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For the Downfall of My Beloved Chapter 47

Updated: Mar 27

Where did things start to go wrong? 


Was the problem the thick mist clinging to the solitary bridge?  


Or maybe things started to go wrong when he didn't stop Ro-hwa from saying she would negotiate. 


Was it wrong to accept the proposal from the envoy of the True White Flower Kingdom to negotiate on the solitary bridge?  


Or was the mistake of setting a bounty to capture Gion, which led the envoy of True White Flower Kingdom to come?  


In a brief moment, numerous questions tore through his mind, but all were too late for regrets.  


The Demon King shouted to the soldiers while holding Rowha in his arms.  


"Physician...! Call a physician!"  


The demons, their faces pale, began frantically searching for a physician.  


The order that seemed unbreakable was instantly thrown into disarray.  


The Demon King ignored the chaos behind him and looked down at Rowha.  


"Rowha. Open your eyes! You mustn't lose consciousness!"  


The wound had pierced right through her chest.  


The leaking blood made it impossible to gauge the extent of the injury.  


The Demon King pressed on Rowha's wound with his bare hands, but the hot blood kept flowing relentlessly, refusing his touch.  


Blood flowed from the wound that had pierced her back, seeping into Demon King's arms and knees that were supporting Rowha's body.  


"When will the physician...!"  


Demon King turned around and hardened his expression.  


The pathway was invisible due to the disordered troops.  


In this chaos, a physician couldn't possibly arrive quickly.  




A wind carrying black smoke began to swirl.  




About a dozen demons at the front line met their death in confusion.  


The Demon King, with a sharp glare, murmured quietly.  


"Do you all wish to die here?"  


His face was twisted in an expression devoid of any smile.  


The demons trembled under the Demon King's cold gaze.  


"No, we don't...!"  




The demons quickly organized themselves and cleared the path. 


"Rowha. Please, respond...!"  


The Demon King spoke, but Rowha, with her arms limply falling, gave no response.  


Only the sound of her breath, which seemed to stop at any moment, echoed in his ears.  


The wound was so precisely inflicted, without a single tremor, perfectly straight.  


The Demon King kneeled on the bare ground. He wrapped her carefully in his arms, ensuring Rowha did not touch the floor.  


"I should have..."  


Killed him then.  


When all the demons in the Xuan Kingdom were chasing Gion or when he arrogantly offered to join hands.  


Gion should have been killed then.  


His fist was clenched so tightly that the nails dug into his skin.  


Dark red blood began to drip.  


At that moment.  


"Lord Demon King!"  


A physician, panting heavily, ran up and sat down in front of Rowha. 


"Please move your hand..."  


At the physician's request, the Demon King hesitated for a moment before carefully lifting his hand.  




The physician immediately examined the wound and sighed deeply.  

And for good reason.  


"The wound is too severe. There's not much we can do here besides basic treatment..."  


These words sent a chill down his spine.  


Should I kill him?  


Is that all the physician can say?  


The Demon King ground his teeth in frustration. He felt the anger surge to the tips of his hair.  


But killing the physician here would drastically reduce the chances of saving Rowha.  


"Instead of saying that, just do whatever treatment you can!"  


"Yes, yes...!"  


At Demon King's shout, the physician quickly began emergency treatment.  


"... Damn it."  


Even now, blood continued to flow, staining the clean cloth red. 


The body felt increasingly cold. Only her wound felt warm.  


Despite the Demon King's efforts to remain composed, his hands holding Rowha began to tremble.  


Time was of the essence.  


Wiping away the blood, the depth of the wound was clearly visible.  


For a regular human, it would have been a fatal injury long ago. 


Even the faint breathing sounds became sporadic.  


"Done, it's done—"  




As soon as the physician finished, the Demon King quickly stood up, still cradling Rowha.  


"Where is the nearest ritual healer?"  


Asking for a ritual healer while crossing a natural fortress.  


It would be quicker to find a pond in the desert.  


The physician, trembling, said,  


"The closest one... we would have to cross a mountain range..."  


"Then where is it!"  


The Demon King yelled like a beast losing control, his voice filled with desperation.  


At his outburst, all the demons flinched, their shoulders trembled.  


The Demon King glared at the physician as if he was about to kill him right there.  


"I will go myself. Just tell me where the nearest ritual healer is."  






Gion emerged from the mist.  




No one dared to speak to the slowly approaching Gion.  


They just silently observed him.  


Blood dripped from the blade in his hand.  


Blood ruthlessly soaked his clothes.  


His expression was vacant as if he felt nothing.  


The bloodstains splattered across his face...  


All served as evidence that the scene they had witnessed was real.  


"Did you... really kill the princess...?"  


A young soldier broke the short silence with his question.  




Gion, who had been blankly staring at the ground, wiped the blood off his face and responded.  


