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For the Downfall of My Beloved Chapter 40

Updated: Mar 18

Rohwa gazed at the giant map hanging on the wall. 


The tribes and small countries positioned around the White Flower Kingdom, Xuan Kingdom, and Gayeon Country... 


It was a map she had seen for over a hundred years, but now Gayeon Country would disappear from this map. 




Lohwa stood up and drew a circle around Gayeon Country and White Flower Kingdom with red dye. 


Then, a dark shadow began to flicker behind her. 


Without taking her eyes off the map, Rohwa asked,  


“Have you located where Gion is?” 


The shadow grew denser, and then Doa appeared. 


“No. I’ve searched the entire White Tiger tribe, but he’s nowhere to be found.” 


It was certain that Giyeon had left the Xuan Kingdom. 


The last known location was the tribal mountain of White Tiger, so he had undoubtedly stepped into the White Tiger Nation. 


But he was not in the White Flower Kingdom. 


Doa hesitated for a moment before speaking. 


“It seems like he has escaped...” 


To extract Gion from the Xuan Kingdom, Rohwa had shaken history. 


But he had escaped. 


How would Rohwa react to this news? 


Contemplating this made Doa trail off. 






Rohwa was too calm. 


As if she had expected this to happen. 


Doa blinked in surprise and asked,  


“...Does it not bother you?” 


Rohwa turned to look at Doa. 


“It’s for the best.” 




A hundred years. 


It has been almost a hundred years since I have been by Rohwa’s side. 


Even so, Rohwa is someone whose inner thoughts I cannot know. 


“Why... Why is that for the best?” 


For a human, or at least someone with emotions... 


How could this situation be ‘for the best’? 


It would be less frightening to see her throwing things in anger. 


Rohwa tilted her head with an expression devoid of anything. 


“If the Demon King is after him, he would have gone outside.” 


Judging the situation objectively, completely excluding emotions. 


Doa just quietly watched Lohwa and then nodded. 




Lohwa gently brushed a corner of the map and gazed quietly. 


“And I think I know where he might be, so it’s fine.” 




Gion had left the White Tiger Tribe and was continuously heading downward. 




The stone kicked by Gion’s foot kept falling endlessly. 


Due to the steep cliff he had to pass, the journey itself was a life-threatening gamble. 


[...You might die before even arriving.] 


Hwaran muttered as she looked down at the seemingly endless abyss below. 




Gion could only press on against the wall. 


It was a place worth risking his life for. 


The one who could give Gion what he needed at this very moment was there. 


What Gion needed was clear. 




He needed allies who would share his purpose and move forward with him. 


Considering the heavenly gaze and demons all chasing after Gion and the numerous hours spent in tunnels... 


Even thinking about the events in the Xuan Kingdom, he wouldn’t have wasted time if he had had allies. 


Moreover, he can no longer move alone. 


The events in the Xuan Kingdom were just the beginning. 


Gayeon Nation had become a vassal state of the White Flower Kingdom. 


It meant that the Demon King’s power had grown even more. 


Facing the Demon King alone was no different from attempting suicide. 


To confront a more powerful Demon King, he now needed power. 




He had lost Hoyeong. 


If he had not been alone, if he had an army, if he could move with many others... 


If he could have employed even one military tactic like during the wars in Biryu... 


There might have been at least one way to save Hoyeong. 


Another situation where he couldn’t protect something while trying to save the White Flower Kingdom must not happen again. 


Then, who would be the most suitable to become Gion’s force? 


This answer was not hard to find. 


There was only one place that cared for the White Flower Kingdom as much as Gion. 




Gion stepped onto flat ground and caught his breath. 


[It’s worse than what I heard.] 


Gion could only agree with those words. 


People were sprawled out in front of crumbling houses with lost focus. 


No one seemed to be properly dressed, and everyone looked emaciated, as if they were starving. 


“Get out of here!” 


“Isn’t that my food!” 


From people begging to those stealing to survive. 


Seeing such a scene at the entrance of the town’s center meant that other places were likely in no better condition. 


The situation was so dire it could hardly be called a country. 




