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For the Downfall of My Beloved Chapter 45

Updated: Mar 25

Choyeop crossed the border of the Munbi Nation.  




At that moment, the members of the special unit could only silently watch Choyeop.  


And for good reason.  




Choyeop stared down at the border he had crossed, his head bowed.  


He was now standing on the land of Munbi Nation, a land he had never even dreamed of seeing.  


Choyeop stood there silently, staring at the ground clearly marked by horse hooves.  


How long had it been?  


How long had he awaited this moment?  


A hundred years.  


During that time, he devoted everything to raise True White Flower Kingdom.  


It was a nation impoverished by barbarian invasions and numerous civil wars, yet he had preserved it against all odds.  


Finally, over a hundred years after the establishment of the True White Flower Kingdom, the moment to deal with the Munbi Nation, their greatest headache, had arrived.  




Thanks to Gion’s help.  


Even amidst the exhilaration and rapid heartbeat, his eyes became hot with emotion.  


The night wind made his nose tingle and his blood run cold.  




A hollow laugh escaped Choyeop.  


What would have become of True White Flower Kingdom without Gion’s help?  


He did not want to entertain that question.  




No one in the special forces unit bothered Choyeop as he stared listlessly at the night sky, his head raised. 


They knew best what kind of journey Choyeop had been on.  


That was why they could do nothing else.  


But that wasn’t all. They had a sincere belief in him.  


They were sure Choyeop would be back on his feet in no time. 


“Let’s go!”  


And that belief always proved right.  


After a brief pause, Choyeop began to lead again. 


It was time to snap out of the reverie.  


Being momentarily engulfed in emotions was possible because the situation had drastically changed, giving the True White Flower Kingdom an advantage and allowing for such luxury.  


To think of leisure in an unfinished war.  


It was preposterous.  




Choyeop exhaled a stifled breath and began to run, lowering his body to reduce air resistance.  


Currently, the True White Flower Kingdom could not conquer the Munbi Nation.  


It was a time when the True White Flower Kingdom itself was overwhelmed with reconstruction and recovery efforts.  


But by collapsing the strategic foundations, the Munbi Nation could be thrown into chaos.  


The death of the current king and the destruction of strategic locations.  


By exploiting the Munbi Nation’s confusion from these two situations, True White Flower Kingdom could rebuild and reorganize its forces, gradually eroding the Munbi Nation’s strength.  


Even if conquering the Munbi Nation wasn’t immediately feasible, it would lay the groundwork for its decline.  




Choyeop galloped towards the strategic location, looking over the mountains at Munbi Nation’s royal castle.  


The castle was filled with numerous armies but was in disarray. They failed to maintain perfect formation.  


The troops moving out of the castle were heading towards the direction Choyeop was moving.  




The members of the special unit, having seen the army heading towards the strategic location, hurriedly called Choyeop as they raced forward.  


With the king dead, the army would naturally try to defend the strategic location in this state of emergency.  


They must destroy the strategic location before the enemy forces reach it.  


It’s a race against time.  


“Full speed ahead!”  


Choyeop began to run desperately.  


Sweat dripping into his eyes blurred his already hazy vision even further.  


The cool night air seemed to tear at his unhealed wounds as it whipped past.  


Yet Choyeop kept running, not pausing for a single moment.  


Key personnel at the strategic location, such as the capital’s defense captain, military leaders, political envoys...  


It would be enough just to kill the country’s major figures.  


If Munbi Nation’s king and key figures were to disappear suddenly, the people of Munbi would be like ducklings without their mother.  


A Munbi Nation without its king and key personnel.  


Citizens enraged by the massacre of demonstrators.  


A history not even a hundred years old, formed by a coalition of minority groups.  




If things continue this way...  


Munbi Nation will slowly self-destruct.  


“The strategic location is in sight!”  


A member of the special unit shouted after surveying the front with a thin telescope.  


Choyeop took out a telescope and looked into the distance.  


Gion’s figure was clearly visible through the thick lens.  


Covered in blood, Gion was riding towards the strategic location. 


No soldiers from the Munbi Nation were seen following Gion.  


Clearly, Gion must have eluded the soldiers and escaped.  


Even in his weakened state, he would have been able to outmaneuver such a large army.  




