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For the Downfall of My Beloved Chapter 46

Updated: Mar 26



Rowha barely managed to regain her balance at the edge of the cliff, her body swaying.  


“You’ll die like that.”  


The Demon King tried to grab Rowha with his dark energy, but seeing her stand up straight, he withdrew it.  


However, unaware of Demon King’s attempt, Rowha had a vacant expression as if she were in another world. She simply moved forward again.  


“I’ll handle it myself.”  


She heard that the road to the True White Flower Kingdom was treacherous.  


Covered with gravel, one must cling to the narrow cliff paths, barely wide enough for a person to pass.  


It seems to be literally so.  


Even a moment’s inattention felt like it could lead to a fall into the seemingly endless abyss below.  


Even trained soldiers were trembling and swallowing hard, making it clear why the territory held by the True White Flower Kingdom is called a natural fortress.  


It’s embarrassing to even call it a road. It seemed more like a swamp created not to allow access to the True White Flower Kingdom but to kill those trying to enter.  


Rowha placed her hand on the cliff.  


Gion must have walked this path alone.  


Without anyone to catch him, he must have walked this path to reach the True White Flower Kingdom at all costs.  


Worried more about the plan falling apart if he didn’t reach the True White Flower Kingdom in time than about falling off the steep cliff, he must have continued forward.  


He probably supported his body with his hand on the cliff or maybe even pressed his whole body against the cliff in desperation to move quickly.  


Continuing forward, always forward.  


“The King of True White Flower Kingdom has finished preparations; you are advised to proceed to the solitary bridge.”  


But to be caught by Demon King’s hand willingly…  


That’s impossible.  


It shouldn’t be possible.  


If Gion were to die by Demon King’s hand, a hundred years of planning would be wasted.  


The moment Gion is caught by the Demon King, death is certain. 


Gion must be aware of this too.  


Gion, who has not yet reclaimed the glory of the White Flower Kingdom, would not entertain death.  


Naturally, he must have already left the True White Flower Kingdom in search of another plan.  


“Because it’s Gion.”  


At that moment.  


Rowha felt a chill down her spine.  


Yes, that’s right.  


Why didn’t I think of that?  


It’s Gion, of all people.  


Even if he could be predicted nine out of ten times, the last one would always be unexpected.  


Gion was the one who broke the logical bounds that should naturally restrain a person.  


Just in case.  


If, just in case, Rowha had failed to read Gion’s move…  


Gion could still appear.  




The long solitary bridge is already coming into view.  


A decision must be made before reaching there.  


Rowha stopped in her tracks.  




Demon King looked back and called to Rowha, but she just quietly looked at him.  


What should be done if Gion appears in front of that solitary bridge?  


Although there was no answer to that question, Rowha knew what she had to do.  


“Please let me handle the negotiations. And keep the army back since you’re not in your right mind.”  


At Rowha’s words, Demon King’s eyebrows twitched, and he let out a snicker.  


It’s natural for Demon King to react that way.  


It meant Rowha would stand in place to exchange Gion for the bounty.  


In other words, it was as if Rowha, not Demon King, would approach Gion.  


“Is there a reason for a princess to step forward in negotiations between kings?”  


“It’s not just that.”  




Rowha took her hand off the cliff and walked toward Demon King. 


Walking straight on the narrow cliff path, Rowha looked extremely precarious, yet she did not slow her pace.  


“Will you be the one to end it with him?”  






Demon King grabbed one of Rowha’s shoulders and pushed her to the side.  


“I know what you’re thinking.”  


The shoulder with a large scar was scraped against the cliff.  


Rowha frowned, but Demon King, holding her other shoulder, put more strength into his hand and said,  


“Still, you can’t do anything.”  


“You know well. But what do you dislike so much?”  


Rowha leaned against the cliff. She glared at the Demon King and spoke.  


“Even if I negotiate on your behalf, nothing will happen.”  




The Demon King couldn’t say no to that.  


His pride was the most important thing to him.  


And Rowha’s prediction was accurate.  


“Be that as it may.”  


The Demon King loosened his grip and turned away.  




All the way to the solitary bridge, Rowha thought.  


What should she do if Gion was here?  


But no matter how much she thought, there was no answer.  


Behind Gion would be those from True White Flower Kingdom willing to betray him, and in front, the Demon King intent on taking him.  


It was a question already answered with no answer and digging through it, she found nothing...  


The solitary bridge was too close.  




Rowha stopped before the solitary bridge and looked at the man standing on the other side.  


The mist made it hard to see the man clearly.  


