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For the Downfall of My Beloved Chapter 43

Updated: Mar 21

Gion’s task is clear.  


To restore peace to the True White Flower Kingdom and to ensure that the Munbi Nation —known for its past transgressions against the kingdom— cannot meddle with it again.  


What could definitively achieve these two things?  




Kill the king, the root of all these situations.  


But that’s easier said than done.  


A long war with the True White Flower Kingdom and the riots of protesters within.  


Meeting the king of Munbi Nation, who is dealing with these two situations, is like trying to break a rock with a needle.  


With enemies aiming for his life both outside and inside, it’s unlikely the king would have lax security.  


For Gion to infiltrate the Munbi Nation directly would be nothing but a wasteful pursuit. He would just be wasting all his strength and time.  


So, the decision Gion chose was…  


To get captured by the Munbi Nation on purpose.  




With his vision obscured by a black cloth, the sound of metal clashing was even clearer.  


Gion moved according to the will of those dragging him on either side. Eventually, they descended the mountain. 


How far down had they gone?  


Even without seeing a thing, a deeper darkness enveloped him, turning everything pitch black.  




Then, the sound of a metal door opening was heard.  




“Pl-please save me. I really don’t know anything! It’s not me!”  


“Ah, ahh…”  


The cries of numerous people echoed through the walls around him. 


The sound of fire burning, metal clashing, bodies being thrown to the floor, blood and water splashing, people screaming in the language of White Flower Kingdom…  


All these sounds mixed together, creating a sinister echo underground.  




Despite the screams of people, Gion just kept moving forward without saying a word.  


After walking for some time,  




A rough grip pressed down on Gion’s shoulders.  


For a moment, he could feel the cold temperature of a metal chair.  




The black cloth was violently removed, causing his head to involuntarily jolt forward.  


Despite the sudden bright light entering his vision, Gion did not furrow his brows but slowly opened his eyes.  


“Your name is Gion, correct?”  


Unlike the dirty underground dungeon, a man in a neat suit was sitting in a chair facing Gion.  


At the man’s gesture, those who dragged Gion started to hold various objects.  


A branding iron heated by fire, a thin and sharp long knife, a metal rod…  


The torture tools, filled with murderous intent, seemed ready to harm Gion at any moment. Each of them emitted a menacing light.  


“You said you’d kill the current king of True White Flower Kingdom and bring his head.”  


How would the people of the Munbi Nation view Gion?  


One thing was certain: they would never trust him at the moment.  


After all, the True White Flower Kingdom is fundamentally the White Flower Kingdom. 


For Gion, who devoted everything for the glory of the White Flower Kingdom, to enter Munbi Nation.  


It was a natural occurrence from their perspective.  


The man sitting in front of Gion still looked at him with eyes full of suspicion.  


“It seems your grudge is not with the True White Flower Kingdom but with its king. Why, then, do you seek to join hands with us?”  


Gion’s presence here, able to provide information about the True White Flower Kingdom, made this possible through his own admissions.  


Gion could only set foot in Munbi Nation after claiming he would bring the head of Choyeop, who intended to hand him over to the Demon King.  




From beyond the wall, the cries of the people of the White Flower Kingdom could be heard.  


Despair, crying, and screaming erupted in sync with the sound of metal clashing.  


Gion took in all these voices and raised his head.  


The man before him would surely not trust Gion.  


Then, he just had to make him trust.  


Gion knew exactly what these people wanted, so he didn’t even need time to think about what to do.  


“Just killing the king is not enough... That alone won’t satisfy me.”  


Gion’s voice trembled faintly, and tears began to well up in his red, bloodshot eyes as if a transparent film had covered them.  


“He must see the country he built with everything he had fall apart before he dies. He must die in such agony.” 


Starting from his shoulders, Gion began to shake, eventually clenching his fists tightly.  


Drops of blood fell from Gion’s hands.  


At this sight, even the soldiers next to him, holding torture tools, flinched.  


“Don’t you want to strike at the True White Flower Kingdom? I feel the same.”  




Even with handcuffs tightening around his wrists, Gion leaned forward as much as possible, grinding his teeth.  