However, Gion started to look around without any sign of panic. 


It was to be expected. 


This was a region that had been abandoned since the days when the White Flower Kingdom was prosperous. 


Surrounded by barren land and colossal mountain ranges. 


Even attempting to step foot here was a life-threatening endeavor, as nature itself made the place difficult to invade. 


A natural fortress. 


That’s what it could be considered, but conversely, it meant... 


It was isolated enough. 






A loud war cry echoed from beyond the mountain range. 


Precisely, it was the sound of a life-and-death struggle. 


Black smoke billowed above the grey cliffs that bore no hint of green. 


The clashing of weapons and screams echoed, reaching down to where Gion was. 




Gion moved forward, looking at another mountain range. 




It was no different from the others. 


In the midst of strife everywhere, the people seemed accustomed to it, not even bothering to look. 


This region was originally the territory of barbarian tribes. 


It meant being surrounded by tribes constantly at war. 


A nation that had to wage endless wars with barbarian tribes. 


A nation where the people, reduced to skin and bones, had to live in lawlessness. 


A nation where one must risk their life to keep it. 


Such was the place... 


[Is this White Flower Kingdom?] 


Hwaran chuckled in disbelief while Gion remained silent. 


True White Flower Kingdom. 


That was the name of the nation Gion had stepped into 


The True White Flower Kingdom was founded by those who were certain that the glory of the Kingdom could never be regained after falling at the hands of demons. 


Believing it was nearly impossible to revive the kingdom once taken over by demons, they aimed to establish a new White Flower Kingdom and rewrite history from scratch. 


A nation formed by such people. 


And the one who led these loyal subjects came down here, established a nation, and took the throne was... 


The tribal chief of the wolves, Choyeop. 


“How did you get here?” 


As Gion observed the situation in the True White Flower Kingdom and moved forward, he soon arrived at the castle. 


The gatekeeper looked at Gion with weary eyes. 


“Is Choyeop inside?” 


The gatekeeper furrowed his brows at Gion, who called the king by his title. 


“How dare you refer to the king by-” 






Gion stepped back and looked at the castle, which was quite different but similarly imposing as the White Dragon Castle. 


“Just say that Gion has arrived. He’ll come out.” 


-Gion. You are always welcome to seek the wolves’ tribe. 


“I need help.” 


-We should also give you a chance to repay us. 


“And it seems Choyeop needs my help too.” 


-Helping you is helping myself. 


After looking at the groaning people, Gion turned back to the gatekeeper. 


The gatekeeper didn’t fully understand Gion’s words but couldn’t refuse either. 


He came here alone, in this condition?’ 


Gion was not only untreated but also injured. 


His eyes were more haggard than the gatekeeper’s who had been guarding for three days and nights, but his focus was clear. 


He didn’t dress like the barbarian tribes, and his physique was too muscular to be a local. 


Moreover, there was not a single person with him. 


Someone who could come to the True White Flower Kingdom, a natural fortress, alone in such a state. 


That was unheard of. 


“There’s no need to be so wary. I have no intention of forcing my way in; just ask, at least.” 


Gion spoke as he sat down under a tree nearby. 




If he really was a guest of the king, the gatekeeper couldn’t dare to dismiss him. 


Disrespecting someone who even calls the king by his title could inadvertently bring trouble. 


The gatekeeper seemed to ponder for a moment, then whispered something to a soldier beyond the gate. 


Shortly after, the soldier nodded and entered the castle. 


“When I receive a response, I’ll open the gate for you,” the gatekeeper said. 


Gion nodded in response. 


How much time had passed? 


No response came from the gatekeeper. 


One day. 


Two days. 


Three days. 

On the fifth day, 


“Have this at least.” 


The gatekeeper offered a small bundle of rice to Gion. 


“You’ve had nothing but water until now.” 


The full moon had set, and only the moonlight illuminated the castle. 


Gion looked up at the castle. 


They couldn’t have failed to see him from inside. 


But still, no one came out… 




Gion stood up. 


“It’s alright.” 


Then, a sharp voice rang in his head. 


[Is it appropriate to treat someone this way?] 