"I wonder if my true intentions were properly conveyed."  


Gion gazed at the people of True White Flower Kingdom with unfocused, blurry eyes.  


At his appearance, everyone involuntarily shuddered.  


Instead of feeling joy over the princess's death, a sense of dread overwhelmed them.  


He seemed inhuman.  


Like a wooden puppet wearing a human guise, soullessly dry.  


There was an indefinable chill about Gion, who slumped lifelessly without a hint of vitality.  


Having spent countless hours on the battlefield, everyone was experiencing fear like never before. They merely twitched their lips in response.  


Instinctively, they knew there was no one as dangerous as Gion before them.  




The special forces instinctively formed up, looking towards Choyeop.  






Choyeop slowly approached Gion.  


-Why do you hold such affection for that cold princess?  


To that question, Gion had answered without a moment's hesitation.  


-Because it's Rowha.  


That was all.  


Choyeop tilted his head at that brief reason, but Gion did not elaborate as if no other reason was needed.  


That was Gion.  


"... You asked if my sincerity was well conveyed."  


That Gion had killed the princess.  


Not someone else, but Gion had killed Rowha.  


Five years in Biryu.  


During that time, Gion had killed countless people, but he had never shown such a demeanor.  


Or rather, this was the first time Gion appeared so shattered.  


Not when he killed a young soldier, not even when he lost a cherished comrade.  


He had never appeared so broken.  


A fleeting chill passed through Choyeop, but...  


That, too, was just a brief moment.  




Only Choyeop approached Gion with a smile.  


Gion had lived only for the glory of the White Flower Kingdom.  


But within that, there was also concern for Rowha.  


What about now?  


Rohwa and the years of the past were all destroyed by Gion's sword. 


Now, Gion had nothing left but the glory of the White Flower Kingdom.  


"This is fitting for Gion, who was once hailed as the hero of Biryu."  


Protecting a crumbling nation is like this.  


Not just being prepared to lose something precious but being ready to destroy that precious thing with one's own hands.  


Then, the one who destroys that precious thing becomes someone who can do anything to regain the glory of their nation.  


It would be a lie if they said they didn't feel embarrassed and sorry for Gion as he walked towards them through the mist, but what of it? 


There was no being as necessary to the True White Flower Kingdom as Gion, unbound by anything.  


"We'll make sure the people welcome you."  


Despite Choyeop's words, Gion only nodded with an indifferent expression.  


-To do whatever it takes to raise True White Flower Kingdom.  


Just like Choyeop, who had escaped the death and downfall of White Flower Kingdom to establish the True White Flower Kingdom from scratch.  


"That's fortunate."  


As Gion responded, Choyeop looked towards the special forces.  


"What do you think?"  


A young soldier raised his hand among those who had been dumbstruck by the rapidly unfolding events.  


"Of course, they will welcome him! Not only did he repel the Munbi Nation, but he also dealt with Princess Rowha! No matter what the past was... the present is what matters most, isn't it?"  


Then, the remaining members of the special forces hesitated for a moment before nodding in agreement.  


"There's nothing wrong with that. Who wouldn't welcome the death of a princess who brought ruin to their nation?"  


"Exactly. If Lord Gion joins forces with the True White Flower Kingdom, it will greatly aid our cause."  


Choyeop turned his head towards Gion.  


"Let's go. You haven't had a proper rest in a while."  


At Choyeop's words, the special forces members began to gather their belongings.  




However, Gion remained still at the front of the solitary bridge, not moving.  


"Let's stay here for now."  




One of the soldiers, who had turned back, asked in confusion.  


"Who knows? The army of White Flower Kingdom might attack."  




Gion sat down, planting his sword into the ground.  




Everyone silently watched Gion's back.  


Could this be the same person who had just killed the princess?  


Gion was calmer and more rational than ever.  


As everyone was caught in the unusual thoroughness of Gion, he spoke.  


"We'll wait here until sunset before returning."  


Gion quietly gazed somewhere beyond the mist-covered solitary bridge.  






Gion sat on the throne, cleaning the blood-soaked blade.  


His hair, which had been carelessly long, was neatly tied back.  


Despite having killed countless people over the years, his face was more flushed, his muscles more pronounced.  


Scars had multiplied around his neck and collarbone, but his clothing remained impeccably neat.  




Gion pressed harder on the stubborn bloodstains.  




When the blood wouldn't wipe away, Gion finally roughly rubbed the stains beneath his eyes with his hand.  


The skin around his eyes was more bruised and reddened than a year ago, radiating heat.  


But Gion, seemingly unaffected by the warmth, sighed indifferently. 


"Is this the end?"  


Gion looked down at those kneeling beneath the throne.  


"Yes! We've captured all those in hiding and brought them here!"  