He acknowledges it. It’s an opportunity made possible by Gion.  


But Choyeop knew he shouldn’t only focus on that.  


It was the efforts of many who sacrificed themselves to preserve the True White Flower Kingdom that allowed them to seize the opportunity created by Gion.  




The members of the special unit gritted their teeth and sprinted toward the strategic location alongside Choyeop.  


Those who had witnessed the deaths of their comrades, those who lost family during the war, those who left loved ones in the White Flower Kingdom...  


Their desperation was clearly visible even in the dark woods.  


Choyeop needed to honor their noble sacrifices and mission.  


That’s why they’ve been suppressing their emotions for a hundred years, moving forward with a shared goal.  


This is the chance for the Munbi Nation to be definitively brought down.  


No more sacrifices should occur.  


They will utilize the opportunity provided by Gion and take what they can.  


Regardless of what happened a hundred years ago, what Choyeop urgently needs now is the stability of True White Flower Kingdom.  




Choyeop, leading at the front, drew his sword and charged fiercely towards Gion.  


“Charge immediately!”  


At Choyeop’s command, all members of the special unit drew their swords.  




The strategic location, engulfed in flames, was nothing but the sound of burning.  


And from that space, Gion and the special unit led by Choyeop emerged unscathed.  




They slowly drifted away, feeling the heat recede, with vacant expressions on their faces.  


How long did the silence last?  




The youngest member of the special unit stopped.  


“Is it really... over?”  


The young man asked desperately, like a child waiting for confirmation, with a detached expression.  


Choyeop nodded in response to his appearance.  






The strategic location of the Munbi Nation had fallen.  


Upon hearing Choyeop’s confirmation, everyone who had been detached from reality lowered their heads.  


“Ha ha...”  


Gradually, the sound of laughter escaped from everyone’s lips.  




Mixed with sobs.  




The sound of laughter mixed with tears blended into the cool wind.  


“We’ve finally struck against Munbi Nation!”  


“It’s really... such a relief...”  


“Why are you crying on such a good day! You should be smiling!”  


“You’re crying too, aren’t you!”  


Those who had been crying now wore broad smiles like children, embracing each other tightly.  


“We did it! We really did it!”  


“Choyeop! I always believed in you. I knew this day would come!”  




The members of the special unit rushed to Choyeop, reveling in their first taste of victory.  


And there was Gion, unable to blend in with them.  


Gion stood a few steps away, silently watching the scene.  


Even if Gion had created the opportunity, it was their strength that seized it.  


Moreover, it was Gion who had desperately created that opportunity.  


If the White Flower Kingdom hadn’t been destroyed, there would have been no need to establish the True White Flower Kingdom and wage war against the barbarians.  


Gion didn’t belong among them.  


“...Choyeop. That person...”  


One of the members, who enjoyed their happiness, looked at Gion, and a moment of silence fell.  


Everyone knew that it was thanks to Gion that they could experience this moment.  


But they also knew why the True White Flower Kingdom was established.  


Being the closest to Choyeop, the members of the special unit couldn’t be ignorant of their history.  




The members of the special unit silently turned away.  


Given the help they received, it was hard to blame Gion for the trials they faced due to the destruction of the White Flower Kingdom. Yet, it was difficult to express gratitude given the hundred years of grim history.  




A cold wind swept past Gion.  


It hit Gion from all sides in the open surroundings.  


Gion just stood there, silently enduring the wind.  


At that moment.  


“Everyone, stay back twenty paces and follow.”  


As soon as Choyeop spoke, the special unit members stepped back. 


“Let’s talk as we go.”  


Choyeop and Gion rode side by side, heading towards True White Flower Kingdom.  


The special unit members followed behind them, and Choyeop spoke up.  


“Everyone knows the contribution you’ve made. But I can’t guarantee that the people of True White Flower Kingdom will welcome you.”  


Gion nodded.  


He was well aware.  


The people of True White Flower Kingdom would surely think the hundred years they endured needlessly originated from Gion.  


And Gion had no intention of denying that fact.  




“I’ll find a way to persuade them.”  


At that moment, Gion couldn’t feel whether the wind was cold or warm.  


Gion just silently observed Choyeop, maintaining his position without saying a word.  


“Do you understand?”  


Choyeop asked, looking straight ahead.  