“Please, accept me as a soldier of the Munbi Nation.”  




“Please, I beg you. If only you allow me to contribute to the downfall of the True White Flower Kingdom, anything... all...”  


His behavior resembled a beast starting to run amok, yet desperately pleading with the last of his rationality.  


The man silently observed Gion.  


Swamped with emotion, yet ready to move for his goal more than anyone else.  


In a word...  


A useful pawn.  


Unaware of the value of his own life. He will do anything, regardless of the danger, to achieve his goals, just like the Moonbin Nation. He will sacrifice themselves without a second thought. 


And Gion’s martial skills and abilities were well known...  


There was no reason to refuse.  




“How do I know your words are not a lie?”  


The possibility of him being a spy could not be excluded.  


In the current situation, where the True White Flower Kingdom’s forces were gaining momentum, a good pawn had willingly walked in.  


And Gion knew the man would think this.  


“You can put me under surveillance. It’s fine if everything I do, from what I eat and wear to even when I sleep, is under the control of Munbi Nation.”  


If you can’t trust someone, you must control their freedom.  


That was Gion’s statement.  


He couldn’t send messages or signals to the True White Flower Kingdom in such a situation.  


Then, even if he were a spy, it would be natural for him to be unable to conduct proper espionage.  


“What will you do after witnessing the downfall of the True White Flower Kingdom?”  


Even if their goal was the same, it’s unknown what thoughts he harbored.  


If he beheads the king of the True White Flower Kingdom and becomes the king himself, True White Flower Kingdom wouldn’t be destroyed.  


Therefore, it was necessary to know what Gion was thinking.  


If Gion’s words were true, he would easily answer this question.  


Without any hesitation, Gion immediately continued.  


“I will take the head of the king of True White Flower Kingdom and go to the White Flower Kingdom to meet the Demon King.”  




A statement that he didn’t care what happened to himself beyond revenge.  


There was not a single contradiction in everything he had shown so far.  


The man seemed to ponder for a moment before speaking.  


“Can you swear loyalty to the current king of the Munbi Nation?”  




Gion spoke rationally and calmly, devoid of emotion, as if he had been waiting for this moment.  


“I will devote everything to ensure that the King’s wishes are fulfilled more swiftly.”  


Using honorific language towards the king and expressing his willingness to dedicate everything to achieve what the king of the Munbi Nation intends,   


Gion was no different from someone who was already loyal to the king.  


“Isn’t the True White Flower Kingdom a country that recklessly seized land from the Munbi Nation to establish itself?”  


There was only one way for Gion to get close to the king.  


To achieve a feat that would catch the king’s eye.  


To meet the king, he had to do something the king needed.  

Gion said, widening his eyes,  


“I will make the True White Flower Kingdom disappear from this world.”  




Gion had just suppressed a protest and entered the base.  


It had been ten days since he started wearing the uniform of a Munbi Nation infantryman.  


After being released from the underground dungeon, he became a soldier of the Munbi Nation, albeit a low-ranking one.  


Light armor protected his vital points, and he was given a soldier’s uniform that, while not luxurious, was intact.  


Gion skillfully untied his belt and tended to his weapon.  


During his ten days in the Munbi Nation, he learned three things.  


The first was that the people of the Munbi Nation looked down on and despised the True White Flower Kingdom.  


This attitude was not limited to the soldiers but extended to the civilians of the Munbi Nation as well.  


-The current king of Munbi Nation is not acting for the glory of Munbi Nation! The true glory of the Munbi Nation lies in destroying the True White Flower Kingdom, which was established by recklessly invading our lands!  


A young man on a podium in the square was fervently giving a speech.  


Below him, protestors holding the national flag of the Munbi Nation showed their support.  


-Right! It makes no sense to let those wretches be!  


-Exactly! Munbi Nation could surely defeat the True White Flower Kingdom, but the war just drags on endlessly!  


Low-ranking soldiers like Gion, wearing the same infantry uniform, grimaced and clicked their tongues, their bodies exhausted and covered in dust.  


“Why do they go to such lengths? Don’t they know the king is trying to end the war because of them?”  


