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For the Downfall of My Beloved Chapter 44

Updated: Mar 22

- Everything is a waste.  


Before he reached adulthood, Gion spoke of victory celebrations in this manner.  


The end of the war was not the end.  


The devastated lands had to be rebuilt, and the families of the fallen soldiers needed support to live a proper life as soon as possible.  


Instead of holding lavish festivals and spending vast amounts of money on banquets in the palace, the granaries should be opened for the people.  


Isn’t that how a country’s finances should be used?  


But Rohwa said:  


- It’s absolutely necessary.  


Gion frowned and asked back:  


- The people are still suffering from the aftermath of the war, and you speak of festivals?  


He couldn’t understand.  


Until he heard Rohwa’s words:  


- Showing that the war has truly ended and instilling a sense of relief is also the country’s responsibility. That’s the purpose of the celebration.  




- A celebration held in a state where systems to rebuild the lives of the people are properly in place gives them hope that the country will become peaceful again.  


Rohwa continued, looking down at the city floor:  


- Even a warhorse, if it runs non-stop, has to retire before its time. If that’s the case for a beast that has lived its whole life to be a warhorse, how much more for us fragile humans? If you’ve run hard, you need to rest.  


He was right.  


Rohwa’s words were true.  


After the war, the people enjoyed the grand celebration of the end of the war, filled with relief and happiness for that day.  


Tomorrow, they might long for family members they may never see again, and they might be hungry and struggling. Still, for that day, they were entirely happy.  


- General, thank you. My father returned safely because of you.  


- Gion! Come over here. We’ve prepared some food.  


- Did you get treated properly for your wounds? You shouldn’t overdo it!  


Wandering through the celebration, the people smiled warmly at Gion and offered him floral crowns.  


Looking at them, Gion could, for that day at least, feel momentarily free from the guilt of not being able to protect someone from the sin of having killed.  


-The general is our hero.  




“This man is a hero, isn’t he!”  


A Munbi Nation official raised his glass and laughed heartily.  


“Thanks to him, Munbi Nation will become peaceful!”  


Thick arms wrapped around Gion’s shoulders, and the soldiers holding their glasses all nodded.  


“Right! Catching the rioters in one go... Now life is worth living again!”  


“They struggled so much, but did you see them run when one of them died? I felt so refreshed when that guy was swinging his sword!”  


“Look, Gion! Now, with this momentum, you’ll hit True White Flower Kingdom hard, right? You’re the hero of Munbi Nation!”  


“This celebration is essentially in honor of Gion!”  


Gion silently watched the luxurious celebration unfold before him.  

Expensive carpets were laid out in the inner palace.  


The tablecloths on the long tables were silk embroidered with gold thread.  


The palace, wrapped in red carpets, sparkled with golden embroidery, exuding a noble atmosphere.  


Silver dishes filled with steaming food were placed on the tables. 


Many people ate quickly, but the food kept being filled up before their spoons could stop. The wine that flowed in the gold-decorated glasses didn’t even show a sign of showing the bottom. 


Giant fish, turkeys stuffed with various ingredients, imported high-quality fruits, and desserts sprinkled with gold dust...  


Above where the soldiers enjoyed their feast, on a raised platform, countless dancers dressed in traditional clothes decorated with mother-of-pearl danced to the music.  


Laughter and the sound of drums grew louder. Between them, the beautiful melody of string instruments added a soft atmosphere.  


For a dinner feasting on the deaths of people, it was bizarrely splendid.  


“Gion! You must have thought of the best strategy to strike the True White Flower Kingdom in one blow?”  


“Of course! That’s probably the only thing he’s been focused on all the way here!”  


The officers, now drunk, lightly hit Gion as they spoke.  


The celebration marking the end of the war signified another beginning.  


As Rohwa said, it was just a break, not the end.  


Having suppressed the protesters, Munbi Nation was undoubtedly planning to invade the True White Flower Kingdom next.  


Dragging out the war with the True White Flower Kingdom without ending it was a tactic to divert the citizens’ attention from the internal chaos.  


With the protesters gone, there was no longer a need to divert the citizens’ attention.  


This meant there was no reason not to end the war with the True White Flower Kingdom.  


“Seeing you catch the protesters, it’s clear watching you handle the True White Flower Kingdom will be quite the spectacle.”  


“Right, right. Ah, how about this instead? I’ll bet a thousand taels of gold that he can cut off the head of the king of True White Flower Kingdom within five days.” 


“Only a thousand? I bet my neck that the True White Flower Kingdom will be annihilated within three days.”  


“Hahaha! You might survive the battlefield only to come back and die here!”  


The officers and soldiers laughed uproariously, clutching their bellies.  