Gion briefly lowered his head before answering.  




How long had they traveled in silence?  


“Let’s take a break here.”  


Choyeop stopped before a single-log bridge with a stream flowing beneath it.  




“When was the last time we had alcohol?”  


“Hurry up, or it’ll all be gone!”  


“Hey, that’s mine!”  


The special unit members set up camp, sat around a bonfire, and shared liquor and meat.  


They shared a peaceful moment, unbelievable for those who had killed enemies in war, looking incredibly youthful.  


[Treat any wounds you have.]  


At Hwaran’s suggestion, Gion, who was tidying up his gear, stretched out.  


“This is nothing.”  


Stamina was more important than wounds.  


As Gion caught his breath,  


“Let’s talk.”  


Choyeop approached Gion with food and water.  


Hey, even in the midst of war, you’ve got to eat to live.  


Just like the times in Biryu when they roamed the battlefield together, Gion would bring food if one was left alone.  


Gion unfolded his legs from the sitting position.  




Choyeop sat beside Gion, smiling as he watched the others playfully eating in front of the fire.  


“Do you know how long it’s been since they’ve had a meal like this?” 




“As far as I remember... it’s been over ten years.”  


Choyeop continued, gazing at the gently rippling water.  


“I’ve resented you a lot over the hundred years.”  


Gion silently looked at Choyeop.  


Even as they all drank, some were just drinking water, vigilantly watching ahead.  


It was because of individuals like this that the True White Flower Kingdom could still maintain its form.  


Choyeop would have had reasons to resent Gion.  




“I’m still thankful for this time.”  


Choyeop, comfortably drank in front of the fire. He looked at those whose faces turned red from alcohol and spoke.  


“If it weren’t for you, we might not have been able to properly exploit Munbi Nation’s weaknesses.”  


Gion held the food given to him, not taking a bite, just holding the spoon in his hand.  


He quietly held a glass of water, and the surface of the water rippled slightly.  


“I felt I needed to say it.”  


At that moment.  




From afar, a force was approaching the single-log bridge, stirring up a sandstorm. 


From cavalry to infantry.  


Fully armed, they maintained formation, and weapons were already drawn.  


And among them.  




The flag of the White Flower Kingdom was waving.  


“What’s that...”  


The special unit members enjoying their drinks also noticed the approaching army of White Flower Kingdom and looked towards Choyeop.  


Gion did the same.  


“I’m really sorry-”  


Choyeop stood up, looking down at Gion.  


The dawn’s light hung on the mountain ridge, and a sliver of sunlight that had not yet fully brightened fell upon the single-log bridge.  


“I’m not sorry for this.”  


Those eyes were familiar.  


The same expression as soldiers bidding farewell to their loved ones before leaving for battle.  


“I said I understood earlier.”  




“Now, please leave.”  


[This crazy bastard!]  


As soon as Choyeop finished speaking, Hwaran’s voice erupted in Gion’s head.  




Gion immediately called out to Hwaran, gripping the Chunhwa sword tightly.  


Hwaran, trying to emerge, was restrained by the white qi and couldn’t come out.  


However, Hwaran started screaming in Gion’s mind, struggling furiously.  


[Hey. Did you not hear what that bastard just said? After risking your life playing spy to save their country, now he’s saying he’ll sell you to the Demon King! Not someone else but the very bastard you just helped…!]  




When Gion remained silent, Hwaran hesitated for a moment before speaking in a cold voice.  


[You… did you know this would happen?]  


“I’ll find a way to persuade them.”  


Choyeop had said that.  


But that was already a contradiction.  


If those words were sincere…  


Being Choyeop, who meticulously plans strategies from start to finish, he should have arrived at the strategic location with a method to persuade them.  


It was only natural for Choyeop to have decided to hand over Gion to the Demon King.  


The bounty offered by the Demon King was enough to enrich the war-torn lands, rebuild buildings, and ensure the people did not suffer from hunger.  


It was not something to be given up easily.  


Selling Gion, who was seen as complicit in the destruction of White Flower Kingdom, to make True White Flower Kingdom fertile was the obvious course of action.  


Choyeop, or rather, the king of True White Flower Kingdom, was such a person.  






Knowing it,  


Expecting it to come to this,  


Just a little...  