“How many times has it been? Because of them, I’ve forgotten when I last saw my family. Are they any different from the stubborn True White Flower Kingdom bastards who keep dragging out the war?” 


“I knew it from the time they formed their own militia to kill the True White Flower Kingdom bastards. They throw a fit if things don’t go their way. If they’re going to kill, they should do it properly, not just lash out and leave us to gag at the sight of the corpses…”  


The second thing was that those loyal to the king thought no differently about the protestors and the True White Flower Kingdom.  


Since the True White Flower Kingdom was established by Choyeop invading a natural fortress originally belonging to the Munbi Nation, it was natural for the Munbi Nation’s people to be hostile towards the True White Flower Kingdom.  


So, why could Gion be here in Munbi Nation despite their disdain and hatred for the True White Flower Kingdom?  


The answer was simpler than expected.  


“Ah... Why did I have to be assigned to the same base as this guy…”  


At someone’s remark, everyone glanced at Gion.  


To them, Gion was the main culprit behind the White Flower Kingdom’s downfall.  


Having heard the entire situation of True White Flower Kingdom attempting to betray Gion, the officers decided to use him.  


For Munbi Nation, having one more person wanting to deal with the True White Flower Kingdom could only be beneficial.  




Gion just quietly listened to their conversation. He did nothing else.  

A soldier frowned as he saw Gion’s lack of reaction.  


“Creepy bastard.”  


The soldier muttered an insult under his breath as he passed by Gion.  


“Hey. Forget it. Why bother with him? I’m already drained because of those protestors.”  


“Yeah, the commander is about to arrive soon anyway-”  


At that moment.  


The tent of the base fluttered as a man entered.  




The soldiers immediately formed ranks and saluted.  


“Loyalty! All units of the 3rd Army salute the commander-”  


“That’s enough.”  


The commander cut off the greeting and continued immediately.  


“All units of the 3rd Army, move to the eastern mountains.”  


The pupils of the soldiers shook for a moment.  


The eastern mountains were the range farthest from the capital.  


The 3rd Army unit, to which Gion belonged, was a group of low-ranking soldiers gathered to suppress the protesters, so this order implied that protests had also broken out in the eastern mountains.  




Gion blended in among them, quietly observing the commander.  


It was natural for the soldiers to react this way.  


It takes five days just to reach the eastern mountains.  


If protests are spreading there, it’s uncertain how much time it will take to suppress them.  


It’s a waste of manpower.  


Especially now, when True White Flower Kingdom’s momentum is starting to change, it’s unreasonable to move all these troops just to catch protesters.  


This thought wasn’t unique to Gion.  


The commander’s expression remained stern, but his face was visibly strained.  


He seemed to have a severe headache. He twitched his eyebrows as he spoke, and his lips lacked color.  


“We’ll depart in half an hour.”  


Without any change in expression, the commander finished his report and left the outpost.  


“This is insane…”  


After confirming the commander’s departure, the soldiers began to hold their heads in despair.  


Though they had escaped the battlefield, being unable to return home for months was the same.  


Even if they faced less threat to their lives, the protesters were becoming more violent, and soldiers were starting to lose their lives one by one.  


While everyone sat down disheartened,  




Gion stepped outside the outpost.  




The commander, not far gone, turned around.  


“What is it?”  


In the sunlight, his condition seemed even more severe.  


His arms were behind his back, but his elbows shook slightly, indicating trembling hands.  


When Gion called the commander, his response was not only slow but showed his limits.  


It was the limit.  


It was understandable as the person primarily responsible for quelling the years-long rioting of protesters.  


Moreover, with the True White Flower Kingdom showing momentum in the war, the pressure from higher-ups would have been intense.  


“I have something to say.”  


What could a low-ranking soldier possibly have to say to a commander?  


The commander, too tired to be angry at such insubordination, frowned and turned back.  


“I’m tired, let’s talk another time-”  


“What if there’s a way to capture all the protesters at once? Would there be no need for the entire 3rd Army to go to the eastern mountains?”  




The commander scowled at Gion.  


“You dare…”  


If such a method existed, it would have been used already.  


Nobody wants to go to the eastern mountains, but does that mean one should expose their desperation like this?  