But Rowha knew.  


It was Gion.  


Gion was standing opposite her here.  


Rowha averted her gaze, staring into the thick mist somewhere.  


Maybe it’s not Gion.  


Could it be?  


Gion, who always overturned the slightest chance, might not be here, defying expectations once again.  


The uncertainty shrouded in mist brought a precarious relief and anxiety.  


As she stared into the void.  




Gion finally stepped toward Rowha.  


Black eyes like pitch and dark hair.  


Always a body full of scars, with dried blood hardened on it.  


It was Gion.  


Undeniably, it was certainly Gion.  




Rowha slumped her shoulders.  




Why is he here?  


Did he climb that treacherous cliff and reach the True White Flower Kingdom just to be easily caught by the Demon King?  


If he was going to be caught by the Demon King and die, why risk his life…  


“Aren’t you going?”  


With a smirk, those two words were heard.  


Those two words snapped Rowha back to reality.  


“... Follow me.”  


Rowha commanded the envoy from the True White Flower Kingdom behind her.  


It’s not over yet.  


Gion hasn’t fallen into the Demon King’s hands.  


She must think of something before Gion crosses the bridge and gets caught by the Demon King.  


That’s why she came out here, wasn’t it?  




Rowha dragged her feet, taking a step.  


It was unclear whether she was stepping forward or being pushed.  




Gion was approaching without hesitation, taking big strides.  




Fearing her desperation might spill out, Rowha bit her lip.  


Gion knows Rowha well.  


Perhaps even better than Rowha knows herself.  


So, he might also know what Rowha is thinking this time.  


Then, just this once.  


Can’t he move as she wishes, just this once?  


She’s not asking for much.  


She’s not even asking for a solution to this situation.  


Just to buy some time to think of a plan…  


Please, can’t he come slowly?  


The solitary bridge seemed so long from a distance, but now it feels too short.  


Rowha pressed down on her heels, crushed the loose stones of the bridge underfoot, and lifted her feet off the ground very slowly.  


But this was utterly futile.  




The shadow through the mist grew denser.  




The smell of blood grazed her nose.  


The increasingly strong scent of blood made Rowha furrow her brows.  


Her forward-stepping foot wobbled involuntarily, and a chill ran down her straight back.  


Before she knew it, Gion had reached the middle of the bridge but just looked at Rowha without slowing down at all.  


It was unbelievable that he was approaching death.  


Gion’s expression was utterly numb, devoid of any blood color.  


An expression without hesitation or fear…  


Was there some plan?  


Otherwise, he couldn’t be acting like this.  


Rowha, without realizing it, clenched her trembling hands and lifted her head.  




The black hair fluttering in the wind caught her eyes.  




Gion’s pale face became clearly visible.  




Rowha eventually could not take a few more steps forward and stopped.  


Without any answers, holding onto a faint hope, she confronted Gion at a point much before the center.  


“... What are you planning to do now?”  


Rowha managed to steady her trembling voice and looked up at Gion.  


But Gion, after looking at Rowha for a moment, answered in a calm tone.  


“I have to give the bounty.”  




For a moment, her head felt as if it had been struck by something, starting to throb with a hot sensation.  


The bounty.  


So, he intends to be caught by the Demon King just like that.  


Then, did he really…  


Did he come quickly without any plan?’  




Grinding her teeth, Rowha glared at Gion and commanded.  


“What are you talking about.”  


“We should send that guy back quickly.”  


Gion looked behind Rowha as he spoke.  


The Demon King watched.  


Dragging out time in this situation might complicate things further. 


“... Go back.”  


At Rowha’s command, the envoy quickly ran to the other side.  


“There’s a way, right?”  


At that question, Gion’s expression changed for a moment.  


The mist swirled in the wind, and although it was a very subtle change in expression, it was clear.  


That slight change brought Rowha more hope than anything else.  


If there had been no way, Gion would have quietly passed by Rowha.  


He would have been dragged away, still expressionless, with that infuriatingly detached look on his face. 




Rowha quickly took a step forward and asked.  


“So you’ve agreed to negotiate like this, right?”  


She needed assurance.  


A word that could fill the very small cracks created by anxiety.  


Looking up at Gion, he responded with the same indifferent expression as before.  


“I thought about it on the way here. If there’s no other way.”  




Rowha, forgetting to hide her expression, let out a breath that had been pent up inside.  


“Yeah, we have to do something. If we don’t want to die.”  


Rowha passed a hand through her hair, which was still trembling slightly.  