-I’ve always been on your side.  


Gion gripped the plate tightly.  


The food, untouched, had gone cold and stiffened.  


“What a waste of food.”  




“I’m sorry.”  


Choyeop’s reflection on the plate, colder than the untouched food, and Gion stood up to hand him the plate.  


Choyeop just stared at the untouched food while he stood still.  


Gion quietly passed by Choyeop’s side.  


He must not show any emotion.  


Gion had no right to any.  


At the end of the history unfolded by Gion, they had suffered through a long and painful time.  


Thus, this, too, was Gion’s burden to bear.  




Gion moved past Choyeop and forward.  


By the dying bonfire, the special unit members silently watched Gion.  


With a dazed expression, Gion spoke to a young soldier looking at him.  


“...Thank you for your efforts.”  


The pupils of the special unit members flickered momentarily.  


Gion continued.  


“But don’t let your guard down. Munbi Nation, being a confederation of minority tribes, will be quick to prepare for war once their factions are solidified.”  




“Don’t ever lose vigilance.”  


The special unit members couldn’t say a word.  


They just silently watched Gion moving away.  


Thud, thud, thud.  


The army of the White Flower Kingdom approached quickly.  


Demon-like creatures draped in black qi, dressed in military uniforms and armor, even holding soldiers’ weapons as if they were human.  


Behind them, a mobile prison made of iron bars rolled on the ground, rumbling.  


The giant cage, covered tightly in black qi to prevent even a sliver of light from escaping, had now reached the opposite side of the single-log bridge, halting their march across the bridge with a stream flowing below.  


At the center of the army’s lead...  


“It’s been a while.”  


The Demon King was there.  


Rohwa silently looked down at Gion from his side.  


At that moment.  




A chilling sound of a blade being drawn was heard next to Gion.  


“How dare you come here...”  


The previously youthful-looking special unit members now bore the faces of soldiers who had participated in war, glaring at Rohwa and the Demon King.  


It was hard to believe that these were the same people who had been drinking just moments ago, as they quickly arranged themselves in formation, exuding a murderous aura.  


“The ones who led to the destruction of White Flower Kingdom dare to step into True White Flower Kingdom?”  


“Do you even deserve to lead an army?”  


“Even beasts wouldn’t commit such shameless acts.”  


The special unit members threw each word across the bridge, filled with resentment.  


Rohwa, hearing their accusations, merely held her position.  


Gion, standing among them, felt Rohwa’s distant presence.  


It was certain that the people of the White Flower Kingdom would resent Rohwa.  


But witnessing this scene firsthand...  


-I hope, as a princess, you will be someone worthy of your people’s love.  


Rohwa, who stayed up all night studying subjects she had no interest in just to live up to that wish, came to mind.  




But all those efforts were in vain.  


Now, there were more important things to do.  




Gion, without looking back and facing forward, spoke to Choyeop.  


“Is this what the people want?”  


The transaction between True White Flower Kingdom and White Flower Kingdom.  


Gion was at the heart of it.  


Choyeop watched Gion’s receding back, then finally spoke.  




As soon as Choyeop finished speaking, the special unit members, grasping the situation, looked bewilderedly between Gion and Choyeop.  


At that moment.  




Hwaran screamed in alarm.  


And for good reason.  




Gion had stepped onto the single-log bridge.  


[Are you insane!?]  


Hwaran shouted, but what mattered to Gion was not that.  




Rohwa dismounted her horse.  




She stepped down, her body battered and bruised, and stood in front of the bridge.  


Thus, she deliberately approached Gion.  




Gion felt a sudden drain of energy.  


Killing each other, saving each other...  


And now, even being sold.  


This was the situation that had to arise for them to meet.  


Otherwise, they couldn’t have met.  


But Rohwa just stood quietly on the bridge, looking at Gion.  


From a distance, Rohwa’s figure wasn’t clear.  


Maybe it was the reflection of the light on the water below that blurred the vision.  


Gion’s steps quickened involuntarily for a moment.  






Gion regained his composure and slowed his steps.  




Rohwa, along with True White Flower Kingdom’s envoy, began to approach Gion.  


Behind Rohwa, the numerous soldiers aimed their bows at Gion.  


Yet, Gion did not stop his steps. 

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