“Aren’t you a soldier who has sworn loyalty to the current king?”  


The commander glared at Gion, eyes flashing.  


But Gion bowed his head calmly, continuing,  


“Yes, I am. Therefore, would you please listen to what I have to say? If you find it disagreeable, I am willing to accept any punishment thereafter.”  


Gion answered with determination as if he was putting his life on the line.  


“There is a way to capture all the protesters at once.”  




Inside Munbi Nation’s forward base.  


Even within this space, a place no low-ranking soldier could enter casually, Gion stepped into a tent.  


“You said you know a way to capture all the protesters at once.” 


Gion quietly observed the man.  


Even at their first meeting, he did not introduce himself.  


He neither commanded Gion to sit nor offered a greeting.  


Above all, the number of embroidered feather shapes on his uniform.  




He is the leader of the army under the current king of the Munbi Nation.  


The supreme commander overseeing all commanders is essentially the king of the army.  


This means.  


Whatever the leader says goes directly to the king of Munbi Nation. 


“Yes, I do.”  


Gion straightened his back and spoke in a low, calm voice.  




He had heard that when this man was first dragged into the underground dungeon, he behaved like a beast, overwhelmed by rage.  


Yet, the person he saw now was nothing like that.  


It wouldn’t be easy for a low-ranking soldier facing the supreme commander to behave this way.  


Exactly, he had never seen such a soldier before.  




‘From officers to commanders.’  


They didn’t reach their positions by accident.  


This was a soldier who had made it through them to stand before the supreme leader.  


No, this was Gion, who had been a general of the White Flower Kingdom.  


“Speak. However-”  


Even while sitting calmly, the leader exuded a menacing presence.  


“If your method is flawed, you will willingly accept punishment according to military law.”  


Whether this is an act of insubordination or something that could genuinely benefit Munbi Nation, it’s too early to judge without hearing the story.  


“I will accept it.”  


Gion bowed his head in response to the leader.  


The leader of the Munbi Nation acted solely for the king and the glory of the Munbi Nation.  


That he had given Gion the floor to speak meant.  


The game was already over.  


“What if we disguise the youngest and most innocent as protesters and kill them?”  




Instead of responding, the leader’s eyebrows twitched slightly.  


“Do you think, because you are speaking to me, you can behave as if you are something significant?”  


The protesters are already raising arms against the king, filled with anger.  


And to further provoke them…  


It’s like pouring oil on a fire.  


The enraged protesters, fueled by their anger, would only cause more chaos.  


At that moment.  




Something crossed the leader’s mind as he was organizing his thoughts.  


As the leader’s pupils dilated suddenly, Gion immediately continued. 


“Wouldn’t utilizing that anger be advantageous for our current military forces?”  


Gion pulled out the map and pointed to the largest square between the palace and the city.  




The leader spread the map out more neatly.  


In moments of rage, it’s hard to make rational decisions.  


It’s even more so, especially when not just one person, but a group of people are leading the charge.  


Especially if such a major incident occurs after a long period of protests...  


Those angered will gather in one place to unite their strength.  


“Ha... this is something.”  


“If you carry out this plan, I will lead the charge to annihilate the protesters.”  


Is this the kind of tactic a low-ranking soldier can come up with?  


They are completely different from those who just follow orders blindly.  


This person not only grasps the situation well but also predicts what will happen next.  


“It would have been great if you were from Munbi Nation.”  




“Return to base and wait for an answer.”  


Ultimately, the leader is no different from the king’s confidant.  


Without the king’s final decision, it’s natural that one cannot move rashly.  


This means, conveying Gion’s words to the king.  


After a light bow, Gion returned to the base.  


He focused on recovering his body, cleaning his equipment, and sharpening his energy.  


If a decision is made, he must act immediately.  


How much time had passed?  




A man handed over a telegram stamped with a red seal.  


It was the leader’s seal.  


Gion immediately tore open the envelope and read the contents.  


Can you take charge of this plan responsibly?  




In front of the statue that honors the king of Munbi Nation.  


Exactly, in the square facing the palace, a large crowd had gathered.  


