience death in your own nest.” 




As Gion finished speaking, a chilling sensation gripped the Third Chime’s side and spread throughout her body. 


The Third Chime slowly looked to the side. 




The demon behind her had plunged a spear into her side. 




The Third Chime staggered and coughed up blood. 


“You crazy…!” 


In a mix of rage and shock, a curse slipped out. 




All the demons in the castle began to charge at the Third Chime. 




“Just kill me, you madman…” 


The Third Chime lay in the castle, coughing up blood. 


Gion, with Hoyeong’s unsullied sword in hand, looked down at the Third Chime. 


“Because of you… the King of West… that bastard... to these insignificant creatures, I…” 


The Third Chime murmured insanely, still glaring at Gion with intent to kill. 


“Just kill me already.” 




Gion inserted Hoyeong’s blade into the Third Chime’s shoulder and started to twist it. 




The Third Chime began to scream, but Gion did not stop. 


He twisted and poked until a hole as big as a human head formed in the shoulder. 


He moved the blade, focusing as if he wanted to transfer the hole that was in Hoyeong’s shoulder. 


“Gasp... You... crazy-” 




Before the Third Chime could finish speaking, Gion cleanly cut off the knee as if it never existed. 




The inside of the castle was filled with the Third Chime’s screams. 


The sharp screams gradually became coarse and heavy, echoing like a roar. 


Amidst that, a chilling verse was recited. 


“I can’t see beyond this point.” 


Gion shook off the blood from the blade and crouched down. 


“What did you do next?” 

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