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For the Downfall of My Beloved Chapter 41

Updated: Mar 19

A relationship too familiar with each other. 


There are various emotions that can only be felt within such a relationship. 


The comfort of not needing extraneous explanations when telling a story. 


The satisfaction of having someone who understands me. 


The sense of security that grows with more time spent together. 

There are many benefits, but one thing is for sure. 


"You came here to form a power, didn't you?" 


The moment this relationship twists, each becomes the most fearsome enemy to the other. 


Gion looked at Choyeop, who was calmly reciting this as if it were a matter of course. 


"Yes. Right." 


Gion knew why he was here, and so did Choyeop. 


And Choyeop knew what to say to gain an advantage over Gion. 


Because Gion couldn't possibly ignore how clever Choyeop was. 


Gion waited quietly as if he knew what was to be said. 


Gion's gaze was piercing, as if he could see right through Choyeop. 


Choyeop quietly faced such Gion. 


Is Choyeop attacking Gion? 


That's impossible. It's hard enough to gather troops to fend off the invasion of barbarians, let alone cause casualties. 


Then, what about joining forces with Gion to restore the glory of the White Flower Kingdom? 


That's also impossible. 


The downfall of the White Flower Kingdom was significantly influenced by Gion's choices. 


The people who established the True White Flower Kingdom must be resenting Gion for sure. 


There's absolutely no way to cooperate. 


Moreover, Choyeop is in a more urgent situation. He needed the reward money from the Demon King. 


So, there's only one way. 


To tackle something weak and precious to Gion. 


"Do you know what kind of life the soldiers spent here? Now, you want to pull them into your power?" 


The metal spoon in hand is cold. 


"You must have seen how the people lived here. They can't even wield a sword, let alone satisfy their hunger." 


The food laid out in front of them was cold; there was no hint of steam anymore. 


"Those who came to this barren land risked their lives to revive the White Flower Kingdom. They can't survive without killing someone." 


The wind blew outside incessantly and banged against the window panes. 


"You've left a history that those remaining are fully bearing." 


Gion's gaze finally lands on the scene before him. 




Gion silently took in every word Choyeop uttered. He bore it all with his body. 


Silence descends inside the castle, devoid of any warmth, which made the air weigh heavily on the space. 


The wind howled outside, and the windows creaked dangerously. 


A table set with cold rice and a cold spoon. 


The faint echoes of people's screams. 


Choyeop seemingly uttered resentful words yet showed an indifferent gaze. 


Within this mixed space, Gion murmured softly. 


"I know." 


Gion straightened his posture and asked Choyeop. 


"What can I do for you?" 


"Just stay quiet and get caught." 




A cold sound echoed as the metal spoon and the old utensils collided. 


"We've already decided to do that." 




"We haven't seen each other in a hundred years. Let's not waste our strength unnecessarily." 


Indeed, this is the first time in a hundred years that Gion and Choyeop have met. 


Choyeop seemed the same during those hundred years, yet he had changed so much. 


He, who now spoke of not expending energy needlessly, bore many more scars than a hundred years ago. 


He, who once liked cleanliness, was now eating without properly dusting off the dirt. 


The calluses on his hands had cracked, looking almost like bear paws. 


The person who claimed sleep was most important for a human, even managing to sleep soundly on the battlefield, now had dark circles under his eyes. 


In an era of drastic change, where neither weapons nor food are plentiful, one must grasp whatever is necessary to survive. 


Whether one wishes it or not, it is a duty that must be fulfilled. 


Because it's the responsibility that a king of a country must carry out. 


"I understand." 


Suddenly, Choyeop's face, which had been consistently stern, twitched slightly. 




Gion placed his sword sheath on the table. 


"Take it." 






Even from within the outpost, the shouts of many could be heard. 


Choyeop looked at the map with unfocused eyes among the strong cries mixed with screams. 


It seemed as if no emotion could be felt. 


The sound of someone dying had become familiar. 