The protesters, armed with swords and sickles, started shouting, protecting their bodies with metal plates tied with ropes.  


“The king of Munbi Nation is drowned in greed and has failed to forge the true glory of Munbi Nation! Step down from the throne!”  


“Step down!”  


“Not driving out the True White Flower Kingdom, which has stolen our territories and established its country, and not ending the war is no different from the cowardly True White Flower Kingdom! What is the point of brutally killing innocent people?”  


Three days ago, at night.  


A young and innocent student among the protesters was beaten to death by the military.  


His body was bruised purple all over from the batons, and his abdomen was swollen with water as if he had been tortured with water.  


The body was dumped at the back of a river near the underground prison, eventually drifting to a place where women were doing laundry.  


A brave young man who had led the protesters.  


This young man returned to his family, unable to even properly recover his body.  


“Remember the death of the young student! Innocent sacrifices must not continue!”  




The protesters roared, waving the blood-stained flag of the Munbi Nation.  


Boom and roar!  


Those supporting the leader in front began to throw gunpowder at the statue.  


Around the statue, fierce smoke and flames swirled, engulfing the square.  


The wind and dust stirred up by the collapsed statue swept through the square.  


Boom and crash!  


Amidst the space filled with the smell of gunpowder, people continuously threw gunpowder.  


The massive sound of shouting sharply pierced through the air.  


The voices of the enraged were mixed with the same screams as those waging war.  


At that moment.  




The ground began to rumble, and through the smoke, something huge started to approach.  


“What, what is...”  


Even the protesters, who were throwing bombs in anger, fell silent at the approaching giant shadow.  


And for good reason.  




From afar, a sandstorm rose, and the heavy sound of horse hooves approached.  


The cries of the protesters, sharp enough to tear through the air, vanished, replaced by the clashing sound of metal filling the square. 


Soldiers seated on massive warhorses, wearing solid armor as if they were headed to battle, charged with giant spears in hand.  


The infantry, shield in hand and wearing helmets that showed only their eyes, held long swords.  


The army, approaching with a momentum that seemed to obliterate everything, appeared no different from a natural disaster.  




Faced with the army’s menacing approach, the protesters hesitated for a moment.  


They could only stare blankly at those charging at them, like mere humans facing a landslide.  




Soon, the army reached the front of the protesters.  


At that moment.  




All the soldiers aimed their blades at the protesters, maintaining formation.  


And between them, a man began to approach the protesters.  


“What, what is this!”  


“Get back! Are you planning to kill us like that man?”  


“Everyone, calm down! Aren’t we all citizens of Munbi Nation in the end?! Killing our own people at a time like this is no different from the destruction of Munbi Nation!”  


The protesters tried their best to suppress their fear, their eyes flashing.  






The man silently continued to advance towards the protesters.  






The man’s blade cleanly sliced through the neck of a young man.  


A dark red stream of blood spurted out, drawing a long line on the man’s helmet.  




The indiscriminate death of one person caused those around to scream out in terror.  


But the man’s blade did not stop.  




A dagger pierced through the leg of someone trying to flee.  




A long scar was drawn across the back of someone, showing their back.  


“Uaaaah! Save me!”  


People began to scream and try to dodge.  


As if determined not to miss one of them, the man began to swing his sword crazily.  


The square, once sandy, became a muddy mess with blood scattered all over.  


Thud, thud, thud.  


In response, the soldiers surrounded the square, organizing their ranks to prevent the protesters from escaping.  


Bodies piled up following the man’s footsteps, and the screams did not stop.  


The terrified protesters quickly broke formation.  


And when a path was cleared.  




The man removed his helmet and threw it to the ground.  


Those who saw the man’s face could not hide their shock.  


“He’s not a person from Munbi Nation...”  


“Just by the looks of it, he’s from True White Flower Kingdom...!”  


His black hair contrasted with his pale complexion.  


His pitch-black eyes shimmered with flames, taking on a dark red hue.  




Gion looked at them without saying a word.  




Gion flicked the blood off his sword and shouted towards the army.  




At that moment.  




The army positioned on all sides began to rush in, surrounding the protesters. 


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