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For the Downfall of My Beloved Chapter 50 (Preview)

Updated: Apr 4

Dignity, decorum, grace, and poise... 


To the Demon King, these were now nothing but trivial and useless pretenses. 


“Seal off the White Dragon Castle! Make sure not even an ant can escape; block every crevice!” 


Exhausted and panting, the Demon King jumped off his horse and urgently shouted. 


“Yes, yes...!” 


The soldiers, sweating profusely, hurried to seal off the castle walls. 


The Demon King left them behind and ran towards the White Dragon Castle. 


The use of dark energy blurred his vision, and the non-stop run from the Xuan Kingdom to the White Flower Kingdom left him gasping for breath. 


His disheveled hair stuck clammy to his skin. 


Had he ever sweated this much even in battle? 


Had his heart ever raced this fast? 


His legs, and even his thighs, were burning hot, causing a sharp pain with every brush of the wind. 




The Demon King pushed open the firmly closed doors of the White Hall. 






His feeble steps made the wooden floor sound perilously creaky. 




The Demon King desperately looked around the darkened White Hall. 


But no answer came to his call; only his irregular panting echoed back. 


Instead of Rohwa, a woman stood there. 


The Demon King’s expression twisted in anger as he widened his eyes. 


“Where is Rohwa?”


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