The smell of blood within the outpost, the sandstorms entering the respiratory system, the pain from wounds scattered across the body, the armor and cloth not properly washed, the dizziness from staying up several nights... 


Everything was so familiar that it seemed natural for someone who had lived this life from birth. 


Hating the demon beasts and establishing the True White Flower Kingdom. Yet now he is selling out a former comrade for the sake of the White Flower Kingdom... 


'For what purpose...' 


A life where everything unnatural has become natural. 


It's unclear why they should keep enduring this or if there's even any value in enduring at all. 




"Lord Choyeop. It might be better to give up." 


There are people who have risked their lives believing in Choyeop. 




Choyeop looked at the general strategizing beside him. 


So young. 


His pale skin was smeared with blood, and in his hands, which should have been embracing loved ones, were swords instead. 


His eyes, which should have been shining with intelligence, were now dull, barely clinging to life, giving off a somewhat broken feeling. 


A man living solely as a general, not as a human. 


There are not just one or two of such people. 


Being able to sit down when it's tough is a blessing. 


Choyeop had no such time to spare. 


Soldiers are deserting, and people are leaving the True White Flower Kingdom. 


Those who join the barbarians are becoming one of them. 


The war shows no signs of ending, while the number of the deceased keeps piling up... 




The country is collapsing. 


There's no time to be lost in thought in this situation. 


Choyeop slumped forward as if his collar was grabbed, listlessly. 


"Reorganize the formation." 


Choyeop quickly spread out the map as if it were familiar work. 


The mountain range encircling in a semicircle is divided into three parts. 


The sides are somehow being held off, but the center is the problem. 


Since they are positioned in three places, it wasn't easy for the forces of the True White Flower Kingdom to overcome the barbarians engaging in frontal assaults. 


Moreover, if the center breaks through, the citizens in the capital are in danger. 




Choyeop swept over the map. 


"We'll retreat." 


The lives of the citizens and soldiers are at stake. 


Abandoning the territory was inevitable. 




A heavy silence enveloped the outpost. 


Amidst that, screams continuously echoed, settling in Choyeop's ears. 


Choyeop continued to speak, pressing down on the faint breath that burst forth involuntarily. 


"Abandon the central mountain range and merge the forces on both sides." 


At that moment. 


"Lord Choyeop!" 


A general hurriedly entered the outpost. 


"What's the matter?" 


"That, that is…" 


The general, panting, began to spill out words as if he had caught his breath. 


"The barbarians are gradually being pushed back." 




It was a moment when the flow of the air seemed to twist. 


The sound of a crackling bonfire and the vibration constantly hitting the ground felt acutely sensitive. 


"The soldiers who were pushed back to the rear of the central mountain range have pushed up to the entrance." 


Like a spring suddenly released, Choyeop hurriedly stood up and looked at the map. 


However, contrary to the general's words, the reality spread out on the map was not so beautiful. 


Descending downwards to engage in a frontal battle is a long-term strategy of the barbarians. 


Moreover, to say they have pushed up through so many soldiers. 


The wind carried the scent of blood. 


Choyeop sat down slowly and asked calmly. 


"What is the behavior of the barbarians like?" 


It was almost safe to say that the True White Flower Kingdom had virtually no chance of subduing the barbarians. 


Unless the barbarians were deploying a different strategy that had not been detected. 


It could very well be a ploy to change strategies and strike somewhere else. 


Their forces were pushing forward, not just holding off. It implies that the strength of the barbarians had weakened unless they had a different plan. 


But that seemed unlikely. 


"The barbarians remain the same. It's our army that has changed." 


The army changed. 


There's always a reason behind a change. 


But there was no reason for the army to change. 


Still, as usual, everyone was simply risking their lives to hold them off... 


"The number of deserters in the center has decreased, and everyone's morale is high! It's fair to say that even the minor internal conflicts have almost disappeared." 


The general continued, smiling even with his lips cracked and bleeding. 


Yet, Choyeop couldn't respond with a smile. 


Unexplained hope often becomes the starting point for another crisis. 