Drunk, with flushed faces, they spewed blood-scented words, chewing on meat.  


Many focused on Gion, enjoying the banquet, but what mattered to Gion was not their words.  


“Truly... a hero. I regret not witnessing that scene myself.”  


Gion looked towards the highest platform from where the voice came.  


There sat the king, looking down at Gion, sipping his wine with dignity.  


As the king’s calm yet heavy voice resonated, everyone at the banquet silenced and looked up.  


“How much will you please me this time?”  


As the king smiled lightly, Gion stood up and bowed his head.  


Munbi Nation had no reason to spare the True White Flower Kingdom any longer.  


And Gion had no reason to spare the king of Munbi Nation.  


After annihilating the protesters and now facing the king, this moment could be Gion’s first and last chance to kill the king.  


“I will give my all to meet your expectations.”  


Hearing Gion’s words, the king burst into laughter.  


“Ahaha! Your sincerity is commendable. But don’t you desire anything? Those who have achieved great feats should be rewarded accordingly.”  


Desire something.  


Gion had no such desires.  


He just needed to strike at the king of the Munbi Nation.  


That was all Gion had to do.  




Everyone blinked as if sobered by his words.  


The king was no exception.  


To have achieved such feats, earning gold, treasures, land, and even a position despite being an outsider, yet desire nothing.  


The king stroked his beard and flicked his eyebrows.  




A man worthy of being called a hero.  


Having annihilated the troublesome protesters in one night and showing no arrogance...  


He was a blessing that had rolled into their lap.  


The more the king saw, the more he liked this character.  


Resting his chin in his hand, the king looked at Gion with interest and spoke.  


“I’m truly curious how you will fulfill your oath. Won’t you come here and talk more about it?”  


The hall buzzed instantly.  


“Did the king imply to raise Gion to a high-ranking position...?”  


“Uh... I heard that too...”  


Gion’s current seat was at the lowest of three levels.  


The table one level higher, where those sitting were of high rank, was reserved for the military’s leader and the nation’s prime ministers.  


The seat is directly in front of the king.  


The king’s invitation for Gion to sit there signaled that Gion was becoming one of the king’s closest confidants and a trusted ally.  


“The seat next to the leader is vacant; sit there.”  


The closest seat to the king.  


There was no reason for Gion to refuse such an offer.  




Step by step, Gion rose from his place and ascended the stairs laid with fine carpets.  


“Wow... There are people whose lifetime wish is to sit in that spot...” 




“Tch. The king is being too careless... Even so, to place him in that seat...”  




“Shh! Didn’t you see him swinging his sword earlier? Better keep your mouth shut unless you want your head flying off. The king favors him, you know.”  




Amidst a mix of emotions and murmurs, Gion reached the front of the king.  


“Up close, you’re even more impressive.”  


Security guards approached Gion at the high-ranking table at the king’s nod.  


“You cannot possess weapons at this seat.”  


Earning trust doesn’t necessarily mean being trusted completely, it seemed.  


Gion handed his sword to the security guard at his waist.  


“Here it is.”  


However, the guard looked at Gion momentarily before speaking.  


“May we conduct a body search?”  




With Gion’s nod, the guards began to pat him down.  


“That will do.”  


Once the guards confirmed nothing was found, the king spoke.  


“Risk always lurks, after all. Now, don’t worry and enjoy yourself.”  


Those sitting at the high table glanced over but did not deny Gion’s right to be there.  


“I am honored.”  


Gion took his seat next to the leader.  


This table was far more lavishly set than those below, with chairs filled with goose feathers for extra comfort.  


The wine was served in black porcelain to prevent discoloration and adorned with numerous jewels.  


While the lower tables boasted quantity, this place offered exquisite dishes in abundance.  


The items on the table alone could probably cover the costs of repairing the damage inflicted upon the capital.  


“Does it not meet your expectations?”  


As the king tilted his head, Gion picked up his spoon.  


“It just seems overly generous.”  


“Ahaha! You are modest, too!”  


The king chuckled, sipping his wine and curling his lips even more.  


“Let’s hear it then. What will you do next?”  


“I must go to the True White Flower Kingdom.”  


“Indeed. It will be a relief to finally eliminate that tiresome nuisance.”  


The king surely found them a burden.  


Hoping only to bide time, yet the early resistance fiercely harmed the Munbi Nation.  




Setting down his spoon, Gion said,  


“...You won’t have to see them anymore.”  




Gion began pouring wine into a jade-colored glass.  


“He really is quite reliable, isn’t he?”  


The king, appearing satisfied, shrugged his shoulders and leaned back against his throne.  


But Gion’s words were not yet finished.  


“You won’t be able to see anything soon.”  