Hwaran clicked her tongue in displeasure. 


[Enough. It was my mistake to come here.] 


After all, it was Gion’s responsibility that Choyeop ended up founding the True White Flower Kingdom. 


It was only natural for Choyeop not to come out. 


Resigned to leave at that very moment. 




A familiar voice called out from behind. 


Gion immediately turned toward the source of the voice. 


“How did you get here…” 


Choyeop spoke with a trembling voice as he rushed towards Gion. 


“It’s been a long time.” 


At Gion’s words, Choyeop bit his lip and bowed his head. 


Comrades meeting after a hundred years. 


Though it was impossible to speak of all that time, Choyeop started to spill numerous words as if trying to bridge the gap. 


“Am I too late? I’m sorry. As you can see, the country’s situation isn’t good. I’m at the front lines almost every day, and I haven’t been able to look after the castle properly. I’m really sorry.” 




“Ah, this isn’t right. Let’s go inside and talk. You look unwell; you need treatment. Oh, and you must be hungry. It’s embarrassing to call it a feast, but at least we can have a meal-” 


“... Choyeop.” 


Gion quietly looked at Choyeop, who was pulling his arm. 


“What’s wrong?” 


Choyeop looked at Giyeon with a smile. 


“... Nothing.” 


“Always so serious.” 


With that, Choyeop led Gion into the castle. 




“It’s modest, isn’t it?” 


Choyeop gave an awkward smile. 


Indeed, for a feast hosted by a king, it was modest. 


Grains mixed with rice, small fish too embarrassing to even call fish. 


Soup filled with as many vegetables as possible to increase its volume and fruits without their sweetness… 


Contrary to the grand table, the food on this table didn’t exceed ten varieties. 


But Gion looked down at the table and shook his head. 


“This is more than enough.” 


He was sincere. 


Choyeop had brought Gion inside the castle and treated his wounds. 


The herbs applied to the wounds were not easy to find, and the bandages were of high quality, made to last. 


-Would I spare anything for you? 


Choyeop treated him exactly as he did a hundred years ago. 


“I’m sorry I couldn’t do more. It’s been a hundred years…” 


“It’s okay. Really.” 


Choyeop gave a bitter smile before continuing. 


“How have you been? How did you get here? Has the White Flower Kingdom improved?” 


Choyeop poured out many words with a bright smile. 


Gion quietly watched him and then spoke. 


“…More importantly, how is your nation? Are the other tribe members doing well?” 




Silence fell. 


But it didn’t last long. 


“Well, as you see. But it’s okay. Seeing you would really boost everyone’s morale. Remember the little kid who used to follow you? He’s a general now.” 


“That’s good.” 


Gion gave a small smile and slightly nodded his head. 


Then Choyeop pushed a dish toward Gion. 


“Ah, sorry. You must be hungry; I asked too much. Let’s eat first and then talk.” 


Gion picked up his utensils and quietly looked at the food. 


“What are you doing?” 


Choyeop blinked in confusion. 


And for good reason. 


Gion had put down his utensils and was staring intently at Choyeop. 


"This is not how you use the poison of the Hwasun grass, Choyeop." 




Choyeop quietly set down his utensils and drank some water. 


“How did you know?” 


Choyeop asked nonchalantly, not losing his smile. 


“Because you wouldn’t treat me like this.” 


The Choyeop who said helping Gion was helping himself. 


Those words could only come because their missions aligned. 


The glory of the White Flower Kingdom. 


Both were bound by it. 


But what had Gion done? 


“You should resent me.” 


The downfall of the White Flower Kingdom also bore Gion’s responsibility. 


How could Choyeop, who established a nation in barren lands after the White Flower Kingdom became a vassal state of demons, not resent Gion? 


“Understand me. As you see, I need to survive.” 


Choyeop started eating the rice that wasn’t poisoned nonchalantly. 


“The Demon King has set a bounty on you. If you get caught, it will somewhat ease the people's lives.” 


As Choyeop wiped the food from his mouth with a cloth and looked at Gion, there was nothing left in his eyes. 


“So, just let yourself be caught.” 

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