It was damp, either from the mist or sweat, but it didn’t matter.  


There was a way for Gion.  


That was enough.  


“Right. We have to do something.”  


At that moment.  




The sound of piercing tender flesh was heard.  


“... Huh.”  


Rowha murmured something unknowingly.  


The sound of water and wind was absent.  


Only the afterimage of the sound of a blade slicing through the air and piercing flesh resonated in Rowha’s ears.  


“... There was no other way.”  


Gion’s quiet voice echoed through.  


Closer than ever, Rowha glanced at Gion for a moment, then looked down.  


Even through the thick mist, the flashing blade was visible.  


Blood glistened on the blade, dripping down to the ground.  


The dull, bloodless hand holding the sword hilt was visible.  


But the end of the sword held by Gion was not visible to Rowha’s eyes.  


The blade held by Gion had pierced through Rowha’s chest.  




Without a word, Rowha moved her hand to her chest.  


It was a momentary glimpse, but she clearly saw it.  


Gion pulled out the sword.  


And then…  


Aimed the sword.  


She saw the gleaming blade approach, and the moment it was about to strike, it disappeared from view.  




A droplet of blood fell on Rowha’s foot, soaking in.  


There was no sense of reality. Like the hazy landscapes seen in a dream, this, too, felt like a dream.  


What situation is this?  


Now the blade, no, Gion, that is, the blade held by Gion…  


Has stabbed me?  


Rowha weakly wrapped her hands around the area pierced by the blade.  


The hot temperature of the blood seeped into her pale hands.  


Pain swirled around the blade, causing her waist to bend involuntarily.  




The pain that had been raging in her core burst through her lips.  


Red blood scattered on the frosty white solitary bridge.  


The situation unfolded in seconds, causing her thoughts to whirl in confusion.  


Rowha lifted her head to look at Gion.  


Gion still looked down at Rowha with an indifferent expression.  


The Gion in front of her was breathing, warm, standing on his own, holding the sword straight.  


“It’s not a dream.”  


Right, it couldn’t be a dream that Gion stabbed her with a sword.  


Gion was this close.  


Only in such a situation could she see him this close.  




Rowha exhaled sharply, focusing on the burning sensation spreading from her chest.  


But the pain was not what mattered to Rowha.  


‘Ah… so this was it.’  


There was indeed a way.  


As her body drained of blood and her pulse raced uncontrollably, laughter leaked out.  



“By stabbing me… we’ve created a situation where we can execute the plan, haven’t we?”  


The blade piercing through her chest trembled, perceptible only to Rowha.  




Rowha moved her foot to turn her body, ensuring Gion’s hand wasn’t visible from the White Flower Kingdom army’s side.  


“Answer me.”  


“... It seems so.”  


Gion stared quietly at Rowha with a bland expression and slowly responded.  


“That’s enough then.”  




As Rowha finished speaking, the blade that had pierced her chest cut through the air, scattering blood in its wake.  


Gion immediately turned and said,  


“Will this somewhat appease the anger of the people of True White Flower Kingdom?”  


His voice sounded muffled as if underwater.  


Her eyes involuntarily closed, and each breath felt as though her chest was being torn apart.  


Yet, it was a strangely comforting sensation.  


Rowha understood Gion’s entire plan.  


With the last of her strength, she squeezed out a response.  


“They will welcome you.”  


The thick mist was a blessing.  


Neither the red blood nor the sharp blade were clearly visible.  


Only the shadows of Gion and Rowha could be seen, preventing the army of White Flower Kingdom from attacking Gion immediately.  


But now she had reached her limit.  


Her body felt coolly chilled.  


She felt as if her body was floating, unaffected by gravity.  


Then, as her strength ebbed away…  




Rowha collapsed onto the still-warm pool of her own blood.  




The sound of Demon King running towards her from behind was heard.  


The footsteps, which should sound thudding, resonated with a distant hum.  




Rowha weakly blinked her eyelids, which tried to close on their own. 


The hazy background gradually darkened.  


Between the encroaching shadows, she could see Gion’s retreating figure.  


She must not look back.  


She urged him to quickly cross the solitary bridge and enter the True White Flower Kingdom.  


Rowha repeated this to herself as she captured the fading figure of Gion in her eyes.  


With her frail, trembling eyes aligning with her barely fluttering breath, her chest faintly rose and fell.  


Unknown black afterimages danced before her eyes, soon coalescing into dark patches that stained parts of her vision.  


Thus, Rowha watched the retreating figure of Gion returning to the True White Flower Kingdom until her eyes closed. 


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