Despite the glass overflowing, Gion did not stop pouring the wine.  

The dark red liquid stained the tablecloth and dripped onto the floor.  




Could this be considered someone enjoying a celebration?  


No, it rather seemed no different from a soldier remaining on the battlefield, facing the enemy.  


At that moment, a chill ran down the king’s spine.  




“Thank you. Because you dealt with the demonstrators in the Munbi Nation yourself, we were able to conclude the operation quickly.”  


The king’s expression, once filled with satisfaction and relief, twisted.  


In that instant.  




Gion, holding a bottle of wine, stepped onto the table and leaped towards the king.  


What should be done if the security forces had taken the weapons? 


Everything at hand can be turned into a weapon.  


The absence of a weapon was not a problem.  


Rather, the more the king felt relieved that Gion’s weapon had been taken and complacent in having control over the opponent, the better the opportunity for Gion.  


“Catch this bastard!”  


No sooner had the king’s shout ended.  




The wine bottle Gion was holding struck the king’s head.  


“Why, suddenly…!”  


“This is madness!”  


The soldiers, who had been drinking, could not believe what was unfolding before their eyes for a moment, then regained their senses and shouted.  


“Protect His Majesty!!!”  


The soldiers, who had been enjoying the banquet, suddenly drew their swords and charged towards the stage. 




Gion twisted his body to the opposite side of their approach, widening the distance.  




He struck the king’s head again.  


“Let go-”  


The king struggled. He grabbed Gion’s wrist, but Gion did not stop.  


“This crazy bastard!!!”  




A soldier quickly approached and swung his sword, but Gion merely dodged the attack and continued to hit the king’s head with the wine bottle.  




The skull cracked open, and blood stained the bottle red.  


Gion stroked with the wine bottle without any change in expression.   


He looked no different from a woodcutter splitting logs, not a person.  




A soldier tripped by Gion fell off the stage from his kick.  




Once more.  






As Gion swung, the dull sounds of the blows...  




The sound gradually became softer.  


And then.  




It was after the wine bottle completely shattered.  




After the king’s body slumped.  


“Huff, huff…”  


Perhaps it was because the distance to the stage was too great for them to reach in a single breath.  


The soldiers hadn’t even reached the platform before they lost their king.  


“Did you want to be by the king’s side that badly?”  




Gion threw the king down from the stage. 


“Then take him.”  


Perhaps due to the steep slope of the stage and the crowd on it, the soldiers lost their balance and fell backward as the king’s corpse fell from above.  






The splendid food on the table spilled over, and the table broke with a crack.  


The soldiers groaned like livestock buried in manure, covered in luxury food.  


Gion, covered in blood, looked down at them and murmured softly. 


“My business here is done.”  


Blood dripped from the sharp shards of the wine bottle Gion was holding.  






White fireworks burst splendidly in the dark night sky.  


Choyeop, who had been standing guard in front of a bonfire, immediately got up.  




It was the signal flare indicating the death of the king of Munbi Nation.  


“Everyone, get up!”  


The members of the special unit, who had been sleeping lightly for five days, opened their eyes wide.  


“What’s happening!”  


“We’re moving now, get ready.”  


“Eh? Could it be…”  


Choyeop’s elite unit, not quite a hundred strong and made up of members of the Wolf tribe, immediately understood what he meant. They were Choyeop’s subordinates, so they instantly grasped his words.  


The remnants of light, still lingering like heat haze, were clearly rippling in the night sky.  




Choyeop immediately mounted his horse.  


“Hurry! Now is our chance, with the king of Munbi country dead!”  




All members of the special unit mounted their horses and followed Choyeop.  


It was the True White Flower Kingdom’s first and last chance to strike at Munbi Nation. 


The True White Flower Kingdom could never win against Munbi country head-on.  


From the number of soldiers to military power, they were absolutely no match for Munbi country.  


However, the story changes if they found out about Munbi country’s only weak point, the strategic location.  


What if a militarily important location was taken amidst the chaos of the king’s death?  


No matter how powerful Munbi Nation was compared to the True White Flower Kingdom, it wouldn’t be easy to show the same force as before.  


And the person who informed Choyeop of this strategic location was…  


“What kind of person is this Gion, who not only killed the king of Munbi Nation but also found out about the strategic location.”  


It was none other than Gion.  




Choyeop, gripping the reins tightly, began to gallop fiercely through the dark night.  


Could one possibly define who Gion is in words?  


Even after seeing with his own eyes, it’s unbelievable that such a person is Gion.  


However, there was one thing Choyeop could assert with certainty.  


“It doesn’t matter. After this war is over, he’s someone we’ll never see again anyway.” 


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