Choyeop frowned as if the hope creeping into this space was an enemy. 




Choyeop stood up and approached the general. 


"What has caused such a change in the soldiers and the battlefield?" 






With a dull thud of a kick, Gion slowly opened his eyes he had been keeping shut. 


The moonlight seeping through the bars informed him of the passage of time. 


Thud, thud, thud. 


The sound of approaching footsteps echoed louder in the underground dungeon. 


"You're late." 


Gion said, without even checking to see who the owner of the footsteps was. 




A sharp voice was heard as soon as the footsteps stopped in front of Gion. 


"What the hell are you doing?" 


Choyeop stood in front of the bars. He looked down at Gion. 




It was only now that he seemed alive. 


Choyeop showed a bit of emotion. 


His eyes, mixed with anger and shame, did not move away from Gion. 




Gion, who had been sitting cross-legged, stood up and approached the bars. 


"They are also people of the White Flower Kingdom." 




"You said it yourself. We can't just leave them to die like that." 


Choyeop glared at Gion without saying a word, his brow furrowed. 


The wounds that had been bleeding were now healed as if they had been taken care of some time ago. 


His complexion was better than before, and he looked more lively. 


As if he was gathering his energy to head straight to the battlefield, just like a hundred years ago. 


Gion, as if he had been waiting for Choyeop, reached out his hand to the bars to open the door. 


At that moment. 




Choyeop punched the bars, his eyes flashing. 


"Stay back." 


Choyeop's warning echoed through the underground dungeon, and then silence returned. 


"Why did you go around the battlefield helping the soldiers of the True White Flower Kingdom?" 


Why didn't I realize it? 


The situation where soldiers facing the barbarians at every moment on the battlefield began to burn with morale. 


The armies, desperate just to prevent the enemy from advancing further into their territory, suddenly gained the upper hand. 


Instead of deserting, the soldiers began to rely on each other and regained their hope. 


All of this was exactly like the situation Choyeop had seen a hundred years ago. 


"Are you trying to ease your guilt now?" 


Despite his lips bleeding, Choyeop bit down hard and asked Gion. 




Gion did not step back or move forward. He stood firm and spoke. 


"You know why I did it." 




I know. 


How could I not? 


After all, the citizens of the True White Flower Kingdom were also citizens of the White Flower Kingdom. 


Gion couldn't have just watched and pretended not to know about them. 




Wasn't it because of Gion that they ended up in this situation in the first place? 


"Choyeop. Now is not the time for us to have this conversation. People are dying even as we speak." 


A sensation as if something snapped in his head occurred. 


"...Do you even have the right to say that?" 


Like a dam about to burst after being closed for decades, Choyeop's mouth quivered. 


"It's been a hundred years. A hundred years without returning home, coming here with nothing but the single-minded intention to rebuild the history of White Flower Kingdom." 


The corners of his eyes trembled involuntarily, and his breath quickened beyond his control. 


"Do you know what emotions they live with? Do you have any idea how many people's deaths I've watched over in this country for so long? Do you know how many have lost their families, their homes, their memories, and arrived at a place no different from a natural fortress, only to kill each other because they couldn't take care of themselves?" 


Each word was mixed with years that had rotted away. 


"And you dare to enter the True White Flower Kingdom because you need power? You, of all people, ask them to join forces?" 


The days that had been stagnant for so long poured out uncontrollably. 


"Because of you...!" 


After spitting out the words that had been festering inside, Choyeop gasped for breath and stopped speaking. 




Gion quietly absorbed everything Choyeop poured out. He stood calmly. 


He stood firmly as if not to be pushed by the high tide nor swept away by the low tide> He looked at Choyeop. 


-We should be moving now to save even one more person. 


The day Choyeop had lost a comrade he cherished. 


Gion had the same look in his eyes when looking down at Choyeop, who had been unable to protect his own troops while blindly killing the enemy, losing his rationality. 


And Choyeop's prediction was accurate. 


Gion took a step forward and asked indifferently. 


"When are you going to open the door?" 

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