The soldiers of True White Flower Kingdom shouted back with a discipline-filled voice at Gion's murmur.  


"Uh, uhh…"  


Surrounded and bound by the soldiers, those kneeling emitted fearful sighs.  


After the strategic location fell, Munbi Nation collapsed completely.  


In a nation where the king and ministers had disappeared, those coveting power began to eye their chances, forming their factions and scattering.  


As if they had never lived together as one nation, they split into minority groups as before, starting to resist the True White Flower Kingdom.  


And Gion began to hunt and kill them all, one by one.  


Quickly and decisively, the minority groups became vassal states of the True White Flower Kingdom, and its territory expanded.  


Thus, a year passed.  


True White Flower Kingdom had consolidated the territory of Munbi Nation, expanding its power.  


The fortress where Gion now resided marked the culmination of that year.  


"Please, spare us…! We'll do anything, anything…!"  




Those who knelt and resisted until the end began to plead with Gion in despair.  




Gion quietly looked down at them, then stood up silently.  


"Deal with them."  


At that moment.  




A soldier's blade decapitated a man.  




Starting with one man's death, the fortress quickly descended into chaos.  


The soldiers began relentlessly stabbing the people who were kneeling.  


He swung his sword continuously, neither killing them in one blow nor leaving any fatal wounds. 


"Move! This one's mine to kill!"  


"Because of you, my father..."  


"Does it hurt? You did the same to our soldiers."  


"Ah... my arm hurts."  


The soldiers, consumed by madness, lost themselves in the bloodshed.  


Whether it was a scene of slaughter, annihilation, or part of the war...  


None of that mattered to them.  


For a year, they hadn't returned to their homeland, killing countless people.  


Those kneeling before them were less than livestock to be slaughtered.  


"Aaaaah! Please…!"  


"I, I was wrong...! Just once, show mercy…!"  


Without weapons, their hands bound, they could only scream in despair as they neared death.  




Gion walked through them with ease.  


Despite blood splattering and soaking into his feet, he continued forward.  






A warm touch wrapped around Gion's ankle.  


Gion stopped and quietly looked down.  


"You, you bastard… do you know much I wanted to kill you… This son of a bitch… the king of Munbi Nation…"  


A man, despite being covered in sword wounds, had crawled to Gion and grasped his ankle.  


Gion slowly sat down and blankly stared at the man.  




Gion brushed through the man's blood-matted hair.  


"I thought you looked familiar."  


It was the noble who had been sitting next to the king of Munbi Nation.  


"Because of you…! Munbi Nation has…!"  


Gion withdrew his gaze from the man and looked at his ankle.  


Warm blood was soaking into it.  


"... I don't have a spare."  




"The wrap for my ankle. It's all worn out."  


Gion's lethargic murmur sent a chill through the noble, who blinked his eyes bewilderedly.  


That moment.  


"How dare you…!"  


One of the soldiers grabbed the noble by the hair.  


"What do you think you're doing, blocking the general's path?"  


The soldier was engulfed in madness. He showed murderous intent that made the noble tremble and grind his teeth.  


"After killing people like this, do you think your country will be safe—"  




The man's words were cut off by the sound of a blade piercing flesh.  


"What are you saying?"  


The soldier, seemingly annoyed yet repeatedly stabbing the noble in the back, spoke dismissively.  


Gion quietly watched the scene before moving forward.  


"What shall we eat today?"  


"Those potatoes with seasoned greens we had last time were really good."  


Someone was contemplating dinner as they beheaded a person.  


"Shouldn't we have a celebration? The war is over, after all."  


"Yeah, that's a good idea!"  


Another laughed heartily, covered in blood.  


And at the end of them all...  




There was Choyeop, who had led the army with Gion and continued the war for a year.  


"Ah, you're here? It's all finished here, too."  


Choyeop, having piled up the bodies in the courtyard of the fortress like someone tidying up after a job, dusted off his hands.  


"Everyone's making such a fuss now that it's over."  


Choyeop glanced at those endlessly swinging their swords within the fortress and let out a hollow laugh.  


"It's over..."  




Gion quietly looked at Choyeop.  


Despite a year of victories, there was no room for a smile on Choyeop's face.  


His skin had grown rougher, and his hair was carelessly cut.  


His lips were cracked, bleeding.  


"It's not over yet."  


Or, more precisely, it hadn't even begun.  


Destroying the Munbi Nation and expanding their power and territory was merely a preparatory phase.  


"You haven't forgotten why the True White Flower Kingdom was created, have you?"  




Gion approached a nearby torch.  




He threw it onto the piled-up bodies.  




Flames erupted in an instant, and the bodies began to burn.  


Amidst the black smoke, Gion murmured softly.  


"Now we must go to the White Flower Kingdom." 


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